Monstrum Trophy Guide

Game: Monstrum
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 6 – 10+ hours
Difficulty: 6/10
Missable trophies: All. You will need specific items to escape and/or achieve the requirements for each trophy. Needed items are random and randomly located so they may not be present during each playthrough.
Trophies: 1 , 9 , 4 , 3
Author: Pete and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Monstrum. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play the game as many times as needed to get all the trophies.

Monstrum is a game where you must survive on a ship while you are attempting to gather the needed items to escape. There is one monster that is hunting you down to prevent you from escaping. There are 3 different possible monsters, each with its own unique sounds, music, visuals, and hunting awareness. The Hunter is the weakest monster, then the Brute, and finally the Fiend, who is the strongest and smartest monster. Each playthrough will have you in a procedurally generated level with the items for surviving and escaping randomly scattered every playthrough. This means that you will have to search the ship extensively while avoiding the monster. You can hid in Lockers, under Beds, and Large Cupboards, but the monster will find you if you are using this technique to evade the monster too many times.

-Avoid running everywhere. This will make the Monster aware of where you are and they will show up near you no matter how far away you think you are from them.
– It is possible to almost be able to escape and the monster is able to prevent you from escaping by this method, especially the Sub escape route. The monster could destroy the Control Panel for the Sub when attempting this escape route. You will then have to find another method of escape if this is destroyed.
– It is better to collect and take the items needed to the location for an specific escape route. You can drop them off to free up space if you do not have an upgraded Inventory Bag. An upgraded Inventory Bag that gives more capacity can be randomly found on the ship.
-Monsters will become more aggressive the closer you are to completing an escape.
-Avoid the Video Cameras in the Upper Levels 5 – 8 of the back of the Ship. The Video Cameras will make noise if they spot you or will set off an alarm if you are spotted for too long. This will alert the monster to come to this area to search for you.
-Avoid the Steam Vents in the Cargo area hallways. They will hurt and even kill your character. You can interact with the Steam Valve Vent Control near them to turn them off. If you turn off the Steam Control Main Valve then this will disable all of them, but the Hunter can still move through the vents and pipes.

Stage 2 – Trophy Cleanup.

As you replay the game multiple times, you can specifically try to earn the trophies that are tied to an specific monster as noted below. Otherwise continue to replay as many times as you need to in order to get all the trophies.


 Catch Me If You Can
Unlock all trophies.

Earn all the other trophies. Congratulations on your new shiny platinum trophy!

 Women and Children First
Escape via the liferaft.

You will need to have:
– Chain Spool.
– Duct Tape.
– Air Pump.

At the back of the ship you will need to go to Deck Level 7 to access the front area on the right where the Liferaft is located. Pull the damaged Liferaft from the edge of the deck. Use Duct Tape to seal the holes, and the Air Pump to inflate the Liferaft, takes about 10 seconds. To the right is the Control Panel for the Crane. Open it and turn the Crane to the left by holding it for about 10 seconds or so, it will stop automatically when in position. Install the Chain Spool in the Crane, then lower the crane hook for about 2 seconds. Interact with the hook to attach it to the Liferaft. Go back to the Control Panel for the crane and turn the Crane all the way back to the right, then lower the Liferaft until it no longer goes down. Make your way back down to Deck 5 and interact with the swing doors where the Liferaft was lowered to escape. If you are under any threat from a monster, you can run away and come back when it is safer. The monster in the level will get more aggressive as you come closer to escaping by completing the escape route objectives.

 Now Think About What You’ve Done
Lock a monster in power-locked room

There is at least one randomly scattered room that requires you to find an electrical panel and to install a fuse in it. The door to this room is a power-locked room door. Go inside this room and activate either a Radio or Egg Timer (depending which you have found). Find an area to stay hidden until the Monster goes into the room and destroys the noise-making device. Close the door while the Monster is inside and then quickly turn the power off at the electrical panel for this power-locked room. This will trap the Monster in the room for a few seconds, so make sure to quickly move away afterwards.

 Let There be Light
Power 2 additional areas in one playthrough.

Randomly scattered on the Ship, you will find Fuses and Electrical Panels that you can put a Fuse into to allow you to turn on/off the power to a certain area or room door. In any playthrough, you need to install 3 Fuses and turn the power on.

 Steam Won’t Connect
Activate the main steam valve.

In the back area of the ship at the lowest level, there is a room where the door is barricaded. You will need to go to the back of the ship and down to Level 3. Go into the Engine Room area and install a Fuse in the Electrical Panel. Turn ON the power inside the Engine Room on the far left wall (the wall has windows). Next, the Phone Junctions will work, allowing you to use the phones in this area. Go to the phone (this is Phone Junction 3) in this room and press 1 to dial the Phone Junction 1 in the Steam Control Room. While you are on the phone call, the Monster will go and break down the door. You will notice that your phone call will disconnect. This means that you now have access to this room. Once the Monster is out of this area, it will be safe to go all the way down to the Steam Control Room. Go into the room and then interact with the Steam Control Button on the wall.

Win the game against the Fiend.

You will need to escape the Ship while the Fiend is the monster for this playthrough.

Fiend Information:
-Deadliest and smartest monster in the game.
-Quietly moves through areas by floating.
-The lights will flicker when it is coming close to you, then the power will go out. As it moves away, the opposite will happen until the lights are fully back on.
-There will be a distinctive humming and buzzing sound when it is near and it will make weird breathe-type sounds.
-It also has a glowing purple shimmering around it as it moves near you.
-It can spot you through walls and you will see a purple effect around the outside of your screen. You must get away or it will end up killing your character.

