Going Under Trophy Guide

Game: Going Under
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 8 – 10 hours
Difficulty: 3/10
Trophies: 1, 7 , 9, 4
Missable trophies: Yes, Padded Resume, Big Boss, Brand Ambassador, Senior Accountant, Lead Engineer, Chief Executive Officer, Clutchgod, The Price of Knowledge, Clean Exit.
Author: Pete

Welcome to the trophy guide for Going Under. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play through the Story.

Before you begin your first game, it is recommended to turn on Assist Options to make the game easier for earning all the trophies. See the picture below. Play through the story to completion while earning as many trophies as possible. After finishing the main story of the game, you will return to the lobby of the business where you can access all Ruined areas again.
Note: You will not be able to play in the Unruined sections of the game after earning the F Trophy.

Stage 2 – Cleanup any remaining trophies.

You may need to still unlock all the skills and this will require you playing through any open floor areas to find or buy any of these remaining locked skills. The mentor specific trophies will require that you complete the tasks given by each of the 5 mentors. For any other trophy that you have not earned yet, refer to the trophy descriptions below.


 Internship Complete
Get all trophies.

Unlock all other trophies. Congratulations on saving the world!

 Hostile Takeover
Defeat Vested Marv.

After completing the “F” trophy, you will need to replay all 3 dungeons again and defeat the final bosses to earn a share in each one. The final one is in Ray’s office. You will then be able to unlock the elevator in the lobby. Interact with the elevator and this will take you to the area leading to Vested Marv. In this area there are many cubes that you can open to obtain Skills, Apps, and Weapons. Destroy the enemies through all these rooms and at the end you will fight Vested Marv.

Vested Marv will attack you so you should:
-Hit him with a weapon or throw an item at him.
-Roll to avoid damage when he attacks or falls on his back to damage you.
-Use your obtained Skills and Apps to help defeat him.
-Use your highest ranked weapon(s) to defeat him.

Kill a Hungry Box.

After the business is in ruins and you need to obtain the shares from the basement floors, you will have a new enemy that is called a Hungry Box. A Hungry Box does make sounds and try to attack you when you are close to it. They are easy to find if you are breaking all boxes as you are clearly through the room floors. The first time that you kill one, you will earn this trophy.

 Unboxing Champ
Open 100 delivery cubes.

As you play through the floors of the basement and tower levels, you will defeat enemies and earn a Delivery Cube reward. A drone delivers the cube and then you hit it to open it. These can reward money, blue points, skills, and/or weapons. While trying to earn all trophies in the game, you will have many more than 100 Delivery Cubes rewarded.

 Padded Resume
Unlock all skills.

As you play through the floors of the basement areas, you have the chance to obtain skills by:
-Choosing from the available skills in a random room.
-Being awarded a possible skill in a delivery.
-Buy skills in any of the shops.

You will also earn and/or buy Blue Points in the floor levels of the game that you can spend on new skills within the lobby of the business.

You only need to unlock the 75 skills and not have them completely endorsed. Endorsed means that you have bought or earned a previously unlocked skills and fully 100% unlocked the ability to pin it to your character. See the pictures below that show the icons for all skills.

 You Are (Un) Employed
Save the World?

After defeating Vested Marv, you will then take another elevator to Floor 999. You will confront the final boss of the game. This boss battle has 3 rounds and another area where the final boss is located. All rounds will have blue enemies that are essentially holograms of all the different types of enemies in the game. Use the available weapons to attack as many enemies as possible. This will drop a Cloud App that you need to pick up so that you can activate it to get to the final boss location. When you are in this new location, run towards the final boss and roll to avoid its attacks. Then punch it 7 – 8 times and then roll or run away from it. You will have a limited time while you are in this area before being teleported back to the top floor of the business tower.
Note: If you successfully avoid the final boss hitting you and you exit back to the top floor, you will have caused permanent damage to the boss. There will be a new set of enemies to attack and obstacles to avoid. Continue to attack the enemies quickly to trigger the drop of the Cloud App. Use the Cloud App to reach the boss again and continue with the same strategy. This will repeat one more round until you finally defeat it. The next part only involves you throwing the cubes off of the platform you are on to listen to the final parts of the game’s story. Eventually you will have finally defeated this boss.

 Clean Exit
Kill a power loader with Exit Strategist.

You will need to obtain the Exit Strategist skill and have it active (either find in the basement area you are in or have it pinned to your character), then go into Styxcoin and roll under a power loader. See the pictures below.

Go Under.

