Teacup Trophy Guide

Game: Teacup
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 30 minutes
Difficulty: 1/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1, 10 , 3 , 0
Author: The Trophy Platypus

Welcome to the trophy guide for Teacup. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Walkthrough.

Teacup full walkthrough

Pick up the book from the kitchen table
Trophy – The Tea Encyclopedia
Exit the house and head one screen right
Talk to the owl to get the map
Head to the market and speak with the badger
Solve the puzzle like this

Head to the pond, go left one screen and speak to the orange Salamander.
Beat the Salamander in a race by pressing the directional buttons on screen.
Head left and back to the map area. You can now go to the Meadow.
Speak to the Salamander outside his house.
Trophy – A fresh Drink
Head back left and then use the map. Travel to the Plaza.
Speak to the fortune teller.
Head left and speak to Tar outside the bakery.
Continue left and speak to Bertol The Geeky Mouse.
Head left and go into the carpet shop. Speak with Pankrati The Tiger.
Back outside, head right and into the Post Office. Speak with Vincent The Pigeon.
Complete the three slide puzzles.

Go to the West Forest and head left and up the ladder.
Speak with Otto The Owl who will give you honey.
Trophy – A Puzzling Letter
Use the map to travel to Meadow and go right one screen.
Go inside the big tent. Speak with Vitiano the magician.
Solve the puzzle by finding all the objects.

Head all the way right and speak to the magicians.
Trophy – Is this just Fantasy
Head back to the Plaza and to the carpet shop and speak with Pankrati The Tiger.
Complete the mini-game of moving the cursor and shooting the flying carpets with magic powder twice.
Trophy – Carpet Tamer

Head right and use the map, travel to the Villa and head right.
Head past the villa and to the domed house. Speak with Georgina the mole and exhaust all dialogue.
Georgina will give you Hibiscus.
Trophy – Pink Composition
Go Inside the Blue house and speak to Olimpia.
Exit the house, go left and use the map.
Select the Pond and then go right towards the lighthouse.
Go left and into the lighthouse then go up the stairs and speak to Rikard The Otter.
Solve the puzzle.

You will receive Rooibos.
Trophy – Light The Way
Head out of the lighthouse and speak to Lyndon the hedgehog who is standing by the boat.
The food will fall into the pond and you will begin a minigame.
Trophy – Sailing in the pond

Head to the right and use the map.
Head to East Forest and talk to the three raccoons.
Head past the raccoons to the next screen.
Head right and interact with the bush next to the pond.
Receive Lemon verbena.
Trophy – The Welcoming Forest
Head up one screen to the field.
Go right and talk to the Evangeline the cat and Adele the Salamander on the pink carpet.
Sit with them and exhaust all dialogue.
Trophy – A pause under Kites
Head all the way right and interact with the flowers.
Receive Chamomile.
Trophy – Nice Windy Day
Go right one screen and talk to Kerim The Lemur
Complete the mini-game by bringing coffee to the customers

Receive Basic Teas.
Trophy – The Cart in the Field
Head left two screens and use the map to go the Plaza.
Head left and go into the bakery and speak with Lyndon to get cookies.
Continue left and speak with Ciro The Cat that is sat on the steps

Complete the mini game of following the directional instructions on screen.
Go right one screen and use the map to travel to the villa.
Head up where the fallen tree once was. This is the point of no return so please make sure you have all trophies but Miss you Grandma and the Platinum.
Interact and Ride to Grandma’s house.
After a gondola ride, head into Grandma’s house.
Go to the left room and speak with your grandma exhaust all dialogue.
Head right two rooms to the kitchen and speak to grandma again.
Go left one room and pick up the rose hip next to the bookcase.
Go back to the kitchen and give grandma the rose hip.
She will give you the lemon balm and ginger.
Trophy – Miss you Grandma
Trophy – A Lazy Afternoon
After you will be transported back to your house.
Interact with the door and then the final minigame will start.
Complete your friend’s orders by following the tea recipes in the top corner.

Teacup Full Platinum Video Walkthrough.

A Lazy Afternoon
Unlocked all trophies.

Time for a Cuppa!

The Tea Encyclopedia
Find the tea book.

At the start of the game you will be inside your house. Before you can leave you have to pick up the tea book from your kitchen table.

Nice Windy Day
Find chamomile.

Once you have access to East Forrest, head there and then head up two screens head to the right and you’ll find chamomile on the right of the screen.

The Welcoming Forest
Find lemon verbena.

Once you have access to East Forrest, head there, and then go up one screen. Head to the right and you will find Lemon Verbena on the right next to the pond.

Is this just fantasy?
Find dream tea.

Head to Plaza and go inside the carpet shop to speak to Pankrati. Now head to Meadow, go right one screen and enter the big top. When inside, speak to the magicians and a minigame will begin. You have to find 11 objects (solution above) in a hidden object mini-game. Afterwards you will be transported to a magical place, head all the way right and speak to the magicians again.

Carpet Tamer
Find jasmine.

After unlocking the Is this just fantasy? trophy, head back to the carpet shop in Plaza and speak to the tiger. A mini-game will begin and you’ll have to use your magic powder on the flying carpets twice until they all stop flying. Afterwards you will receive jasmine.

A Puzzling Letter
Find honey.

Head to the post office in Plaza and speak with the pigeon and a mini-game of 3 slide puzzles will begin (Solutions in walkthrough). Afterwards head to West Forest and go up the ladder to speak with the owl, who will give you honey.

The Cart In The Field
Find sugar, white, black and green tea.

Once you have access to East Forrest head there and then head up two screens and head right one screen and you’ll find a coffee cart. Complete the mini-game and yo will receive sugar, white, black and green tea.

Miss you, Grandma
Find lemon balm, ginger and rose hip.

Once you arrive at your grandma’s house, head to the left room and exhaust all dialogue. Then head to the kitchen two rooms on the right and speak to grandma again. She’ll ask you to get her some rose hip from the room on the left. Pick it up and bring it back to your grandma and she will give you lemon balm and ginger also.

Sailing in the Pond
Talk with Lyndon and Bertol at the Pond.

Speak with Bertol the mouse in Plaza, then when you have access to the Lighthouse side of the Pond head there and speak to Lyndon the hedgehog who is in front of the boat. You will go sailing and the picnic will be dropped in the pond. A mini-game will begin and you’ll have to fish out the food with your hand by holding X.

A Pause Under Kites
Talk with Adele and Evangeline at the Kite Festival.

Once you have access to East Forrest head there and then head up two screens head right and speak to Adele and Evangeline who are sat on a pink carpet.

A Fresh Drink
Find mint.
Head to the market and speak with the badger, then solve the puzzle (solution in walkthrough above). Afterwards head to the pond, and speak to the Salamander and beat him in a swimming race. Finally head to Meadow and meet the Salamander there again and speaking to him you will receive Mint.

Light The Way
Find rooibos.

Head to the Villa and then go inside the blue house to speak to the cat inside. Now head to the Pond and go right one screen to the lighthouse. Go inside the lighthouse and upstairs and speak with the otter. A mini game will begin, where you have to fit cogs to fix the lighthouse. Afterwards the otter will reward you with rooibos.

Pink Composition
Find hibiscus.

Head to the Plaza and speak to the fortune teller. Then head to the Villa and head all the way to the right and enter the molehill home. Speak to the mole to receive hibiscus.

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