 The Most Dangerous Game
Win the game against the Hunter.

You will need to escape the Ship while the Hunter is the monster for this playthrough.

Hunter Information:
-Is the weakest monster in the game.
-It moves through the vents and pipes of the Ship and can come out from any open spots.
-Makes dripping wet sounds as it walks and will randomly scream.
-It is able to make bubbly green nests on the floor, walls, ceiling, and vents. It is able to pop out of these and surprise you unexpectedly. There is a constant nesting area in the Cargo area of the ship when it is present in your playthrough.
-The less you make noise, the more it will have a hard time locating where you are.

 Well Done
Win the game against the Brute.

You will need to escape the Ship while the Brute is the monster for this playthrough.

Brute Information:
-Has orange eyes with orange light beam cones that show where it is looking.
-You can see his orange light beam cones through the walls and floors.
-It will make loud footsteps, sometimes it stomps in place, and you can hear the footsteps increase/decrease in volume depending how close and direction it is in comparison to you.
-It will sometimes stay for up to 30 seconds in place quietly, trying to pretend that it has left the area around you.


 The Hunt for Me Is Over
Escape via the sub.

You will need to have:
-Welding Kit.

The Sub is located in the front of the Ship. Go all the way down to the lowest level. There are 3 power-locked doors that are currently open to this room. Use the Welding Kit to fix the side panel of the Sub. Install the Batteries on the opposite side of the Sub. The Headlight goes on the front, bottom left of the Sub. The Sub Control Panel is up the stairs in this room, install the Fuse and turn it on. Next, interact with the Start Up button and go down to use the Cart to block the now closed power-lock doors. If the Monster gets in, block it from getting access to the stairs by going to the Sub Control Panel. The Monster can destroy this Control Panel, making this escape route no longer possible. Otherwise, block the monster as much as possible. After about 2 minutes, the Sub will be charged enough for the Launch (you will be notified when it is ready). Finally, go back to the Sub Control Panel and Launch the Sub ( if needed, you can jump down this higher platform without being injured). Lastly, interact with the Sub to complete your escape from the Ship.

 Got To It
Escape via the helicopter.

You will need to have:
-Bolt Cutters.
-2 Gasoline Cans.
-Helicopter Key.
-Air Pump.

This will be achieved by escaping on the Helicopter. The Helicopter is always in the middle top level (you can access it from the stairways on the main deck of the ship on either side). Use the Key on the side passenger door lock. Use the Bolt Cutters to cut the 4 tie straps holding the Helicopter down. Use the Bolt Cutters on chain on the Cargo Container doors. Open the Cargo Container doors and bring out the Fuel Pump Device. Bring the Fuel Pump Device close to where it will no longer move near the Helicopter where the Fuel Line is dangling on the Deck. Use 2 Gasoline Cans to fill the Fuel Pump Device. Equip the Air Pump and interact with the end of the Fuel Line and attach it to the Fuel Pump Device, then turn the handle on the Fuel Pump Device to refuel the Helicopter. The startup phase of the Helicopter will begin. During all of these steps, you need to defend this area by interacting the Steam Valve to have the Steam pointed down the Stairway that the Monster as it may be trying to use to get to you and the Helicopter. If the monster gets onto the Helicopter Deck, you can run away from this area and when the Helicopter is ready you will be notified. Return to the Helicopter and interact with the Right Side Passenger Door (that you used the Helicopter Key on earlier) and you will escape.

 Aim Away From Face
Stun a monster with the fire extinguisher.

Fire Extinguishers are randomly located on the ship. Keep one with you and have it loaded when you are near the monster. When the monster is close to you, press R2 to spray the monster, stunning it.

 Bait ‘N’ Switch
Trigger a Hunter trap with an item. 

When you know you are playing against the Hunter, you need to find a breakable item like a cup or bottle. When you find a Hunter trap (see pictures below), you need to throw (press Triangle) and aim for the trap to have the breakable get lodged into the Hunter’s trap. Move away, and when the Hunter sets the trap off, you will earn this trophy.

 I Don’t Know What I Expected
Hit the Brute with a flare.

While playing against the Brute, you will need to find and equip the Flare Gun. When the Brute finds you or vice versa, fire the Flare Gun at it by pressing R2. This will not defeat him and you will be defeated. The Flare Gun may not be found even when playing against the Brute in one playthrough.

 I Love it When A Plan Comes Together
Gain access to a barricaded room.

There are randomly located rooms that require you to throw and activated Egg Timer or Radio into or outside of the Barricaded Room Door. The Monster will come to destroy the item making the noise. If it did not break the door when the noisy item was outside the door, try again with another Egg Timer or Radio.

 Charlie’s Devils
Get killed by all 3 monsters.

There are 3 different Monsters in the game: Brute, Hunter, and Fiend. When you play the game, you will not know which one is the Monster until you find them, hear their noises, and/or see the visual signs that are specific for each monster.

 A Sequence Of Unfortunate Events
Get killed by a monster after falling on a pit trap.

The pit trap, if present, will be in the Deck Levels of the ship. It looks like the floor is rusted and it will collapse if you run over the top of it. If you walk over it, you will not be trapped in it. Once you run over one, you will be trapped. Stay inside of it and do not get out. The monster will defeat you while you are in it. If the monster is not present, remain in the pit trap and eventually the monster will find and defeat you.

 Child Of The 90s
Have 6 glowsticks at once.

Glowsticks are scattered randomly throughout the Ship and can be found anywhere (on the floor, in drawers, on countertops, and on benches). Within one playthrough you must have 6 glowsticks in your inventory.

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