Super Cane Magic Zero Trophy Guide

Game: Super Cane Magic Zero
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 30+ hours
Difficulty: 3/10
Missable trophies: None
Author: Peter

Welcome to the trophy guide for Super Cane Magic Zero. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play through the story and complete all missions and sidequests.

Controls for the game.

Play through all the quest lines given to you throughout the entire game. There are main quests and side quests. Both quest types can be multiple steps that are revealed as you complete each. There is a global map with 11 main areas of the game. You will eventually open up travel portals to be able to transverse the game easily. Use the maps and portals to your advantage to skip areas that you do not need to revisit if you do not want to, as the loading times for this game are rather long going from one area to the next.

When you complete the game, continue in the game with everything that you have earned and can continue earning any remaining trophies that you need to complete. The most time consuming trophies to earn are related to finding all the museum collectibles for the Poptarts Museum.

1. Going in/out of a level will change the possible Poptarts Museum collectibles that you can find and collect.
2. Carry a variety of weapons and armour that will help break and/or defeat various enemies. It’s possible to pause and change the items that your character is using at any point in the game.
3. Play through the game on Easy difficulty, as there are no difficulty associated trophies. However, the harder difficulty, the better the chances of finding better equipment and collectibles. The downfall is that there are less lives available and may require replaying parts from a previous save.

Stage 2 – Play 10 or more multiplayer games in the battle arenas. Trophy clean up with free roam.

From the main menu, you can select 2 or more players to battle in the arenas. The second player can be a second controller with no other person actually playing or true multiplayer local coop. Choose whatever arena and play 10 or more games. It does not matter who wins the arena battles.

If you missed any trophies related to unlocking certain playable characters, you can locate and collect them in free roam after completing the game. For any collectible related trophies you can also collect these after completing the game and they are randomly available depending on the type of collectible from enemy item drops, vending machines, and items scattered throughout the levels out in the open or inside of breakable containers.

Maps for Each Area.

The game’s main and side quests require you to go through lots of different areas in the game’s world. There are no markers indicating where to go or how to necessarily get to the various locations in the game. Below are each of the 11 main areas of the global map with all the maps for each shown.




Quiet Random Forest

Volcanic Wasteland

Rey Skeletron’s Crypt

Laser Volcano Fonthills

Never-ending Lava Tube

Lava Bakery

Dreadful Shape-shifting Crypt

Lunar Path

Dream World (Accessible through comics)


Obtain all other trophies.

Unlock all other trophies.

 Cave Canem
Finish the game.

The main quest is to save a magic dog called AAAH! Complete the game by doing all the main quests that will eventually lead to you defeating Keiko Cake.

Cave Canem trophy.

 Eh? What? How?
Collect all 105 museum items.  

Some of the items that enemies drop that are laying in the open on a level, and/or inside special treasure chests with a circular swirling line (glow) around them. Others are in various vending machines. This indicates that this is a museum item. There are two types of museum items: equipable and throwable items.

The equipable items need to be picked up, so you need space in your inventory, whereas a throwable collectible needs to be eaten.

The number of throwable collectibles is the same across all difficulty settings for the game. The same is true for equip-able collectibles with the exception of unique equip-ables (orange level ones). The number of equipment you find in the game does not change with the difficulty you play the game at, however the quality (colour level) does. Therefore, the higher the difficulty you play on, the better your chances of finding the 36 museum equipables that also happen to be unique equipment.

There are some special chests in the game that always drop at least one unique item no matter the difficulty. The best level to do this on is in Nevola Park. To get to Nevola Park, go to Poptarts, then go through the Poptarts Underground Archive, you should be at Nevola Park. Once in Nevola Park, go through the first door to the right and continue to move up the right side of the map to the ice blocked area. Break through the ice blocks and then break open the special chest in this enclosure. Once you collect the museum collectible (if one appears and you don’t already have it) exit Poptarts Underground Archive and return back to Nevola Park. This is time consuming with the loading times, but is a good location to farm museum items. See the pictures below.

 Give a Bag Full of Helping Hands
Rebuild all 10 structures in the Poptarts village.

