Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands Trophy Guide

Game: Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 25 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: Legendary Warrior, Hat Collector
Author: Stephanie

Welcome to the trophy guide for Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play the story until “The Final Statue” questline.

Stranded Sails is a game guided by a questline that has no time limit. This quest line will bring you to a ‘point of no return’, which is the choice about the curse. On the way while visiting islands to shorten the overall backtracking and plat time, attempt to complete fishing, sidequests, and caves. Whatever isn’t done, will be cleaned up in Stage 2.

Stage 2 – Chose “Stay”

When you place the final statue in its place you are given the following options; “Lift Curse” and “Stay”. Choosing “Stay” will allow you to partake in the last challenge given by the statues while cleaning up whatever trophies you have left. During this stage depending on how much you covered in the previous stage will give you “Legendary Warrior” and “Hat Collector”.

Stage 3 – Finishing the game

In this stage after you have cleared everything else head to the new ship and touch the wheel. Afterwards head back to the Ancestor who will once more give you the same option as when you first placed down the last statue. This time chose “Lift Curse” and follow the small quest line that follows suit. Once the credit pops up you’ll be rewarded with “The End”, “Cursebreaker” and the “Platinum”.



Earn all trophies.

You battled your way through the treacherous sea and built a nice little camp. Enjoy your shiny new platinum.

 The End
Complete the Story Questline.

You must complete all of the quests that appear in the top right corner of the screen. This trophy will pop up at the credit screen.

 Well Equipped
Unlock all tool upgrades by increasing your Crew’s Happiness Level.

There are a total of six tool upgrades which are linked to your Crew’s Love. Below is a list of your upgrades and the level you must be at to receive them.

Fiola’s Shovel: From Fiola when Crew Love 1.
Reinforced Bucket: From Sven when Crew Love 2.
Logan’s Axe: From Logan when Crew Love 3.
Fritz’s Fishing Rod: From Fritz when Crew Love 4.
Brenda’s Masterpiece: From Brenda when Crew Love 19.
Charles’ Telescope: From Charles when Crew Love 50.

Unlock all structures in your camp by increasing your Crew’s Happiness Level and build them.

There are a total of 10 camp structures that are all locked behind the Happiness of your Crew Members.
Below is a list of all structures that must be built along with the materials and Crew Love needed.


Farm Expansion: Crew Love 5, x8 Wooden Planks, x4 Makeshift Dowels.
Water Barrel: Crew Love 6, x4 Wooden Planks, x4 Metal Brace.
Beach Shortcut: Crew Love 8, x12 Wooden Planks, x4 Rugged Rope.
Large Farm Expansion: Crew Love 9, is x8 Strongwood Beam, x4 Makeshift Dowels.
Fritz’s Pier: Crew Love 11, x12 Strongwood Beam, x4 Makeshift Dowels, x4 Rugged Rope.
Shipwreck Shortcut: Crew Love 13, x12 Wooden Planks, x4 Metal Brace, x4 Rugged Rope.
Water Barrel: Crew Love 16, x4 Wooden Planks, x4 Metal Brace.
Huge Farm Expansion: Crew Love 18, x8 Ironroot Buttress, x4 Makeshift Dowels.
Sven’s Shortcut: Crew Love 21, x12 Strongwood Beam, x4 Metal Brace, x4 Rugged Rope
Pyramid Shortcut: Crew Love 28, x12 Ironroot Buttress, x4 Metal Brace, x4 Makeshift Dowels, x4 Rugged Rope.


 Master Chef
Discover all cooking recipes.

Cooking will be your prime source of energy recovery when you are roaming about the islands. There are a total of 60 different recipes that you must discover. The recipes will be grouped in Levels 1 through 7, as some will also give you a buff while eating. Below is a list of all the recipes, including the order to place the ingredients.

Level 1
Corn on the Cob.
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
Level 7

 Legendary Warrior
Defeat 50 consecutive waves of hard difficulty enemies in the Ancestor’s Trial.

This can be obtained by interacting with the final golden statue you bring back to the pyramid. Similar to the previous warrior trophies, you can’t exit the waves unless you want to start back at the first wave.

(Note: The trophy is considered missable since that when placing the last statue down you can lift the curse on the island. Do not choose to lift the curse unless you made a save before placing it down.)

 Hat Collector
Unlock all Hats by increasing your Crew’s Happiness Level and mastering the Ancestor’s Trial.

There are a total of 8 different types of Hats that you need to collect for the trophy. Five of them will be given to you by Teresa when meet the required Crew Love starting at 23. The remaining three will be given to you by the Ancestor when clearing the three trails.

Discover all Lore Artifacts.

