Metamorphosis Trophy Guide

Game: Metamorphosis
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 4 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: None (Chapter Select upon first completion of the game)
Trophies: 1, 6 , 9 , 10
Author: Pete

Welcome to the trophy guide for Metamorphosis. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play through the game while collecting all Effigies for the First Ending.

Play through the game while collecting all 20 of the Effigies along the way. See ‘Proto-human belief‘ trophy description below for all the locations. Choose an ending where you betray your friend or choose the other ending to save your friend.

Stage 2 – Play the last chapter for the Second Ending.

After completing the game once, you will unlock the Play > Choose Chapter > Tower. Replay the chapter and this time choose the other ending.

Stage 3 – Cleanup any Trophies.

If you have any remaining trophies to earn, please refer to the specific trophy descriptions below.


 Stop bugging me
Unlock all trophies.

Earn all other trophies. Congratulations on your new shiny platinum. Good thing it was not bugged…

 Shiver me timbers!
Sail the ship.

During the chapter The Harbour, you will need to talk to Charon (the bug that is to the left of the gateway on a raised platform) and he will allow you access to the ship since you have the certificate to leave now. Go to where there is a guard bug blocking the fence gate access to the ship and then go onboard the ship to go to The Village.

 Am I in a movie?
Run the projector.

During the The Village chapter, you will have the main objective of turning on the film projector. If you use the zoom out feature, you will see an open eye indicating where to go to in order to complete the objectives.

Some of these are missable (you can replay the chapter after finishing the game however) so make sure that you do the following:
– Talk to the agent bug near the outdoor bar area (see ‘What is ‘Kafkaesque’?’ trophy description)
– On the film projector to talk to the Titorelli’s fake assistant.
– Freeing and talking to Titorelli’s assistant (see “A helping leg” trophy description)
– Talking to Titorelli.
– Talking to Lenni in the 2 different locations in the village.
– Talking to the posterboard bug and to the boss in the Bug Hideout (see “Bugfellas” trophy description)
– Talking to Victor inside the film projector.
– Talking to the Mayor.
– Talking to another hungry bug (see “Junkfood” trophy description)
– Talking to the accountant.
– Talking to the Preacher (see “Holier than Thou” trophy description)

After completing the chapter mini-objectives with each of the characters, the open eye will change to a closed eye indicating that you have completed that part (when you use the zoom out feature to see the objectives map).

Once you are finally at the point to turn on the film projector, make sure that you have interacted with all Effigies to break them. Finally, talk to Titorelli’s fake assistant and turn on the film projector. Go and talk to the Preacher in his building before jumping along the stone pathway into the film to finish the chapter.

 Proto-human belief
All those Effigies in ruin.

There are 20 Effigies to collect in the game by walking through them. An effigy symbol (that is the same symbol on the loading screens) will appear in yellow floating above where the triangle teepee was before you destroyed it.

By chapters:
Preface has 1 Effigy.
Joseph’s Room has 4 Effigies.
Strange Corridors 2 Effigies.
Lawyer’s Office has 5 Effigies.
The Procedure has 3 Effigies.
The Harbour has 0 Effigies.
The Village has 4 Effigies.
Tower has 1 Effigy.

 Captain Planet
Suffer the fire, water, electricity, overbearing gravity and squashing.

Throughout the game you will need to die by the 5 indicated methods.
1. Fire – Use the fire of the furnace to die by riding on the note during The Procedure chapter.
2. Water – Fall into any water to die, like the tea cup on the Lawyer’s desk.
3. Electricity – Use the dial during the Lawyer’s Office chapter to make the wire spark and then move into the spark to die.
4. Overbearing gravity – Fall off any high surface as a bug to die, like falling off the dresser in Joseph’s Room.
5. Squashing – use the press that stamps the document right before the Furnace during The Procedure to get killed while riding the document.

After getting killed you will spawn back to close to where you just were. Shown below are some examples of deaths.

 A cage went in search of a bird.
Rediscover humanity.

Follow the “Joseph Who?” trophy description to betray Joseph and “Millenium Bug” trophy description to escape the Tower. You will be back at Joseph’s place. From here you will get out of bed, interact with the letter on the desk, get the key from the upper right drawer and use it to open the door.

 A true Hero must do Romance
Make Lenni fall for you.

