Infliction: Extended Cut Trophy Guide

Game: Infliction: Extended Cut
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 2 – 4 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: Getting to Know You
Author: Pete and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Infliction: Extended Cut. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play through the game while finding all collectibles.

All trophies can be earned in one playthrough of the game. The first eight Memory Collectibles must be done in your first playthrough section of the story. If you do not collect these eight collectibles, you will NOT be able to earn them in the chapter select after completing the game. You will have to delete your game save from the PS4 Gamedata save and NOT the in-game delete for a New Game. Otherwise, enjoy the story as you discover what has happened in this serene house.

The game is setup in ‘loops’ that are the same as checkpoints or new chapter sections. Loops are impossible to miss, as these are the moments where you will face the ghost in the game.
– You can avoid the ghost by doing the following:
Wherever you restart or start a new loop, you have about 4 minutes to investigate, find collectibles, clues, items needed for story progression, etc. Once the time is up, you will hear sounds that cue you that the ghost is present. When the ghost is very close and it has spotted you either: you can move away to avoid it, get into a room and close the door behind you; flip the light switch near you to solve your problem; or hide under a table or bed when the QTE (Quick Time Event) is available. Turn off your flashlight too, or the ghost may never leave your location.

There is also a visual cue that is like a VCR glitch on your screen that means the ghost is extremely close to you. Sometimes it is going to be impossible to avoid the ghost.
– You will want to make sure that you turn off any light switches before you exit rooms if you can. This will prevent the ghost from taking away the associated lights that they are connected to. This is very important for ‘Bright light, Bright light’ trophy.

Stage 2 – Cleanup Trophies.

If you missed ‘Getting to Know You’, you will have to delete the PS4 Gamedata Save and start a new playthrough. As soon as you find all 8 of these collectibles in the first loop, you will earn this trophy.

All other trophies are possible to earn with Chapter Select once you have fully unlocked this feature. As soon as you collect or do the associated trophy, you can exit to another Chapter.


Collect all trophies and 100% the game.

Earn all other trophies. Congratulations for earning a new shiny platinum trophy!

 Getting to Know You
Find all the memories during the first loop.

All of the Memory collectibles will have a shiny shimmering glow to them. For all the memories you find, you will notice that an ‘eye‘ appears. Press R2 to collect the memory when you see this icon. You will then hear and see an unlocked Memory about each one.

During the first time you are inside the house after entering through the sliding doors you will be in the Kitchen. You need to find and collect all 8 Memory collectibles.
Memory 1 – Puppy Photo – Is on the wall in the Kitchen.
Memory 2 – Maggie’s Drawing – Is on the refrigerator in the Kitchen.
Memory 3 – Watch – Is in the drawer below the telephone in the main floor hallway.
Memory 4 Maggie’s Birth Certificate – In the second drawer from the right in the main floor hallway.
Memory 5 – Horror VHS – On the wall shelf inside the TV room.
Memory 6 – Wedding Photo – Above the fireplace mantle on the wall.
Memory 7 – Maggie’s Book – In the top dresser drawer in the Baby’s room.
Memory 8 – Engagement Ring – On the dresser’s top left corner is a music box with the ring inside.

These MUST all be collected before going into the Locked (Digital Access Pad) Door of the Painting Room at the opposite end of the hallway from the Master Bedroom.

Finish the game.

This is not the ending of the game. There is more after the credits, but you will earn this trophy after the following. You will be tasked the entire game to carry out a main mission where you must find items needed to exorcist the ghost from the house. Starting at the Painting Room, during the final part, you will be tasked to burn these items. There is a Lighter in the Kitchen, in the middle drawer below the Radio. Interact with the Lighter to see a cut scene.

Go to ‘Evil, Dead’ trophy description before doing the next part written here.

Redo the above mentioned as you start again in the Painting Room. This time, after burning the items, go back to the Painting Room and spread the ashes on the blood.

 I Remember
Find every memory.

There are 28 Memories that you will collect while playing through this game and it is recommended to collect all of them in your first playthrough.

See ‘Getting to know you’ trophy description for Memory Collectibles: 1 – 8.