The Lore Artifacts are scattered in all of the islands you visit. Most will require you to have access to the Bridge Building, Wooden Ladder, and Climbing Rope Kits to grab them. You also need to explore caves since some lay hidden in them as well. There will be a total of seven different types of Artifacts. You may check your progress by pressing and clicking on the last tab for Artifacts.

The Types of Lore Artifacts

Admiral Kennwalk’s Notebook (Seven Quotes).
Ancient Prophecy (Four Verses).
Captain Barbaross’ Logbook (Four Pages).
Champion’s Genesis (Five Phrases).
Commander Davenport’s Journal (Seven Entries).
Eternal Champion (Five Excerpts).
The World’s Shaping (Six Passages).

Discover all Items.

You must have collected all the items within the game. This includes everything from crop seeds to even the golden tools. So make sure you explore everywhere and increase your Crew Love to 50 to obtain everything. The only thing that doesn’t count is the hats.

Discover all Spice Seeds.

The Spice Seeds can be found on the camp island and the island to the east. Gaining access to the areas where the seeds are requires you to know how to make the Ladder and Climbing Rope. Similar to the crop seeds there are very few seeds to collect. Once you have found the last seed the trophy will pop.

Seeds: Allspice Powder || Fresh Thyme || Sugar Cane || Ginger || Black Pepper || Chili

Discover every Fish.

There are a total of nine different type of fishes in the game. Below is a list of the fishes and where you can catch them. Upon catching the last fish, the trophy will pop.

Main Island: Bluefish, Mackerel, Clam.
West, Southwest, and Southeast Island: White Marlin, Flounder, Crab.
Eastern Island: Lobster, Sea Bass, Red Snapper.

Discover all Crop Seeds

There are a total of eight different crop seeds to be discovered. These can be found scattered about the islands before you gather all three pieces to the sword. Below is the list of all the seeds, and picking up the last one will pop the trophy.

Seeds: Corn || Tomato || Potato || Onion || Carrot || Rice || Pumpkin || Eggplant

Discover the whole Map.

In order to discover the whole map you must have all islands at 100% discovered. Please be aware that there is a small visual bug that your whole map will say 100% discovered, but not pop you this trophy. If this happens, double check all islands to ensure that each says 100%, as there might be one that isn’t.

 Treasure Hunter
Find and dig up all buried Golden Tools.

To find a golden tool’s location you first need to meet the requirements of a Crew Love with the Parrot. There will be a total of 5 maps that he will give you that reveals the location of one. Find one golden tool and return to the parrot to obtain the other location. Below is a picture location and Crew Love requirements for each golden tool. Please note that these are just cosmetic for your tools and have no real value but to look cool.

Dirty Treasure Map: Crew Love 25 (Golden Shovel)
Musty Treasure Map: Crew Love 33 (Golden Bucket)
Worn Treasure Map: Crew Love 38 (Golden Axe)
Smelly Treasure Map: Crew Love 44 (Golden Fishing Rod)
Serrated Treasure Map: Crew Love 49 (Golden Sword)

 Happy Crew
Reach Crew Happiness Level 60

To increase the crew’s happiness (love) you must make the Crew’s Stew. Each crew member has a selected ingredient they love so tossing their loved ingredient into the mix will increase it higher. If you have all eight crew members and give them their love ingredient you’ll gain a single level of happiness. Continue to do this daily and you’ll reach level sixty in no time. Below is a list of the ingredients that each crew member loves.

Charles: Allspice, Bluefish, White Marlin
Sven: Potato, Onion, Clam
Fiola: Corn, Tomato, Rice, Eggplant
Logan: Carrot, Pumpkin, Crab
Fritz: Chili Flakes, Mackerel, Flounder
Teresa: Cane Sugar, Sea Bass
Cecille: Fresh Thyme, Root Ginger, Lobster
Brenda: Black Pepper, Red Snapper

 Powerful Warrior
Defeat 70 consecutive waves of medium difficulty enemies in the Ancestor’s Trial

This can be obtained by interacting with the second golden statue you bring back to the pyramid. Similar to the previous warrior trophy you can’t exit the waves unless you want to start back at the first wave.

Cook your first Food

The first chance you get to cook will be during the quest line “Seeds of Promise”. Fiola will ask you to plant three corn seeds in the small field she had created. After you harvest the three corn you’ll be tasked with cooking up “Corn on the Cob”. Once you cook your first one the trophy will pop.

 Stew for the Crew
Unlock the stew for the crew

Talk to Charles after you have built the three crew members a shack of their own. He will tell you to talk to Fiola about cooking for the crew members. In order to unlock the Stew for Crew section you first have to know four recipes. After learning the fourth recipe the trophy will pop.