In Poptarts there are 10 structures that need to be rebuilt and they require you to have enough kibbles to purchase. Since a large sum of kibbles is required to reconstruct these buildings, it is recommended to do all main quests and side quests to earn enough to be able to do this. Also, some of them have a side quest attached to them or multiple times you need to pay to help reconstruct each building in stages. Therefore, it is not technically 10 buildings as so require certain stages to be built and then additional work is needed. Also, after paying for a building to be remade you need to exit and then return to Poptarts to see the newly constructed buildings. Once this is done then you will be able to once again interact with the characters associated with them.

 Over 9000!
There’s no way that can be right!  

Once you reach level 90 you will be at 8000 Power level and at level 100 you will be at 9000 Power level. To get over 9100 or above Power level you need to find and equip one of three different Ape Wigs which are unique equipment. Acquiring a small node on a belief tree gives +100 Power level so you will max out at 9000 Power level. However, if you find and a Space Ape Wig, Super Space Ape Wig, or God Space Ape Wig gives you +100 Power level multiplied by their tier (ie. the 10-tier God Space Ape Wig would give +1000 Power level). The last belief tree is unlocked by talking with Bana in the WPD Mothership after fixing the Internet quest.

Over 9000! Trophy

  LOL! Who are these people?
Unlock all 15 playable characters

There are 15 characters that you can find and unlock as playable characters in the game. See the Maps above.

  1. Evilio is in a prison cell on the WPD Mothership.
  2. Sio is in the tavern in Poptarts after you’ve rebuilt all the buildings in this level.
  3. Laser Grampa is in the Town of Grampavilla in the northeast corner in the small building with a question mark bubble on the left.
  4. Flashio is in the tavern in Poptarts after completing the first (Silver) Elite Adventurer Dungeon located by going through the entrance where Sir Cowdog is in the northwest of Laser Volcano Foothills.
  5. Yogurt is located in the tavern in Poptarts after completing the second (Gold) Elite Adventurer Dungeon that is located by going through the entrance where Sir Cowdog is in the northwest of Ocean.
  6. Dr. Buttdog is in Poptarts and he needs to have the Science Lab rebuilt and you hire him an imaginary assistant.
  7. Mary Jane J Jay in the southwest of the Lava Bakery where you talk with her here and then you meet her again in Lavillage at her Bakery.
  8. Daw is located in the Internet of Ninjas in the area north after completing the Boss Fight.
  9. Dr. Bones is in the North in the Spooky Dank Crypt behind a locked door that requires you to pull 7 levers on this level, complete the Boss Fight and Dr. Buttdog is behind this area.
  10. Koji is in the Dreadful Shape-shifting Crypt and you need to search all rooms for him. You will likely have to enter, search, and exit multiple times before you find him in his room as the rooms are randomly generated in this level and it may not appear.
  11. Malvagius is in the Poptarts classroom after you have completed the game.
  12. Bana is on the WPD Mothership and you can get access to talk to him after you have fixed the Internet.
  13. Fishman is in the An Unnameable Place in the North beside the TV.
  14. Cook is in the Laser Volcano Foothills and you need to pay the nearby Pirate Boss before you can open the door where Cook is located.
  15. Detective Sopheye is in Somewhere in Stewfatto Suburbs near the Minestonya entrance.

  The All Knowing
Find all 20 TV Shrines  

Use the information and pictures below to locate and interact with all 20 TV Shrines within the game. See the Maps above.

Poptarts (2)

  1. Island in far southwest, you need a spring part to be able to jump to get on the island. Buy a spring from the Comic Book store after you have rebuilt it. (TV #1/20)
  2. Cave in far southeast, obtain after getting a spring to jump. (TV #2/20)

Nevola Park (1)

  1. On a grassy area in the middle of the map. (TV #3/20)
TV #3

Somewhere in Stewfatto Suburbs (1)

1. Northeast area where you destroy 3 electrical towers to gain access to this area which also requires breaking through the green gel blocks. (TV #4/20)

TV #4

Minestronya (2)

