Island Saver Trophy Guide

Game: Island Saver
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 6-8 hours.
Difficulty: 1/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 0 1 3 9
Author: Sean and Son.

Welcome to the trophy guide for Island Saver. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the first island, Sandy Island.

There’s nothing missable in Island Saver, so you can play leisurely without worry. All the trophies during the first island are Story Related or tied into story progress. To give you an idea what to keep an eye out for though, the trophies you’ll get during the first island are as follows:

  • Community Service
  • Deposit
  • Save The Date
  • For The People
  • Big Spender
  • Bridge Builder
  • Fair Trade

Stage 2 – Complete the second island, Icecap Island.

Again, you’ll be playing leisurely still with nothing missable. There will be a few notable changes come the second island though. New trash types, new currency, upgrades for your gadget, etc. But with the majority of trophies out of the way on the first island, there’s less to look out here for:

  • Quids In
  • A Personal Loan **
  • Debt Free **
  • Money Matters

**These 2 trophies are missable on IceCap Island, though aren’t missable on Eruption Island, so do not fret if you miss them.

Stage 3 – Complete the third island, Eruption Island.

At last the third and final island (DLC excluded). Again, you’ll be introduced to a couple different mechanics and whatnot but nothing to worry about as nothing is missable so play leisurely. Depending on if you’ve done a loan or not you’ll have 2 to 4 trophies left:

  • A Personal Loan **
  • Debt Free **
  • Bureau De Change
  • Charity Champ

**These 2 trophies, will appear here and aren’t missable just in-case you missed them on IceCap Island.


 Charity Champ
 Complete charity mission and send Litterbugs home.

Story Related
Sending the litterbugs home will be your final task in Island Savers. You will need to restore their portal to send them off. You’ll first use resources and your build bot to reconstruct the portal but unfortunately like everything else in this game, it starts off powerless. You may have noticed those Tiki like statues that were strewn about the island? Each of these Tiki like statues have a counterpart battery they’ll pair up with to charge. Once you have your 10th charged battery go shoot them into the portal and voila!

 Big Spender
Spend 100 in Pigby’s Store.

Story Related
Pigby’s Store is an accessible feature through your wrist gadget available starting at Rhino Rock on the first island. This trophy will come naturally as there are 3 sections to the store: Seeds, Fun!, and Upgrades (Not available on the first island). You’ll need seeds to create plants to complete areas of the first island, making them mandatory to buy. You will purchase over 100 doubloons worth of seeds alone on your first island alongside a Fun! accessory.

 Debt Free
Repay a bank loan.

Refer to A Personal Loan for more details on how to obtain a bank loan.

Paying off a loan is dependent on which loan you took. On Icecap Island your initial loan is 55 Doubloons. On Eruption Island your initial loan is 220 Doubloons. I mention initial because you’ll have a 30-day timer that is fairly quick, that’ll count down towards interest added onto your loan if you don’t pay it off quick enough.

 Bureau de Change
Exchange all 5 currencies into doubloons at least once.

During the game on the final 2 islands, Icecap Island and Eruption Island you’ll come across 5 different currencies. On Icecap Island you will come across Yen, Dollar, and Rupee. On Eruption Island you will come across Yen, Pound, and Euros. Upon exchanging at least 1 of each of the 5 currencies you will obtain this trophy. These currencies aren’t particularly hard to come across either as more than half of each species of both islands give out these different currencies. Emperor Penguin, Walrus, Camel, Scorpion, Kangaroo, Giraffe, Elephant, etc.

Deposit 100 gold doubloons.

Refer to Quids In for more information.


 Quids In
Deposit 1000 gold doubloons. 

Story Related
Doubloons are the used currency in Island Saver. You will earn doubloons through just about anything in game: recycling, helping the bankimals, currency exchange machines, exchanging fruits, etc. The 1000 doubloons needed for this trophy are cumulative, and only deposited doubloons will count. Upon your 1000th deposited doubloon this trophy will pop, this is trackable by in-game badges through your wrist gadget. As for when it pops, unless you’re exchanging copious amounts of fruit at Bigby’s Fruit Stall, you will deposit your 1000th doubloon on the 2nd island, Icecap Island

 A Personal Loan
 Take out a bank loan.