Recipes: Corn on the Cob (Corn) || Tomato-Onion Soup (Tomato + Onion) || Roasted Corn and Onion (Onion + Corn) || Corn-Filled Tomato (Tomato + Corn) || Corn and Potato Mash (Potato + Corn)

Reunite the whole Crew

There are a total of eight crew members that you must locate. Sven will be the first crew member you run across while Charles and Fiola will be next. After them you’ll meet Logan who is also on the same island as your camp. Once you have built shacks for the three characters you’ll learn that Frisk is stuck on the Sandbar north of your camp. Again you’ll build a shack for him which then you’ll find the location of the remaining three members. You may get them in any order you wish. Brenda will be on the right south island while Cecille will be on the left south island. The other member Teresa will be on the island to the west and once you return to camp with all three of them the trophy will pop.

Craft your first Item

After cutting down the thornbush south of your camp with the Axe that Logan gave you. Collect some Simple Wood and head back towards camp.Make sure to talk to Logan who will give you the blueprint to make Wooden Planks. Head down to the crafting table and select the Wooden Planks on the right and then click craft. The trophy will pop after you have crafted them.

 Survival Camp
Build all of the Crew member’s shacks

The moment you find the crew member Logan, you’ll learn how to build shacks for the crew. Gather and craft the materials needed to make each of the 8 member’s shacks when you are required to. Once you have built the last shack the trophy will pop.

 Ship Ahoy!
Complete the Ship

This will be during the same time that you are collecting the first two golden statues. Sven will tell you that he and Logan have began to build a new ship, but they require your help with a few things. Your job is to fetch three main broken pieces and craft them into newer versions. When you have made the last piece which will be the Ship’s Wheel, the trophy will pop.

Discover your first cooking recipe

To discover a cooking recipe you have to select an unknown recipe; these will be labeled as question marks. Then select/drag your ingredients into the middle and select Discover. If the ingredients are correct a new recipe will be discovered. A simple one that can be learned after exploring around is “Tomato-Onion Soup”. The ingredients will of course be a Tomato and Onion.

A discovered recipe

 The Right Tools for the Job
Unlock all Tools

There are a total of seven different types of tools. These will always be given to you by one of the crew members during a quest line. Below is a list of all tools in the order you recieve them and from who.

Tools: Heavy Shovel (Fiola) || Wooden Bucket (Fiola) || Old Map (Charles) || Worn Axe (Logan) || Rugged Telescope (Charles) || Simple Fishing Rod (Fritz) || Ancient Sword (Brenda)

Lift the Curse

To lift the curse from the island you must retrieve the three golden statues from the Eastern Island. Upon bringing back all three to the pyramid the Ancestor will give you the option to leave the island or stay. If you chose to stay to finish off other things just touch the wheel of the new ship to restart the Ancestor’s dialogue. When you finally lift the curse you’ll be promoted to talk to the crew and follow a few tasks. The trophy will pop at the beginning of the credits.

 Danger Ahead
Complete your first combat encounter

After you have obtained the Ancient Sword you’ll gain access to learning how to build bridges. This will not only give you more areas to explore, but introduce you to combat now. Your first combat can be encountered on any of the three islands when you discover a statue with an aura around it. Interacting with such will cause a ghost pirate to appear which you’ll be able to fight with. Upon your first victory the trophy will pop.

What a statue looks like

 Stranded Survivor
Survive the shipwreck

After encountering the parrot on the ship, a storm will follow suit. Head down and talk to Charles who will tell you to head into the cabin for shelter. After a bit of dialogue your character will wake up on an island. Once you gain control of your character the trophy will pop.

 Ancestral Recall
Summon the Ancestor

Summoning the ancestor requires you to activate all three ancient symbols. These can be found on the three islands that you should already be accustomed too. Although two of the symbols are out in the open, one of them will be within a Cave which is located on the island to the west. After activating the last symbol head back up to Pyramid and press all three symbols. Once they are all activated the Ancestor will be summoned and the trophy will pop.

 Honorable Warrior
Defeat 100 consecutive waves of easy difficulty enemies in the Ancestor’s Trial

After bringing back the first golden statue to the Pyramid on the main island you are able to start Trails. Though this trail is the easiest of the three you can run into quite a few problems. Your major problem will be your energy as you are not allowed to leave without either finishing all 100 waves or giving up. Please note that giving up will make it so you have to start back at the first wave all over again. Before tackling these trails make sure you have meals prepared to restore energy. If you can make sure they are the types that give you a buff for fighting and defense. Another item that can make this slightly easier is getting the upgraded version of your sword which is given by Brenda at Crew Love 19. Each ghost pirate will have their own set of attack so learning what they are early on can help you a lot. Upon beating the 100th wave the trophy will pop and reward you one of the hats.

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