MechaNika Trophy Guide

Game: MechaNika
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 2 hours (Personal Time)
Difficulty: 1/10
Missable trophies: Free pass, Straight Edge, Cowabunga!, RoboNerd, Meet and greet, Laundry service, Busted!, Grannyka, Socks’ juggler, Shines like new!, Fried chicken
Author: Stephanie

Welcome to the trophy guide for MechaNika. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Helpful Tips for Single Run

If you are aiming to obtain the platinum in one run make sure to take into account the following situations listed below. These four trophies can be completely missable if you do something to lock you out of them. Either then that everything else is straight forward and can be obtained with very little effort.

School Bathroom: Open the first stall to recieve “Busted” then open the last stall to flush the toilet to recieve “Shines like new“. Afterwards spray paint on the middle stall to progress the game.

Your House: When you enter your brother’s bedroom and pick up the sock make sure to do a save. Afterwards go to the bathroom and use the dirty sock on the basket to recieve the “Laundry Service” trophy. Exit the game and hit continue which will load you back to your brother’s room with the dirty sock. This time head outside via the kitchen and use the dirty sock on the cat to recieve the “Socks’ juggler” trophy.

Stage 2 –

Text here


 Genius of Trophies
You got all the trophies!

Congrats! You built your machine and can now destroy the world.

 MechaNika is here
You completed the MechaNika project.

Pick up the network cable on the floor and use it on the server tower against the wall. After it is connected to the assembly room head back out into your room. Interact with your computer and select “Initiate the assembly of MechaNika.” Now head back inside the cave and interact with the assembly room to finally insert yourself into the project. The trophy will pop up at the end of the cut-scene.

The network cable, server rack, and the assembly room entrance.

 Free pass
You didn’t spend any money to complete MechaNika.

This trophy requires you not to spend a single dime on anything. So when given the option to go the free route always chose it. Down below is how to avoid spending money.

Bus Ride To Scrapyard: Take the bus pass from grandma’s purse and the dress from grandma’s dresser.
Leaving Scrapyard: Answer the quiz the owner gives you to avoid paying.

 Straight Edge
You completed MechaNika without a clue.

For the entire run you must avoid using the hipflask that is within your backpack.

The hipflask that gives you clues

 Meal dealer
You exchanged your meal for some spray cans.

Once you exit the classroom head all the way to the left and talk to the boy named Marcus. Choose the The spray cans which you’ll trade him for your vegetable mash. Once the exchange is done the trophy will pop.

Marcus the dealer

 Kerosene rain
You got the flammable liquid.

Once you enter the scrapyard pick up the plastic container and the rubber hose as you make your way to the plane. Use the rubber hose on the hole in the wing then the plastic container to obtain the kerosene from it. You’ll automatically pick up the plastic container so make sure to pick up the rubber hose. Open your backpack press triangle on the filled container and the flammable liquid plan.

 Welcome to the NikaCave

After creating every plan head back to your bedroom and interact with the Pneumatic tube against your wall. Upon interacting with it the locker will move to the side revealing a huge hole in the wall. The trophy will pop once the small animation is complete.

The pneumatic tube

 Pump up the jam
You got the air compressor.

To make the air compressor you need to get the air pump which Stanley owns. He can be found all the way to the left in the construction site. Upon talking to him you learn that he has an air mattress that is broken with a working air pump for trade. The item in question that he wants is “adult” magazines. You can obtain dirty magazines by opening your grandpa’s safe (refer to “Dirty secret” trophy). Once you trade for the air pump open your backpack. Press triangle on the air pump and the air compressor plans.

You got the propellant.

To make the propellant you will have to talk to Damon on the way to the construction site (take the stoplight left of grandma’s house). Upon talking to Damon you’ll obtain an illegal chewing gum. Open your backpack and press triangle on the chewing gum and the propellant plans.

 Enjoy your stationary bicycle
You got the transmission chain.

In order to make the Transmission chain you need to take apart the bike that is parked next to your grandma’s scooter. User your tools that you have gotten from your room on the bike to recieve the bike chain. Open your backpack and press triangle on the bike chain and the transmission chain plan.

 No more pop corn
You got the microwave emitter.

In order to make the Microwave Emitter you need to take apart the microwave in the kitchen. To take apart the microwave you need to grab your tools from your bedroom. Upon using the tools on the microwave you’ll recieve the transmitter from it. Open your backpack and press triangle on the transmitter and the emitter plans.

 Mass media controller
You got the multimedia player.

After receiving the portable television from trolling the poor worker (please refer to “Maximum trolling” trophy). Open your backpack and press triangle on the portable television and the multimedia player plans.

The portable television and multimedia player plans.

 Ham slicer
You got the saw disk.

To make the saw disk you first need to get the Circular Saw from Agatha (please refer to “Mathematical!” trophy). Once you have the circular saw open your backpack and press triangle on the circular saw to use it on the Saw disk plans.

 See you on the other side
You got the reflective panels.

Once you pick up the pieces of glass on the bedroom floor take the poster of Tesla from the wall. While in your backpack press triangle on the pieces of glass and the Reflective Panels. This will allow you to make the Reflective Panels and reward you the trophy.

 The All-seeing Eye
You got the multimedia recorder.

To make the Multimedia recorder you first have to get your brother out of his room. In order to make him leave the room you have to send him a fake email regarding his game shipment. Once you is out of the room interact with his laptop and take the webcam. Open your backpack and press triangle on the web cam and the recorder plan.

 Green power
You got the shrapnel.

In order to make the Shrapnel you need to pick up the small pieces of glass on the floor in the green bin. The bin in question can be found to the right of the Butcher’s shop called Knife. Open your backpack and press triangle on the small pieces of glass and the shrapnel plan.

 Burn, baby, burn!
You got the ignition system.

