Graveyard Keeper Trophy Guide

Game: Graveyard Keeper
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 52 hours (Personal Time)
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: “He trusted you…”
Author: Stephanie and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Graveyard Keeper. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Helpful Notes

Warning! If you aren’t ready for a grindy game with no quick way to get rich or advance then you might want to turn away now.

Technology Points From Techbooks
It is best to avoid reading books to earn any points until after you earned 3,000 of each; red, green, and blue. Reason behind this is because there is a known bug that gaining points from reading either doesn’t count toward your total count or blocks you from earning the trophies for said points.

The Days (Sins)
There are six days in total, and each day represents a sin. Along with each Sin there will be a key character that will only appear on said days in only one area.
Pride = Bishop (At your Graveyard)
Lust = Charm (At Dead Horse Tavern)
Gluttony = Merchant (South of Dead Horse Tavern)
Envy = Snake (Cellar under your house,will start appearing at Sacrificial Zone once unlocked)
Wrath = Inquisitor (At Witch Hill)
Sloth = Astrologer (at the lighthouse)

Everything you do in this game will require energy. From daily gathering of materials, to even taking care of corpses. At the start of the game your best friend will be your bed. Don’t worry if you feel like your missing a deadline from sleeping through one of the days, because thankfully there is no time limit quests or having to reach the “end” at a certain time. As you progress further in the game you will be able to regain energy by eating better food or potions.

Open The Church
The Church is located directly on your Graveyard, but in order to gain access to it, you must have your Graveyard at a level 5 of Quality, even though you start off at -29. Now, don’t let the high negative number scare you, it is quite easy to get your appearance up by just digging up the cracks on the ground to burying good Corpses and making sure the Grave site has a Tombstone and a Fence around it. Once your quality is at Level 5, make sure to talk to the Bishop on the day of Pride, he will give you access into the Church. You want the Church open as soon as you can, as it will be another source of not only income, but a way to gather blue points, since underneath the Church lies the Study Table. The Church will also be the only way to gain Faith, as you can hold a prayer on the day of Pride. This earns you money, as well as through donations.

The real job of a Graveyard Keeper is burying bodies. Every day a donkey will drop you off a Corpse. (Once you open the Church the donkey will ask you to pay him in Carrots) Your job will be taking it to your morgue and extract parts before taking it to your Graveyard to bury it. Now, since you have to keep up your Quality of your Graveyard, it is best to learn of what kind of corpse to actually bury, and what type to toss into the river near the bridge. Yes, you can toss a body into a river. You will get to the point where you only want to bury a Corpse with no red or green skulls. If you have a Corpse with a green skull don’t hesitate to just toss it, as once again, there is no time limit to this game, and you’ll have an endless source of Corpses as long as you feed donkey. Don’t fret if you see red skulls though, as extracting certain parts can turn them into white skulls.
Blood – Skull – Fat
Blood – Fat
Blood – Fat – Major (heart, brain, or intestine)

Stone Garden
Located just a little bit to the left of your home is a place you can build a Stone Garden at. Upon building it you are able to Meditate, which not only restores energy, but allows time to pass, since sleeping won’t let you pass time if your energy is already filled. Use the Stone Garden if you are waiting for a certain day to appear to progress your quest lines.


[su_spoiler title=”Trophy Content Table”]


 Collect all Trophies.
Collect all Trophies.

Congrats! You battled your way through a dungeon, helped many people, and spent hours fishing, all while attending to a graveyard! Enjoy your shiny blue cross Platinum!

 Back home
Switched on the portal. Are you sure you want leave?

(Note: Save your progress before crafting the Emitter and Barrel as it will end the game)

With the Endless Notebook, Eternal Burning Coal, Salty Fork, Mirror of Pride, Necklace, and the Golden Angle in hand, you are ready to head on home. Make your way to Witch Hill and interact with the Marble Pedestal; it will show that you have to craft the Emitter and Barrel. After crafting both of the required parts, sit back and watch the cut-scene. The moment the portal finally opens and your heart’s true desire comes forth the trophy will pop.

 A father and a son
Helped Snake with his dark ceremony.

After obtaining the Golden Apple from the 15th floor of the dungeon, give it to Snake, who will then in return ask you to bring him a Dark Heart. This is the last quest dealing with Snake himself and after he summons his “father”, you’ll not only receive this trophy, but also the Endless Notebook and Eternal Burning Coal.

