The Church in the Darkness Trophy Guide

Game: The Church in the Darkness
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 6-8 hours
Difficulty: 3/10
Missable trophies: I’ve Always Been Around You, Respect for All, The Unknown Unknown, Joining the Fold, I’m Losing It
Author: Peter and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for The Church in the Darkness. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete 10 different preacher (personality) endings doing the chapters with different outcomes for 10 endings.

All trophies except for two can be earned on easy (Interpoler) or normal (Infiltrator) difficulty. The two trophies that are difficulty specific can both be earned on the hardest (Mole) difficulty. The other difficulty is medium called Spy difficulty, so feel free to play on whatever difficulty you like. It’s recommended to play in the Interpoler difficulty to learn the general layout of the map and where to find the green circled characters. Green circled characters are ones that you can talk with. You can choose to follow the general mission that is given in chapters, or interact/talk with any character(s) you choose when you find them. Your choices will advance and affect the ending that you will play towards. After completing one or more ending(s), it will unlock more inventory items and/or characters. The more endings that you complete, the more variety of inventory you will have available for your loadout when starting a playthrough. Some trophies cannot be earned until completing many endings as the items/characters needed are not available. During each new playthrough that you complete to its ending you will want to play by choosing different choices than the previous ones. For example, if you got the requested item for a green circled character (Charles, KeeAnne, Billie, or Theresa) one playthrough then you do not get it the next time, or if you kill Rebecca for one ending then kill Isaac the next. There are lots of choices that if you do something slightly different it will lead to a different ending as there are 19 possible endings.

Note: Preacher personalities are not the choice of Male/Female with the 5 different skin colors.

Depending on your playing style, you cannot really miss any trophies unless you do not playthrough the game multiple times. Play once on the highest difficulty, do not get spotted, do not finish requests, and/or have all the inventory/characters unlocked.

Tips: All buildings have 2 ways to enter/exit. When you are near a building you will see what’s inside as the roof becomes invisible to reveal the interior of the build. Pressing the circle button reveals the vision cones for all the civilian and guards (on Interpoler and Infiltrator difficulty only). The vision cones are not available in Spy and Mole difficulty. The touchpad brings up your map, L1 showing your documents (photos, newpaper clippings, pamphlets, pins, etc.) and R1 brings up your disguises, weapons, medical kits, pain meds, etc. If you are being shot at in any difficulty other than Mole, you can press R1 to quickly regain health on the fly from medical kits or pain meds to prevent you from dying (no ending) or getting captured (and possibly killed).

Stage 2 – Multiple playthroughs to Earn More Endings and/or the Spy and Mole Difficulty.

Continue playing multiple playthroughs where you use one preacher personality and play it until you get an ending for it. If you do not get an ending for it then, when asked, play the same personality again. If you choose a different personality, you may be playing one that you already have an ending for. When you have successfully completed one, make sure you choose one that you have not earned an ending for yet. If you play a random preacher personality then you may be repeating a previously earned ending.

Earning the Spy or Mole difficulty trophies are much easier once you have unlocked the disguises. The disguises will reduce the awareness/vision cones of the civilians and guards. However, you do not have the ability to see the vision cones or character circles of the civilians, friendly characters, and/or guards, so make sure you throw rocks to distract guards or be patient and take your time going around the map. Sometimes guards may notice you if you throw a rock to distract them and start to move towards you. Also, do not subdue guards while others are looking in your direction. Subdued guards may go and set off alarms too which will cause a search to happen where one shot kills happen or you are captured. So be slow, methodical in your stealthy approach in these playthroughs. Even though you can get noticed (guards/civilians circle turns yellow) on these difficulties you will not earn The Unknown Unknown trophy.


  Our Own Heaven Here on Earth
Obtain all the trophies.

Unlock all other trophies.

  One Shot, One Life
Finish a game on “Mole” difficulty.

After completing multiple endings and unlocking all characters/inventory items it is recommended to try this difficulty. You will have access to all 3 of the disguises and all 5 loadout weapons. When you are disguised, the vision cones of civilians and guards is significantly reduced, even though you cannot press Circle to reveal the vision cones. Townperson disguise is better than no disguise, the red uniform disguise is good, and the blue uniform disguise is the best to be stealthy, as the vision cones of civilians and guards are very small even though you cannot see them. Be stealthy and patient as you move across the map to find Alex. You can try to find him without interacting with friendly (green circled) characters or talk to them to get his general location (only talk to one) or his specific location (talk to two). If you search cabins and buildings you will find a map of Freedom Town. If you find another Freedom Town map after the first, it will have the general location of Alex. If you are not in the right cabin area or if you are in the right cabin area, Alex’s exact location will be revealed. After finding and talking to Alex you can get back to your insertion point to the game and leave to earn a Mole difficulty ending. It does not matter what if Alex chooses to stay or leave.

