The Smurfs: Mission Vileaf Trophy Guide

Game: The Smurfs: Mission Vileaf
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 20 hours
Difficulty: 4/10
Missable trophies: –
Trophies: 1, 6 , 9 , 13
Author: Knoef_NL
& Pete

Welcome to the trophy guide for The Smurfs: Mission Vileaf. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the game

As you start the Smurfs, it’s important that you play on the difficulty: “Hard mode”. This will unlock the following trophies:
A)Hefty? Did You Say Hefty?” (Hard Mode)
B)Back in the Village” (Normal Mode)
C)Baby Smurf Is All Grown Up” (Easy Mode)

In terms of collectibles, you’ll need to collect all of the following:
A) Lab Rat (collect all Vials)
B) All Bark, No Bite (collect all Barks)
C) Without Smurfing a Sound (collect all Mandrakes)
D) Fun with Fungi (collect all Mushrooms)
E) No Time Like the Present (collect all Presents)
F) Making Papa Smurf Proud! (complete the game 100% // Heal all vile-corruption)

Earn all of the game’s trophies

Clean as a Whistle
Heal the entire village

In order to heal the entire village, you’ll need to heal the following areas inside the village:
– The entrance
– The Square
– The Fields
– The Beach

As you heal the whole village, you’ll unlock new spray colors. You can’t heal everything at the beginning. You’ll need new gadgets, story progressions, and certain upgrades.

Jokey in the Making
Make Papa Smurf cough

As you stand in front of Papa Smurf (Red Hat), jump and fire Smurf spray in his face.

Vileball Stomper
Jump on 3 Vilecritters’ heads in a row

This trophy can be earned in the Attic. The difficulty level has to be put on Hard.

A Passion for Handiwork
Build all of the upgrades

In order to buy upgrades, you’ll need to find collectibles.
There are a bunch of upgrades you can get:

Health upgrade: I, II, and III

Shockwave: Increase the Smurfosplat power (Jump then press circle to dash downwards)
Perfect SmurfoSplat!: You can perform a series of Smurfosplats by bouncing as you hit the ground

Tank upgrade: I, and II
Recharge upgrade: The Smurfizer recharges more quickly

Sprint Jump: The length of jumps performed while using the Smurfospring is increased!
Racing Driver: Handling of Smurfospring increased
SmurfoSprint upgrade: Increase power and knockback of the sprint

Everyone makes mistakes: You can fly longer
Air Pilot: Improve the handling of the Smurfoglider

Automation: Smurfizer fires out projectiles automatically
Mega Blast: Projectiles fired to more damage
Light as a feather: Items sucked up become lighter
Storage Upgrade: Can suck up more items

Lazin’ around
Find and wake up Lazy 3 times

1) Wild’s Campsite
You can find him here when gathering all the collectibles. He is found together with collectible 13B.

2) Village, on the beach
Make your way to the beach. Cross the lake and he’s behind the house on the island

3) Path to the Clearing
Pretty early on in the level. Enter the little treehouse and you’ll be teleported upstairs. He is found next to collectible 3B.

Hefty? Did You Say Hefty?
Complete the adventure in Hard mode

You’ll need to complete the game in hard mode. More enemies will spawn and they will deal more damage.

Lab Rat
Find every vial

Cooking Pot Castle
1) Complete the dash trial
2) As you destroy the wooden fence, on your right in the new area
2A) On your left, suck up some leaves
3) As you make your way up, on the left
4) & 5) Destroy another wooden fence. 2 are found in the next area
5A) On top of the cave, above the exit door
6) & 7) In the next area with a lot of enemies (castle), you’ll find the next 2
8) Tiny bit further behind a pot with a plant in it
9) Follow the balcony on the left
10) As you climb the castle walls, in an area where you must cure some flowers
10A) Look towards the gate, left corner

11) After another big fight, continue forward. One is located beneath some platforms.
12) As you climb the platforms, head left
13) Right after 12), behind a wooden wall
14) Underneath the beam
15) On the main path
16) As you free the flower, continue right
17) Follow the path over the breakable platforms
18) & 19) In the next area where you need to fight

