Ice Age: Scrat’s Nutty Adventure Trophy Guide


Game: Ice Age: Scrat’s Nutty Adventure
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 6-8 hours
Difficulty: 3/10
Missable trophies: None as there is level select
Author: Peter

Welcome to the trophy guide for Ice Age: Scrat’s Nutty Adventure. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play through all the levels in the game to unlock all of them and to complete the main story.

Ice Age: Scrat’s Nutty Adventure Controls

Play through all the levels of the game. This will unlock all of the levels for fast travelling, allow you to obtain all abilities, and to complete the main story. Some collectibles are impossible to obtain until certain abilities are attained. Therefore, it’s recommended to not focus on the collectibles during this playthrough. When you have completed the story to the game, you can then fast travel to any of the levels to obtain any remaining collectibles.

Note: There are many hidden boxes that can be destroyed to give SHARDS. You can even throw rocks at boxes/containers that are relatively far away or out of reach to earn their contents. Focus on smashing as many boxes/containers as you can during this playthrough as there are associated trophies with these.

Stage 2 – Trophy Cleanup

From the beginning of any level you can use these first CHECKPOINTS to fast travel and to also check the MAP to see what collectibles you are missing from those levels. Use fast travel to access any levels that you need to obtain the TABLET pieces and/or STATUE collectibles. See No Stone Unturned trophy description for all the collectibles in the game.



  Ice came, Ice saw, Ice conquered
Collect All Trophies

Earn all other trophies.

Ice came, Ice saw, Ice conquered Trophy


 Heart to Heart…
Unlock all additional health chunks

As you playthrough the game collecting SHARDS, your HUD will show a ring around Scrat’s head icon that will fill up. As you collect more and more SHARDS this will level up your health. Eventually you will reach the maximum amount and earn this trophy.

Heart to Heart… Trophy


 Scrattle Royale
Kill all enemies in a section without dying

In any level from one CHECKPOINT to the next, kill all the enemies within that section to earn this trophy.

The COMBAT moves/combos:



 No Stone Unturned
Find all the Statues

Collect all 20 STATUES in the game.

Below are the collectibles locations in all of the levels & the main hub level under the world names.

The Woodland Valley
The Cascading Falls

The Glacier River

The Ancient Ice Cliff

The Endless Lake

The Ice Mountain

The Bleak Canyon

The Frozen Dam

The Gem Tunnels

The Scratazon Caverns
The Icebound Gallery

The Crystal Mine

The Hidden Jungle

The Lost Oasis

The Fiery Peak

The Magma Ruins

The Forgotten Temple


 Hope You Thaw Everything!
Complete Ice Age: Scrat’s Nutty Adventure

Play through all levels of the game to the ending. After you are done the game you will be able to fast travel to any levels within the game to collect anything you missed.

Hope You Thaw Everything! Trophy


 Dodge This
Complete a level without dying

Finish any level without dying. It does not matter what level you choose or how many times you play a level as long as you do not die. You can take damage and this does not affect obtaining this trophy.


 Spinning Bug Kick
Spin Kick a flying insect

Perform a Spin Kick on a flying insect by doing an AIR ATTACK. The combo is X, SQUARE.


 Sneaky Sneaky
Get a Guanlong to investigate a sound

During your first encounter with a Gualong do not sneak around it when prompted. Instead, move to make the Gualong aware of you and you will earn this trophy.


 Sssssh, Be Very Quiet!
Sneak past a sleeping wolf

During your first encounter with a sleeping wolf, you will be prompted to sneak past it by holding L1 while moving past it. Move past the section where the wolf is without causing it to be alerted to investigate.


 Appetite for Destruction
Smash 500 Shard crates

Destroy 500 boxes (SHARD CRATES) as you play through the game. They are everywhere throughout the game, some are in the open and others are hidden. For the hidden ones check behind any of the structures (buildings, doors, trees, rocks, etc.) in the game. This will be one of the most time consuming trophies in the game.


 Sounds Good!
Complete the Orerry Tablet

See No Stone Unturned trophy description for all of the locations with pictures.


 Any Fin is Possible
Complete the Cretaceous and Maelstrom Tablet

See No Stone Unturned trophy description for all of the locations with pictures.


 Rhino what you did last summer
Complete the Carl and Frank Table

See No Stone Unturned trophy description for all of the locations with pictures.


 The P is Silent
Complete the Pteradon Tablet

See No Stone Unturned trophy description for all of the locations with pictures.


 That was a little sharder
Collect 5000 shards

Collect 5000 SHARDS that are available out in the open in any level, from killing enemies, and smashing boxes.


 In Good Health
Unlock an additional health chunk

Have your health bar increase by one health chunk. See Heart to Heart… trophy description.


 A long time ago…
Collect a Tablet Piece

Collect your first TABLET piece in any level. See No Stone Unturned trophy description for all of the locations with pictures.


Get bitten by a piranha

Piranhas can be found throughout different levels, located between multiple sections of ground/ice/platforms. There are two possible instances of how these can occur: 1. Jump while one is going up into the air. 2. Use the telekinesis jump loops.


 Can You Dig It?
Complete a dig pile

There are lots of dig piles throughout the game. When you approach one you will be prompted to press TRIANGLE and repeatedly press it until Scrat digs up the pile contents. There can be SHARDS or TABLET pieces inside of them.

