Maid of Sker Trophy Guide

Game: Maid of Sker
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 6 – 8 hours
Difficulty: 5/10
Missable trophies: Yes as multiple playthroughs are needed
Trophies: 1 , 6 , 14 , 0
Author: Pete

Welcome to the trophy guide for Maid of Sker. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play the game on Easy collecting everything.

Play through the game on Easy Difficulty while answering all Speaker Phone calls, interacting with all Gramophones, collecting all collectibles, never using your Phonic Modulator, bumping into 250 pieces of furniture, and visiting every location and room in the Sker Hotel and grounds. Choose the first ending where you tell her that you have the 4 brass music cylinders and give them to her.

Suggested Trophy Unlocking Order
Ending on a High Note
Choking Hazard
Animal Lover
Chief Butler
Don’t Breathe
Wales Interactive
Smooth Operator
Bull in a China Shop
Easy Listening
Sker Explorer
Maid of Sker
Rapturous Applause!
Perfect Harmony!
Nuisance Caller
Phonic Boom
Hard Times
Life Saver
Dodgy Geezer
Platinum Trophy
Special Notes:
Special Notes:
– Some trophies are not earnable on certain difficulties as you are locked out of them.
– You cannot switch difficulties during a playthrough.
– A new game will overwrite your previous game save and clear all collectible stats.
– Safe Difficulty is only recommended as an optional playthrough for the collecting the Musical Dolls and Notes if you did not collect them all in one playthrough.
Crouching is extremely important in order to freely move past enemies, however do NOT get too close to them without also holding your breath as they could detect you.
– Hold your breath and move slowly through any Purple Clouds, as they will injury you and count as a hit(s).
– For all the puzzles where you need to use electrical switches, you will need to interact with one electrical switch and the device that is near the locked door or the machine controlling the puzzle, before interacting with any additional electrical switches that are associated with unlocking the door or solving the puzzle.
– On all difficulties (except Safe Difficulty), there will be some bottles of a Healing Tonic that you can collect and use if you receive any damage.
– As you play through the game collect the maps that are in boxes. Make sure you unlock and open any vents that you can as soon as it is possible.
Always interact with everything that you can include doors, even if they are locked. The doors will show on them a symbol for the Key that is needed to open them. Keys will be obtained as you progress through the game. Once you have a Key that opens up that particular door, it is recommended to go and unlock all of them no matter what floors they are located on. There will be collectibles inside these rooms.
There are some areas that become inaccessible: after entering the Sker Hotel for the first time, everything in the previous area is now inaccessible AND after obtaining the Crown Key from Abraham in the Music Room. Make sure that you collect these items, or they will become inaccessible.
Game Difficulty Information

Stage 2 – Choose the Other Ending for the Game.

After the credits, you will be able to play the game from your last save and choose the other ending to the game where you play the organ pipe yourself.

Stage 3 – Play through the Game on Hard Difficulty.

This playthrough will be for only collecting the 4 brass music cylinders, using all the Phonic Modulator Charges, and finishing the game by giving them to Elisabeth to finish the game. The enemies have the best AI on this difficulty and are very sensitive to any noises that you make. Running and bumping into things will alert enemies of your presence. Make sure to collect Healing Tonic and only use it when absolutely necessary. Use the Phonic Modulator only when it is necessary, especially with Abraham. However, you will need to use all the Phonic Modulator Charges before it is destroyed. Therefore, you need to have used all the Phonic Modulator Charges by the time you decide to go into the back area of the Attic past where the bed is located. If you open up the partially open door, you will trigger a cutscene where the Phonic Modulator will be destroyed in the Basement.

Stage 4 – Playthrough on Easy Difficulty. (Clean-up)

This playthrough will only be needed if you did not earn all the trophies in the game. You will focus on getting through the game without getting a hit and/or to only save one time in the game. There is one unavoidable hit that will ALWAYS happen during your first time moving through the basement near where Abraham throws a body at a window. However, if you get any other hits in the game, you will need to start another new playthrough. Always check your STATS to make sure that your HIT count is zero. Do not stand in Purple Clouds and always hold your breath when moving through them.

Also, remember that you can quit the game after using a Gramophone to save and backup your game save data to USB/Cloud. Use this as many times as needed to avoid having to start a full new playthrough.


 Platinum Trophy
Acquire all trophies.

Unlock all other trophies. Congratulations on your shiny new platinum!

 Perfect Harmony!
If Thomas plays the four pieces of the Counter Song on the Harmonium.

After collecting all four sheets of music of the Counter Song, approach Elisabeth at the top of the stairs in the Grand Hall. When she asks you for the 4 brass music cylinders, choose the second choice that you do not trust her and this will make you play the Counter Song on the organ pipe piano (the Harmonium). This will lead to the second ending of the game.

 Life Saver
Complete the game saving one time or less.