Story Related
Loans in Island Saver are mandatory and not voluntarily done. You will have 2 chances to earn this, first is on Icecap Island and the other being on Eruption Island.

At the beginning of Icecap Island at Snowy Shores you’ll have problems with your trash blaster freezing and have to purchase the Water Heater. Unfortunately you’ll have no funds are are forced to take out a loan. This loan on Icecap Island is missable as you could choose to obtain the loan through a loan shark. This trophy is specifically for bank loans only. So when an NPC named Chomper Gold shows up, do not agree to his business propositions or you’ll miss this oppurtunity.

The loan on Eruption Island is not missable like that of Icecap Island for Chomper Gold does not appear. At the beginning of the island during Grizzly Clearing you’ll need 200 Doubloons to open a gate but will unfortunately not have enough, forcing you to take out a loan earning you this trophy if you missed the Icecap Island one.

 For The People
Earn 50 Tax Tokens.

Story Related
There will be a tax robot that comes down and automatically take 10% of your savings as you play. This will equate to 1 doubloon for every 10 doubloons. Considering the hundreds of pieces of trash you’ll be recycling and dozens of bankimals you’ll suck coins out of to progress through areas, you will get this naturally on your first island. The tokens needed for this is cumulative and not needed to have 50 at once. You can track your earned tokens through your wrist gadget’s Badges.

 Community Service
Use tax to empty a recycler.

Story Related
Recyclers are where you’ll empty the trash you vaccum up and come in Plastic, Metal, or Glass. Often you’ll have to clean the recycler up before they’ll become active. For every 10 pieces of trash you turn in you’ll earn a doubloon. Upon your 50th piece of trash turned in though a recycler it will become full and need to be emptied. To empty a recycler you’ll need to use a Tax Token, then it’ll fly off into space to empty itself then return ready to be filled once again.

 Bridge Builder
Use tax to build a bridge.

Story Related.
On the first island, Sandy Island, one of the locations you’ll come across is Croc Beach. This beach will connect to Primate Playground by means of a bridge you will need to construct. There’ll be a machine, Tax Builder, that you’ll need to feed 30 Tax Tokens to afford the bridges construction.  Unfortunately, Tax Builders are powered through Power Units. To supply the power you’ll need to restore Croc Beach to it’s former glory.

 Save The Date
Earn first interest on your savings.

Story Related
Interest is a fixed rate of return that you get depending on how much money you have in your bank. At set intervals of time you’ll be notified of an interest deposit into your account. This trophy is not miss-able and will come naturally quite early in the game.

 Money Matters
 Exchange any currency at its best price.

Starting with the 2nd island, Icecap Island, you’ll come across Currency Exchange Machines which will give you 1 ~ 3 Doubloons per coin you put into the machine. Your first opportunity to earn this trophy will be at Walrus Island with either the Emperor Penguin or the Walrus as they offer Yen when full not Doubloons. You’ll use this Yen at the exchange machine to earn Doubloons. What this trophy entails is getting the best exchange rate, which in this case is 3 Doubloons per Yen. The Exchange Machine constantly changes rates every few seconds so you’ll have ample opportunity to earn this. When the Yen is worth 3 Doubloons, shoot a coin into the machine.

 Fair Trade
Barter with Kiwi. 

Story Related.
Kiwi is the Macaw that’ll act as your guide and tutorial through the islands. During the first island, Sandy Island, one of your final areas Primate Playground will have a bartering station. You will need to trade with Kiwi 10 of either Star Fruit, Bamboo Shoot, or Drumsticks to get Gornana Seeds. These seeds are used to plant the 2 Gornana Tree’s needed (as well as x3 monkey’s) to restore the Gorilla’s habitat, making this a mandatory trophy as well.

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