 Two brothers
Helped Merchant forgive his brother.

After buying the rights to be an Aristocrat (12 Gold), you’ll get the Aristocrat papers, since the friendship with the royal service is at 100. Show the Bishop that you have the papers, it will allow you to ask the Merchant if he would like to attend the ceremony. After agreeing, he will give you the Accepted Invitation, which you’ll in turn hand over to the Bishop. Upon starting the ceremony you’ll be greeted with a cutscene. Not only will you be rewarded with the trophy, but also the Mirror of Pride and Salty Fork.

 Prodigal father
Helped Astrologer reunite with his family.

To start down the road of helping the Astrologer, get on good terms with his daughter Ms. Charm, there will be a quest dealing with Vagner being captured and Ms. Charm wanting him rescued. Head to the Astrologer and explain the situation, he will throw a few quests your way (refer to the Best Seller trophy to know of the quests). A week after delivering the gold-star book to the Astrologer, talk to him again to learn that you have received the Expedition Papers; he’ll say that you need Aristocrat Papers so make sure you have them on you beforehand. Now all you have to do is show him the Papers and begin the rescue. During the cutscene you’ll receive the trophy, after you will be rewarded with the Necklace and Golden Angle.

 Night watch
Got rid of the guardsmen’s ambush. Now you are the Witch Hill Keeper too!

In order to become the new Night Watch, you must first get rid of the old watchers. To do so, you’ll have to give the Inquisitor 10 Wine (Silver Star quality). After giving him the wine you have to gain 60 friendship points with him in order for him to trust you enough to get rid of his own watchers that watch the portal.

(Note: The 60 friendship points will come naturally as you continue his quests)

 On every shelf
Your company achieved 5 Fame. When you want quality vegetables — you go to the graveyard!

The company in question is the business you went into along with the Merchant. To gain 5 fame easily, make flyers (Pen and Ink + Clean Paper), as every 10 flyers gives you +1 fame.

 Graveyard Veggies
Started a company with Merchant. A great name for a successful company!

To start the company with the Merchant himself you need to get your hands on the Trade License, which can be bought for 50 Silver Coins after you have purchased the rights to be a Rightful Citizen (3 Silver Coins). Upon giving him the Trade Licenses you gain access to the small barn that he is always standing in front of.

(Note: If you don’t know where to buy these from, there is a small box in front of your church called Royal Services Box.)

 Ideal song
Got an Ideal Song from Vagner. Now you know how you’ll make a million bucks, once you get back home.

After foraging the papers for Ms. Charm so that the farmer’s daughter age is older, she’ll task you with getting her a new song. Tell Vagner that Ms. Charm needs a love song written, he’ll agree to help, but only if you bring him an Infusion. In order to make the Infusion you need to mix Booze (1) and Red Mushroom (3) in the Alcohol Distiller. Once in possession of the Infusion, head back to Vagner and give it to him. Go back to the Dead Horse Tavern later (go to sleep and when you wake up go to the Tavern) to find Vagner missing.There is a note where he was sitting, saying to meet him at the Cliff near Mountain Fort at night. After the cutscene you will be rewarded with the Song Lyrics. Hand over the lyrics to Ms. Charm an the trophy will be yours.

Gave some perfume to Ms Charm. It smells nice, and wasn’t tested on animals.

One of Ms. Charm’s quests requires you to obtain a perfume that Chain (Dead Horse Tavern’s wife) herself wears. Talk to Chain, who will be a red haired woman in the Dead Horse Tavern and ask her for the perfume. She will ask you to do things for her before she hands over the perfume. Don’t worry, the tasks are simple to do. Chain will ask you to deliver a basket of food to her sister, who lives at the swamp, and to catch her 12 frogs. Once you have done both these things, talk to Chain to in the quests and she will reward you with the Perfume. On the day of Lust, give Ms. Charm the Perfume to receive the trophy.

 Simple but stylish
Decorated a Dark Shrine. Looks better than your first apartment!

The Dark Shrine in question is the Sacrificial Zone. During Snake’s quest line he will tell you that the place isn’t “scary enough” for him to do his ritual. Your goal is to make it a Quality of 20, but at least Snake is nice an starts it off at 0 instead of -29 like your graveyard. In order to make the quality go up, just craft two of everything from the workbench in the area. Down below is how your Sacrificial Zone will be looking like when it’s all completed.

Yes, those are all real body parts…is that a problem?