  1. Southeastern area of the map. (TV #5/20)
  2. Go through the middle exit in the map to get to an elevator level that is a small square level. This is the way that will lead to the WPD Mothership. (TV #6/20)

Dangerous Random Forest (1)

  1. Enter through Minestronya to the Quiet Random Forest, take the left door exit of the 3 doors that are together to get to the Thick Random Forest. Then take the middle door exit of the 3 doors that are together to enter the Dangerous Random Forest. As the level is randomly generated search all areas of this level to find the TV on a raise platform with four pillars. (TV #7/20)
TV #7

A place with holes in the ground (1)

  1. In the northeastern top of the map. Pickup the purple skull to the slight east of here and bring it to this area to the corresponding activation pad to unlock the gate to this area. (TV #8/20)
TV #8

Digsaurus Den (1)

  1. In the north part of the map behind a gated area. (TV #9/20)
TV #9

Rey Skeletron’s Crypt (1)

  1. In the North area of the map behind a gated area that requires you to pick up a purple skull in the northwest edge of the map and place it on the corresponding activation pad to unlock the gate. (TV #10)
TV #10

Spooky Dank Crypt (1)

  1. In a small room just to the northeast of the center of this map. (TV #11/20)
TV #11

Laser Volcano Foothills (1)

  1. Get the red triangle and bring it to the corresponding activation pad in the south of the map. The activation pad is behind reddish orange gel blocks that you need to breakthrough so that you can get to the pad to unlock the door to the small building where the TV is inside. (TV #12/20)
TV #12

Frozen Peak (1)

  1. In the northwest of the map behind a gate that you will unlock by getting the yellow circle in the north east and bring it to the corresponding activation pad in the northwest area. (TV #13/20)
TV #13

Ocean (1)

  1. Enter through the green pipe in the southwest of Poptarts and then going to the middle of the Ocean map. (TV #14/20)
TV #14

Dreadful Shape-shifting Crypt (1)

  1. Search through all rooms in this level until you find it as this in a randomly generated level. (TV #15/20)
TV #15

An Unnameable Place (1)

  1. Gain access to this level by doing the cleaning up tasks outside of the largest building in Poptarts. After you complete these specific quests there will be a large toilet that is built to honour the cleaning up and rebuilding of the Poptarts’ buildings. Interact with the toilet to get access to An Unnameable Place. Find and take all four activation items to their corresponding activation pads. The activation items are around the outside of the map and the activation pads are in the north of the map. (TV #16/20)
TV #16

Laser Monastery (1)

  1. In the northeastern part of the map behind an unlocked gate and ice blocks. Break through the ice blocks and bring the red triangle from the middle area to the corresponding activation pad in this very close area. Also, there are five questions that the doors ask: 1. Wasabi, 2. Heating, 3. In a couch, 4. 2 parsec, and 5. Orange. The unlocked gate asks the final question the answer doesn’t matter since the door attacks no matter what you answer. Destroy the door and then gain access to where the TV is located. (TV #17/20)
TV #17

Lava Bakery (1)

  1. In the northeastern part of the map and you are required to collect the activation items and bring them to their corresponding activation pads to unlock two doors. This level requires lots of moving of activation items to gain access to lots of different areas, but is relatively straightforward when playing the level as it is pretty linear in order to get through the quests in this level. (TV #18/20)
TV #18

Totally Unexpected Internet (1)

  1. You need the Wifi ability equipped to get access to the secret entrance. To gain access to this level you need to go through Minestronya in the southwest over top of the ledges and then wind around the area (fenced in pathway) with the Wifi equipped you will see that the map is pixelated because this secret entrance is in the level. When you get to the secret entrance you will interact with it and it will change to a white cloud-looking sphere. Enter to go into the Totally Unexpected Internet and it will be in an area behind some dirt blocks that you can easily destroy and pass through. (TV #19/20)
TV #19

Never-ending Lava Tube (1)

  1. This level is randomly generated so search everywhere within it to try and find the TV. You may need to exit and return multiple times so that the correct room that the TV is in actually appears. (TV #20/20)
TV #20

  Plot Twist!
Save Cake Wizard

Find and defeat the Cake Wizard in Australia. See the Maps above.