One Shot, One Life Trophy

  Walk a Mile
Finished a game with all the different preacher personalities.

There are 10 different preacher personalities and you only have to successfully complete one of their endings. Since each time you play a game the preacher personality is random, the only way to make sure that you have played it (either successfully by getting an ending or dying with no ending) is to choose a new preacher personality you play.

  I’ve Always Been Around You
Get to the end of ten stories.

Play through any 10 stories to get an ending. It does not matter which of the 10 endings out of the 19 that you get. You can even earn ones that you already have previously earned. There is a count on completed endings shown upon a successful ending.

  Ending is the Beginning
Get to the end of one story.

Play through one of the stories by interacting with any of the green circled characters (asking them questions, you do not have to find their requests), find Alex (asking him questions) and going back to the insertion point where you started the playthrough.

  Never Liked Them
Finish a game without ever having a gun in your inventory.

In one playthrough, do not start with any of the guns you have unlocked and do not pick up any as you go. When you search a shed, closet, desk, chest, or person you do not collect any weapons.

  Live Hard
Finish a game on “Spy” or greater difficulty.

See Mole description for more details. If you do not set off the alarm more than once and make too many guards aware of you, you will still earn this trophy if you complete a successful ending to your playthrough.

  Respect for All
Finish a game without anyone dying (during or after).

In one playthrough to its ending do not kill anyone and do not have your character (Vic) die either.

  The Unknown Unknown
Finish a game without being spotted at all.

This is a difficult trophy, since you have to find Alex on your own without the help of any green circled characters. If you search trunks/desks you may find a map with the general location of where Alex is located. Avoid the sight lines and vision cones of the civilians and guards, wear a disguise, and it’s easiest to earn on the Interpoler difficulty. You can distract any guard by throwing rock(s) as long as you do not come in contact with their sight lines/vision cones (not even turn yellow). The guard(s) can only become aware of the rock(s) and not you. When you do find Alex he must not see you and you have to kill him immediately after entering his cabin by using the Traq Gun on him. As soon as you kill him pick him up and stash him in the trunk or closet, then you can make your way stealthily back to the insertion point to exit.

The Unknown Unknown Trophy

  The Spirit of Revolution
Find and talk to Preacher Isaac in his chapel.

During a play through you need to find Preacher Isaac by questioning one of the green circled characters and they will tell you where his chapel is located. When you find him you only need to ask him some questions.

The Spirit of Revolution Trophy

  The Revolutionary Spirit
Find and talk to Preacher Rebecca in her chapel.

During a playthrough, you need to find Preacher Rebecca by questioning one of the green circled characters and they will tell you where her chapel is located. When you find her you only need to ask her some questions.

The Revolutionary Spirit Trophy

Distract three guards with rocks.

Using the Triangle button, throw a rock when near 3 or more guards (they have red or black vision cones) to get them to look at what caused the noise. Always throw the rock in the direction you want them to move to. If they do not move far enough away, you can throw another rock, etc, until they move enough for you.

Throw a rock to distract 3 guards

  Never Realized
Find ten documents in one playthrough.

In one playthrough, search sheds, desks, trunks, and closets to find 10 documents.

Never Realized Trophy

  Maybe They Will Remember Us
Find thirty documents in one playthrough.

In one playthrough, search sheds, desks, trunks, and closets to find 30 documents.

Maybe They’ll Remember Us Trophy

  Joining the Fold
In a single game, wear all the disguises.

In one playthrough, you must wear the 3 different disguises. They are Townspeople clothing, Red Uniform Guard, and Blue Uniform Guard. These are unlocked by playing multiple endings of the game. Once the disguises are all unlocked, you have the ability to earn this trophy in any playthrough thereafter. If you are having difficulty finding them, make sure to take off the previous disguise and then search in the cabins, sheds, and other buildings for trunks and closets that could contain them. The disguises are usually in buildings that have more guards present around or even possibly in them. After equipping the third different disguise the trophy is earned in that playthrough. Below on loadout the Townspeople disguise was equipped, then after searching in the north area of the map a shed had the Red Uniform and then the chest in the building beside it had the Blue Uniform inside it. Make sure to equip them so it registers that you wore it and not just had it in your item inventory.

Find and Change into Different Disguise

  I’m Losing It
In a single game, fire all the guns.