Memory 9 – Diary for 1999 – On night stand in the first floor bedroom.
Memory 10 – Diary for 1990 – In Master bedroom, the dresser’s top right drawer
Memory 11 – Medication – See ‘Down the rabbit hole’ trophy description.
Memory 12 – Booze – See ‘Down the rabbit hole’ trophy description.
Memory 13 – Counselling Pamphlet – In foyer beside that boxes marked ‘Stone Age’ on the floor.
Memory 14 – Police Interrogation – The large recording device in the Police Station Interrogation room.
Memory 15 – Death Certificate – In the main floor hallway in right most drawer.
Memory 16 – Grief Counselling Pamphlet – In the main floor hallway in the left most drawer.
Memory 17 – Diary for June 1986 – In the main floor bedroom on the floor near some clothes.
Memory 18 – Diary for January 1986 – In the Master bedroom on the left night stand.
Memory 19 – Michael’s Birth Certificate – In the main floor hallway near telephone.
Memory 20 – Sarah’s Letter 1 – On the floor of the main floor in the Cabin.
Memory 21 – Sarah’s Letter 2 – In the typewriter on a table of the main floor in the Cabin.
Memory 22 – Sarah’s Tape 1986 – On a shelf in the basement of the Cabin.
Memory 23 – Wedding Veil – In the back corner of the attic.
Memory 24 – Maggie’s Diary – In Maggie’s bedroom on the night stand.
Memory 25 – Maggie’s Letter – On the corner of the Kitchen island countertop.
Memory 26 – Sarah’s Tape 1996 – On Tanas’ office desk in the Asylum.
Memory 27 – Diary for 1996 – On the foyer cabinet.
Memory 28 – Diary for 1999 – On the floor between the wall and single couch chair in the fireplace room.

 Bright light, Bright light
Banish the ghost during the 1980’s.

As you progress through the game, you will notice that the appearance, details, and time periods inside the house are different. When you are in the 1980’s, you need to banish the ghost by turning on a light switch with a working light to get it. It’s important to check to know what time period you are in by looking at calendars and/or journals you collect. When you first appear in a loop the time is 3:41 AM and you have about 4 minutes (3:45 AM) before the ghost appears. The ghost will try to find and get you every time. Therefore, when you are in 1980’s and having some time before 3:45 AM, check light switches to see if they are working with a light. After finding one, make sure the light is OFF. When the time is 3:45 AM, there will be sounds and VCR glitches appearing on-screen when the ghost is very close to you. As soon as this happens, interact with the light switch to turn the light ON.

 Supernatural Investigator
Take 4 photos capturing the ghost hiding.

Use the Camera to take pictures that are aimed at these:
Photo 1 – During the Hallway Riddle, take a photo of the open door as shown below.
Photo 2 – See ‘Turn to your left’ trophy description for this photo from the Police Station.
Photo 3 – During the part where you enter the painting and you go inside a cabin, use the Camera to enter the floor door near the mounted wolf head. Once inside the basement follow the path and then open the cellar doors to get out of the cabin. Keep going until you come to a Well in the ground. Take a photo aimed down the Well.
Photo 4 – After waking up in Maggie’s room, go left in the hallway toward a Man (Monster) standing outside the Baby Room. You will be transported to Tanas’ Asylum. Once here go to the end of the hallway where the Floor Directory is on the wall. Turn to your left to see a door marked ‘STAIRS‘. Take a photo of the open door.

 Evil, Dead
Exorcise yourself while possessed.

 See ‘Hellbound’ trophy description. After doing the first part mentioned in the other trophy description go into the main floor hallway. Turn on the hallway light and walk underneath it. (If this light does NOT trigger this trophy, then find another working light to use and walk into its light.)

 Roll on Two
Kill the ghost with shock therapy.

When you are inside of Tanas’ Asylum West Wing Dorms, go straight down the hallway to the double doors on the left and then to the right to the next room. Inside this room there is a switch board. Interact with the Left Switch to see 3 Red Lights turn on on the left side and along the top a row of Red Lights turning on. When the top row of 5 Lights are all on, interact with the Right Switch.