Outer walls of cooking pot castle
0) As you spawn, turn around
1) On your left between some rocks
2) A bit further, on your right
3) As you climb the walls, on your main path
4) Take the shroom up and turn left!
5) Floating between the banners
6) In the next chamber, on your left between 2 crates
7) Same area, on the floor
8) & 9) As you enter the neat area, 2 are in front of you (towards the right)
10) & 11) Same area as 8) & 9), but on your left

12) As you cross the crates to the next area, immediately behind the crate.
13) & 14) Same area as 12)
15) There is a dash trial between the tentacles
16) In the main path
17) & 18) From 16), go right
19) Same area as 17) & 18)
20) In the next area, on a chair

21) Next area, on a pot
22) Next to the cooking book, on a barrel
22A) Next area, on a barrel
23) In the next area you must run really fast to dodge some tentacles. It’s at the end, on your left
24) Behind the banners
25) Next area, on the right side

Making Papa Smurf Proud!
Complete 100% of the game

For this trophy, you’ll need to collect the following collectibles:
A) Lab Rat (collect all Vials)
B) All Bark, No Bite (collect all Barks)
C) Without Smurfing a Sound (collect all Mandrakes)
D) Fun with Fungi (collect all Mushrooms)
E) No Time Like the Present (collect all Presents)
F) Making Papa Smurf Proud! (complete the game 100% // Heal all vile-corruption)

Three for the Price of One
Perform a SmurfoSprint, Jump and SmurfoSplat combo!

In order to perform this, you’ll need the upgrade “Sprint Jump“. Now hold square, press X, and then do a Smurfosplat by pressing circle.

Green Fingers
Make 10 flowers of every color grow by using the Smufizer

As you heal the village from its corruption, you’ll earn new colors (100% per area needed). Equip these colors and spray 10 flowers!

Back in the Village
Complete the adventure in Normal mode

Complete the adventure in Normal mode

Faster Than a Speeding Hefty!
SmurfoSprint for 100 meters

You’ll need to Smurfosprint a total of 100 meters. You’ll get this during the course of the game.

All Bark, No Bite
Find every piece of bark

The Path to the Clearing
1) As you spawn, right behind you.
1A & 2B) In the first area before you smash the planks and enter the new area; make the jump to the opposite side. There are 2 barks there.
2) & 3) As you enter the big new area, on your right.
3A) Complete the dash trial
3B) Enter the treehouse on the right, it’s upstairs (speak to lazy!)
4) & 5) & 6) On your left in the big area
6A) Suck away the leaves and enter the treehouse. One is inside
7) Also on the left, above you on a tree mushroom
8) A bit further on the left, behind a fence
9) & 10) Continue forward. One is on the bridge, one towards the right behind a tree.

11) & 12) After crossing the bridge that goes over the river, take a left into the treehouse. One is inside a little cave, the other on a log
13) Walk a bit further towards the next area. On your left, on a tree.
14) A bit further from position 13), still on the same side
15) Take the 2 mushrooms towards the upper area. On your left just over the river.
16) Follow the path. You’ll find one on your right inside the bushes.
16A) Make a big jump on the shroom, it’s above it
17) Make the jump over some mushrooms. Again, inside a bush
17A) & 17B) Suck away the leaves, enter the hidden woodhouse. You’ll find 2 collectibles there
18) In the new area, go left. It’s on a giant log
19) & 20) From the log, destroy the wooden planks with a divebomb. You’ll find 2 more collectibles in this hidden area

20A) Underneath the log.
21) Take the log towards the next area. Inside a tree. You’ll need to enter via a little wooden house.

