Star Wars: Republic Commando Trophy Guide

Game: Star Wars: Republic Commando
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 10 – 15 hours
Difficulty: 4/10
Missable trophies: None, level select
Trophies: 1, 5 , 12, 14
Author: Matt Knight

Welcome to the trophy guide for Star Wars: Republic Commando. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete Campaign on Hard Difficulty

Go into Options before you start a New Game and change the Game Difficulty to Hard. This way, upon completing the campaign, you will get all difficulty related trophies and only require 1 playthrough.

Stage 2 – Misc Trophy Clean Up on Easy Difficulty

Change the difficulty to Easy and use level select to complete any remaining Misc. Trophies. Examples could be the 100x melee kills, which will be easier on Easy difficulty, or going down and getting revived 10 times in 1 level, also recommended on Easy so that your squad doesn’t get wiped out so easily. Geonosis, Advanced to the core ship mission is great for the 5 kills with grenade, dropping a droid dispenser on x4 enemies and the 100x melee kills trophies.

One of the Squad
Earn all trophies

Marshal Commander
Beat the game on Hard

Use the bacta health stations as often as you can and order your squad to do the same. Use grenades on groups. Order you squad to set up at sniper points and to focus on the larger enemies. Don’t risk melee attacks.
Save your game often.

Reinforce the Wookiees on Kashyyyk
Complete Kashyyyk

Story related, unmissable.

Aspirational goals
Collect all enemy weapons

There are 5 weapons to pick up and use from fallen enemies throughout the campaign. They will remain on the ground and have a white glow around them, go up to them and press the use button to pick up the weapon, then use the D-pad to equip it. Don’t worry if you miss any as you can level select after you have completed the campaign.
Geonosis Beam Rifle – From the Elite Geonosis enemy, the slightly larger winged enemies that fire a beam at you. First found in the ‘Infiltrate the droid foundry’ mission.
Trandoshan Shotgun – Dropped from the Green Reptile like enemies referred to as grunts. The Ras Prosector levels are littered with them. The grunts that fire at you from close range drop these.
Trandoshan Mercenary SMG – Also dropped from the Green Reptile like enemies referred to as grunts. The Ras Prosector levels are littered with them. The grunts that fire at you from mid range drop these. Many found throughout the campaign.
Trandoshan Heavy Machine Gun – Dropped from the Elite Trandoshan, shortly after finding the light saber in Rescue the squad misison, you will see a Elite soldier take out a group of Clone Troopers before you can even start to harm him. After killing him he will drop the weapon and even a team member will comment about hearing the elite have such a weapon. There are a few chances to get this weapon also on the Kashyyyk missions.
Concussion Rifle – Towards the end of the Ras Prosector missions in the separatist’s ship hangar of the ‘Attack of the clones’ level. One of your team members will even mention that the enemy has the weapon. Make sure to pick it up before continuing as it’s the rarest drop.
Note – The Crossbow dropped by the Wookies does not count towards this trophy. All weapons can be found during the Kashyyyk missions but the Beam Rifle is harder to pick up as the enemies tend to be out of reach.

“Times have changed”
Find the hidden lightsaber (in Rescue the Squad)

During the ‘Rescue the squad mission’ of the Ras Protector campaign, there will be a part blocked by some rubble that you can set a charge on. Look to the right and you will see a open vent, go through and on the right is a dead clone trooper and the light saber. If you find it easier, continue up to the Elite Trandoshan, where you find the first Heavy machine gun weapon, then before exiting the level, go back to the vent as it is just before this section.
Please see video for guidance.

Find the hidden lightsaber.

We got a nest here
Destroy all eggs before they hatch

It is recommended to play on Easy, via level select, after completing the game on hard. Select ‘Infiltrate the droid foundry.’ After picking up the sniper rifle and using it on the 2 enemies on the bridge like structure, order your squad to secure the area by holding down the use button and then pressing up on the d-pad. This means they will stay put and not ruin the trophy for you. Make a manual save, by pausing the game and selecting to save the game. Make your way down through the corridors where a bacta station is. You can see the eggs from here, at the bottom of the next corridor and where the room opens up. There is another bacta station behind the ledge. Continue slowly through the level shooting the eggs from a distance. They can be seen on the floor and hanging from the ceiling. Don’t worry if you see some of the little aliens, this doesn’t always mean an egg has hatched before you destroyed it. In the first room where another bacta station is, there are some on the floor behind the ledge. There are some in the joining corridor/room that leads to the jamming device, so check around the corner. In the room where you have to set the jamming device, there are some behind the rocks that lead up to the switch. The trophy should pop here. Reload the manual save if not.
Please see video for guidance.

Destroy all the eggs before they hatch.

That model is a death trap
Find the speeder bike

The speeder bike can be found during the RAS Prosecutor Campaign mission ‘Save the ship in Hangar C.’ In the second hangar, in the far right corner from where you enter, you will find a parked speeder bike. The trophy will pop when you go up to it and you will hear a comment from one of the squad members. You can power it up, from the unit to the side of it, and the speeder bike will charge forward destroying a droid dispenser.
Please see video for guidance.

Find the speeder bike.

Guerilla warfare
Drop a droid dispenser on 4 enemies

This trophy is best earned during the Infiltration of the Core Ship mission as part of the Geonosis campaign. You will see the droid dispensers moving along a track in the ceiling, shoot the attachment just above the dispenser to make it fall onto 4 enemies. It is recommended to make a manual save just before this section so you can reload if you miss the chance.
Please see the video for guidance.