 Match 3
Collected three dark organs. Three in a row! The Inquisition is going to get a prize!

One of The Inquisitor’s quests will lead you to look for three dark major organs; brain, heart, and intestine. Once you have started the quests, the bodies that get delivered to you have a chance of spawning one of their major organs being dark. Deliver all three to The Inquisitor to complete the quest.

 Not a hot dog
Sold burgers at the burning ceremony. It’s a mystery why you didn’t make hotdogs.

Another quest from the Inquisitor that can be started after giving him the ten Wines and then asking him how business is. This will involve you building a buffet table that will be located to the right of The Inquisitor. Once you build the buffet table, you’ll then be tasked with filling it up with Beer (10) and Burgers (5); they all must be gold-star quality. After filling the buffet table with the required items, talk to The Inquisitor when he’s there an you’ll start selling beer and burgers at a witch burning.

 Even here
Fixed the garden. You’ll spend a lot of time here…

In order to “fix” the garden, you will first have to discover the broken blueprint table south of your house. After discovering it, you’ll want to head to the Dead Horse tavern and talk with Horadric. After receiving the deed to the garden, he will tell you to talk to the Merchant [refer to “Wealthy Merchant” to locate him] to get his permission. He will try to sell you the rights for 10 gold, continue to say it is too much till he makes a deal with you to deliver a few vegetables that you have grown. Click on the broken blueprint table after everything, and the trophy will pop.

 Side quest
You killed a Vampire Hunter. In life, there are no side quests.

Shortly after giving Snake a Damask Sword for one of his quest lines, it will soon be revealed to you that he has attracted the attention of a Vampire Hunter. To get that scene, make sure that you fall asleep, and when you wake up Snake will be at your bed. You’ll then be told to meet Snake near Witch Hill to set up a trap, and after giving him the wooden plank a cut-scene will happen. After the hunter is killed the trophy will pop.

(Note: The Damask Sword in question is one that you craft called Damask Sword with Gem. This can be crafted at the Jewelry Table when you build it)

Where you will meet up with Snake.

 Summon a chicken
Snake summoned a chicken. Well… it’s a start. Better than nothing.

Once gaining access to the Sacrifice Zone in the cellar, Snake will give you a quest of delivering a Bucket of Blood an 5 Bloody Nails. When you give him the requested items, he will end up summoning a chicken instead of what he was intending to summon.

You aren’t a Zelda chicken….right?

 Best seller
Gave a gold-star book to Astrologer. You should consider writing six more…

During the quest line of saving Vagner from the Fort, the Astrologer will ask you to write a silver-star book. When you write the book head back to him an deliver it for him to tell you to come back next week to see how things are going. Upon returning to talk to the Astrologer, he will tell you that they love the book and he wants a sequel, which means writing a gold-star book. When you give him the new book, it will reward you with the trophy.

 A perfect gift
Gave a skull to Astrologer. A skull makes a nice present indeed!

After meeting the Astrologer, he will ask you to give him an ordinary skull. This can easily be achieved by extracting a skull from one of the dead bodies that gets delivered to your place. At first you won’t be able to do this, since you need to learn the technology to extract bones.

To think it’s that simple to remove parts.

 Stone fence
Built a stone fence around the graveyard. Your graveyard is well protected now.

The last upgrade to your Graveyard’s Fence. You just need the required materials listed below to achieve the trophy.

Materials Needed: 24 Polished Brick of Stone (24), Carved Piece of Stone (2), Complex Iron Parts (12)

Got the marble quarry ready. Marble is better than stone.

Top left of your map will be a place called a Quarry. Once crafting the access to use the Marble Quarry, the trophy will pop; giving you a place to now collect marble from. You’ll want to craft the stone cutter, stone stockpile, and iron ore stockpile while you are up in the quarry next to the cabin, which you’re able to sleep in.

Materials Needed: Flitch (16), Simple Iron Parts (4), Nails (7)

 Sweetheart Bishop
Met Bishop. His motto – Pray, preach, and look like you won the lottery.

Not soon after burying your first body, the Bishop pays you a visit at your little Graveyard. Once he passes through the gates, the trophy will pop. He only appears on the day of Pride at your Church/Graveyard.

The Bishop. I don’t think he likes his job much.

 The Mill
Fixed the mill. No further need to grind everything by hand.

