Stranger Things 3 Trophy Guide

Game: Stranger Things 3
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 8 – 14 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: Home a Gnome, Gnome Mercy
Author: Pete and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Stranger Things 3. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the main story

In short:
– Complete the Main Story.
– Do all errands & side quests.
– Apply Trinkets to your character roster.
– Collect all Gnomes if possible. Collected gnomes will reset back to 0 once you start at your second playthrough. Make sure to collect them in one run.

Start the game with whatever difficulty you prefer as there are no trophies related to this so feel free to choose your own play style. Follow the main story line of the story (the yellow exclamation marks on the maps) and collect all the gnomes must be collected in one playthrough. Gnome collecting can be done in either the first or second playthrough. It will be easier and faster to collect them in the second playthough which is called “Eliminator Mode” (It is only accessible after completing your first playthrough of the game). Side quests or errands (the white exclamation marks on the maps) have you complete missions for various characters. Always make sure to open the menu and highlight the story mission or errand by clicking the X button on whatever one you want to complete. By highlighting one you will have some guidance on where to go in the game to complete it. The story missions and errands will get updated through completing the required tasks, so make sure to check what the next thing to do is so that you are able to efficiently complete them.

Also, you need to approach and talk to as many people as you come across in the game to be able to get all the errands as some are trophy related while others lead you to areas for hidden money. Trinkets, supplies, fair tickets, and gnomes. It’s important to collect as much money as possible and to upgrade your abilities at crafting stations. Vending machines and people selling supplies and materials will have common to unique items so spend and choose wisely. You can revisit any area as the contents of the vending machines stays the same each time. Enemies, boxes, and chests will randomly drop money, supplies, etc. so you may luckily get something unique once in a while. Some upgrades can only be applied to kids, adults, females, all, and/or certain characters, etc.

Utilize the pause menu of the game when in safe areas as your characters could die if you think the game is paused while in the menus. Tap on the Touchpad to bring up the menus and you can see items available that you collected, recipes available, gnomes collected by number/name, characters unlocked, story missions and errands available (highlight to show guidance on the world map), and the map you are currently in. After you have trinkets or have crafted one it is not applied directly to characters. You must go to the menu page with the characters unlocked and near the bottom you have to add the trinkets here so that they are applied to your character(s). This is VERY important so that you can easily succeed in this game. The map varies from the outside in an area, building interiors that you have uncovered, to the Stranger Things 3 world map when exiting an area. The entire world will be revealed and freely available to travel between any points after completing the game.

On your first playthough: Vents that say “Need something TINY” can only be used after unlocking Erica in the mission “Scoops Troop” later in the game (Chapter 6) so you will be backtracking if you are trying to find unique items and/or gnomes in the first playthrough. Only Joyce can get thorough chain locked fence gates and doors, Dustin is needed to hack security panels and chests,Will and Lucas can bomb things like rock piles.

Kid characters are: Max, Lucas, Will, Eleven, Erica, Mike, Dustin
Adult characters are: Hopper, Joyce, Steve, Nancy, Jonathan

Stage 2 – New Game+ (Eliminator Mode) and collect all the gnomes

In short:
– Complete New game+
– Collect all gnomes if you haven’t done so in Stage 1.

After playing through the story once you need to go back to the main menu and select the Eliminator Mode. In this playthrough all the characters are unlocked, however all your money, supplies, trinkets, gnomes, etc. are reset so that you must collect whatever you like again.

Remember to stock up on Medkits and Cokes as if a character dies in this playthrough and the game saves then you will lose that character for the rest of this playthrough. If a character does die then immediately close the game from the PS button so that it does not save. Do NOT press continue or quit as this will make a save and you will lose this character in this playthrough. Restart and you should have the character and just need to replay a little of the game.

