Headspun Trophy Guide

Game: Headspun
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 8 – 10 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: Snappy Dresser
Author: Pete

Welcome to the trophy guide for Headspun. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Welcome to Headspun! Headspun is a game about helping a hospital patient regain his memories after an accident. It is a combination of animation and FMV graphics with mini games, quests, and tasks. You will help the patient to eventually get back to full functionality so he can leave the hospital knowing exactly what has happened.

Stage 1 – Play through the game only doing a few activities at a time.

Play through the game by doing quests fully as they appear. If items are available for purchase then make sure that you buy them as soon as you can. It’s recommended to only complete a few quests at a time. When playing the mini games in the Cortex, try to earn as many Neuro Credits as possible each day. Explore and take your time so as to not rush ahead the story. Warning: When you have fully restored the Cortex to 100% do not exit until you have earned all other trophies so only Release and Platinum remain. The number of ‘extra days’ that you remain inside his head does not matter. Therefore, continue to use the Cortex to earn more Neuro Credits, hire/have Staff Members complete any assignable tasks, find all collectibles, and complete all the story quests fully.

Make saves after each day or two. Backup on USB or PS Cloud Saves. This is important if you do not plan on completing this game in one session.
– Buy as many upgrades as you can during the first few days, as this will decrease the overall time to eventually restore the Cortex and complete the game.

Each new day in the game make sure that you spend some of your Neuro Credits on upgrades and play the mini games.
– Buy all the HR Department, HR store items, Rooms and Department renovations, and hire Staff Members as they become available. Buying the Rooms and Department renovations gives you the ability to assign your Staff Members to complete these tasks in the Cortex during the ‘work day’.
– Buy the R&D Projections as they become available and use your Staff Members to complete these tasks in the Cortex during the ‘work day’.

As you complete the tasks that renovate, restore, and help you to regain your memories from the what happened, you will increase the percentage of Cortex Restoration. Make sure to go and visit the Rooms and Departments after you have completed renovating and restoring them, as this will award the percentage for the Cortex Restoration at that time.

Stage 2 – Replay the game to earn any trophies you may have missed.

If you happened to exit the Cortex without earning all the trophies, then you can reload an earlier save. Complete any tasks and quests that are related to trophies and then exit the Cortex to be released (thus completing the game fully to earn the Platinum trophy).


 Headspun Platinum
Obtain all other trophies.

Unlock all other trophies.

Complete Scene 8.

You will earn this trophy as you complete the eighth scene.


Complete Scene 9.

You will earn this trophy as you complete the ninth scene.

Complete Scene 10

You will earn this trophy as you complete the tenth scene which involves exiting the hospital (Cortex).

Aquire 10000 Neuro Credits.

Have 10000 Neuro Credits at one time. Neuro Credits are earned from playing the mini games in the Cortex.

LOADED Trophy.

100% Cortex Restoration

Complete all 30 activities, hire 10 Staff Members, give all of the Staff Members bonuses, and buy all upgrades/items with Neuro Credits from the Cortex, R&D Projects, and Human Resources. Fully complete the renovation and restoration of the Rooms and Departments (make sure you visit them afterwards). Fully complete all the R&D Projects in the Cortex. As soon as these are completed you will have the 100% Cortex Restoration.

(Note: Once the Cortex Restoration is 100% complete, you can leave the hospital, but this will trigger the end of the game. So make sure that you have fully completed all other non-story related trophies first.)

Hire all ten staff members.

As you complete activities you will eventually be able to hire Staff Members that are available in the Human Resources Department. As you repair Rooms and Departments, you will unlock the Staff Room and this will allow you to hire 10 Staff Members.


Renovate all Rooms and Departments.

As you complete activities and earn more Neuro Credits, you will be able to unlock the renovating of all Rooms and Departments. You will be tasked to assign your hired Staff Members to renovate all these Rooms and Departments.

Buy and renovate all the Rooms & Departments.

Complete your Wardrobe.

You will start the game with 2 ties in your Wardrobe. As you begin to clear the debris in the hallways, eventually you will be able to access the far left on the first floor where a tie is hidden. The fourth tie is in Teddy’s Quarters, you will need to go into his room when he is not there. When inside wait until the triangle symbol is visible on Teddy’s Wardrobe to collect the hidden tie. The rest of the ties and bows are earned by finishing activities throughout the game. The HR Store has a couple of bow ties that you can purchase when they become available as the story advances. There are 2 ties related to specific activities that you must complete in the game. One is earned by becoming drunk at the Bar, then talking to some others outside the Bar and finally Thea will give you a tie. The last tie is from completing the activities with Teddy and giving him the second comic book that you must buy from the HR Store.

When you are in your bedroom, you can change the tie you are wearing that day. All ties have different benefits to wearing them so use them accordingly to the action that you need more of. For example, wear the tie that gives bonus Neuro Credits so that you earn this more quickly.

Complete Scene 6.

You will earn this trophy as you complete the sixth scene.

Complete Scene 7.

You will earn this trophy as you complete the seventh scene.

Acquire 5000 Neuro Credits.

Have 5000 Neuro Credits at one time.


75% Cortex Restoration.

Refer to UNSPUN description.

Hire five new staff members

Refer to FULLHOUSE description.

NO ‘I’ IN TEAM Trophy.

Complete all R&D Projects.

After renovating the R&D Department, you will be able to buy R&D Projects inside this room. There are 6 to buy with your Neuro Credits. After buying them you can assign Staff Members to complete the R&D Projects inside the Cortex.

The 5 R&D Projects to buy and complete.

Complete Scene 1.

You will earn this trophy as you complete the first scene.

Complete Scene 2.

You will earn this trophy as you complete the second scene.

Complete Scene 3.

You will earn this trophy as you complete the third scene.

Complete Scene 4.

You will earn this trophy as you complete the fourth scene.

Complete Scene 5.

You will earn this trophy as you complete the fifth scene.

Acquire 1000 Neuro Credits.

Have 10000 Neuro Credits at one time.


50% Cortex Restoration.

Refer to UNSPUN description.

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