Songbird Symphony Trophy Guide

Game: Songbird Symphony
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 4-6 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: –
Author: Sean

Welcome to the trophy guide for Songbird Symphony. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play The Game until you beat the ‘The Freezing Point’

Songbird Symphony is an absolute wonderful gem developed by Joysteak and published by PQUBE with no trophies to worry about. There is a point of no return that the game warns you about, which happens shortly after “The Freezing Point” map. Though you can continue the game afterwards, so it’s not really a point of no return. We’ll still make this Point Of No Return Stage 1’s goal. By the point of no return you should have 17/20 Feathers found and identified, 33 music notes, and have the non-story trophies: Legacy, Invite Only, and Accidental Accomplice.

Stage 2 – Continue Past The Point of No Return and Finish the Game.

This last section of the game, after The Point of No Return, is 3 small maps, so you’re in the home stretch. If you followed the collectibles for stage 1, you only have to worry about 3 feathers now! The rest are story and a post-game room find.


  Songbirb Symphony
Gotta get them owl!

  Show Me Your Moves
Played your first song.

Story Related.

  Sunny Side Kick
Have Egbert join Birb in his adventure.

Story Related.

Found the Songbirds’ Memorial.

In the Crystal Corridors, once you exit the underground portion of the cave, to the left of Cassie by a little bit, there’s a giant fountain. Click the prompt to see it.

Songbirds’ Memorial

  Invite Only
Gained entrance to the party.

In Vice Paradise, there is a party to attend. This requires a little side-quest to complete. You’ll have to talk to a certain ticket booth operator, the one at the top above the TV’s. He’ll ask you to go find Nugget and get his birdseeds repaid. Nugget is a chicken that’s hidden away in the bottom right of the map. After the battle with the Kookaburra’s, you’ll want to drop to the bottom and go right. Nugget will ask you to see if the booth vendor will take fish instead. Return to the Booth Vendor and he will give you the ticket. With the ticket in hand, use the balloons beside you, go to the top right and enter the party!

Discovered Birb’s identity.

Story Related.

  Forest Guardian
Saved the forest.

Story Related.

  Bird Watcher
Identified all birds and their feathers.

There are a total of 20 feathers in this game, some of which are already indentified for you. Identifying feathers is not a difficult thing as all the feathers that need identifying has their bird in the same level. These are all trackable inside your book.

  The Symphony is Complete
Found all the world notes.

There are a total of 39 World Notes in this game, some of which are given for story content others are hidden around. These are all trackable inside your book.

World Notes Page

  Sunny Side Up
Helped Egbert hatch.

Story Related.

  Accidental Accomplice
Listened to Poot’s plans for revenge.

Poot is a chicken pixie you will first meet in Gallus Palace. After you Identify her feather, later she’ll show back up at The Freezing Point. She will be using the disguise of a Mama Penguin looking for her 7 lost penguins. Find all 7 and she will reveal herself and her plan! Her 7 babies are hidden poorly in miscolored walls:
1: Go all the way left of the map
2:Go up from penguin 1 and watch the left wall, below the red ballon to the left a little is this penguin.
3: Above Penguin 2, use the red balloon to get high then glide right.
4: Go right from mama, use the glide, and go right again.
5: From penguin 4, work your way to the top right corner. There will be a green pipe running to your left now. Activate the music blcok at the end and get the penguin from above the pipe.
6: From Mama, go the right and glide up followed by the red balloon. Glide slowly back down the pipe and go into the middle right pipe. Penguin is above.
7: From Mama Penguin go into the left gust up into the pipe, get on top of the music block then reactiavte it to bring it up. Glide onto the top of the pipe on the right, there’ll be a balloon on it. Use this ballon, and half-way up on your left side is the last penguin’s hiding spot.

  Meet the Makers
Found the secret area with the developers.

There is a stone in the Precarious Peaks that needs 36 notes to open. You will find this stone immediately after the Woodpecker to the left, hug the cliff on your way down. At the bottom go right and enter your 36 notes. Inside are the developers. You won’t be able to open this until post-game, as there are only 33 notes when you make it to the point of no return.

36 Note Door