Throughout the game you will be able to interact with Lenni. You will encouter this bug under the record player in the Lawyer’s Office. Lenni is also typically smoking. Lenni will be the one that gives you the password to gain access to the record player club in the Lawyer’s Office. You will also encounter Lenni again in The Village twice. Once after talking to Titorelli and secondly you will find the bug under some mushrooms near a comb. The next time will be in the Tower right before entering the room where you will decide the verdict of Joseph’s trial.

You will need to destroy Joseph’s Verdict document.

This will be Ending Two as you will need to do the instructions in ‘More blameless than those earlier generations’ trophy description. After signing the document, use the dial for the floor selector to go past Floor III. The floor indicator will show a red glow around the opening. Use the floor button to open and this will be the Furnace. Choose to submit the inked out and signed Verdict to the Furnace.

Follow the natural pathway to conclude the game by going to the jail cell and escaping the tower. You will end up in a room with Lenni in it. Go and talk to Lenni for this ending to the game.

Gain access to the Bugville Underworld

During the chapter, The Village, you will be given many small objectives in order to eventually start the film projector. Use the zoom out feature to see the open eyes as these indicate where to go to in order to complete them. You will need to talk to the bug that has the ‘Wisewoman’ poster board on them. After doing this you will be able to go up to the area where this building is. The building has a red glow coming out of it. Talk to the security guard (fortune teller) at the front entrance and then walk into the building.

 Certified bug
Obtain the certificate

During the chapter, Lawyer’s Office, you will eventually be inside of the desk for the lawyer. Inside here you will need to use the honey to repair the wire that is on the floor to the left of the machine. Then use the dial to start the machine. Make sure to walk on the dial so that the gauge is in the green area. Eventually the light bulb will light up and the certificate will be printed. Jump up onto the certificate to exit this area.

 More blameless than those earlier generations
Censor the document

During the chapter, Tower, when you have obtained the Verdict to sign, you will need to walk while using the ink to block out the text on the document. Make sure that you sign too.

This will lead to Ending Two for the game.

 Survival of the strongest
Kill the Tiger

During the chapter, Joseph’s Room, you will eventually come to a desk drawer that has an open book showing a tiger in the jungle. (This is the drawer with the music box that you need to turn on. Make sure to first go above the tiger before turning on the music box.) Get some honey and then go up the comb. Along the wall and along the beam to the desk top right above the tiger. See the pictures below.

 Mr. Right
Communicate to Joseph his trial date

In the chapter, Lawyer’s Office, you will have to go into the Lawyer’s Desk to fix the machine inside to print a Certificate. After the Certificate is printed you will climb out of the desk and back to the desk top. Jump up onto the open book that is now above where you climbed out from. The trial date for Joseph will read ‘Juni 3‘. Next climb onto the desk top calendar and use the dials to select this date. After jump onto the bell and walk through the button to make it ring. This will get the lawyer’s attention. He will then tell Joseph his trial date. See the pictures below.

 Joseph who?
Betray Joseph.

During the chapter, Tower, you will be instructed to reach a Verdict in Joseph’s trial. You will use the dial to move the Floor selector to choose the floor you would like to open. Interact with the button in front of the dial Floor selector after choosing one.

This will lead to Ending One for the game.

To betray Joseph:
1. Select Floor 0 and open it to talk with him to get yourself some time to make the Verdict.
2. Select Floor I, open and request the unsigned Verdict.
3. Go to the button on the floor that is on the right of the center of the room. The unsigned Verdict will appear in a tray.
4. Get ink before going onto the Verdict in the tray. Walk over the lower signature box while holding L2 to make an ink track (signature).
5. Press the floor button to submit the tray with the signed Verdict on it.
6. Go and select Floor III and submit your signed Verdict.
A cut scene will play indicating what will occur next for the actions that you took.

 Holier than Thou
Truly understand the Preacher

In the chapter, The Village, you will need to talk to the Preacher 3 times. Once when you see him for the first time, second after you have started to complete the chapter missions, and lastly after you have started the projector for the film to play. See the pictures below.

 Millenium Bug
Survive the visit to the Tower

During the last chapter, Tower, after you have signed and delivered the Verdict, you will end up in a jail cell. Inside the jail cell, you will need to talk to the other bug to escape this room. In the next area you will activate the floor button and then escape through the non-moving fan on the left. Follow the path to the exit. Next you will jump and move along following the linear pathway of signatures marking the correct pathway. Follow this to successfully escape the Tower.