The Path to the Clearing (2) – Unlocks during the campaign
22) As you enter the area right in front of you
23) Opposite of 22)
24) As you cross the river, floating in the sky

Wild’s Campsite
1) As you spawn. Up high in a tree
2) As you reach the first platform, behind a giant tree in a corner.
3) On the next platform, behind some plants
4) At the platform where you find 2) You can only access it a bit further when you can jump a shroom to go onto a higher platform
4A) Crossing the bridge while in the upper area (You can also access 1) from here)
4B) a bit further, on the far end.
5) On the jumping-shrooms
6) & 7) As you enter the next area, both in front of you
8) & 9) Same area, on your right
10) Behind a tree where 7) is located

11) As you jump on the balloons, it’s on the next platform between the plants.
12) On the right side of this area, behind a tree.
13) Follow the path up, do a slam jump and pick it up!
13A) Take the mushrooms upstairs
13B) Continue on the upper platforms (Next to here is a lazy smurf)
13C) From the upper platforms, look towards the left-forward
14) In the next area, complete the dash trial.
15) Same area, behind some plants.

The Clearing
1) As you spawn, on your right
2) A tiny bit further, on your right in a gap
3) + 4) From 2) turn around. One on the upper right corner, the other on the far left
5) As seen from 4), jump upwards
6) & 7) Jump down and look forward. You’ll see one on the ground and the other on a platform
8) Around the corner of 7)
9) & 10) As seen from 8), on your right side

11) Move a bit forward. On the right upper side, complete the dash trial
12) Jump on the platform around the tree. In front of you
13) continue towards the right side (where the giant barrel is located) One is on the right side inside a little cave
14) Seen from 13) on a mushroom
15) & 16) Behind the barrel & one is in the distance on a platform
17) Seen from the barrel, turn around on another mushroom
18) Bit further net to the giant tree
19) Go back to the barrel, you’ll see a path going further into the forest. Follow it. On the right upper side, you’ll see some planks. Destroy them and complete the dash trial
20) Keep following the path into the next area. One is behind the giant corrupted plant

21 & 22) Facing 20), turn RIGHT and you’ll find 2 more collectibles
23) & 24) Continue the path, you’ll find 2 more in front of you
25) On the left side
26) Return to the middle area with the giant corrupted plant. Now take the other path left-forward. One is found after you jump the shroom
27) & 28) Follow the path upwards. 2 in front of you in the sky
29) Go back to the path shown in 27). Turn around, one is behind the corruption in a tree
<Return to the area with the giant barrel, now take the path on the left>
30) Next to a tree on the left

31) Jump down and you’ll find one at the bottom
32) Right side of the river
33) Seen from 32) on the other side of the river
34) Continue the path we were just taking. On the main road
35) Continue forward. on the main path
36) Tiny bit forward, destroy the planks
37) Inside a tree on your left
38) & 39) Behind a tree with the exit door. 39) As seen from 38) on the far end
40) As seen from 36) Turn around, there are some planks in the ground

Make Yourself at Home
Get across the Laboratory without getting caught by Gargamel

During your visit to the lab, you’ll need to make the first half without getting caught. If you get caught, you’ll need to travel to another area, travel back, and try again. This can also be attempted after completing the main story.

Hop Like a Bunny
Perform 10 perfect jumps in a row

As you jump, press jump again just before you hit the ground. you’ll see a multiplier appear. Make sure that hits x10 and you’ll earn this trophy.

Reach for the Stars
SmurfoGlide for 10 seconds

This trophy can be earned in the Village, Fields. Refer to the video below on how to perform it.

I Know This Forest Like the Back of My Smurf
Complete the Chapter: The Forest

Story related and cannot be missed.

Flower Power
Find the flower for the Smurfizer

Story related and cannot be missed.

Salt of the Earth
Complete the Chapter: The Castle

Story related and cannot be missed.

