Stellatum Trophy Guide

Game: Stellatum
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 5 hours ( 50 Missions approx 5 mins each. Plus time in Hangar)
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: None
Author: Matt Knight

Welcome to the trophy guide for Stellatum. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Story Mode on Easy

Go into options and turn the difficulty to EASY.
Start Story Mode, ignore the side missions as they are not needed for the trophies.
(Although, some side missions could help towards trophies if you haven’t obtained them through natural progression e.g. Destroying 10 Asteroids in a row).

Stage 2 – Notes

It is possible to destroy the enemies before they appear on the screen.
When you destroy an enemy it drops Materia and sometimes Components. At the end of the mission the game tells you how many components you have collected and more importantly if you have discovered any new blueprints.
In-between missions you have access to the Hangar by pressing . Inside the hangar you’ll see your ship and the tech it has equipped. Here you can create/construct new tech from the blueprints you have collected by using the components you have. If you are short on components you can create some by spending Materia or by de-constructing old tech you no longer want to use.
100x Materia equals 1x Component. The game explains all this as you play.



Good job! Completed all tasks!

Congratulations on your Platinum trophy and thanks for viewing our guides, from the Knoef Team!


Destroy 10,000 enemies

Obtained around Mission 40 – 45. 


Collect 50 components

Collect the components that enemies drop once you have destroyed them. Components are slightly larger than Materia and they make a different sound when you collect one. The end of level screen displays how many you collected during the level.
This trophy will be obtained around Missions 10 -15.

Pass the level not being hit by an enemy

The first mission is probably the easiest to get this trophy on.

Finish the level at the maximum level of the armor

Easily achieved at the end of first mission.


Design first detail

At the end of a mission the game will inform you if you have discovered any blueprints. This trophy will pop when you enter the Hangar and create/construct your first tech from a blueprint.

 Till the end
Complete the game 

Complete all 50 missions. There is no need to play the side missions.

 On the way to victory
Destroy the 3rd race

Trophy obtained at the end of Mission 38.

 The enemy is defeated
Destroy the 4th race

Obtained when you complete the last mission, mission 50

Kill 5000 enemies

Obtained around mission 25. 

 Black hole
Create a black hole

The Blueprint for the Black Hole ability will be obtained at the end of Mission 41. Enter the hangar, create/construct, then equip the tech. Activate the black hole ability once during the next mission for the trophy to pop.

 Great victory
Win in the first battle against the boss

Destroy the Mission 4 boss.

 Punch through
Punch through several enemies at once

Easily obtained using the ‘System Energy Beam‘ that you will acquire the blueprint for around Mission 33. Also part of the Burn them all trophy. 

 Burn them all
Shoot the enemy with the energy of the system “Energy beam”

Blueprint obtained around Mission 33. Create and equip in the hangar. Use the Energy beam during the next mission. Punch through trophy easily obtained at the same time.

 Half cleared
Destroy the 2nd race

Obtained at the end of Mission 26.

Destroy 1000 enemies

Obtained around Mission 10 – 15. 

Shoot down 500 asteroids

Obtained around Mission 10 – 15. The asteroids have an energy bar on them that you’ll need to deplete.

 Under protection
Use the system “Energy Sheild”

The blueprint needed for this trophy will be obtained at the end of Mission 28. Create the tech and equip it in the hangar. Use the Energy Sheild during the next mission for the trophy to pop.

Use repair drones

The blueprint needed for this trophy will be obtained at the end of Mission 14. Create the tech and equip it in the hangar. Use the repair drones in the next mission.

 Clearing the way
Destroy 10 asteroids in a row

This trophy is easily achieved during Mission 2’s Side Mission. Try this mission after Mission 50 if you haven’t gotten this trophy beforehand.

 Distracting maneuver
Launch a distracting drone system “False Target”

The blueprint needed for this trophy is obtained around Mission 29. Create the tech and equip it in the hangar. Use the “False Target” in the next mission.

 Heavy battle
Die in battle with the boss

After finishing the game load up Mission 7 and play until you get to the boss. Let him kill you, all 3 lives, allowing the mission to end.

 The house is saved
Destroy the comet

Obtained during Mission 1.

 Start of liquidation
Destroy the 1st race

Obtained at the end of Mission 13