Shoot the big red spot
Defeat the dwarf spider droid

Story related, unmissable. As the game explains during the Geonosis campaign, shoot the red eye/light on it’s front, as this is it’s only weak point.

Friendliest fire
Blow yourself up

Look at the floor or go up against a wall and throw a grenade, a thermal detonator is recommended, the grenade will remain near you, stand over it and allow it to explode and deplete your health to the point of needing to be revived. The trophy will pop.

“Sir, please make up your mind”
Issue and cancel a command too quickly

Aim your cursor at an object, either a door to breach or a sniper point. Press the use button to order a team member to perform an action but then press the order button again straight away to cancel the order. Your team mate will make a comment and this trophy will pop.

Turret-ial Assault
Eliminate 10 enemies with a gunship turret

This is earned during the Geonosis campaign, Advanced to the Core ship mission. You will meet up with some clone troopers standing next to a crashed ship. Get into the gun turret of the ship and use it to shoot 10 enemies for this trophy.
Please see video for guidance.

Beat the game on Medium

This will also pop when you finish the game on hard if following this guide.

“Can you die later, sir? It just isn’t a good time now.”
Go down 10 times in one mission

If you don’t get this naturally on your Hard playthrough, then do it on Easy via level select after completing the game, on a level where you have a full squad. Throw a grenade at your feet and select the middle option to request your squad team mate to revive you. Do this 10 times in the same level. If you run out of grenades just let the enemies shoot you. Doing this on easy will mean your team mates are less likely to get killed while reviving you.

All aboard
Complete RAS Prosecutor

Story related, unmissable.

“This planet is rotten from the inside out”
Complete Geonosis

Story related, unmissable.

Close and personal
100 melee kills

Simply press the Melee button to perform the action up close to an enemy. The battle droids are the easiest to kill and it is recommended to be done on easy, completing this trophy via level select post game completion. When a battle droid is couched aim for it’s head, and knock it off, to also pop the ‘watch your head’ trophy.
A great spot is on the mission Advance to the core ship, where you meet back up with your team mates, a Droid Dispenser appears and spawns a droid every few seconds, don’t destroy the dispenser and instead grind out the kills, just run around getting the 100 melee kills quickly.

“He’s holding a thermal detonator”
Hit 5 enemies with a single thermal detonator

There are many opportunities to get this but the best is probably during the Advance to the core ship mission of the Geonosis campaign, when you see a large group of battle droids run past the corridor you’re walking down. The thermal detonator is the red and silver looking round one, equip it and throw it at the group. The game makes a auto-save just before this part so reload if you fail. It is best to get the droids attention by firing some warning shots towards them, then let them group up.
Please see video for guidance.

Lack of bacta
Revive a squad member

Once one of your squad members are downed you will see a red cross on the health indicator to the left of your hud. Run up to the member, hover over him and hold the use button to revive. Once the circle has filled green he will stand up and the trophy will pop.

Watch your head
Knock a droids head off with your melee attack

When you see a battle droid crouching, run up to him and press the melee button. If aimed correctly you will knock his head off and earn this trophy. More than likely get this naturally or while going for the 100 melee kills.

Never saw it coming
Snipe down the ship on Geonosis

Story related, unmissable.

Consistently explosive
Blow 10 explosive barrels

There are many barrels scattered around the entire game. Shoot 10 for this trophy. They don’t have to kill near by enemies for the trophy. They are easy to spot as they are orange in colour and stand out. Many can be found on the first level, although this trophy will probably come naturally.

Maximized potential
Unlock all weapon attachments

Thankfully story related and unmissable. There are only 2 attachments, a sniper attachment and a anti-armor one, both found on Geonosis. Sniper is found near the beginning of ‘Infiltrate the droid foundry’ and the anti-armor is at the part where you fight the Spider Droid Boss in ‘Advance to the core ship’ mission.

Was it red-red-green or red-green-red
Blow 10 demolition charges

Story related, unmissable. Either go up to a charge yourself and plant one or order a team member to do it for you.

“Hold onto your guts while I rip out theirs”
Request a revive

Once you have lost your health by enemies shooting at you, or a badly placed grenade, you will get downed and there will be 3 options appear on the screen. Choose the middle one to request a team member revive you. This can’t be done on the mission where you are alone, but you will more than likely have earned this before reaching that mission.

Visor cleaned 10 times

This will come naturally, unmissable. When your visor gets dirty from explosions or by killing enemies, it will automatically clean itself.

Delta squad forming up
Issue all squad commands at least once

Once you have a full squad of 4 members, hold down the use button and then press all 4 directions of the d-pad at least once.

“I really hate those Scavs”
Fend off a scavenger droid

Allow a scavenger droid to grab onto your face and then keep pressing the fire button to eventually swipe it away. They can be found on Geonosis and Kashyyyk levels. They are small silver drone type enemies.

Take offensive formation
Get a kill while piloting a Walker

Story related, unmissable. You are required to raise an elevator/platform at the back of the hanger during the Saving the ship mission of the Geonosis campaign. On the platform is a walker, walk underneath it to the ladder and interact with it to get inside it, then use the guns to get a kill for this trophy.

Delta 62
Rendezvous with Delta 62

Story related, unmissable.

Beat the game on Easy

This will also pop when completing the game on Hard, if following this guide.

“We need a slicer. A good slicer…”
Slice your first console

Story related, unmissable. The game teaches you how, but you can either order a squad member to slice the console or walk up to it and do it yourself.

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