Can You Dig It? Trophy


 On Thin Ice
Slide on Ice

There are multiple ice slides throughout the game where you will have to slide down them to progress through the game. The Ancient Ice Cliff has the first ice slide and you will earn it while sliding on it.

On Thin Ice Trophy


 Rhi’no entry
Defeat Carl and Frank

In The Glacial River level you will defeat Carl and Frank by having them each smash twice, into the stone gate that blocks your path. To activate this battle, throw a rock at Carl and then you will be prompted to DODGE his attack. After he hits the stone gate, start to throw rocks at his nose. Repeat until he is ready to do a charge attack then move Scrat to in front of the stone gate. Dodge Carl’s attack, he will hit the stone gate, and then he’ll be defeated. Next, Frank will attack and you will do the same process of throwing rocks at his nose. When he is ready to do a charge attack, move Scrat to in front of the stone gate, and dodge Frank’s attack. Repeat one more time and Frank is defeated too.

Rhi’no entry Trophy


 Dearly be-lava-d
Survive getting burned by lava

Fall into the lava and get back to safe ground/platform after one or two hits of the lava.

Dearly be-lava-d Trophy


 Beam me up Scratty
Get rescued by the Scratazons

Fall into the water, and make sure to sustain 3 consecutive splashes. After the third splash the Scratazons will rescue you, returning you to a checkpoint with full health earning you this trophy.

Beam me up Scratty Trophy


 Do you even lift?
Use telekinesis 10 times

The Telekinesis ability is given after The Crystal Mine level. Telekinesis is used to move Scratazon Blocks (blocking pathways) and large ledges that have a purple outlined acorn shape on them. To use telekinesis press TRIANGLE and pull the Left Analog back to pull the object in your direction. Press CIRCLE to cancel the telekinesis ability.


Carry Power Cores a total of 100 metres

There are POWER CORES scattered throughout levels. These are used to activate gates to open or floating platforms to move. Cumulatively, move 100 metres or more while carrying POWER CORES. This will come naturally while playing through the game.

Electrifying Trophy


 Srcat-ter Up
Hit a flying enemy with a rock

There are many areas in the game where there are flying enemies. Hit one by aiming (press L2) and throwing a ROCK (press R2) at a flying enemy.


 I used to hate the water
Defeat Creataceous and Maelstrom

These two bosses are together in the The Bleak Canyon level. The battle goes back and forth between Creataceous and Maelstrom. DODGE and THROW ROCKS at the Creataceous to defeat it in waves of attacks. For the Maelstrom’s waves of the attacks, repeatedly press X to get free from its mouth. Continue until you have defeated both and they will retreat.

I used to hate the water Trophy


 Icy what you did there
Complete the Ice Fields

Play through these levels: The Endless Lake, The Ice Mountain, The Bleak Canyon, and The Frozen Dam.


 The crystal maze
Complete the Ice Caves

Play through these levels: The Gem Tunnels, The Scratazon Caverns, The Icebound Gallery, and The Crystal Mine.


 And knowing is half the battle…
Complete the Orrery Puzzle

During The Icebound Gallery level you will need to get through the stone gate using 3 POWER CORES. Take the one near the stone gate to the centre raised area to activate the floating platforms. Then jump across to one of the outside walls to retrieve a POWER CORE. Install it at the stone gate. Repeat this process to obtain the other POWER CORE also on the outside wall. Install this second POWER CORE before the stone gate. Go back to the centre of the room and retrieve the original POWER CORE and install it at the stone gate. The gate will open and you will earn the trophy.


 Scrat smash
Smash 10 Shard Crates

Break 10 SHARD CRATES using COMBAT moves/combos and/or by throwing ROCKS at out of reach SHARD CRATES.


 Welcome to the Jungle
Complete the Hidden World

Play through these levels: The Hidden Jungle, The Lost Oasis, The Fiery Peak, and The Magma Ruins.


 Ptersaur loser
Defeat the Pteradon

In The Fiery Peak level you will encounter the Pteradon. This battle has three waves.
The first wave use DODGE (press R1) and Left Analog left or right to avoid his head. After the 4th time the Pteradon will blow air at Scrat and you need to press TRIANGLE repeatedly. Attack his head while he is down.
The second wave JUMP (press X) over his head 4 times and then press TRIANGLE repeatedly to withstand him blowing air. Attack his head while he is down.
The final wave you will alternate between DODGING and JUMPING over his head 5 times and then pressing TRIANGLE repeatedly to withstand him blowing air. Attack his head while he is down. You will have defeated him earning you this trophy.

Ptersaur Loser Trophy


 Not as good as a nut
Find a Statue

Collect your first STATUE to earn this trophy.


 Break the Ice
Complete the Ice Cliffs

Play through the Ice Cliffs levels: The Woodland Valley, The Cascading Falls, The Glacier River, and The Ancient Ice Cliff.


 That Wasn’t Too Shard Collect your first shard

Collect your first SHARD to earn this trophy.


 Rapid Fire
Throw and hit 3 enemies within 10 seconds

Throw and hit 3 different enemies with a ROCK within 10 seconds. To throw a ROCK: L2 (aim turns purple when enemy is targeted) and then R2 (to throw).

Rapid Fire Trophy

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