Plot Twist! Trophy

  WOW, You Just Defeated a Cat
Defeat Meowbert 1.4.2 rev6

Find and defeat Meowbert 1.4.2 rev6 in Australia. (at different points in the game you battle, but this is where he is defeated).

WOW, You Just Defeated a Cat Trophy

  Level 100
Obtain level 100

Play the game and make sure to search/use/buy upgrades to improve your stats so that you will earn the most XP possible. As you progress through the game you will find better/more useful items that will give you more XP if you equip them on your character. Orange items have the best items followed by purple, blue, green, and white being the most common and least effective. Even within the ‘colour’ of an item there is a level attached to them. Level 10 items are the best and are only unlocked by progressing very far into the game by completing main quests and as many side missions as possible. Every ten level ups of your character there is a item level that opens up. For example, when you reach Level 21 for your character, you will have access to Level 3 items all the way up to Level 91 and there after where the max items’ levels are 10.

Level 100 Trophy

  Mind = Blown
Obtain the sixth belief tree

Find the sixth belief tree is earned after meeting Candy Pop in Ice Cream Crater and returning to her in Poptarts where the canes are located.

Mind = Blown Trophy

  Good Fork
Obtain the fifth belief tree  

Find the fifth belief tree is earned after meeting with Donut in Lava Bakery and returning to her in Poptarts where the canes are located.

Good Fork Trophy

  Master of Bella Vita
Obtain the fourth belief tree

Find the fourth belief tree is earned after finding PBJ Sandwich in the Den of the Potato King and meeting with her when you return to the canes in Poptarts.

Master of Bella Vita Trophy

  The Best Superpower
Obtain the third belief tree

Find the third belief tree is earned after defeating The Thing in Dream World and meeting with Soilent in Poptarts where the canes are located.

The Best Superpower Trophy

Obtain the seventh belief tree

Find the seventh belief tree is earned on the WPD Mothership after restoring the Internet so it works correctly. Meet the President of the World, Bana and talk with him.

AAAaaaAAaAaAH! Trophy

  Dogs and Biscuits
Obtain the second belief tree

Find the second belief tree is in Poptarts after meeting Keiko Cako go to where all the canes are located.

Dogs and Biscuits Trophy

  Identified Flying Object
Obtain the first belief tree

Find the first belief tree is in the top right land area on the WOTF Jail map behind an area blocked by brown blocks that are breakable. Earned when defeating Wise Tree. See the Maps above.

Identified Flying Object Trophy

Seasonal Greens
Defeat the Verdoora Brothers  

Find and defeat the Verdoora Brothers are in Nevola Park. See the Maps above.

Verdoora Brothers Trophy

  No Holds Barred Fighting Lesson
Defeat the Wise Tree

Find and defeat the Wise Tree is in the top right area on the WOTF Jail map behind an area blocked by brown blocks that are breakable. See the Maps above.

No Holds Barred Fighting Lesson Trophy

  Who Left the Freezer Open?
Defeat the Giant Icecream

Find and defeat the Giant Icecream in the Ice Cream Crater. See the Maps above.

Defeating the Giant Icecream

  Get the Flamethrower
Defeat the Thing  

There is a quest given to find Pizza Boxes that were delivered to 5 different locations. Once you find a pizza box interact with it to reveal an episode summary of the show, Ordinary People, Season 2. After finding all 5 pizza boxes and know the episode summaries proceed to meeting the Prophecy in the Comics Collector Dungeon. (see Maps above) Prophecy will ask 5 questions that all must be correctly answered to gain access to the pathway to the first comic. After interacting with a comic (portal), go into it to go to Dream World. To fully access all of Dream World, find the other 4 comics. Each time you find a comic interact with it to go to a new area of Dream World. After going to Dream World (finding 5th comic), all areas are fully accessible so that the battle boss can occur. This battle boss will lead to the defeat of the Thing.

In Lavillage go to the Pizza Shop for the quest to find Pizza Boxes. See pictures below.

