Need a Packet? Trophy Guide

Game: Need a Packet?
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 2-3 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies:
“Polluted Ending”, “Defenders * 3”, “Clean City * 15”, “Home Comfort * 3”. “Money * 90”, “Deadly polluted ending”, “Casual ending”, “NO packets *15”, “15 Packets”, “Defenders * 2”, “Clean City *10”, “Home Comfort *5”, “Money * 60”, “Death”, “10 Packets”, “NO packets *10”, “Money * 30”, “Clean ending”
Author: Knoef_NL

Welcome to the trophy guide for Need a Packet? This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Casual Ending.

Start the game and select “Easy” mode. This will take about 20 minutes to complete. You will learn the basics of the game, such as checking out and selling fruit and bread.

Stage 2 – Polluted / Deadly Polluted Ending.

During this playthrough you will earn:
A) 10/15/30 Packets Trophy.
B) Wow! 2 weeks Trophy.
C) Customers * 50/100 Trophy.
D) Money * 30/60/90 Trophy.
E) Home Comfort *3/5 Trophy.
F) Clean City 10/15 Trophy.
G) Defenders *2/3 Trophy.
(Note: “*” refers to collecting, or having, a certain number of things a certain number of times.)
Don’t spend any money until you have 170 in your wallet. Now make a save on your USB/Cloud, and do the following;
1) Purchase the “Clean City” 15 times: Reload save file.
2) Purchase “One more Defender” 3 times: Reload save file.
3) Purchase 5 times the “more furniture”; reload save file
4) Money * 30/60/90 should pop too, as you have now saved up a total of 170.

Continue playing until you reach day 29.09.20/30.09.20 without spending too much money, you will only need to buy:
A) 4 Defenders
B) Extra lives (optional)

Upon reaching day 29.09.20/30.09.20, make a save file and do the following;
1) Complete the game with at least 30 Packets sold: Deadly Polluted ending.
Upon getting the ending, reload the save file.
2) Complete the game with 21 Packets sold: Polluted ending.
(Purchase “Make our City Cleaner” to reduce the amount of Packets sold)

Customers will often ask for a bag/packet. Always sell them in order to have enough Packets to earn the Polluted endings!

Stage 3 – Clean Ending.

During this playthrough, we will be focusing on selling as little Packets as possible for the clean ending. You will be earning the following trophies:
A) NO Packets *10/15.
B) Clean ending.

Denying 3 packets to a customer on 1 workday will have you lose money and HP. Should you run out of lives, then replenish your lives by buying them.

The requirements for each ending is as follows:
30 or more packets – Deadly Polluted
15 to 30 packets – Polluted
Less than 15 packets – Clean


 Need a packet? Platinum
Good Job! Completed all tasks!

Great job! You successfully polluted, polluted it even more, and cleaned the place successfully!

 Polluted ending
Polluted City.

Have between 15 and 20 packets in your inventory and this ending will trigger on day 29 or 30.

 Clean ending
clean City.

Have between 0 and 15 packets in your inventory and this ending will trigger on day 29 or 30.

 30 packets
30 Packets.

Have 30 Packets in your inventory. Often customers will ask for a packet, always supply them.

 Defenders * 3
Defenders * 3.

Buy a total of 3 defenders, they cost around 33 money each.

 Clean city * 15
clean city * 15.

Buy the Clean city a total of 15 times. This will cost you 150 money.

 Home Comfort * 3
Home Comfort * 3.

Buy the “More furniture” a total of 3 times.

 Customers * 100
Customers * 100.

Serve a total of 100 customers. Should pop during the second playthrough.  

 Money * 90
Money * 90.

Have a total of 90 money in your wallet.

 Deadly polluted ending
This city is dead.

Have 30 or more packets in your inventory upon reaching day 29 or 30.

 Casual ending
Casual Ending.

Complete the game on Easy mode.

 No packets * 15
Deny packets 15 times.

Deny customers a total of 15 packets throughout the game. When they ask for a packets, don’t give them any. 

 15 Packets
15 Packets.

Give a total of 15 packets to customers.

 Defenders * 2
Defenders * 2.

Buy a total of 2 defenders.

 Clean city * 10
clean city * 10.

Buy the “Clean city” a total of 10 times.

 Home Comfort * 5
Home Comfort * 5

Buy the “More furniture” a total of 5 times.

 Money * 60
Money * 60

Have 60 money in your wallet.


The Death ending. Die before the game ends. This is done by depleting all of your lives.

 10 Packets
10 packets.

Serve the customers a total of 10 packets.

 Wow! 2 weeks
2 weeks from the start.

During the normal playthrough, survive for a total of 2 weeks.

 NO packets * 10
Deny packets 10 times.

Deny customers a total of 10 packets.

 Customers * 50
Customers * 50.

Serve a total of 50 customers

 Money * 30
Money * 30.

Have a total of 30 money in your wallet.