When your loadout has all five weapons available, you could possibly earn this trophy. You must fire at least once the Pistol, Shotgun, Tranquilizer Dart Gun, Rifle, and Rifle Tranquilizer. Also, you need to equip each separately and use: the Tranquilizer Syringe, Strong Tranquilizer Syringe, and Chloroform by pressing Triangle to stun the guard when behind them. Search trunks/closets/sheds/guards to find any of these items.

  Just Some Air
Do three of any takedown.

Takedown any 3 individuals by going behind them and pressing the triangle button when prompted, otherwise you will throw a rock instead. Do this 3 times during one or over the course of many playthroughs.

Takedown of a Guard

  Feel No Pain
Do twenty of any takedown.

Takedown any 20 individuals by going behind them and pressing the Triangle button when prompted, otherwise you will throw a rock instead. Do this 20 times during one or over the course of many playthroughs.

Feel No Pain Trophy

  Clarity of Vision
Find the evidence KeeAnne wants.

After finding KeeAnne along the river (location is random) and you talk to her, she will want you to find evidence that things are not what they seem in Freedom Town. You need to search in the white chapels to find the document she is requesting. Once you find it, return, and present it to her.

Clarity of Vision Trophy

  On Brand
Find all five pins in one playthrough.

In one playthrough, you must search and find the 5 different sets of pins that are on bulletin boards. The bulletin boards are near the groups of buildings. After collecting one you can check your document inventory by pressing the L1 button to see which ones you have because you can collect multiples of the same pins and this does not count as part of the five. Four of bulletin boards look like small wooden structures and the other is a small white open air building (see pictures below).

  I’m Just Looking for My Family
Stick someone up and search them.

Approach a civilian (yellow vision cones) with any of your weapons drawn and pointed at them, then you press the Square button to search them.

I’m Just Looking for My Family Trophy

  Soon I’ll Let You Go
Stick up and search ten people.

Approach 10 civilians (yellow vision cones around them) with any of your weapons drawn and pointed at them, then you press the Square button to search them.

Soon I’ll Let You Go Trophy

  Until You Sacrifice it All
Get captured and hear from Isaac.

After being captured and placed in a cage, either Rebecca or Isaac will talk to you. Every playthrough is random, so you will not know who will talk to you after being captured and caged.

  Over and Over
Get captured ten times.

After playing a minimum of 5 playthroughs and getting captured two times in each one you will earn this trophy. You do not need to complete these playthroughs to an ending.

Over and Over Trophy

  Warm Embrace of Sleep
Hide someone in a trunk/closet/shed.

During any playthrough you will need to place a person in a trunk/closet/shed. You can choose to kill or subdue either civilians, guards, or the green circled characters. Pick up their bodies and walk up to any trunk/closet/shed to place their body inside.

Warm Embrace of Sleep Trophy

  Happy Place
Hide twenty people in trunks.

During one or more playthroughs you will need to place 20 people in trunks. You can choose to kill or subdue either civilians, guards, or the green circled characters. Pick up their bodies and walk up to any trunk to place their body inside. You can not hide/remove the same person over and over again in one playthrough.

Happy Place Trophy

  Create a Villain
Get the alarm set off twenty times.

Cross through the vision sights of guards and/or civilians to make them aware of you. The more vision sights you pass through the faster the alarm will be set off. Do this over the course of many playthroughs by setting the alarm off 20 times.

Create a Villain Trophy

  Got a Letter from the Government
In a single game, destroy ten alarm boxes.

In one playthrough, you need to have metal shards (start off with a few in your inventory) and find more by searching sheds, closets, desks, and trunks. You need to go up to an alarm box and press the Square button to destroy it. Repeat 10 times.

Got a Letter from the Government Trophy

Distract thirty guards with rocks.

Using the Triangle button throw a rock when near a guard (red or black vision cones) to get them to look at what caused the noise. Repeat this for a total of 30 different guards.

Butterfly Trophy

  I Have Yet Begun
Started ten stories.

Play the game a minimum of 10 times. You do not need to complete any of these playthroughs to their endings. Each time choose a new preacher personality that you have not completed an ending for to ensure you choose 10 different ones. If you choose a random preacher personality you may be repeating one after a few playthroughs.

  Three Sides
Get Isaac & Rebecca’s location marked on your map.

During any playthrough, you need to talk to 3 green circled characters (Theresa, Charles, and Alex) and talk about Rebecca and Isaac to learn the exact locations of which chapels they are currently in. The locations of all characters is random every playthrough.

