Silver Chains Trophy Guide

Game: Silver Chains
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 1- 2 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: Eagle eye, Diligent, Trickster, Victim
Trophies: 1 , 10 , 1 , 5
Author: Pete
Welcome to the trophy guide for Silver Chains. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Follow the Text Walkthrough to Earn ALL Trophies.

Play through the story of the game by using the text walkthrough below. There are also 2 video links for this given below. All trophies can be earned in one and a little bit of a previous save, the instructions are in the text walkthrough below.

Full Video Walkthrough in Two Videos.

Stage 2 – Miscellaneous Trophies.

If you did not get caught and killed by Mother then reload your Manual Save and let Mother catch and kill you. Otherwise if you do not have a Manual Save and you did not earn the Victim trophy, you will have to play until you get caught and killed by Mother. If you missed any of the collectibles, you will have to do a second playthrough and collect them all again.


 Break the chains
Unlock all trophies

Congratulations on earning this shiny platinum!

Never get caught by the Mother.

There are 6 encounters where Mother will appear and try to catch you. If she catches you, she will kill you, and you will lose some progress you made. You will need to hide in a closet every time and wait until after the heart beating sound stops before leaving it. If you make the Manual Saves as noted in the text walkthrough, you should never get caught. However, if you do then reload a previous save and try again.

Collect all the pages of the diary.

You will need to collect 18 Notes (diary pages, special pages, documents, etc.) and below are the pictures in order if you follow along with the text or video walkthrough. Note: If you miss collecting any of these items it will affect you earning the trophy and cause you to have to do another playthrough of the game until you collect the needed items. There is not a chapter select in this game.

Take Georgie’s leg.

 The Doll will instruct you to find different items inside the mansion. The Doll’s leg is hidden behind a painting in the Office. You will need to find the missing Knob in a room on the third floor. Once all knobs are in place, rotate them as follows (L – R):
1) Upright cross.
2) Slight left cross.
3) Slight right cross.
4) Upside down cross.
A secret stash opens containing the Doll’s leg.

See the pictures below.

At the first meeting with Timmy.

Near the beginning of the game when you exit the bedroom area into the second floor hallway, you will see a Ball rolling down the hallway. Follow the Ball to discover Timmy at the end of the hallway.

Destroy the demon.

The ending of the game requires that you collect the items missing from the ritual circle in the attic. You will pick up:
1) Brooch near the ritual circle underneath some wood
2) Toy on a couch after going under the wood beams
3) Ball that requires that you find and shut off 2 steam hand wheels before you can get to it
While collecting these items you will need to avoid the Monster by running through the attic. When you have all the items, interact with the ritual circle and it will light up both circles. Now you will need to lead the Monster into the ritual circle and you will need to be in the other circle.

Take the brooch.

Following the text or video walkthrough you will steadily make progress to get through the different areas of the mansion and collect all the Keys. Once you have Key 5, you will return to where you began inside the mansion in the bedroom. Go up to the make-up table and pick up the musical box. This will start a quick time event (random) where if successful, you will be rewarded with the Brooch.

Collect all the amulets.

The amulets are the items that you collect and put in the ritual circle in the attic. Following the text walkthrough, you will collect all of them and put them in the attic. Later on in the game you will have to recollect some of these items in the attic as the ghosts have moved them.

The items are: Ball, Toy, Brooch, Ring, and Jaw Bone.

 The Herbalist
Collect all the aconites.

 There are 5 Flowers to collect in the game. They are noted in the text walkthrough above.
1) In the library on a table
2) In the attic inside a book that falls from a bookshelf
3) On a desk in the secret room after using the 3 statue busts
4) On a table in the room with the digit lock on it
5) On a table after using the ladder that you had to have the Monocle to see and go down

See the pictures below.

Die by the hands of the Mother.

There are 6 Encounters with Mother where she will try to kill you. If you follow the text walkthrough above, after completing the game, reload your Manual Save and let her kill you.

If you earn this trophy without using a Manual Save while attempting to earn the Trickster trophy, then you will have to complete a second no death run by Mother playthrough.

Collect all the keys.

There are 5 Keys to collect and use in the game. Follow the text or video guide above to find all the Keys. Once you have a Key you will automatically use it when you try to interact with the locked door or lock.
The Keys are:
1) in the envelope that was on the floor outside the bathroom
2) inside the hole in the bathroom where you use the Poker to reach for this key
3) given after opening the lamp with the lever in the room on the second floor
4) after chasing the ghost boy up the ladder to the attic, go to the Ouija Board and talk to the Doll, afterwards the Doll will give you this key
5) inside the library when you pick up Flower 1, you will be able to open a secret door on the wall across from you that contains this final key

Kill the dolls in a vision.

You will pick up a knife from a chest that opens in a bedroom. This will cause a vision to occur where you will need to chase and kill 2 of the wooden dolls. In a smaller room off the bedroom is another doll that appears behind a dresser. That doll will escape through the hole in the wall.

Collect photos.

There are 3 photos to collect in the classroom:
1) is on a small desk
2) on the side of a bookshelf in the front left corner of the classroom
3) on the teacher’s desk in a picture frame

See the pictures below.

 The Pianist
Play the piano.

On the first floor of the mansion, exit the dining areas and go to the right of where the ghost girl was seen. Inside this room is a piano that you will need to interact with to earn this trophy.

Give the Mother a photograph.

Later in the game you will enter the Library for the final time and you will need to pick up the Photo that is on the small table. Then run un down the hallway and take the first door on the right to go outside. After the cut scene, run down the hallway and take the last door on the left. Mother Encounter 6, wait and watch the mother until she starts to get up and looks at you. Run down the hallway and hide in the closet. Mother will open the closet and take the Photo.

 Eagle eye
Find the children’s height mark.

Between the Kitchen and Dining Room there are two doorways. Look at the left doorway and interact where noted.

Out of the labyrinth less than 30 seconds.

Make a Manual Save (USB or Cloud Save) after you obtain the Doll’s leg. A new rune circle will have appeared on 3rd floor, go to this door, you will need to get through the maze inside this room within 30 seconds, the timer starts as soon as you open the door.
-left (a boy ghost runs across your pathway)
-straight (a girl ghost runs across your pathway)
-right and quick left
-slightly forward to then go between close bookshelves through the broken wall section to around a table that has a head on it and there’s a candle that closely lights up
-right to follow the broken walls and through to the shelves to a small pile of broken bricks on the floor
-right to the small table with a Jaw Bone on it
If you did not earn the trophy then reload your Manual Save.