During Ms. Charm’s quest line, you will be instructed to get the Farmer’s permission to allow his daughter to accompany her at the concert. The Farmer will allow it if you fix the Mill, which is located north of him. Talk to the Miller and mention that you wish to fix the Mill, which you’ll then find out that a page from the manual is missing. Head to the Astrologer and talk to him when his friendship is at 60; this will give you the Paper with Calculations.

Materials Needed: Complex Iron Parts (5), Wooden Plank (6), Paper with Calculations

 A book with funny pictures
Gave the Necronomicon to Snake. Hope nobody uses it as cookbook!

Shortly after Snake summons a chicken he will ask you to retrieve a book called the Necronomicon. The Astrologer at the Lighthouse knows of the book but you must complete his task regarding the Keeper’s Diary before getting the info. When you do, you’ll learn that the Lighthouse Keeper has the book. The Lighthouse Keeper will give it to you for 6 maggots; which you can get by throwing crop waste into the Compost heap on your farm.

 Bridge Builder
Fixed the bridge. Whatever else happens, you’ll always be remembered as a great bridge builder!

To the left of your Church/Graveyard there will be a broken stone bridge. All you have to do is fix it.

Materials Needed: Flitch (4), Nails (8), Wooden Plank (1)

Even a simple-minded Graveyard Keeper can build a bridge.

 Just green points
Collected 1000 green points. They do not decay at midnight. So that was easy.

Green Technology Points can be gathered through actions that require “Nature” work. Farming and clearing weeds are one of the few ways you can gather such points, even cooking can help. They also can be gathered by studying certain items down at the study table under the Church.

 Just blue points
Collected 1000 blue points. They do not decay at midnight. So that was easy.

Blue Technology Points can be gathered through actions that require “Spiritual” work. This will be the hardest points to earn as there is very little given; even more so if you aren’t gaining them from Techbooks. These points are earned from anything dealing with your Morgue, Church, and yes, Alchemy. You can study a few things that give a small handful of Blue Points, but one way that really shows effectiveness is creating “Gravestone II” (you earn 3 Blue Points for each one you make)

 Just red points
Collected 1000 red points. They do not decay at midnight. So that was easy.

Red Technology Points can be gathered through actions that require “Labor” work. This can be anything from working on the machines on your land to craft materials, to even cutting down trees and mining. They also can be gathered by studying certain items down at the Study Table under the Church.

 More green points!
Collected 3000 green points. Ok. Now that’s impressive.

This will come naturally as long as you continue to “Nature” and study new things that you craft, as long as it allows you to study it.

 More blue points!
Collected 3000 blue points. Ok. Now that’s impressive.

This will come naturally as long as you continue to “Spiritual” and study new things that you craft, as long as it allows you to study it. Also don’t be alarmed if the trophy doesn’t pop exactly at 3,000 points, it could pop a little over the limit required.

 More red points!
Collected 3000 red points. Ok. Now that’s impressive.

This will come naturally as long as you continue to “Labor” and study new things that you craft, as long as it allows you to study it.

 Shady Snake
Met Snake. He seems dangerous. You get why everybody calls him Snake.

Once you gain access to the Cellar that is in your small home, you will be greeted with a small cutscene which introduces a mysterious person. He only appears on the day of Envy in your Cellar.

Hmm…looking awfully shady there Mr. Snake.

 Holy Inquisition
Met the Lord Inquisitor. An unwavering kind of guy. You definitely wouldn’t want to be his enemy.

Upon exiting your home on the day of the Wrath, Gerry will tell you that he saw the Inquisitor near the hill. Head right, and once you reach the entrance of the Witch Hill, you’ll see a small cut-scene introducing the Inquisitor. He only appears on the day of Wrath at the Witch Hill.

The Holy Inquisitor. He likes to burn witches.

 Novice gravedigger
Buried your first body.

After extracting a piece of meat from your first body, you are instructed to bury the body in the graveyard. Head to the blueprint table and select an open spot anywhere in the Graveyard and dig a hole. After placing the body in the hole and covering it up, the trophy will pop.

Cooked 30 different dishes or drinks. You can call yourself a Chef now.

There are a total of 40 different recipes that you can cook, so it isn’t required to cook every single one. Recipes are unlocked when you obtain one of the 17 main recipes. Down below is the location of the main recipes and which recipes they unlock for you.