Without Smurfing a Sound
Find all of the mandrakes

Gargamel’s Laboratory
1) On the main road, underneath a beam
2) Again on the main road
3) Bit further, behind a pot
4) One jump further, on the main road
4B) On the book, head left
5) As you jump down, turn left inside the breakable hole
6) Again on the main road
7) & 8) Head left instead of right. You’ll find 7) and if you keep heading left you’ll find number 8) too.
9) Next area, on the left of the main road
10) Main road below a plank
10A) after you enter the new area, turn right
11) Main road above you

12) Main road above you
13) Main road behind you
14) Main road, jump towards the right

Gargamel’s Storeroom
1) As you spawn, head right and jump towards the storage area
2) On the main road, above you
3) As you go through the door to the next area, in front of you
4) & 5) Next area, one in front of you and the other in the air
6) Complete the dash trial
7) Immediately after 6), on a pot
8) As you go to the next area through a door, underneath a hanging box
9) A bit further, next to a pot
10) Bit further, jump the stones

10A) Make the vine appear, follow it
11) Immediately after 10), clear the 7 mushrooms
11A) Before you go to the prison, jump onto the mushroom and fly towards the left
12) Above the prison
13) Inside the pot (Break the wood)
14) As you take the 3 jumping shrooms, the next area above you

1)As you spawn, behind you
2) On some books on the main path.
2A) a bit before the sweeping tentacles, on your far left
3) Before you cross 4 sweeping tentacles, look left
4) On the right of some jumping mushrooms
5) As you enter the next area, upper right corner. On the right wall are some planks you need to break in order to shoot the projectile
6) Follow the path of the beams
7) Upper part of this area, do not continue the main road. Instead, turn around
8) As you cross the many tentacles, on the right
9) In a corner in the next area[/spoiler]

Fun with Fungi
Find all of the mushrooms

The Entrance to the Gloomy Swamp
0) As you spawn, go a bit forward and left, over the waterleafs
0A) On your right, clear the 4 shrooms
1) In the swamps in front of you
1A) As you stand on the waterleaf, go right over some more leaves
2) A bit further, right side
3) A bit further, jump towards the other side
3A) Complete the dash trial
4) Don’t follow the main path just yet. turn right and jump on the lilies.
5) As you continue, above you on a platform
5A) Turn around, trigger the spores and a mushroom will appear
6) On the right side of 5)
7) On the left side, a bit back. You’ll need to trigger a plant
8) Next area, on your left
9) Next area, on a platform
10) Seen from 9), on your left

11) Above the newly added plant path. You’ll also be able to grab 9) now.
11A) Go to the far end as shown on the screenshot. Now shoot the plant and grab the shroom above you
12) & 13) As you enter the new area, 2 on your right
14) Same area, one on your left

The Heart of the Gloomy Swamp [10]
1) As you spawn, head left
2) On the giant waterleaf, turn left
3) After jumping from the waterleaf, head towards the next piece of land and turn right
4) Bit further, in front of you
5) Next area on the right
6) Main road, above a mushroom
7) Next area where you need to fight, on your left
7A) Inside the log on your left
8) + 9) Next area with the many vines, on your left and right

The Gloomy Swamp Ravine [16]
You can’t collect any collectibles during your first visit here
1) As you spawn cross the river towards the dead-end
2) & 3) On the main path in front of you
4) As seen from 3), fly towards it
5) On the main path on your right
6) & 7) Don’t follow the main path, instead go along with the river.
8) On the main road
9) Again on the main road, on a platform
10) Go left inside a cave of some sorts
11) In the next area, follow the waterfall upwards for a secret area
12) Main road on a platform
13) & 14) Again on the main road
15) & 16) Complete the dash trial & on your right

Baby Smurf Is All Grown Up
Complete the adventure in Easy mode

Complete the adventure in Easy mode

No Time Like the Present
Find all of Jokey’s presents

The Village Outskirts [21]
There are 21 of Jokey’s presents to collect in The Village Outskirts.
1. To the left on a leaf.
2. To the right on a leaf.
3. To the right on a cliff.
4. Further along the right cliff from 3.
5. Through the log, up on a balcony to the right.
6. SmurfoSplat from balcony where 5 was.
7. Up on the left cliff wall from 5.
8. Down below as you go forwards.
9. On the tree balcony up the stairs.
10. Up on the left on a raised ledge.
11. On the left before the stream.
12. While crossing the broken bridge over stream to the right.
13. Mushroom jumps down below, get all pies.
14. To the right before the slight bend to the left in the pathway.
15. Up on the right use the mushroom to jump to this platform.
16. Time trial down below from 15.
17. Before the large flower area on the left ledge.
18. To the right on the bridges and balconies around the trees.
19. Down and straight ahead from 18.
20. Take the mushrooms around to the left side of the large flower area.
21. Above the large flower area, make vine pathways to a high up branch.