Pizza Box Locations:

1. Poptarts Underground Archive (middle, far right)
2. At the entrance in northwest of Minestronya that leads to the Quiet Random Forest.
3. North of the pizza shop in Lavillage.
4. At the right of the entrance to the Laser Monastery from the Town of Grampavilla.
5. In the middle of the Ocean.

See pictures below.

Each of the Pizza Boxes have Episode Recaps for Ordinary People, Season 2 (see pictures below):

Go to the Useless Stuff Exhibition and the ladder inside leads to the Comics Collector Dungeon. In the Comic Dungeon, Prophecy will ask 5 questions from the Episode Recaps of Ordinary People, Season 2.

Some examples questions are:
1. How many episodes in Ordinary People, Season 2? Answer is 5.
2. Who is Beth’s motner-in-law? Answer is herself.
3. How many wives did Jon have? Answer is 3.
4. What is the name of the game used to decide the divorce? Answer is High 5.
5. Who gets married to Beth after the divorce? Answer is Jon.
6. Jon recognizes James because James is? Answer is his father.
7. Who is trained by James? Answer is Beth.

Comic locations:

1. Comic #2 is in ? Crypt.
2. Comic #3 is in the WPD Mothership.
3. Comic #4 is in Laser Vocano Foothills??

Find and defeat the Thing in the Dream World after finding the four comic book entrances to Dream World. See the Maps above.

Defeating the Thing

  Are You Hungry?
Stop the Sushi invasion

Find and defeat the Sushi in the Lunar Path. See the Maps above.

Are You Hungry? Trophy

  Hi Mister Skeletron
Defeat Rey Skeletron

Find and defeat Rey Skeletron in Rey Skeletron’s Crypt. See the Maps above.

Defeating Rey Skeletron

  LFG Magmaros
Defeat Magmaros

Find and defeat Magmaros in the Lava Bakery. See the Maps above.

Defeating Magmaros

  Gun Fu Master
Defeat Blue Beard the Ninja

Find and defeat Blue Beard the Ninja in the Laser Volcano Foothills. See the Maps above.

Defeating Blue Beard the Ninja

  In the Name of Disorder
Defeat the Model Prisoner

Find and defeat the Model Prisoner in the WSS Orinoco. See the Maps above.

In the Name of Disorder Trophy

  Hi Daw!
Defeat Daw’s Nose

Find and defeat Daw’s Nose in the Internet of Ninjas. See the Maps above.

Defeating Daw’s Nose

  Who Was That Guy?
Defeat Ludo Thorn

Find and defeat the Ludo Thorn in the Totally Unexpected Internet. See the Maps above.

Who Was That Guy? Trophy

  End-of-the-Year Deep Cleaning
Defeat the Monster of the Deep  

Find and defeat the Monster of the Deep in the Spooky Dank Crypt. See the Maps above.

End-of-the-Year Deep Cleaning Trophy

Cool! A Dinosaur!
Defeat the Burrowing Lava Dinosaur

Find and defeat the Burrowing Lava Dinosaur in the Digsaurus Den. See the Maps above.

Defeating the Burrowing Lava Dinosaur

  Elite Adventurer
Become a gold member of the elite adventurers

After you have restore the pub in Poptarts village and have progressed far enough into the game, there will be Sir Cowdog knight who is in the pub. Go to the Sir Cowdog, talk to him and buy your way into the adventurers club by becoming a silver member. Then go to Laser Volcano Foothills and meet Sir Cowdog at the entrance to The Never-ending Lava Tube. Afterwards go back to the pub in Poptarts and talk to the knight again. You will now be able to buy the gold member status for the elite adventurers club. Head to the Dreadful Shape-shifting Crypt through the Ocean entrance. Meet the knight once again at the entrance to gain access.

Elite Adventurer Trophy

  Big Spender
Waste… uh… spend 10000 salami

Naturally spend more than 10000 salami within the game by buying items from merchants and vending machines. Salami is earned all most every time you defeat any enemies in the game and break open boxes and chests.

  Give Two Helping Hands
Rebuild 5 structures in the Poptarts village

See Give a Bag Full of Helping Hands description for more information.