To make the Ignition system you will need to do the following steps. First you must enter the garage where your dad is working and pick up the broken blowtorch from the workbench. Upon talking to your dad he’ll tell you it needs to be fixed up. Head to the tool shop run by Mr. Irons and give it to him to fix up. Once you return from the scrapyard head up to your room to read the email from Mr. Irons that the blowtorch is fixed. When you head to the shop he’ll tell you that your dad already picked it up so head back home to the garage. Your dad won’t let you take blowtorch so you must distract him so you can grab it on the top shelf near the ladder. Interact with the motorcycle to turn it on then pick up the blowtorch since he can’t hear you. Open your backpack and press triangle on the blowtorch and the ignition plan.

You won the Ninja Turtles’ quiz!

In order to leave the scrapyard for free you must do a quiz given by the owner. The quiz is rather simple and only requires you to know which color each turtle is. Upon answering all four questions correctly the gate will open and the trophy will pop.

You fixed the Gate of Great Sacrifice!

To fix the “Gate of Great Sacrifice!” you must first talk to Agatha herself inside the Butcher’s shop called Knife. Upon interacting with the Fibonactic machine you’ll need to enter a specific code on the keypad. The correct order will be as followed; 1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8. Before leaving the Butcher’s shop talk to Agatha once more to recieve the Circular Saw.

 Dirty secret
You discovered your grandpa’s magazines in the hidden safe box.

This trophy can only be obtained after telling grandpa why grandma is mad at him. Once he leaves the room interact with the light switch to turn on the light above grandma’s photo. Take the photo off the wall to reveal a hidden safe behind it. After interacting with the numbers above interact with the safe to automatically put in the code. The safe will open revealing grandpa’s stash.

You won the RoboPodcast quiz!

At the start of the game when you first appear in your bedroom interact with your computer. Upon interacting with it you’ll see there is a Robo Podcast quiz. If you answer the question correctly you will recieve a package in your house when you return from the scrapyard. Inside the big package will be a complete multimedia system. Down below is the correct answer for the quiz.

 Meet and greet
You got your Project Silcharde poster signed by Mango Protocol!

To get the autographs of Mango Protocol you must first take the poster called Project Silcharde that was on the door in your room. Afterwards head left till you reach the American Diner. Talk with the two people sitting to the left who you’ll discover are the creators. Once they mention they created a game called Silcharde you’ll ask for their autographs. The trophy will pop after the conversation is fully over with the creators.

 Heavy ammo
You got the projectiles.

To make the projectiles you first need to visit grandma and recieve the bag of old dolls. Open your backpack to make an attempt to use it on the projectile plans. Learning that you need the dolls’ heads cut off head to the Butcher’s shop called Knife. Use the old dolls on Agatha and ask her if she can cut the heads off the dolls. After she cuts the heads off make sure to pick them up off the floor. Once more open your backpack and press triangle on the dolls’ heads and the projectile plans.

 Laundry service
You couldn’t stand Dennis’ smelly socks.

The first step to this trophy is that you would need to pick up your brother’s socks. To locate these socks once you exit out of your bedroom head right to notice a door with a game controller on it. Enter this room and pick up the pair of dirty socks which are located on the floor. Once you have the socks exit the room and enter the bathroom (door to the left). Open your backpack and select the dirty socks and interact with the laundry basket.

(Note: If you do this you can’t get the sock back from basket. Meaning you’ll be locked out of the “Socks’ juggler” trophy.)

You interrupted a poor girl while she was in the toilet.

As you enter the bathroom (the door to the right) open the stall next to the trashcan. Upon opening it you’ll notice a girl sitting on the toilet reading a book. After a few seconds the trophy will pop with the girl shutting the stall door.

(Small Note: This trophy is missable if you used the Graffiti Spray Cans on the stall)

The occupied stall

 The Goat Tragedy
You discovered the end of grandpas’ story.

To learn of the end you must first talk to your grandpa (his room is the one next to the stairs). After learning that grandma won’t talk to him you will need to visit grandma. Her house will be to the left of American Diner with the scooter in front. Upon talking to grandma you’ll learn what your grandpa had done in the past. With your new found information head back home and tell him of what he did. Afterwards head back to grandma’s house and enter to discover grandpa’s ending.

You disguised yourself as grandma Rosemary.

To dress up like your grandma you must first grab her black dress and cane from her dresser in her room. Afterwards head to the instant photo booth next to the Butcher’s shop called Knife and use the dress on it. Once you step you’ll be disguised as grandma and the trophy will pop.

 Maximum trolling
You got a portable TV thanks to your trolling proficiency.

This trophy will require you to annoy the construction worker. To find the worker head to the construction site which will be left of grandma’ house (use the crossing light). Upon finding the worker continue to annoy him till he gives you a portable television.

The poor man you must troll.

 Socks’ juggler
You made Manson the cat happy with Dennis’ socks.

The first step to this trophy is that you would need to pick up your brother’s socks. To locate these socks once you exit out of your bedroom head right to notice a door with a game controller on it. Enter this room and pick up the pair of dirty socks which are located on the floor. When you enter the kitchen go outside using the door to the left and use the dirty socks on Mason the cat.

(Note: If you do this you can’t get the sock back from Mason. Meaning you’ll be locked out of the “Laundry Service” trophy.)

 Shines like new!
You flushed the dirty toilet in the school.

While still in the same bathroom as the “Busted!” trophy. Open the last stall and interact with the dirty toilet to flush it.

(Small Note: This trophy is missable if you used the Graffiti Spray Cans on the stall)

The stall with the unforgivable mess

 Fried chicken
You tried to leave school.

Right next to Marcus is an electric fence. Interact with the fence to cause Nika to be zapped.

Wonder why a school needs one huh.