Instant Sports Paradise Trophy Guide

Game: Instant Sports Paradise
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 5 – 7 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1, 9 , 4 , 4
Author: Pete

Welcome to the trophy guide for Instant Sports Paradise. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play through all the Sports and Find Collectibles.

You will need to play through all 12 sports to unlock all of the locked areas of the map. You can fast travel to a Sport location or choose to play it directly from the Map Sign Posts all over the Map.

You will be given the INSECT NET near the beginning of the game after leaving the Hotel. You will need to buy the SHOVEL, FISHING ROD, and DETECTOR from the Store to the left of the Hotel. Each tool costs 500 a piece. See pictures below.

Stage 2 – Find all Collectibles.

You will need to collect all types of minerals, fish, and insects in the game. You will also need to find the 12 buried treasures and dig them up. See the trophy descriptions below for any remaining trophies.

The Collector
Unlock all other trophies!

Congratulations on the shiny new platinum!

Entomological passion
Catch 100 insects.

Catch 100 insects using the NET. The insects will be near flowering plants and bushes. As you catch more in an area, they will respawn and the type will also change.
Note: The insects will be random, but there are some that will only be available to be caught in one of the unlocked areas on the map.

Treasure hunter
Find the 12 treasures

You will need to earn all 12 treasure maps from completing specific tasks – winning the hardest level of a sport; or by catching, digging up, or fishing certain amounts of an specific one.

There are 5 games that require you to play in at least two person couch coop (possible even with only a 2nd controller) on the hardest difficulty or last location only for these sports:
1. Wakeboard.
2. Table Tennis.
3. Jet Ski.
4. Archery.
5. Wok.

The other specific tasks are:
1. Catch every type of fish.
2. Catch all insect species.
3. Dig up all types of minerals.
4. Find 500 collectibles.
5. Mini-Golf – Beach location.
6. Air Hockey – hardest difficulty.
7. Bowling – 10 rounds.

Each one of the above will earn you a treasure map. Then you need to find the marked spot and use the SHOVEL to dig it up. The SHOVEL is only used for digging up treasures!

See the pictures below.

Almost decathlete
Play every sport.

There are 12 sports in the game. For games with difficulties or new locations, you will need to play each sport on its easiest difficulty or location in order to unlock the next level and so on. Some others will have longer games or certain amounts of points that need to be obtained. All of these will be clearly stated at the start of a sport each time. Once you have played through all the sports on their hardest difficulty you will earn this trophy.

The 12 sports are:
1. Seaplane – One difficulty and location.
2. Table Tennis – Easy, Medium, Hard difficulty – Earns a Treasure Map (in coop).
3. Wakeboard – Easy, Medium, Hard difficulty – Earns a Treasure Map (in coop).
4. Jet Ski – Sea, Ship, Waterfall locations – Earns a Treasure Map (in coop).
5. Mini-Golf – Forest, Mountain, Beach – Earns a Treasure Map.
6. Air Hockey – Easy, Medium, Hard difficulty – Earns a Treasure Map.
7. Bowling – 3, 6, 10 rounds – Earns a Treasure Map.
8. Archery – Beach, Forest, Mountain – Earns a Treasure Map (in coop).
9. Wok – easy, medium, hard difficulty – Earns a Treasure Map (in coop).
10. Shell Hunt – Easy, Medium, Hard difficulty.
11. Ice Creams – Easy, Medium, Hard difficulty.
12. Wing Suit – One difficulty and location.

Mineralogical passion
Dig up 100 minerals

Dig up 100 minerals. You will use the DETECTOR to help locate buried minerals. You will need to walk very slowly in straight lines near the areas where there are barrels with minerals in them or minerals sticking out of the ground. The DETECTOR will start out as a weak signal (white circles) and then strengthen to a rapid signal (white circles) and then the circles turn red. Do not move. Instead, you must then immediately hit the indicated button to dig up the mineral.

Fishing Pro
Fish every kind of fish.

There are 12 types of fish in the game. The rarest fish are found in the areas that need to be unlocked to access the fish ponds.

The fish are:
1. Arapaima – Rare
2. Brochet (pike) – Common
3. Butterfly fish – Very common
4. Clown – Very common
5. Emperor fish – Common
6. Koi fish – Rare
7. Mahi-Mahi – Rare
8. Mandarin fish – Rare
9. Crochu – Common
10. Octopus – Rare
11. Piranha – Very common
12. Chirurgien – Very common

See the picture below.

Dig up every mineral.

There are 12 types of minerals in the game. The rarest minerals are found in the areas that need to be unlocked to access the dig sites.

The minerals are:
1. Agate – Common
2. Amethyst – Rare
3. Diamond – Rare
4. Emerald – Rare
5. Obsidian – Common
6. Tiger Eyes – Common
7. Gold – Very rare
8. Quartz – Common
9. Rhodochrosite – Common
10. Ruby – Very rare
11. Sapphire – Rare
12. Sulphur – Uncommon

See the picture below.

Catch all insects types.

There are 12 types of insects in the game. The rarest insects are found in the areas that need to be unlocked to access the catch sites.

The insects are:
1. Black – Uncommon
2. Blue Dasher (the dragonfly in game) – Uncommon
3. Ladybird – Common
4. Copper – Common
5. Dragonfly – Very common
6. Firefly – Rare
7. Monarch – Uncommon
8. Blue Morpho – Common
9. Orange Tip – Very common
10. Red Arrow – Common
11. Vision – Common
12. Winter – Very common

See the picture below.

Ichthyological passion
Fish 100 fishes.

Catch 100 fish. Use the FISHING ROD to catch fish from streams, ponds, and the ocean surrounding the island. After casting the FISHING ROD to where fish are present, you will hook a fish, and will need to press the indicated button when it is on the bar. This bar is a timed event. Each type of fish has a unique bar when you hook it on your FISHING ROD.
Note: The fish will be random and will not necessarily look like the fish that you currently see swimming in the water.

Find 500 collectibles.

The collectibles are the fish, minerals, and insects. You will earn this trophy by doing any combination of catching fish, digging up minerals, and catching insects that adds up to 500.

Insect collector
Catch 50 insects.

Catch 50 insects.

Mineral Collector
Dig up 50 minerals.

Dig up 50 minerals.

Unlock all areas.

There are 9 locked areas on the map at the start of the game. As you play through the sports (most have easy, medium, and hard difficulty), you will unlock these areas to search for fish, minerals, and insects. These areas that you unlock will have the harder to find fish, minerals, and insects. They also will be needed to obtain some of the locations of the treasures from ‘Treasure hunter’ trophy. Lastly, there will be a person near where the area was unlocked and if you talk to them they will tell you what you may find in that unlocked area.

Fish collector
Fish 50 fishes.

Catch 50 fish.

Curiosity for insects
Catch 5 insects.

Catch 5 insects.

Curiosity for minerals
Dig up 5 minerals

Dig up any 5 minerals.

Complete the 3 challenges

There are 3 areas of the map marked with a symbol made of a SHOVEL, FISHING ROD, and DETECTOR where challenges are located. At these locations there will be a character that will give you a challenge to do an activity in a limited amount of time. Each time you take a challenge it will cost 500. The area while a challenge is activated is limited in size. You will need to obtain the requested items before time runs out. Do not worry if you do not succeed as you can instantly ask the person for another challenge. This challenge will be different and eventually you will complete at least 3 of them. See the pictures below.

Curiosity for fish
Fish 5 fishes.

Catch 5 fish.

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