Knights and Bikes Trophy Guide

Game: Knights and Bikes
Peripherals: 2nd controller if doing solo
Time to 100%: 4 – 6 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: Caravan Cache, Keepy-Uppies, Leave ’em hanging, Cutting it fine, They Live, Links Loot, Coming of Age, Wilderness Wonga, Prawn Cocktail, Pier Pressure, Harbour Hoard, Scatter Shot, Head Space, Sword in the Scone, Bloomin’ Lovely, Piskie Prize, Hay, you guys!, Rude Spelling, She made me do it!, Salt-N-Pepper Shakers, Top of the Pops, Scrap Yard Stash, Run the Gauntlet, Puffins Plunder, Pyramid Headland, Foie Gras
Author: Pete and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Knights and Bikes. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Thank you to j_plusb and Robinworldwide (PSN Users) for their assistance with some collectibles and Honker’s poop splashing.

Stage 1 – Play through the story while collecting all Treasure Tins.

Play through all the days of the game while collecting all the Treasure Tins along the way.

Note: TT# means Treasure Tin number in order of finding them in one playthrough.
Some areas are not accessible unless you have the required items or are limited before/after certain days:
To go through mud you need to have the Deep-Mud Tires from Day 4 and onwards.
The Theme Park is not entirely accessible after Day 3.
The Scrap Yard is not entirely accessible after Day 4.
– Game Gauntlet is used to start generators and possess enemies from Day 4 and onwards.
Some trophies require either the Game Gauntlet’s abilities or Stereo abilities so they cannot be earned until you have these abilities.
-There is a save file for each of the six Days of the game so if you miss something you can return to these previous areas on a certain day due to it being inaccessible. It’s recommended to not use these previous saved days until you complete Day 6.

Stage 2 – Clean up any remaining trophies.

If you missed any of the Treasure Tins related trophies see the description below for these: Caravan Cache, Wilderness Wonga, Links Loot, Harbour Hoard, Piskie Prize, Scrap Yard Stash, and Puffins Plunder.

The other possible missable trophies with more information under their description are:
Keepy-Uppies – Keep Disc away from Nessa for 5 kicks by Demelza.
Leave ’em hanging – Avoid having a high five answered for 30 seconds.
Cutting it fine – High five when both players have a single health point left.
They Live – Revive a player.
Coming of Age – Remove the Stabiliser Wheels (training wheels) from the bikes.
Prawn Cocktail – Throw water on all Harbour dry Prawns.
Pier Pressure – Solve the Harbour arcade.
Scatter Shot – Use Honker’s poop and splash it on enemies.
Head Space – Pose in the Cut-Out Standee int he Theme Park
Sword in the Scone – Make a proper Scone in the Theme Park.
Bloomin’ Lovely – Water the seed bags in the Theme Park.
Hay, you guys! – Go into a small building with dragon tail north of the hay field and come back out.
Rude Spelling – In the Scrap Yard use the crank to spell out BUM.
She made me do it! – attack an enemy with a possessed enemy.
Salt-N-Pepper Shakers – Have a dance party with at least 3 enemies.
Top of the Pops – Possess a Water Balloon and a Stereo with the Game Gauntlet.
Run the Gauntlet – Use the Game Gauntlet possess ability on each different enemy type.
Pyramid Headland – Find the Pyramid in the Golf course using Demzela’s Game Gauntlet ability.
Foie Gras – Feed Honkers 10 times.


 Knights of Penfurzy
100% Knights and Bikes.

Unlock all other trophies.

 New Adventures
Complete Day 6.  

All secrets revealed in the story.

Run The Gauntlet
Possess all the different types of Enemies with Demelza’s Game Gauntlet.

After you obtain the Game Gauntlet, Demelza will be able to possess enemies. For each different type of enemy, make sure you are close and looking in its direction. Press and hold X to make her possess the enemy. As soon as you possess the enemy you can cancel out of the possession. Use it to battle other enemies, or wait for the possession to end. Repeat this with all six of the enemy types in the game.

Enemy types are: Golf Ball Furry enemy, Silver Glove enemy, Silver Glove With Shield enemy (Tip: Knock off shield first, then it’ll just be a Silver Glove enemy), Flaming Sword enemy, Possessed Refrigerator Magnet enemy, Blue/Flaming enemy, and Genie enemy.

 Piskie Prize
Find all the Treasure Tins In The Theme Park  

Find and break open all 5 of the Treasure Tins in the Theme Park. Refer to the pictures below.

