Indiecalypse Trophy Guide

Game: Indiecalypse
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 4 hours
Difficulty: 3/10 (Mix of 27 genres of game types.)
Missable trophies: “Splatpoo” + “Hotline Asylum” + “Fly Hunt” and “Dollar Toss”
Author: Pete

Welcome to the trophy guide for Indiecalypse. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play the Story of the Seven Chapters of the game.

Indiecalypse is a parody of many games from casual types to AAA games. There is crude humour and swearing used throughout the game. Each chapter will have you complete small tasks where you will also play the different types of games through the characters’ lives as a video game developer.

Play through the seven chapters of the game and you will earn all the trophies. Make sure that you follow the tasks as they appear in the story. Interact with all the items possible within a scene. There are objects that you interact with that will progress the story and allow you to play the next task/game. There will be many times that you interact with other characters and it does not matter what your choice of answers to each of them.

Stage 2 – Cleanup Trophies

If you missed either “Splatpoo” or “Hotline Asylum” trophies, you will have to replay the entire game until you earn these two missable trophies.


Earn all other trophies.

Congratulations on your shiny new platinum trophy!

Finish the first chapter.

The tasks (games) to be played are: Code Hero, Splatpoo, Enter the Classgun, and The Binding of Jack.

Finish the second chapter.

The tasks (games) to be played are: Jack Trip, Mortal Daddy, Cooking Roach, and Geometry Jack.

Finish the third chapter.

The tasks (games) to be played are: Shower with your Grandpa, Makeup your Princess Granny, Dollar Toss, Super Duck Punch, and Burgers Please.

Finish the fourth chapter.

The tasks (games) to be played are: Follow Keytar, Super 3D Osbourne’s Ark, and Cooking Bad.  

Finish the fifth chapter.

The tasks (games) to be played are: Dino Jump, Call of Rats, Tiny Chicks, and Pitch Battle. Make sure to meet Jandu at the far right in the E4 Video Game Fair area before the Pitch Battle.

Finish the sixth chapter.

The tasks (games) to be played are: Fly Hunt, Groomer, and Bloodhead.

Finish the seventh chapter.

The tasks (games) to be played are: Uvergeddon, Hotline Asylum, and Crunch.

 Code Hero
Play “Code Hero”.

You will enter the Programming Class room and take your Exam where you play Code Hero. Code Hero requires you to get more than half of the corresponding button matching correct to pass your Exam.

Play “Splatpoo”.

To the right of the Programming Class room door in the hallway is a Washroom. To the right of the Washroom is a Water Fountain. Interact with the Water Fountain and you will need to go to the Washroom eventually. Go into the Washroom and enter the Washroom Stall to play Splatpoo. Splatpoo requires you to aim your pee on the hands to the left and right of the toilet bowl while cleaning the stains on the toilet.

 Enter the Classgun
Play “Enter the Classgun”.

You will go to the Cafeteria and talk to all the people here. To the far right is a group of people talking about a game where you disagree with them. This will lead to you playing Enter the Classgun. This game requires that you defeat all the enemies in this game and make it out alive.

 The Binding of Jack
Play “The Binding of Jack”

You will enter the Scripting Class room andkill a classmate. Go to the classroom where you first entered the school where the cleaning lady was. Then you will be required to go to the Principal’s Office. This will automatically make you play The Binding of Jack. The Binding of Jack requires you to destroy all the enemies in the various rooms. As you defeat the enemies, the doors to new rooms will appear and unlock. Access all rooms, defeat all enemies, and eventually you will need to defeat the boss to win this game.

 Jack Trip
Play “Jack Trip”.

After leaving the school, you will be on your way home where you will play Jack Trip. Jack Trip requires you to dodge and jump over obstacles. The speed of the level increases as you progress further toward the completion of the game.

 Mortal Daddy
Play “Mortal Daddy”.

Once you get home from school, you will talk to your dad who will challenge you to fight him in Mortal Daddy. Mortal Daddy is a Quick-Time-Event game where you jump or duck to avoid his cane swings.

 Cooking Roach
Play “Cooking Roach”

After going into the kitchen and talking with your mom, you will play Cooking Roach. Cooking Roach requires you to place the sandwich pieces on the plate and rotate them until you hear an auditory cue meaning it is in the correct position. At the same time, there are cockroaches trying to steal the pieces. If the cockroaches get to the edge with a piece you will lose. Place them all correctly and you will win this game.

 Geometry Jack
Play “Geometry Jack”.

Upstairs you will talk to your brother in his room. You will play Geometry Jack here. Geometry Jack is a game where you jump to avoid all the obstacles to not lose.

 Shower with your Grandpa
Play “Shower with your Grandpa”.

You will eventually be living with your Grandpa and you will be required to play Shower with your Grandpa. This game requires that you go to your grandpa many times while avoiding obstacles and only going to him each time. The only other item you can touch is the bar of soap on the ground.

 Makeup your Princess Granny
Play “Makeup your Princess Granny”.

Your Grandpa will need to be dressed up and this requires you play Makeup your Princess Granny. The trophy icon is what your Grandpa should look like in order to win this game.

 Dollar Toss
Play “Dollar Toss”.

