Scrap Garden Trophy Guide

Game: Scrap Garden
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 1.5 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: Just like the 80s
, High Score and Sounds of music
Trophies: 1, 9 , 6 , 4
Author: The Trophy Platypus

Welcome to the trophy guide for Scrap Garden. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the story watch out for the missable trophies.

Welcome to the trophy guide for Scrap Garden, a puzzle platformer from Flazm and released by ChiliDog Interactive.

Before we start, pay attention to the following missable trophies – “Just like the 80s, High Score and Sounds of music” All are found very early on the game.
The game is fairly straightforward: collect gems in each level to open a passageway to the next level. Solve some simple puzzles and Boss fights involve either picking up rocks and throwing them at the bosses head or stealthing past them, avoiding their attacks and reaching an end point.

Scrap Garden Platinum Trophy Video Walkthrough.

Brave little robot!
Obtain all Scrap Garden trophies.

Beep-Boop. Plat!

Time to generate!
Return the generator.

At the start of the game pick up your generator, which was taken out of you in the video at the start of the game.

Just like the 80s
Start the game on the arcade machine.

As you come across your first enemies, the two rats, an arcade machine will be in the corner near some arches. Use it to unlock this trophy. Make sure to do this before using the lift.

Arcade machine.

High Score
Score 230 points on the arcade machine.

As you come across your first enemies, the two rats, an arcade machine will be in the corner near some arches. Go up to it and beat the high score of 230 by jumping over spikes and holes reaching the castle at the end. Make sure to do this before using the lift.

Wrenched to life
Use the wrench.

In the first area there are two wrenches which act as a health boost. Pick up either one to regain health and unlock the trophy. You have to get hit by an enemy to be able to pick either of them up. Wrenches are present throughout the whole game.

Sounds of music
Play the piano.

Missable. After you complete the first area by collecting 60 gems, head inside the building, and once you have turned the lights on you will head upstairs. In a room upstairs, floorboards will fall down and the piano will be in this room. Go up to it to play it.


It’s cooking time!
Bring the pot to the hermit.

In the third level, you will meet a hermit who will require a pot, it is not too far away. Head past the hermit, walk across a broken bridge and up the cliff. Pick up the pot and take the pot back to the hermit.

The worm welcome
Defeat the worm and get the gear.

As part of the story you will fight a giant worm that emerges from the ground. Wait for the worm to destroy some of the columns and pick up the debris. When the worm smashes its head on the ground, throw the debris at the worm’s head. The worm’s hitbox is a bit weird but you will eventually get the hits.

Everyone wears them
Get the mask.

You will meet a tribe who will throw you into a new area. Solve the three easy puzzles to create a new path up a cliff and then pick up the mask.

Evolution ends here
Defeat the gorilla and get the gear.

To defeat the gorilla, pick up boulders and jump and throw them at the gorilla’s head. Repeat the process and avoid the gorilla’s arms.

Blow up the rock.

To blow up the rock you need to collect three different color bundles of dynamite and a switch. The switch is on a small island to the left, and also to the left is dynamite on a wooden structure. Break the wooden structure by throwing something at it. Two more bundles are to the right. Stand on a floor switch to reveal a bundle and the final dynamite bundle is in an overturned cart.

Chilly slide
Roll down the mountain.

After blowing up the rock, you will slide down the mountain. Avoid the falling rocks and you will quickly make it to the bottom.

Defeat the octopus and get the gear.

To defeat the octopus, wait for the falling rocks to destroy the crates. Inside will be dynamite. Pick up the dynamite and place four bundles on the bridge, and afterwards head to the switch to blow the bridge up.

Access granted.
Get the access to the red robot.

After defeating the octopus you will find the red robot. You will give it the petrol you found before the octopus, it will help you solve the laser puzzle by pressing all the switches.

Battle (with) toad
Defeat the toad and get the gear.

To defeat the toad you have to stealth past him until you can reach the barrel and drop it on his head. Take your time and make use of the fencing to hide as the toad will kill you in one hit.

Kongy vibes
Ride on the carriage

As part of the story you will reach a minecart, you will have to dodge obstacles by pressing left, right and down. Once you reach the end, the trophy will unlock.

This is my volcano!
Drive away the dragon from volcano

To drive away the dragon, make your way around it. Hide behind the fencing and wait for its flames to pass you and make your move. Also watch out for its tail and be ready to jump.

Living in green
Find the green crystal

As part of the story you will eventually reach a green crystal in the laboratory.

No time for dragons
Destroy the dragon.

After finding the green crystal you will be riding on the back of the dragon. Follow the prompts on screen to destroy the dragon.

This is the end…
Complete the game.

Will unlock after beating the final boss. Pick up debris and double jump and throw it at its head. During the second phase, you will have to jump on bomb robots; then pick up their bomb heads, double jump and throw it at the boss. Be careful, because if you are too close, the bombs will also damage you. The bombs also have timers, so throw them away if they are close to detonating.