I preferred playing as Will (with his upgraded trinkets) and Max as my sidekick (with her upgraded trinkets). When you encounter enemies let her take the brunt of the attacks while Will can shoot projectile firebombs from a distance. Plus, Max has a medic ability so you can use her ability to generate health (hearts) and energy (sometimes) so that you do not use up all of your Medkits.

Use your special attacks, abilities, and blocks if you become bogged down in an area. You ONLY have to play through the main story missions and you should be able to go rather fast skipping dialogue and you already know the pathways, characters to use, attack approaches, and solutions to puzzles.


  Beat It
Unlock all trophies.

Earned after unlocking all other trophies.

Beat It Trophy

  Home a Gnome
Found all 50 hidden gnomes.

Find and collect all 50 gnomes. Some require bombs to destroy obstacles like rock piles; bolt cutters to get through chain locked doors and fence gates; hacking skill to unlock key pads and chest locks; and that you unlock Erica as she is tiny and fits through vents. In Eliminator mode all characters are unlocked and each has all of the previously mentioned abilities to get through any obstacles in their way. Below are all 50 gnomes: Number, Name, Location, and description on how to find them.

Moving Day
Complete the game.

Follow the main story from Chapter 1 through completion of Chapter 8. This unlocks the Eliminator Mode from the main menu for your second playthrough.

Beat the game on New Game+.

New Game+ is the Eliminator Mode that unlocks from the main menu after getting the Moving Day trophy. In Eliminator Mode, your supplies, money, gnomes, abilities, etc. all reset so you need to recollect/craft whatever you like in this playthrough. All characters are unlocked, they can die if you do not immediately back out of the game by closing it when you lose a character. Stock up on Medkits and Cokes, keep money on hand as some areas have unique items in shops and vending machines. This should be a rather quick playthrough if you have already gotten all 50 gnomes in the first playthrough as you only have to complete the main story missions. If you didn’t collect all the gnomes you will have to get all of them in one playthrough. In Eliminator Mode you have all characters unlocked from the start of the game and they all have the hacking, going through vents, and getting through chain locks. Craft trinkets and apply them to to your character roster. Choose whatever combination and characters that you like depending on your own play style.

  Will the Wise
Unlock Will.

Will is unlocked if you talk to him and retrieve the 3 Dungeons and Dragons manuals he is asking for. It is highly recommended completing this errand as soon as it’s available as his abilities make him one of the best characters to use in this game. I exclusively used him in my Eliminator Mode.

Will the Wise Trophy

  Take a Look at Me Now
Acquire five trinkets.

Either use supplies and materials to craft 5 items, find them, earn them from errands, and/or get them by defeating enemies. The fastest method is to simply craft 5 trinkets.

Take a Look at Me Now Trophy

  I Scream For Ice Cream
Unlock Erica.

During Chapter 6 story mission Scoop Troops you will complete Erica’s requests by getting what she wants and returning the items to her.

I Scream For Ice Cream Trophy

  Gnome Mercy
Found 25 hidden gnomes. Half-way there! See Home a Gnome description for all the gnomes’ location information.

Gnome Mercy Trophy

  Cut, It, Out
Unlock Nancy.

Go to the Hawkins Newspaper Post during the mission called Rat, Paper, Scissors and enter the building.

Cut, It, Out Trophy

  Finding Chemistry
Unlock Hopper and Joyce.

During the story mission called Break into Hawkins Lab you will have two characters be together at Hopper’s cabin in his bedroom talking about what is happening in Hawkins.

Finding Chemistry Trophy

  Normal Is Boring
Unlock Jonathan.

After unlocking Nancy (see Cut, It, Out description) and you are at the newspaper building you will have to talk to him during the Rat, Paper, Scissors story mission.

Normal is Boring Trophy

  One Time at Space Camp
Unlock Dustin.

In Chapter 1 during the story mission called Radar Love you will unlock Dustin at his house.

One Time at Space Camp Trophy

  The Cool Guy
Unlock Steve.

In the story mission of Chapter 6 called Scoops Troop you will have to find and release Steve from captivity.