TT1: Go down the Luck well, and after the dialogue, the gnomes move to reveal the Treasure Tin.
TT2: To the right of the Lost and Found.
TT3: Put out the fire you past earlier to be able to get to this Treasure Tin.
TT4: On the Teacup Ride there is a Treasure Tin.
TT5: Go into the head structure with a rainbow over it.

 Tour de Penfurzy
Cycle 100 miles.

Both characters will eventually have a bicycle of their own to ride in the game. Bicycling 100 miles will come easily, as you need to move through the different areas of the game by bicycle.

Tour de Penfurzy Trophy.

 Diamond in the Rough
Find 200 Loot in the Bushes.  

When going by foot or bicycle through any areas of the game with bushes, you can release Loot (small shiny particles) and collect (by foot or on bicycle) 200 of them.

 Uphill Struggle
Complete Day 5.

The Quarry Demelza’s Game Gauntlet ability upgraded to be able to possess enemies (Hold X to possess). Nessa’s Stereo ability upgraded to use while riding her bicycle (Tap X to use Stereo).

 Puffins Plunder
Find all the Treasure Tins In The Quarry.

Find and break open all 10 of the treasure Tins in the The Quarry. Refer to the pictures below.

TT1: Along the pathway, use the Plunger to shoot it from the left corner on the ramp.
TT2: Go through the Red Waterfalls.
TT3: After being able to open the large Gear areas, backtrack to the lower left most area that is now accessible.
TT4: Backtrack along the platforms to get to this Treasure Tin after going up the ramps on the right in this area.
TT5: Go through the holes on the left and come out on this ledge with a Treasure Tin.
TT6: Raise up the ground platforms to get access to this area.
TT7: Go past this Treasure Tin and there is a passageway to go through to access the Treasure Tin.
TT8: Shoot through the fence at the Sword Switch to lower the fence.
TT9: After seeing the Puffins, go around the front area and try to enter the passageway, the passageway will be blocked. Use Nessa’s Stereo ability above the rocks, then backtrack to the passageway and go through it.
TT10: Past the Puffins is a lower area with rope lines for the cable ride. It is hidden in some vines.

 Hunting For Clues
Complete Day 4.

Golf Course and Scrap Yard. Demelza’s Game Gauntlet ability for powering up generators (Tap X to use) and teleportation (Hold X to use). Nessa’s Stereo ability to play music to clear obstacles like fog and rocks (Tap X to use) and dance party (Hold X to use). Unlocks the upgrade for bicycle tires to Deep-Mud tires.

 Scrap Yard Stash
Find all the Treasure Tins In The Scrap Yard.

Find and break open all 8 of the Treasure Tins in the Scrap Yard. Refer to the pictures below.

TT1: Along the south wall after entering the Scrap Yard.
TT2: Before passing Oba in the Scrap Yard go through the mud and around to the “U” board, plug it down to reveal.
TT3: After the second Wizard Tower where you spell ‘BUM’, use the forklift to go up and follow the platform around to the south west. Activate the generator, a platform rises up with the Tin on it.
TT4: During the crank battle move the Tin to the open area.
TT5: Two possible methods: 1. Use Demelza’s plunger through the fence to open it OR 2. Use the switch left of the refrigerator area with the mud and then go to the right as the fence is down now.
TT6: In the Dungeon after you see the Bull Dozer’s remains and get the Game Gauntlet ability to power up the generator, backtrack to the left of the Bull Dozer’s remains.
TT7: After the area with the last two Bull Dozers, go to the top left area on the left Bull Dozer’s platform.
TT8: After getting both players across the last two Bull Dozer area, go to the top right above the right Bull Dozer.

 Top of the Pops
Possess a Water Balloon and a Stereo with Demelza’s Game Gauntlet

After Demelza receives her ability of the Game Gauntlet, have Nessa throw a Water Balloon, then have Demelza use her Game Gauntlet possession ability on this Water Balloon. Refer to the pictures below.


 Salt-N-Pepper Shakers
Have a dance party with 3 Enemies

Once Nessa has the ability to play the Stereo, find a group of enemies of 3 or more, go close to them and then activate her ability to play the Stereo and dance.

Salt-N-Pepper Shakers Trophy.

 She made me do it!
Attack an Enemy with a possessed Enemy.

When you obtain Demelza’s Game Gauntlet, you can possess enemies and make a possessed enemy attack another enemy.

Attack an Enemy with a Possessed Enemy.


 Rude Spelling
Spell “Bum” using the Wizard Tower.

During the mission to the Junkyard, at the Wizard Tower (crane), you see the capital letters ‘U’, ‘M’, and ‘B’. Use the crane to put them in order to spell ‘BUM’.