The Village [19]
There are 19 of Jokey’s presents to collect in The Village.

The Entrance (5)
1. On the left inside the spawn area.
2. To the right of the spawn area.
3. To the right of Papa Smurf’s house.
4. Behind Papa Smurf’s house up on a roof balcony.
5. Along the path to the right interact with all pies.

The Beach (3)
6. Up above the spawn in area.
7. On the right follow the route up into the tree balconies.
8. On the left follow the route around to the small island with a house on it.

The Square (5)
9. Near Handy Smurf’s table, to his left up the small steps for a time trial.
10. Down the path to the right, dash through the pies.
11. Continue from 10. to go up onto the balcony to SmurfoSplat on the pies.
12. Straight across from 10., follow the route to go up onto a cliff in the corner.
13. Below 12. clear the leaf wall.

The Fields (6)
14. From the spawn area, on the left SmurfoSplat the pies.
15. At the bridge, to the right down below.
16. Across the bridge, go right for the time trial.
17. Where 16. ends, go to the left over log wall to the left and use the fans, floating platforms to go up and around to the balcony near where 16 time trial started, SmurfoSplat onto the pies.
18. Go to the right and dash overtop the pies in a circle.
19. Further down use the yellow flowers to make vine pathways above (near where present is and near the bridge), take the vine pathway around to the last present.

The Dam [30]
There are 30 of Jokey’s presents to collect in The Dam.
1. Upon spawning up to your right on the rock cliff.
2. Up on a tree balcony near 1.
3. From spawn location, trial up on right after small steps.
4. On the left, clear the leaf wall.
5. Up on left on a branch.
6. On the right at the bridge area.
7. Same as 7., up on the right cliff.
8. Same as 7., up on the left cliff.
9. From 8., follow straight ahead then down below.
10. Up on the next cliff wall on left.
11. On the bridge to the left of the wishing well.
12. From 11., suck up yellow flower and make vine path above the wishing well.
13. Make the vine path, clear pies with a SmurfoSplat.
14. After going over the vine path, to the left.
15. After the contaminated heart, go right and clear the leaf wall, up on a branch.

16. Clear the area, interact with the pies.
17. Above the leaf wall from 15., on a tree balcony.
18. Same area as 17., jump to the other balcony on the left.
19. On a rock ledge over from 18.
20. Above in a tree balcony hidden above where 16 was located.
21. On the tree balcony above the big log tunnel.
22. From 21., on another balcony close by.
23. From 22., up on a higher balcony.
24, 25., and 26. Up on the rock cliffs and branches at the bridges.
27. After the bridges go around the bend to the right in some bushes.
28. Turn around from 27., clear the area towards the large waterfalls in the distance, jump over the water twice to get up to where the broken bridge part is, complete time trial.
29. Up on the right cliff ledge.
30. Jump across the broken bridge.

Destroy 100 crates of Sarsaparilla

These crates are used to heal yourself and will respawn if you reload the game. You’ll need to collect 100 leaves, not 100 crates. Each crate has a couple of leaves in them. you should earn this trophy in no time.

First Steps
Build your first upgrade

Story related you’ll get to the upgrade bench after you free a part of the village from corruption.

Azrael! I’ll Get My Revenge!
Complete the Chapter: Gargamel

Story related and cannot be missed.

In the Blink of an Eye
Complete the Chapter: The Swamp

Story related and cannot be missed.

Adventure Awaits!
Complete the Chapter: The Village

Story related and cannot be missed.

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