 Turn to your Left
Take a photo in the police lineup room.

While in the Police Station, you will find a Police Officer’s ID Card and be able to use it to open some of the rooms in this area. Use the Police Officer’s ID Card on the room door swipe that is to the right of the ‘Line Up’ sign. Enter the room and face the one way mirror and take a photo with your Camera. This is one of the photos (Photo 2) needed for ‘Supernatural Investigator’ trophy.

 Couch Potato
Watch the TV show once you’ve set the ghost free.

After you complete the mission of setting the ghost free and you are told to escape the house, go to the Den. Inside the Den, turn on the TV one last time.

 Satanic Gesture
Find the crucifix hanging in the tree.

In the main floor hallway, you will eventually see a painting that has a shiny shimmering glow to it. You will see the ‘eye’ appear. Enter by pressing R2. When inside, go up the the tree in the yard to find the Crucifix hanging on a branch.

 Confronting your Demons
Trap Crave behind the roller door.

When inside Tanas’ Asylum, you will come to a room with some boxes in the corner. Move the boxes to reveal a chute that you must enter. When you go through it, you will notice a window to your right. This room to the right is where you want to go to so exit the room you are in. Avoid Crave (large monster) and go inside the desired room to the left of the window. Once Crave is inside the room where you came out of the chute from, activate the wall button.

 Third Floor: Butchery
Find hell inside the elevator.

When you are inside the Police Station, press the Elevator button.

 These pretzels are making me thirsty
Find the person trapped in the vending machine.

Inside the Police Station, there will be a Vending Machine. Press all the buttons on the Vending Machine and beer cans fall out. You may need to go to the side of the Vending Machine as shown in the picture below to earn the trophy.

 Inner Demon or Outer Demon?
Examine the hole in the basement wall.

During the first time you are inside the basement, you need to enter the back area by moving the boxes near the Water Tank. Walk to the far back corner. You will see a hole on the wall that you can look into.

 Tortured by Inspiration
Receive punishment from one of the inspirations in hell.

After the credits of the game, you will wake up and be able to walk down a hallway to the end. Enter the room with the Green Lights above it. Walk into the next area and choose any of the 4 doors. All have green lights above them.

 Inner Demons
Discover the two memories during the hallway riddle.

See ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ trophy description, you will find and collect these two memories while attempting to earn the ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ trophy.

 Down the Rabbit Hole
Solve the hallway riddle in the first two tries.

You will enter the main floor hallway at a certain point in the game. Before the Camera, pick up the Medication (1st Memory for ‘Inner Demons’ trophy, also Memory 11 for ‘I Remember’ trophy). You will encounter a Camera and Film for the first time, pick them up, and you will be able to use the Camera to take pictures of hidden messages and spirits. After getting the Camera, turn and find on the left side of the hallway the message. The message is either:
Curiosity Killed the Cat” – Enter Door 9 in the next section, or:

Unlucky for Some” – Enter Door 13 in the next section.
Next, go to the end of the hallway and take a close-up photo of the wall to reveal a Key. Take the Key to open the locked double doors. Do NOT open other doors than the one stated for the solution to the Hallway Riddle. As you enter the next area, walk through the corridors and then pick up the Booze (2nd Memory in ‘Inner Demons’ trophy, also Memory 12 in ‘I Remember’ trophy). Then proceed to the Door which is your exit depending on the Message you saw in the first hallway. Note: There is a photo that you need to take in this area, refer to ‘Supernatural Investigator’ trophy.

 Mirror, Mirror
Enter the mirror world.

In the game, there will be a few times that you will have to enter the Mirror World to progress in the story. The mirrors (free standing wardrobe style) will have a shine to them, so you can spot them more easily. When you encounter one, you can press R2 to see into the mirror and enter into the Mirror World.

 Master Chef
Watch the TV show during the first loop.

During the first time you are inside the house looking around, go into the Den that is near the Kitchen. Inside here, interact with the TV or the TV Remote to turn on the TV. The trophy will be earned after it is on for a little bit.

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