Rude Spelling Trophy.

Boost into 10 Enemies on your bike.

Once you obtain the bicycle Boost ability, you can use it by charging it up and biking through enemies to damage/defeat them. Repeat 10 times.

Charge up the bike and bike through the Enemies.

 Bloomin’ Lovely
Water all the Seeds in the Theme Park.

Once Nessa has the ability to squirt water you can water the Seed Bags near the area of the Gift Shop in the Theme Park. Refer to pictures below for all the Seed Bags.

 Foie Gras
Feed Honkers 10 times

As you progress through the story, Honkers (a.k.a. Mr. Honkers, Goose, or Captain), will eventually join your teams’ adventure. Any time after this you will see every so often that Honkers will stop and have swirling lines over his head. Either playable character can feed seeds to Honkers. You will know he was fed by the animation of hearts over him. Repeat this 10 times throughout the game. Note: Fifteen seconds after feeding Honkers he will poop.

 Links Loot
Find all the Treasure Tins In The Golf Course.

Find and break open all 3 of the Treasure Tins in the Golf Course. Refer to the pictures below.

TT1: Shortly after rolling into the Golf Course along the pathway.
TT2: Further in the Golf Course go to the south east and there is an island with a sword on it and the Treasure Tin is spinning around.
TT3: In the Golf Course where you see the enemy cutout spinning with an axe.

 Caravan Cache
Find all the Treasure Tins In The Caravan Park.

Find and break open all 2 of the Treasure Tins in the Caravan Park. Refer to the pictures below.

TT1: Near the middle top of the Caravan Park, go around through the mud and along the fence near the home.
TT2: Go through the mud to the right area and there is a Treasure Tin on a small peak.

 Scatter Shot
Damage an Enemy with a splash of Goose Poop.

In Day 4 when in the Scrap Yard, there is an area near the end of the level in which there are waves of battles where you try to stop the curse on the Record Store woman. There are 4 waves. There is a chance between the waves that Honkers will be asked to be fed. Machine Boxes have seeds that Honkers can eat, so activate the Machine Boxes as shown, get Demelza to feed him and when he poops, use a Plunger on the poop as the enemies get closer. (NOTE: Time this out correctly from the time you feed Honkers, it takes 15 seconds for it to poop.) Refer to the setup in the pictures below.

If you do not get this trophy before the end of the third wave, pause and reload the auto save, as this will bring the scene back to at the entrance to this battle area.

Keep Nessa’s Throwing Disc away from her for 5 consecutive kicks

This can be done either through co-op local, online, or even solo with a second controller. To do this, you need to have Nessa throw her Disc, then Demelza needs to be looking away from Nessa and the right distance away so that she can kick the Disc five times in a row, without it going back to Nessa. Refer to the picture below.

Keepy-Uppies Trophy.

 Harbour Hoard
Find all the Treasure Tins In The Harbour.

Find and break open all 4 of the Harbour Treasure Tins. Refer to the pictures below.

TT1: Left of the Harbour entrance there is a forklift, go on it into an area with Prawns to reveal this Treasure Tin.
TT2: Right of the Harbour entrance before you water the Prawns, go under the house front to this Treasure Tin.
TT3: On the right of the dock on the way to the Arcade area.
TT4: Go to the Arcade area with the waves and then hit the indicated targets around the Harbour. Once all are hit a Treasure Tin is revealed.

 Pier Pressure
Complete the Harbour arcade.

In the Harbour, there is an area on the far right where there are standup arcade machines. Go to where the map with targets on the ground is and have Demelza jump down on each target in the correct order. If the order is not right then the targets reset.

Order is: Bottom Left, Bottom Right, Top Middle, Top Left, and Top Right. Refer to pictures below.

 Prawn Cocktail
Drench all the Shrimps in the Harbour.

Eventually Nessa will obtain the ability to squirt water and Demelza can jump in puddles or use a plunger to splash water from a puddle. There is one set of Dry Prawn that requires Nessa to squirt them with water as there is not a puddle of water near them, meaning you can revisit this area later in the game whenever you like. Squirt or splash water on all the Dry Prawn to earn this trophy. Refer to the pictures below for the 4 sets of Dry Prawns locations.

 Wilderness Wonga
Find all the Treasure Tins In The Wilderness

Find and break open all 11 of the Treasure Tins in The Wilderness. These can be collected all on Day 6 as you have all the skills for both characters before the Home Trailer exit area. Refer to the pictures below.