For this playthrough, it is recommended to play on Easy Difficulty. Safe Difficulty does not count towards this trophy. During this playthrough you will only focus on:
– Obtaining the 4 brass music cylinders.
Saving only before the encounter with Abraham in the Music Room, this is right before he will be playing the piano where you are trying to obtain the Crown Key.
-Do not save after the one mentioned above for the rest of the game.

-Not getting hit the entire playthrough.
-Not using the Phonic Modulator at all during this entire playthrough.

 Hard Times
Complete the game on hard setting.

Play an entire playthrough of the game on the hard setting. In this playthrough, all the monsters will be very aware of you if you make any noise or sudden movements. You can crouch to move past most enemies, but if you are very close hold your breath and wait for your pathway to be clear.

The large monster with the top hat is Abraham. Abraham is always aware of where you are and will not stop to find and kill you.
Note: You will encounter Abraham for the first time in the larger open area after getting the Phonic Modulator on Hard Difficulty. The second time you will encounter Abraham (on any difficulty) is on the Second Floor when you try to take the Bird Key.

Use the Phonic Modulator to stun him and other enemies if necessary. Never use it in a narrow pathway/hallway that you have to go close by them to get through as even if they are stunned and you get too close, it can count as a hit and injury you. Plus, they could block your pathway entirely and be a wasted Phonic Modulator Charge. Remember to reload it after using it as it takes a few seconds to do this and could lead to your death in the wrong situation. Also, collect and only use Healing Tonic when absolutely necessary as there are a limited number during this playthrough. Also, since this should only be attempted after playing the game at least once, you will have already completed the associated collectible trophies, be familiar with the map, order of events, etc., and will therefore only focus on what needs to be done so that you can obtain the 4 brass music cylinders.

You are limited to only 10 saves at most so only use a save at a Gramophone when you feel is necessary. Suggested save locations are either before or after encountering Abraham and areas that take you longer to complete like the Sker Hotel puzzle collecting pieces on the First Floor.

Don’t use the Phonic Modulator.

It’s recommended to play on Easy or Normal difficulty where you do not ever use any of the Phonic Modulator Charges in the game. This cannot be earned on Safe Difficulty.

 Rapturous Applause!
Thomas gives Elisabeth the four brass music cylinders.

After collecting all four of the brass music cylinders, you will be able to find Elisabeth at the right of the top of the stairs in the Grand Hall. Talk with her and when she asks if you have collected all 4 of the brass music cylinders, say yes. This will lead to Ending One of the game.

 Dodgy Geezer
Don’t get hit by the enemies at all in the game.

It is recommended to play on Easy difficulty for this trophy. You will need to stay clear of enemies as much as possible. There are some tight areas in hallways where the enemies will be able to hit you even though you are not that close to them. All the enemies have set pathways that they follow so take your time and be aware of their pathways. (Exception is Abraham as he will always move towards you no matter where you are located.) Once you make noise and they are aware of you, they will come after you. It is possible to use your Phonic Modulator to stun enemies for a short period of time. However, due to the limited number of Phonic Modulators charges available, it’s recommended to only use them against Abraham or areas where multiple enemies have detected you. Sometimes if you do this in areas like hallways, you might not be able to get around them without the game counting it as a hit as you try to get by them. It is possible to run away from enemies once you have been detected and get away. This is not recommended though as you can easily get lost or make more enemies aware of you. Watch out for enemies behind you as well as you may not notice them at all.

 Don’t Breathe
Hold your breath more than 50 times.

You are able to use your hands to cover your breathing in the game to hold your breath for a short period of time. If you hold it too long, you will injure yourself.

You should hold your breath:
– Near fires so you do not cough.
– Moving through dusty area so you do not cough
– Moving through the Purple Clouds so you do not get injured
– When enemies are close so they do NOT detect you
– When prompted by the game to hold your breath

When you hold your breath, the longer you hold, the more likely you will injure your character and make a loud gasping noise that will attract enemies.

Repeat holding your breath for more than 50 times in one playthrough.

 Chief Butler
Ring all ground floor bells.

On the first floor of Sker Hotel, there are 3 single bells and 2 room call bell maps (with 6 bells on each). You will need to interact with all of them.

There are:
-1 on the Reception counter (accessible from Entrance Area).
-1 on the Bar counter (accessible from Grand Hall).
-1 on a table near candles in the Chapel.
-1 room call bell map in the Reception.
-1 room call bell map in the Bar.

Find all notes.

There are 30 Notes scattered inside and outside the Sker Hotel and its grounds. You will need to find and collect all of them in one playthrough. There are some that become inaccessible if you do NOT collect them before progressing through the game. This can be achieved on any difficulty. See ‘Sker Explorer’ trophy description for the locations on the map. There are 5 Notes that are not shown on these maps.
These 5 Notes are from:
– at the start of the game when the train stopped.
– after falling through the grave there is a Note on a coffin.
– while following the underground pathway where the coffins were, you will come to a small table with a Note on it before where you need to move a small rail car.
– after coming out of the underground elevator to a small church, it is on a small table near a column.
– after leaving the small church through the door with the large bird on it, follow the pathway to the left and it is on a small table near the fire.