As you are looking for a job, you will play Dollar Toss. Dollar Toss involves you getting a dollar that’s crumpled up into a B&D drink cup by choosing the direction and power level for each shot. Get the dollar into the cup within the 3 tries to go to the next try. Get the dollar into the cup 3 times and you will win.

 Super Duck Punch
Play “Super Duck Punch”.

You will need to defeat the Duck mascot in order to get a job at the B&D Fast Food place. You will dodge and throw punches at the mascot to defeat him. If you get knocked down, you will be able to get back up and continue to try to defeat him. Eventually you will defeat the Duck mascot and win this game.

 Burgers Please
Play “Burgers Please”

After getting the job at B&D Fast Food place, you will play Burgers Please. Burgers Please requires that you check to food receipts against the Regulations and Menu of the restaurant. If the receipt is correct, stamp “OK”, and give them whatever they asked for like Ketchup. If the receipt is not correct, then stamp it with “F*** Off”. As you progress in the game, there will be new Regulations added, so make sure that you check things like: that the date is for the current day, the name of the restaurant is where you work, the discount membership is valid, etc. You will win this game when you have the final customer (Ethan) who tries to get you to give them back hundreds of dollars as if they overpaid and are trying to use a -110% coupon.

 Follow the Keytar
Play “Follow the Keytar”

As Ethan, you will teach a group of children music and play Follow the Keytar. Follow the Keytar is a game where you repeat back the pattern of the burps by the students. Each students’ shirt color corresponds to the keys on the keytar. Repeat back the patterns to win the game.

 Super 3D Osbourne’s Ark
Play “Super 3D Osbourne’s Ark”.

The music store owner requires that you meet his guy in the back alley. In the back alley you will play the game Super 3D Osbourne’s Ark. This game involves you using Holy Water to bless the children and save them. After saving all the children, you only need to exit through the main door to win the game.

 Cooking Bad
Play “Cooking Bad”.

Eventually you will meet the chef to make the music store owner’s special drink. You will play Cooking Bad. The items: Ketchup, Powerade, and Green sauce are inside the Kitchen and hallway areas of this chapter and are easy to locate. Cooking Bad has you pour the ingredients into the pot, and when you see “Delicious” the first time, it is ready for the second step. If you do not mix them in the required amount, then the mixture explodes and you can try again. After mixing the right amounts, you will need to keep the temperature between the amounts indicated on the recipe in the top right of the screen until it is fully cooked and made “Delicious”.

 Dino Jump
Play “Dino Jump”.

At the E4 Video Game Fair, you will play Dino Jump. This game involves you jumping up the ground (green and brown) platforms while avoiding the moving poo enemies and the stone platforms. You can use the trampolines to jump higher and the white icons on the platforms to move fast upwards. Once you surpass 499 points, you will win this game.

 Call of Rats
Play “Call of Rats”.

At the E4 Video Game Fair, you will play Call of Rats. Call of Rats is a game where you throw balls at the kids in the level before they hit you. Hit all of them and you will win this game.

 Caveman Warriors Rules
Speak with “Jandu”.

At the E4 Video Game Fair, you can go to the right of the booths and talk to Jandu to earn this trophy.

 Tiny Chicks
Play “Tiny Chicks”.

At the E4 Video Game Fair, you will play Tiny Chicks. Tiny Chicks involves you collecting coins to reset the time to 30 seconds as you move to the right. Make it to the finish line before your timer reaches zero.

 Pitch Battle
Play “Pitch Battle”

At the E4 Video Game Fair, you will play Pitch Battle. The correct Pitch Battle answers are shown below in the pictures.

 Fly Hunt
Play “Fly Hunt”.

As Violet, you will play the game Fly Hunt. This game involves you killing the majority of flies in the 5 rounds of the game. Each round has faster and harder flies to kill.

Play “Groomer”.

As Violet you will play Groomer. Groomer requires that you feed the dogs bones down the conveyor that they are on while moving to clean up any of the poo that they drop. Get to a score of 8000 points to win this game.

Play “Bloodhead”.

As Violet you will play Bloodhead. This game requires that you avoid the spitting blood enemies, the spiky obstacles, and the circle swimmers. You can shoot the spitting blood enemies and the circle swimmers to destroy them. The boss towards the end of this game will throw certain day spike balls at you while there are red bubbles that you need to also avoid touching. When you have 4 diamond cards, you will be able to shoot a blue torpedo at the boss. Defeat the boss to win the game.

Play “Uvergeddon”.

After getting your development team together, you will be on your way from the E4 Video Game Fair to go to your game development studio. You will play Uvergeddon, where you avoid the other vehicles to collect yellow diamonds. You can hit the people in this game. Once you score 50 points, you will win this game.

 Hotline Asylum
Play “Hotline Asylum”.

In your game development studio, you need to go into the Washroom to play Hotline Asylum. This game involves you using various objects that you can pick up like a cane or crowbar to hit the enemies to defeat them. You can open doors to also defeat them. After killing all enemies, you will win this game.

Play “Crunch”.

At the end developing your game with your development team, you will play Crunch. This game involves you deciding on how to budget and spend your money on the game that your team has developed.