The Cool Guy Trophy

  Mad Max
Unlock Max

During the story mission called Slumber Party Max will be unlocked in Mike’s basement. She was my sidekick for a lot of my first playthrough and all of my Eliminator Mode playthrough.

Mad Max Trophy

  Short Circuit
Successfully hack the hardest level chest/door.

Hack any chest/door that has a 4 button version of the quick time events. While going to Hawkins Lab the first time, follow outside the fence to the right to the chest shown below. Hack it and earn the trophy.

Short Circuit Trophy

  Up to Eleven
Unlock Eleven.

During the story mission called Slumber Party Eleven is unlocked at Hopper’s cabin. She’s a very powerful character who I used a lot during my 1st playthrough.

Up to Eleven Trophy

  …But Boyfriends Do
Complete Break In, Make Out

In this story mission you will go to Hopper’s cabin and have to go around the open areas bombing obstacles to get into all areas of the map. There is a combination lock code that you will find in the north-east of the map that you use on the locked gate at the fence that is to the west of Hopper’s cabin. Go into the cabin and complete the requests of Max (setup a date, any TV show, and ice cream from refrigerator). Next, turn off the lights in the cabin and exit the cabin. Travel to the Starcourt Mall and inside on the floor you entered go to the left around to the second store that’s light blue, buy the charm bracelet, and exit the mall.

…But Boyfriends Do Trophy

Complete Rats in the Walls.

In Hawkins Square at Hawkins Hardware store you talk to the shop keeper who wants you to help get rid of the rats in the store. Go through defeating all of them throughout the store, and return to the shop keeper when done.

Rats! Trophy

  What’s In Store
Complete Store Raid.

In Hawkins Square, go to the Hunting and Camping store in the north-west corner of the map. Talk to the guy beside the ladder, hack the panel out front to get into store, collect the requested items, and return to the guy.

What’s in Store Trophy

  Shack Sack
Complete On the Wire.

In Hawkins Square, go to Circuit Shed (electronic store), hack the door to get in, defeat the enemies and complete the puzzles to earn this trophy.

Shack Sack Trophy

  An Honest Living
Complete Ivan the Smuggler.

In Starcourt Mall, go to Scoops Ahoy and through it to the back exit. In this hallway to the left is Ivan who will request 3 items. Find them and give them to him. The items are:
1. Rock’N’Roll Cassette: Starcourt Mall on the lower level press the x button on the radio/boom box is near the car.
2. Swinsuit Magazine: Hawkins Suburbs in Dustin’s house go to his bed and press the X button.
3. Sixteen Molotovs VHS: Hawkins Square in the library go to the room with the TV/VCR and two chairs in front of it. Press the X button on the TV/VCR or the shelves in this room to collect the VHS tape.

An Honest Living Trophy

  Shake Things Up
Complete Revenge of the Geeks.

During Chapter 1 errands or side quests will become available after completing Mike’s mom request. The lady beside Mike’s mom shown in the picture below is the first errand or side quest available.

Shake Things Up Trophy

  From Love to Russia
Complete Radar Love.

In Chapter 1 you will help Dustin find parts and build the Cerebro (communication antennae).

From Russia to Love Trophy

Complete Chores for Granny Perkins.

In Hawkins Suburbs, go to Granny Perkins’ house, talk with her to complete her list of tasks going back to her each time for the next. Finally, after exiting the basement you will defeat her to earn this trophy.

Homebodies Trophy

  A Fishy Request
Complete 30 Minutes or Less.