 Easy Listening
Listen to all Gramophone recordings

There are 15 Gramophones throughout the game. You will need to interact with them to be able to listen to the recordings on them. These are also the save location devices for the game. The majority of the Gramophones will have a green door to the room they are located in. See ‘Sker Explorer’ trophy description for the locations on the map. Any of the other Gramophones will be in locations that you have to pass by as there is no other way to progress in the story. You must listen to all of them during one playthrough.

 Wales Interactive
Interactive with the Whale sculpture

When you are outside you will come upon a graveyard. There is a fire burning outside the arched entrance to the graveyard on the left. While still outside the graveyard go to the left of this arched entrance, past the fire and walk through the bushes. You will come out in an opening with a Whale Sculpture. Interact with the Whale Sculpture to earn this trophy.

 Choking Hazard
End up coughing 10 times

When you are close to fires and dusty areas, if you do not cover your mouth with your hands, you will start to cough. This will make any enemies that are nearby aware of your presence, and they will come running towards you to hit and kill you. Do this 10 times in the game to earn this trophy.

 Bull in a China Shop
Bump into furniture 250 times

As you playthrough the game, bump into any and as often as you can, into furniture that you see along the way. However, do not do this when enemies are nearby as this will alert them to your location, and they will come for you. It’s recommended to earn this trophy on Safe or Easy Difficulty as the enemies AI is less responsive than Normal and Hard Difficulties.

 Animal Lover
Pet The Dog

As you are playing through the game, you will see a dog a few times, but are never able to get near it. However, when you are in outside you will go through an area that will lead to a pathway with animal traps on the ground. The Dog will be to the left of the final stairs along this narrow pathway. You will approach the Dog and interact with the animal trap to set it free.

 Sker Explorer
Visit every location and room in the Sker Mansion and grounds

You will need to go to all locations and inside all rooms in the Sker Hotel and grounds. It’s recommended to earn this on an Easy playthrough where you are avoiding being hit and searching to collect all collectibles (20 music dolls, 4 brass music cylinders, 4 Music Sheets for the Counter Song, 30 Notes, 10 Phonic Modulator Charges). There are areas where there are no map information available so take your time near to make sure you go into all areas. At the start of the game, after exiting the train, go into the small building here and then proceed to go towards Sker Hotel. Refer to the maps shown below. Remember to find and use all the keys on all locked doors. Go into all rooms, including closets, vent passageways, and bathrooms connected to bedrooms.

 Maids of Sker
Find all the musical dolls

There are 20 musical dolls throughout the game. See ‘Sker Explorer’ trophy description for of their locations. There are 3 that are NOT shown on the maps mentioned. See the pictures below for their locations.

You must collect all of these in one playthrough. See the ‘Sker Explorer’ trophy description for the locations on the maps.

Note: Some are not accessible until after you have certain keys or after going back to explore an area for the second time later in the game.

 Ending on a High Note
Play all musical instruments in game

There are pianos (uprights and an organ pipe piano) throughout the game that will be playable. You will only need to interact with one of the upright pianos and the organ pipe piano. Interact with all of the interactive spots on the keyboards for each of the pianos. The organ pipe piano (the Harmonium) is the one at the top of the stairs in the Grand Hall of the Sker Hotel. The first upright piano is near the beginning of the game inside the room where the first Gramophone is located. (After entering Sker Hotel, this area of the game will NOT be accessible any longer during the rest of your playthrough). If you miss this piano, there is one in the Basement inside of a locked room that requires the Music Key to open it.


 Phonic Boom
Use all Phonic Modulator charges

During this playthrough, you will need to use all 10 of the Phonic Modulator Charges that are in the game. Use the Phonic Modulator only when it is necessary, especially with Abraham. However, you will need to use all the Phonic Modulator Charges before it is destroyed. Therefore, you need to have used all the Phonic Modulator Charges by the time you decide to go into the back area of the Attic past where the bed is located. If you open up the partially open door, you will trigger a cut scene where the Phonic Modulator will be destroyed in the Basement. See the ‘Sker Explorer’ trophy description for the locations on the maps.

 Smooth Operator
Listen to all Speaker Phone messages

During one playthrough (recommended during your first), answer and listen to all the Speaker Phone messages from Elisabeth. It does not matter the order or which choices that you choose while listening on the Speaker Phone.

 Nuisance Caller
Ignore Elisabeth’s calls

During one of your playthroughs you will never answer any of the ringing Speaker Phones in the game. It’s recommended to earn this trophy after playing once where you did answer the ringing Speaker Phone each time.

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