TT1: Starting at the entrance to the Wilderness from the Caravan Park, go through the mud, to the left there is a pathway to go down. Enter passageway to come out in an inaccessible area.
TT2: In the top part of the Hay Field, go into the small building with the white dragon tail.
TT3: Near the Surf Shop, go around the large raised ground to its front to find a secret entrance that leads to this Treasure Tin.
TT4: To the right of the Gas Station follow the horse hoofprints under the large tower structure. A target is revealed and Demelza jumps down on it.
TT5: Along the road near a small stone bridge.
TT6: Near the picnic area with park benches and the Imaginary Knight’s tent appearing on a steep hill to the south west.
TT7: Near the picnic area with park benches and the imaginary knight’s tent appearing, remove the rocks from the campfire to reveal a ground target that Demelza jumps down on. The rocks need only to reveal some of the targets in order to reveal this Treasure Tin.
TT8: In Oba’s Bike Shop to the right side.
TT9: Near the Pottery is a smoke trail leading to the kiln, put out the fire and it is revealed.
TT10: Along the roadway to the Harbour entrance, go down the pathway to the right, and on the right at the end is this Treasure Tin.
TT11: Near a picnic table in a small open area.

 Leave ’em hanging
Avoid High-Fiving for 30 seconds when the other player is calling for it..

Have one player calling for a high five while the other avoids giving the high five back. If playing solo, then have the controlled player call for the high five while 2nd controller does nothing.

 Pyramid Headland
Activate the secret Pyramid in the Golf Course.

Once in the Golf Course, there is an area shortly after the first time you had to roll through a doorway to enter the next area. You will see a metal castle-like door, start the generator and go through the open doorway as shown in the pictures below. That will lead up to the hidden area where the Pyramid will be revealed. Requires the Game Gauntlet to access this area.

 Cutting it fine
High-Five when both players have a single point of health left.

Let both players receive enough damage that they only have one health point left each, then one player will call for a high five, and after they high five it will heal all the damage taken.

 They Live
Wake up your knocked out friend.

Let one of the two players receive enough damage that they get knocked out. Then either character can revive the other that was knocked out.

 Head Space
Pose in the Cut-Out Standee in the Theme Park.

While in the Theme Park, you will see a Cut-Out Standee. Interact with it so that a picture of the 3 characters is taken.

Head Space Trophy.

 The Cursed Treasure
Complete Day 2.

Caravan Park and Golf Course. Obtain Demelza’s Wllies (Rubber Boots) ability for kicking (Tap x) and stomping (jumping down) (Hold x) the ground or splashing water/poop. Obtain Nessa’s Disc ability for throwing one Disc (Tap x) and 3 Discs (Hold x). Demelza finds her bicycle in the Goose Barn in Caravan Park. How to roll and how to heal your partner with a High Five learned by both characters.

 Saddle Up
Unlock Bikes for both Demelza and Nessa.

As you progress through the story, Demelza and Nessa will both have a bicycle to ride in the game. Demelza’s bike is unlocked during the first day and, Nessa’s bike is obtained by completing the race (doesn’t matter who wins) that Oba asks the girls to compete in while visiting Oba’s Bike Shop in The Wilderness the first time.

Saddle Up Trophy.

 Sword In the Scone
Correctly fill the Jam Scone.

While in the Theme Park, go in Scone Grotto to learn about Jam Scones. To correctly fill the Jam Scone choose: Jam, more Jam, and Cream to make a Jam Scone.

 Hay, you guys!
Wear the Haybale Armour

While on your way to the Junkyard, you will pass through a hay field. Near the top of this area there is a small building, that when you go near there is a white outline of a dragon tail that appears. Enter this building and after you exit, Demelza will be wearing Haybale Armour.

Hay, you guys! Trophy.

 The Book
Complete Day 3.

Wilderness, Harbour, and Theme Park. Nessa gets a bike from Oba’s Bike Shop race in the Wilderness. Use Demelza’s Plunger ability to plant a plunger bomb (Tap X to use it) and shoot the Plunger (Hold X to shoot it) at enemies/distant targets. Nessa’s Water Balloon ability to throw water (Tap X to throw ) and throw a full Water Balloon (Hold X). After this, Oba will be in different places around the game world to get upgrades/change bicycle options without going to his Bike Shop.

 New Best Friends
Complete Day 1.

Introduction of how Demelza and Nessa meet.

 Coming of Age
Remove your Stabiliser Wheels

Either in Oba’s Bike Shop or when you see Oba, you can buy/add/remove any upgrades to your characters’ bicycles. Under the Stabiliser tab, choose no Stabilisers (training wheels).

Stabiliser Wheels.

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