Three Sides Trophy

  Room for One More
Find the empty grave.

During any playthrough, when you see the grave that has been dug out, simply approach it to earn this trophy. Its location is random.

Room for One More Trophy

  Learn to Swim
Free Scooter from his cage.

After finding Scooter in the secluded pits area and hearing his story, press the Square button to release him and earn the trophy.

Learn to Swim Trophy

  Thought I Knew
Meet Theresa on the playground.

During a playthrough, find Theresa (green circled character) on a randomly located playground. Approach her to earn the trophy.

I Thought I Knew Trophy

  Cry Beloved
Find the children’s address for Theresa.

After finding Theresa and she has asked you to find the information about the whereabouts of the children, search the white chapels until you collect this information. Then return to her and present it to her to earn this trophy.

Cry Beloved Trophy

In a single playthrough, visit all the chapels.

In one playthrough, enter all of the chapels in Freedom Town. There are 7 chapels that you need to visit that are located in Freedom Town.

Devoted Trophy

  Before I Fall Into Despair
In a single playthrough, read all the messages written in sticks.

In one playthrough, find all 3 of the messages written with sticks. The locations and text of the messages are random, but they are always down pathways that are hidden away. If you see a pathway follow it to its end to see if it contains a message made of sticks. There are different messages than those shown that you could possibly find.

  Locked Around Your Spine
Find the secluded “pits” area.

During a playthrough, find and walk into the pits area where there are cages, metal pieces, etc. See picture below for what it looks like.

Locked Around Your Spine Trophy

  Looking for an Alienist
Find the medical facility in the woods.

Randomly located on your map will be the medical facility hidden in the woods. Approach the building to earn the trophy.

Looking for an Alienist Trophy

  Dedication to the Cause
In a single game, stand on all the stages, cross all the bridges, and survive for an hour.

For this playthrough it is recommended to play on Interpoler difficulty as you need to play for one hour without dying, walk across all stages (basketball/playground stage, large church stage or its outdoor stage, theater stage), and walk across both bridges. If you are having difficulties doing this trophy then walk over the stages fully to ensure you earn this trophy.

Dedication to the Cause Trophy

  Waiting for Collapse
Meet Scooter and hear his story.

After completing many endings you will unlock the character called Scooter. In a playthrough when you find Scooter, he will be in a cage. You only need to talk with him to hear his story.

Waiting for Collapse Trophy

  Lost in the Open
Meet KeeAnne by the river.

Find KeeAnne by the river and approach her to talk. Her location is random, but it is beside the river on either side. You may have her general location marked on your map if she is the next character you could meet in your playthrough.

Lost in the Open Trophy

Find the evidence and deliver it to Charles.

After finding and talking with Charles, he’ll ask you to find some evidence of bad things happening in Freedom Town. You need to search the white chapels to find the document he is asking for. Continue to search until you find it, then return and present it to him.

Taken Trophy

  Back to the Jungle
Meet Charles on the firing range.

During a playthrough, find Charles on the firing range. The location is random, but listen for repeated gun fire if you have not set off any alarms or are being fired at. When you approach and talk with him you will earn this trophy.

Back to the Jungle Trophy

  Final Memories
Find Ernest’s Photo and return it to Billie.

In a playthrough, if you find Billie and talk with her, she will ask for a photo of Ernest. Look for this photo in one of the white chapels. After finding and collecting it, return to Billie and present it to her.

Final Memories Trophy

  Thought I Lost Something
Find and talk to your nephew Alex.

Either through talking with green circled characters to learn about his general location (only talking to one or exact by talking to two of them) or by just searching, find Alex and talk with him.

Thought I Lost Something Trophy

  Written on the Wind
Finish a game in fifteen minutes or less.

If you find Alex very quickly in a playthrough and talk to him, then go back to the insertion point where you started your playthrough. It does not matter that you meet any of the other characters or if Alex comes with you or not. Do this in 15 minutes or less. Also, you can play this on any difficulty and will be able to wear a disguise if you have one unlocked, as this will help you pass by civilians and guards more easily.

  Paradise to Some
Talk to Billie about Freedom Town.

Find Billie and ask her questions to earn this trophy.

Paradise to Some Trophy

  Did You Forget Your Name?
In a single game, free five people from cages.

In one playthrough, try to find the cages with people alive in them (white circle around them). Release 5 of them to earn the trophy. The locations of the caged people are randomly placed on the map. When you release them you will be spotted, so do not attempt this if you are aiming for The Unknown Unknown trophy.

Did You Forget Your Name? Trophy

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