Simple and Tasty (Trunk in Cellar)
Baked mushrooms, Baked apple.
Sweet Baking (Trade Chain for 2 Silver)
Pancakes, Croissant, Muffin.
Pies (Trade Chain for 1 Silver)
Berry pie, Grape pie.
Cake (Quest related to Dig)
Vegetable Dishes (Farmer)
Carrot cutlet, A bowl of sauerkraut, Beet slices.
Soups (Quest related to Clotho)
Cabbage soup, Pumpkin soup, Vegetable soup
Tasty and Healthy (Trade Chain for 5 Silver and 40 Copper)
A bowl of pumpkin soup, Baked pumpkin, A bowl of lentils.
Jelly (Quest related to Blacksmith)
Green jelly, Red jelly.
Egg Dishes (Interacting with Egg Basket)
Omelette, Fried egg.
Meat Fiesta (After First Slice trophy)
Burger, Sandwich, Baked meat.
Bread (Meeting Gerry at the Garden)
Dough, Pastry dough, Bread.
Good Carbs (Quest related to Woodcutter)
Lasagna, Pasta.
Beer Snacks (Talk to Horadric with a Copper Onion)
Onion rings, Toasts with onions.
Fish Dishes (Talk to Lighthouse Keeper)
Baked fish, Fish soup, Fish nuggets.
Kebab (Quest related to Gypsy Baron)
Baked kebab (with pumpkin), Baked kebab (with onion), Baked kebab (with mushroom).
Fish Delicacies (Trade Chain for 8 Silver and 30 Copper)
Baked salmon, Royal fish.
Nectar of the Gods (Quest related to Horadric)
A mug of mead.

 Advanced gravedigger
Buried 10 bodies.

Just keep burying bodies in the Graveyard and this will come naturally as long as you continue to pay the donkey his Carrots.

 Shovel master
Buried 50 bodies.

As you make your way to a higher quality graveyard, the burying of 50 bodies will come naturally. At this point, you should have been, or just now started, to only bury bodies with no red skulls in sight.

 First slice
Got your first slice of meat. Smells a little strange, but looks like ordinary meat…

During the tutorial you are required to extract a piece of flesh from the first body you receive. As soon as the recipes pop up, you’ll be rewarded with the trophy.

 Sashimi master
Made 30 slices. You’ve got the perfect size slice pretty much down.

This will come naturally as you continue to extract body parts from the bodies. It is highly suggested that if you can’t embalm a body yet, anything with 4+ red skulls is better off just extracting body parts from it completely an burning the body or throwing it in the river. You can also extract the flesh from the bodies you have to dig back up once the quality to their grave is 0 or lower.

 His house
Upgraded the church.

To upgrade the Church, you have to fulfill the requirements listed down below.

Requirements: Graveyard Quality – 30 || Church Quality – 20 || Rightful Citizen Papers – 50 Copper Coins || Building Permission – 20 Silver Coins

 His mansion
Upgraded the church for the second time.

Thankfully, the last upgrade to your Church, but probably one of the bit more time consuming to complete, considering you now have to start making statues of the Bishop himself. I know, greedy and self-centered of him, right? Fulfill the requirements below and your Church will be bigger than the one within the town.

Requirements: Graveyard Quality – 200 || Church Quality – 50 || Gold Quality Marble Statues – 3

 A fish a day!
Caught 6 different types of fish. One fish for every day!

Ah, the good old fishing has been spotted. In order to even start fishing, you must obtain a fishing rod, which can be granted from the Lighthouse Keeper, but there is a catch to it…Yep, you guessed it, there is a small quest that you must finish first. The Lighthouse Keeper wants you to catch 6 Moths for him. You’ll find moths during the night when you pick flowers, but you must know the Insects technology first. After you collect 6 of them head back to the Lighthouse and give him the moths. Thankfully, fishing isn’t that hard in this game, there are a few fishing spots scattered around. Once at a fishing spot select which bait you want to use and cast out your line. You can adjust how far you cast by holding down X. When the lure bobs once in the water, press X again to start reeling in the fish, which will pop up a screen that will have a yellow bar that you must keep the fish in; just tap the X button to keep it in the bar. As soon as the bar on the right is fully green you’ll catch the fish. You’ll gain this trophy when you catch 6 different kinds.

 Fish collector
Caught 10 different types of fish.

By now you should be getting used to the ways of fishing and learning that baits can tip the favor of different fishes appearing. In order to capture 10 different types have to make sure that you purchase the Good Fishing Rod from the Lighthouse Keeper. Do take into account that with this Fishing Rod some of the previous fishes can’t be captured with it.

