Spirit of the North Trophy Guide

Game: Spirit of the North
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 3 – 6 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: None (chapter select is available)
Author: Peter and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Spirit of the North. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play through the game and obtain all collectibles in this playthrough.

Play through the game finding all of the Shaman Staffs, Shaman Spirits, Ancient Murals, and Standing Stones. There is no in-game map and the environment can become very confusing to navigate as there are very few landmarks or distinctive characteristics to help you keep your bearings correct. This is why it is highly recommended to use the walkthrough video below. Credit to IBadDriverI for all of the collectibles in the game.

Controls for the Game.

Stage 2 – Trophy Cleanup.

There is chapter select, which allows you to replay any chapters in which you may have missed any items. For the Shaman Spirits, remember to look around extensively to find them. If they do not appear, reload the chapter and try again.


 Master of Light
Complete all other Trophies in Spirit of the North.

Earn all other trophies.

 Plague Doctor
Destroy 18 Plague Tethers.

Throughout the game you will need to obtain a Spirit Bloom and then use it to destroy a Plague Tether. The Plague Tethers will all need to be destroyed in order to progress through the game.

 Ancient History
Find and light all 8 types of carved Ancient Murals.

There are 8 types of carved Ancient Murals to find in the game. You need to be infused with light from a Spirit Bloom and then transfer (press triangle) it to the found Ancient Mural. See the pictures below.

 Northern Lights
Fill the night sky with Aurora Borealis.

At the end of the game, you will be able to run through the sky, filling it with the Aurora Borealis that you produce. See the picture below.

 Written in Stone
Infuse 30 Standing Stones.

Throughout the game there are Standing Stones that you need to light up using your light from the Spirit Bloom flowers.  

 None Forgotten
Awaken all 28 Shaman Spirits

There are 28 Shaman Spirits to find in the game. You will first need to find a Shaman Staff and then return it to the Shaman (dead body/skeletons) that are scattered in the chapter.

How many Shaman Spirits each Chapter has:
Chapter 1: 3.
Chapter 2: 2.
Chapter 3: 3.
Chapter 4: 7.
Chapter 5: 9.
Chapter 6: 4.

Use the Collectibles video above to locate all of the Shaman Staffs and the Shaman Spirits. When you awaken a certain number of them, you will unlock extra skins for your Fox that you can immediately equip and play as.

 Kindred Spirits
Locate and greet all Spirits in the Spirit World.

These are the Shaman Spirits that are glowing white ghosts in Chapter 7. There are 27 to find and interact with. To interact with one make sure to pass through the ghost so that it counts in your total. Sometimes they are very hard to find and may take some time to locate. If you cannot find one or more, then reload the chapter to try to find and collect them.  

 Garden of Light
Collect 50 Spirit Bloom.

Find a Spirit Bloom plant, bark over its flower to collect a Spirit Bloom. Repeat this 50 times to earn this trophy.

 Match MakerMatch 12 sets of Revolving Matching Glyphs.

There are Revolving Matching Glyphs that are scattered throughout the chapters. You will need to use a Spirit Bloom and then find the Revolving Matching Glyphs to infuse them with the light. You will need to find 12 sets of the Revolving Matching Glyphs.

 Fox? Or Flying Squirrel?
Stay airborn for more than 8 seconds using jump-gates or geysers.

In Chapter 5, use the area shown in the picture below to jump back and forth between the gates. Repeat this back and forth motion for 8 seconds or more to earn this trophy. You could also use geysers to complete this trophy’s requirements.

 Spirit Bark
Unlock Spirit Bark Ability.

You will earn the Spirit Bark Ability in Chapter 3. The Spirit Bark Ability will allow you to destroy the Plague Tethers.

 Spirit Dash
Unlock Spirit Dash Ability.

You will obtain the ability to use Spirit Dash at the beginning of Chapter 5. The Spirit Dash Ability will allow you to dash for short bursts in the air after jumping. This is helpful to cover more distance quickly and to be able to jump and dash over larger gaps.

 Spirit Form.
Unlock Spirit Form Ability.

You will earn the Spirit Form Ability in Chapter 4. This will allow you to leave your Fox’s body and become a Spirit Form. This Spirit Form will be able to access many areas that are not possible otherwise and be able to transfer light to activate items. When Spirit Form is activated, you only have a limited amount of time before you return to your Fox’s body.

 Uprooting Darkness
Destroy 8 Plague Tethers.

See Plague Doctor trophy description.  

 Blooms of Light
Collect 25 Spirit Bloom.

See Garden of Light trophy description.

 Old Companion
Awaken 12 Shaman Spirits.

See None Forgotten trophy description.

 Spirited Away
Make it out of the Spirit World.

You will earn this trophy in Chapter 6 when your Fox becomes a Spirit.

 Infused with Light
Become Infused with Pure Ancient Energy.

This will be earned near the end of Chapter 2.

Destroy 3 Plague Tethers.

See Plague Doctor trophy description.

Awaken 5 Shaman Spirits.

See None Forgotten trophy description.

 A Guardian Forgotten
Awaken the Spirit of the North.

Near the beginning of the game you will encounter the sleeping Spirit of the North. Interact with the Spirit of the North, who will be your companion on this amazing journey.  

 Foxin’ Around
Stand still for 3 minutes.

At any time in the game when you have control of your fox, you can put down your controller for 3 minutes and then the trophy will be earned.

 Best Friends
Cause the Wisp chirp 100 times.

The Wisp is a blue glowing light that guides you through some of the areas of the game. You can make the Wisp chirp by barking so that it will come to you to complete a task. Repeat this 100 times to earn this trophy.

Carry a Shaman Staff for 3 minutes.

After obtaining a Shaman Staff, you need to hold onto it for 3 minutes before dropping it. This can be obtained at any time in the game before finding all of the Staffs.

While in Spirit Form; step on a pressure plate, an unstable platform, and walk on water.

In Chapter 5, use the place shown in the picture below to use step on a pressure plate, an unstable platform, and walk on water at this location while in Spirit Form. Repeat until you unlock the trophy at this location.

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