In Chapter 6, in the Town Hall (Hawkins Square) there is an errand where a guy will ask you to gather ingredients for a pizza. Some of them you may have collected naturally depending on the order of story missions you completed. If you don’t have any or all of them then they are:
1. Sardine (need Erica) is in the basement of Hawkins Lab where the vent lead to 3 closed doors, use the switches to open the door that is around the back of the switches.
2. Mackerel is on the left side of the women’s locker room shower area (Hawkins Pool of Hawkins Suburbs).
3. Tuna is found outside when at Weathertop in the west part of the map where there are some boxes to smash.
4. Salmon is in the Russian secret base under Starcourt Mall (enter through loading docks during Scoops Troop in Chapter 6. After rescuing Robin as you are finding a way out you will see it near a vending machine.
5. Dough is in the pizza shop beside the Town Hall in Hawkins Square. In the far back area you will find 3 rooms with bears to turn. From LR bear 1 faces 3, bear 2 faces 1, and bear 3 faces 4. Pi is 3.14. Go to the room with the green floor tiles and walk on the outside ones only to light up the lights on the outside posts only. The kitchen door opens and you can go collect the dough on the floor.
Now go back to Town Hall and talk to the guy requesting the ingredients to complete the errand.

A Fishy Request Trophy

  Pure Nightmare Fuel
Complete Hospital Brawl.

This trophy is story related for completing the Hospital Brawl mission. When you go to the hospital you are trying to find Mrs. Driscoll, but you need to find 2 pieces of information about her in order to get into the part where she may be. First go to the nurse’s station to talk about Mrs. Driscoll visit. Then go to your left down a hall battling through enemies to find the two pieces of ID. Once found talk to the nurse at the nurse’s station again. The door to the patient rooms opens to try to find Mrs. Driscoll. Go through these hallways checking the rooms and message boards all the way up to the 4th floor of the hospital. Eventually you will find her room, she is not there, and you enter the hacking code to open closed door down the hallway. Go through this hallway and stock up on supplies at the vending machine. The next part is battling Tom and Bruce. The strategy here is to move them apart from each other as when they are close together they regenerate their health. Also, after Tom or Bruce runs at you to attack, they will walk away to switch who you are battling. When they are walking away hit them continuously to win the battle quickly. After you defeat them you must run down the 3 hallways (south, east, south), you cannot kill the big monster, avoid smaller enemies (if you like), destroy obstacles enough to get past them only. Once at the end of the third hallway the chase is over and you will earn this trophy.

  Little Shop of Flowers
Complete Wall Flower.

In Hawkins Square there is a side mission if you go to the flower shop where you hear a girl trapped in the washroom. Talk with her and you need to follow her instructions to get the correct key that will set her free. Once you find a key return, try it, get next instruction, and eventually get the right one from the back office. Let her out of the washroom by using the correct key.

Little Shop of Flowers Trophy

  The Bite
Complete Cabin Ambush

When this story mission is available stock up on Medkits, Coke, and equip trinkets (craft if you need to) that will best help the characters you like to do the battles with. I chose Will (me) and Max with firestarters, protective wear, and increased percentages in physical damage. Once ready head to Hopper’s cabin and collect the wood planks in the backyard by hitting them. Then proceed in to the cabin, board up the 3 windows and move the couch. The battle starts so hit the Mind Flayer continuously and any other spawning enemies also move away from any floor tiles that light up red. Use Max’s health ability as needed to regenerate your health. Repeat boarding up windows, battling, and avoiding red tiles. When these waves are done you will earn the trophy.

The Bite Trophy

  Welcome To Hell
Complete Mall Showdown.

In Chapter 8, you will battle Mind Flayer by shooting fireworks at him and eventually you will have a room-to-room chase where you can fight back as needed to move through the obstacles. Once you get into the hallway shown below you have earned the trophy.

Welcome to Hell Trophy

  Crafted Things
Crafted your first item.

Use a crafting table to make your first recipe item.

Crafted Things Trophy

  Welcome to Hawkins
Complete Sneak Peek.

Earned by playing the prologue at the beginning of the game.

Welcome to Hawkins Trophy

  Fat Rambo
Complete Invasion of Privacy.

In Chapter 6 in Murray’s Warehouse you will complete his puzzles and end up talking to him after passing them.

Fat Rambo Trophy