Caught 15 types of fish! You know everything about fish. They feel uncomfortable about it…

There are a total of 16 different types of fishes in the game, which are scattered about 5 different locations. You’ll easily earn this on your way to capturing 200 fishes.

 Brutal fisherman
Caught 200 fish. Your name is used to terrify misbehaving fish larvae.

Catch any fish you want, and upon the 200th, the trophy will pop.

 Gold fish
Got a gold fish. Want to make a wish?

This will most likely be the last fish you catch out of the 16 within the game. In order to catch this fish, you need the Excellent Fishing Rod and a Lure with a gem. After you have these two items, head to the Beach (located near the lighthouse), and pray for RNG to bless you. RNG is gonna be your friend here, since not only is this fish rather quick in jumping up and down, but it has a low chance of appearing. During the day it has a 2% chance, while at night it has a 5% chance.

 Kitchen boy
Cooked 10 different dishes or drinks.

Cooking dishes will play a very important role in regaining energy without always having to rely on sleeping. Very helpful when down in the dungeons.

Cooked 20 different dishes or drinks.

Some recipes need to be bought from Cain at the Dead Horse Tavern, or by doing some small quests given by non-main NPC around the area. Once you have cooked your 20th dish or drink the trophy will pop.

 Dream dinner
Made a gold-star dinner.

This can easily be combined with the quest that the Merchant gives you, called “Royal Dinner”. During this request you are required to make 5 dinners that are all gold-star. To make a dinner you need to have a snack, meal, and a dessert. For the sake of this trophy, the three dishes must all be gold-star.

 Wealthy merchant
Met Merchant. He’s always ready to do business. Except around dinner time.

Head to the town on the day of Gluttony, and south of the Dead Horse Tavern you will see a man standing about. Talk to him to receive this trophy. He only appears on the day of Gluttony. He isn’t around at night, so make sure to sell or buy things from him during the day.

What makes you exactly “wealthy”, mister Merchant?

 Tastes like home
Ate a fish stick. It reminded you of home…

The description is rather misleading, as you will need to eat Fish Nuggets. This can be cooked at your Oven with 1 White Fish Fillet and 2 Oil. Once you cook it, eat the Nuggets with either your hotkey or by going into your inventory and pressing Square on it.

Discovered 5 alchemy recipes. You’re getting to know how things work in the lab.

In order to discover alchemy recipes you first need to build the Alchemy Workbench an the Hand Mixer under the Church. Once you have the required working areas, then you are all set to start creating alchemy.

(Note: For a list of all Alchemy Recipes, please refer to the Master alchemist trophy)

Discovered 10 alchemy recipes. Just remember, the Philosopher’s Stone is a lie.

In order to discover 10 different recipes, you need an upgraded Alchemy Workbench. Make sure not to demolish the non-upgraded version, as you can’t craft the earlier stuff on the upgraded one.

(Note: For a list of all Alchemy Recipes, please refer to the Master alchemist trophy)

 Master alchemist
Discovered 20 alchemy recipes. Now it’s time to buy a white van and drive into the desert.

Down below is a list of all the recipes minus anything dealing with dark materials; since you really don’t need to craft them.

Alchemy Workbench
Heal Potion (Life Powder, Health Solution) or (Health Powder, Chaos Solution)
Spices (Salt, Health Solution)
Black Paint (Death Powder, Water) or (Ash, Oil) or (Graphite Powder, Water)
Freshener (Oil, Order Solution)
Growth Enhancer (Ash, Life Solution)
White Paint (White Powder, Oil) or (Alcohol, Slowing Solution) or (Yellow Electro Powder, Water)
Energy Elixir (Acceleration Powder, Slowing Solution) or (Slowing Powder, Acceleration Solution)
Energy Potion (Acceleration Powder, Acceleration Solution)
Dark Elixir (Death Powder, Blood)

Alchemy Workbench II
Glue (Health Powder, Life Solution, Chaos Extract)
Preservative (Life Powder, Slowing Solution, Slowing Extract) or (Slowing Powder, Life Solution, Slowing Extract)
Speed Potion (Acceleration Powder, Chaos Solution, Blood)
Digestion Potion (Health Powder, Toxic Solution, Acceleration Extract)
Resting Potion (Order Powder, Health Solution, Health Extract)
Protection Potion (Order Powder, Slowing Solution, Slowing Extract)
Flavor Enhancer (ash, toxic solution, life Extract)
Acid (Toxic Powder, Chaos Solution, Toxic Extract)
Aromatizer (Acceleration Powder, Alcohol, Life Extract)
Golden Elixir (Gold Powder, Toxic Solution, Chaos Extract) or (Gold Powder, Order Solution, Health Extract)
Silver Elixir (Silver Powder, Order Solution, Life Extract) or (Silver Powder, Chaos Solution, Order Extract)
Tanning Agent (Slowing Powder, Death Solution, Order Extract)

 Health care
50 health potions. — And all of them red!