 What is ‘Kafkaesque’?
Become the Agen’t informer

During the chapter, The Village, from the start go up and around to the left to get to an outdoor bar area. To the right of here, along the building walls is a bug standing that you can talk to. The bug wants to find out information on the bugs that are at the outdoor bar area. Talk to these bugs and they will devolve their crimes and then go back to the guy that asked originally for the incriminating evidence.

 Word truly holds the power
Read the letter from the Tower

In the first chapter, Preface, you will become a bug and learn how to navigate the world now as a bug. After getting through the ventilation duct work, you will travel along the chairs and books to get onto the desk where the letter is located. There is an open eye when you use the zoom out feature to show you where you will now to go to in order to complete the objectives. Use the honey to be able to climb the steep inclines. Interact with this letter to earn this trophy.

Traverse your first wall

There are two substances that allow you to climb up steep inclines and walls. These are: honey (yellow and near a yellow container) and ink (dark blue in ink wells or near large blue crystals). Walk through either substance to obtain some and this will be indicated in the bottom left of your screen. You can then go up a steep incline or wall by holding L2 while moving. You will leave a track and be using up the limited amount that you can carry at one time.

 Elevator Bug
Ride the sandwich.

During the second chapter, Joseph’s Room, you will eventually get to the desk with a book shelf attached to it. You will need to get up to behind the green book called ‘Ulysses’. Your zoom out feature will show the open eye for its location when this is the objective to complete. Attempt to go up the bookshelf while you are finding the Effigies. Eventually you will not be able to get up to the book so you will need to go back to the desk top. Go onto the plate with the sandwiches and honey on them. The closest officer will pick up a sandwich to eat it and there will be a cut scene. Afterwards you will be up to the area close to access the ‘Ulysses’ book.

 A helping leg
Set Titorelli’s assistant free

During the chapter, The Village, you will need to get the film projector working to show the movie. Go to the film projector and follow the pathway up to where a bug is sitting in a director’s chair near the on/off buttons for the film projector. Talk to this bug and you will then need to free Titorelli’s real assistant who is locked in a jail cell. Leave the film projector and go up the the right pathway to where the assistant is jailed. There is a guard near the pathway that leads to the device, a stapler. Take the pathway steps and jump up onto the stapler and this will unlock and free Titorelli’s assistant.

 All procedures are necessary
Find the Procedure

During the chapter, The Procedure as soon as you exit the filing cabinet to the large filing system room. You will have naturally followed the linear pathway from the Lawyer’s Office into the filing cabinet to get to the document. See the picture below.

 Appointment time
Gain access to the Lawyer’s office

During the chapter, Strange Corridors, you will be outside of the Harbour area where there is a clock tower, Charon, and other government bugs. You will need to go onto the dial up and to the left when facing the clock tower. The Lawyer’s Office hours are 2:15 – 4:00 so you will need to change the time to between these so that the Lawyer’s office doors open up. Then go through the open doors and down the tunnel to gain access to the Lawyer’s Office.

 Im not alone
Meet your first bug

During the chapter, Joseph’s Room, you will be encountering the first bug that you meet in the desk drawers. Talk to the bug. This first bug will be the one that you talk to who and whom you will eventually earn the ‘Junkfood’ trophy from.

Feed the Hunger Artist

During the chapter, Joseph’s Room, you will need to turn off the flow of water to be able to access a lower area. Enter the access behind the “Ulysses’ book and jump onto the red handle to turn off the water. After turning off the flow of water, the apple that you had jumped over earlier, will now be available for the bug in this area to eat. Go down into where the water was flowing and approach the bug eating the apple. Talk to this bug.

NOTE: This is not part of earning this trophy, but this second Hunger Artist bug is important in the chapter, The Village. You will need to find this bug who is to the right of the light up apple. Talk to the bug, go up the wood beams and jump onto the apple to make it fall down. Next, talk to the same bug a second time.

 Wakey wakey
Wake Joseph up

In the chapter, Joseph’s Room, you will need to turn off the fan and then make the alarm clock ring. See the pictures below.

 The Future
Use Roboarm

During the chapter, The Procedure, you will eventually get to the area where there is a robotic arm that is used to send pneumatic messages. There is a note beside the Roboarm that states ‘E 6 Gregor Samsa‘. On the left of the Roboarm, you will need to move the dials so that ‘E6‘ is where the robot will grab at. Move to the right side of the Roboarm and turn it on by walking onto the button.