Collect 5 museum items

See Eh? What? How? description for more information.

  Learned How to Play
Die 10 times

Die more than 10 times as you level up your Power level and equip-ables to be able to defeat harder enemies more easily.

Learned to Play Trophy

  Retro Gamer Diet
You really do like retro games, eh?

While playing through the game you will come across a blue Gameboy looking item that you can eat. As soon as you consume it the screen turns green like below with special retro game music for a short period of time.

Retro Gamer Diet Trophy

  From the Grave
He who laughs last laughs longest

During a battle with any enemies it is possible to deplete an enemies health to a very low level and your character dies in the process, but as your character respawns they kill the low health level enemy. Be close to whichever character has the low health indicated on their health bar as this increases the likelihood of getting this trophy.

From the Grave Trophy

  Level 10
Obtain level 10

Refer to Level 100 description for more information.

  Level 50
Obtain level 50

Refer to Level 100 description for more information.

  The Oblivious
Find a TV Shrine

See The All Knowing description for more information.

  The Scholar
Find 10 TV Shrines

See The All Knowing description for more information.

  You are Legend
Find an orange item

Find, pick up, and equip an orange item. All equipment has a glowing tail attached to it. White is a common item, followed by green being slightly better, blue is better than the previous two colours, purple is better yet, and finally orange are the best items. There is a level higher that is an orange unique item which have a swirling glow around them. These are museum collectibles.

You Are Legend Trophy

  Roses are Red, Violets are Blue. You are Purple. The End.
Wear a full set of purple or orange items  

Eventually you will find enough purple or orange items in the game. Equip either all items as purple or all items as orange.

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue. You are purple. The End. Trophy

Find the 4 world wonders

There are four world wonders to find in this game. They are:

1. Wonder #1 is in Poptarts in the southwest region.
2. Wonder #2 is Lavillage near the area with many buildings.
3. Wonder #3 is in A place with holes in the ground near the Volcanic Wasteland entrance.
4. Wonder #4 is in the north of the Town of Grampavilla.

Collect 15 museum items

See Eh? What? How? description for more information.

  Give a Helping Hand
Rebuild a structure in the Poptarts village

See Give a Bag Full of Helping Hands description for more information.

Collect 30 museum items

See Eh? What? How? description for more information.

Collect 50 museum items

  The Collector
Collect 80 museum items

See Eh? What? How? description for more information.

The Collector Trophy

  Oh, Hi!
Unlock a playable character

See LOL! Who are these People? description for more information.

  Make room, please!
Unlock 7 playable characters

See LOL! Who are these People? description for more information.

Play with a friend

At the main menu choose to play with more than one player (two or more controllers) and choose the story or arena battles to play. This can be done playing solo with a second controller. There is only local coop for this game.

Friendshiiiiip! Trophy

  Bad Diet
Eat 25 items that are unfit for your character’s diet

Pick up items and eat them. Eventually you will eat items that are not good for your character and they will loose some health or even die from eating the item(s). Repeat this for 25 items. If you die you may be able to revive your character or you may need to replay some of a level depending on the difficulty you are playing on.

Bad Diet Trophy

Good Diet
Eat 100 items that are fit for your character’s diet

Pick up and eat 100 items that are edible and adds positively to your characters short term abilities. This will come naturally playing the game.

Good Diet Trophy

  Horse Portal Whisperer
Unlock all 11 portals to horse dimension

As you progress through the game you will be able to access new areas of the global map. There are 11 portals to unlock and they allow you to move across the levels much more easily than going from level to level individually. The portals are represented by cupcakes on the global map and in the level they look like a cupcake with a horse face on them.

Horse Portal Whisperer Trophy

Play 10 Arena matches

From the main menu select your players (2 or more either real people or solo with another controller) and play Arena mode. Play 10 or more of these matches on any of the arena levels and it does not matter who wins the matches.

Gladiator Trophy

  Free Fries!
Defeat the Potato King

Find and defeat the Potato King in the Den of the Potato King. See the Maps above.

Free Fries! Trophy

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