Drink a total of 50 health points. This should come easily if you are down in the dungeon.

There can be only one.

Congrats! If you are seeing this, then that means you have died a total of 10 times. Don’t worry though, death holds no negative effect for a Graveyard Keeper such as yourself.

 Not far from the ground
Dungeon level 5 cleared!

Now what kind of game would this be if there wasn’t a dungeon swarmed with monsters, right? In your cellar is a section called Sacrifice Zone, and against the wall is a flight of stairs that will grant you access to a 15 level dungeon. The good thing about the dungeon is even if you leave or die, the monsters you have destroyed will not respawn, nor will you lose any of the items you have gathered. Reaching level 5 isn’t too difficult, but it wouldn’t hurt to craft an Iron Armor along with a Sword.

 Scary dungeon depths
Dungeon level 10 cleared!

Before traveling further down you want to make sure you have the Steel Armor (crafted at Carpenter Workbench II) and the Damask Sword with Gem (crafted at Jewelry Table). The Hunter’s Medallion which you retrieve from the dead Vampire Hunter is required to open the gate on the 10th floor.

 Nothing underneath
Dungeon level 15 cleared!

After gaining access to the last 5 floors of the dungeon you will be introduced to monsters known as golems. They will take away 20 health each time they hit you so it is advised to bring plenty of healing items with you. Upon reaching the end of the 15th floor, make sure to grab the Golden Apple from the tree and head downstairs which magically poofs you back up to the Sacrificial Zone.

 Golden Pumpkin
Harvested a gold-star pumpkin.

To make a golden pumpkin you will first need to unlock the second tier of the Farmer so he will start selling you Pumpkin Seeds (tier III is when he sells Silver Seeds). You also need to build a tier II Alchemy Bench and the Distillation Cube; you should already have the other tables that were released before these by now. The reason behind these two tables is because you’ll want to make the Quality Fertilizer II. Once you have the Fertilizer and Silver Star Pumpkin Seeds, lay down the fertilizer first and plant the seeds. When you harvest the Pumpkin the trophy will pop.

Made a gold-star wine.

To make wine you first need to make sure that you have built both the Vine Press an Wine Making Barrel Then you have to buy Grape Seeds from the Merchant and start growing them in the vine trellis. You will need 15 grapes of either Silver or Gold quality to make a single Pail of grape juice (from using the Vine Press). Once you have two pails head down into the cellar an throw them into the Wine Making Barrel. It is highly suggested to make sure you have the perk called Wine Master which is purchased through the Farming and Nature (Tech Tree) before you throw the two pails into the wine making barrel only to better your odds in making the end result a gold-star.

(Note: If you don’t feel confident that gold-star will pop up, make your character go to sleep before the attempt. That way if the result isn’t what you wanted, you can just reload the save and try again)

 Old Astrologer
Met Astrologer. He’s wise and tired of everything, even life.

Head to the lighthouse on the day of Sloth, and standing next to the telescope will be an old man. Upon chatting with him, the trophy will pop. Just like the “Merchant” make sure that you talk to him during the day, as at night he leaves.

For an Astrologer, it’s strange that knowledge makes you sad.

 Charm itself
Met Ms Charm. There’s something about this woman that you can’t understand.

Entering the Tavern on the day of Lust, you will enter a cutscene introducing a woman named Charm. She only appears on the day of Lust at the Tavern.

Ms. Charm herself, ladies and gentlemen.

 He trusted you…
Betrayed Gerry. That’s not something you should be super-proud of.

Missable Trophy Alert!
A week after giving the Inquisitor the dark organs, he will say that they still don’t believe him. Choose “I could bring you a talking skull. His name is Gerry“. Don’t worry, there is no bad karma or anything of the sort when you choose this outcome.

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