You will need to defeat the bosses in all three basement areas: Joblin, Styxcoin, and winkydink. They will award you a special item that Marv is asking you to locate and return to him. After successfully returning all 3 items, this will open up a new area in the center of the lobby.
Note: If you enter this area it will permanently ruin all of the basement areas and lobby. This does not affect anything else except that you may find the next part of the game is more challenging to complete. It is recommended to unlock many Skills and to complete the mentor’s tasks if you like. However, all of these items mentioned are obtainable even if you enter this new accessible area.

 Work Smarter and also Harder
Obtain The Caffiend’s Share.

After the F trophy, defeat the boss in Joblin to earn the Caffiends’ Share. This boss will attack by hitting at you, jumping to land on top of you, have his minion enemies attack you, and he will even try to roll to flatten you. Roll to avoid damage and use high level weapons to defeat this boss.

 Grab Life by the Horns
Obtain Hover Hands’ Share.

After the”F“trophy, defeat the boss in Winkydink to earn the Hover Hands’ Share. This boss is two moving hands that try to flatten you or shoot fire at you. Roll to avoid damage and use high level weapons to defeat this boss.

 Get Rich & Die Trying
Obtain Hustlebones’ Share.

After the F trophy, defeat the boss in Styxcoin to earn the Hustlebones’ Share. This boss attacks in rounds where he attacks you and then has his minion enemies attack you while he tries to shoot at you. Roll to avoid damage and use high level weapons to defeat this boss.

 Big Boss
Complete Ray’s mentorship.

Ray is the mentor that is the Chief Executive Officer of the business. When you try to enter Joblin, Styxcoin, or Winkydink, you will want to look at the mentor tasks shown on the right of your screen. These will unlock Perks from the mentor for you to automatically use. You will want to complete as many of these as possible before moving onto the ‘F‘ trophy. The hardest task is to not spend any money on B3 of any dungeon. This actually means do not spend any money until you exit into B4. You can pick up Apps, Weapons, and Skills that you find as long as you do not buy them.

 Brand Ambassador
Complete Swomp’s mentorship.

Swomp is the mentor in the Barista in the business lobby. Swomp will assign you tasks to complete. The most difficult one is when he asks, “Be in a polyamorous date”. This can only be done in Winkydink. You need to have 2 girlfriends at the same time. You can only make 1 girlfriend per floor, so if you do not have one by the end of Floor B2 then exit and try again. See the pictures below.

 Senior Accountant
Complete Tappi’s mentorship.

Tappi is the mentor that is the Accountant for the business. Tappi will assign you tasks to complete. They are very straightforward to finish.

 Lead Engineer
Complete Kara’s mentorship.

Kara is the mentor that is the Lead Engineer for the business. Kara will assign you tasks to complete. The hardest one to complete is to inflict 50 damage to one enemy with one attack. This is easiest done by pinning a Double Damage Skill type and by attaining more Skills in the Tower levels. For example, on the way leading up to the battle with Vested Marv after using the elevator. There are multiple Skills to choose from during this level. Also, use the highest damage weapons like the Spiked Club and use the Upcycle Apps to improve it to a high level. The Spiked Club is rated Level 8 and if you apply Upcycle Apps you can bring it to a Spiked Club Damage Up Level 12. See the pictures below. Use can also eventually buy Marv’s Union Buster Level 20 after defeating him if it randomly is available to buy in a shop. You can then use Double Damage Skills and Upcycle Apps to increase the damage to a very high level.

 Chief Flavor Officer
Complete Fern’s mentorship.

Fern is the mentor that is the Chief Flavor Officer for the business. Fern will assign you tasks to complete. All of his tasks are very straightforward to finish.

 The Price of Knowledge
Get cursed 13 times.

Inside any of the dungeons there can be a door with a Vampire symbol on it. Go inside and agree to the terms of the Curse in order to obtain the special items behind the exotic car. The Curse will state how long it lasts. Repeat this 13 times during your playthroughs to unlock it. See picture below.

Meet Your Coworkers.

At the start of the game follow all the directions given (specifically the instructions from Marv) and attempt to defeat the final room of enemies in Joblin. You will not be able to complete this. There will be a cut scene where you meet the staff members of the business and earn this trophy afterwards.

 The Grim Ledger
Obtain The Grim Ledger.

When you defeat the first Boss Battle in Styxcoin, you will earn The Grim Ledger as a reward. Use the highest level weapons along with any Apps and Skills that you like. See the pictures below.

 The Toxic Mask
Obtain The Toxic Mask.

When you defeat the first Boss Battle in winkydink, you will earn The Toxic Mask as a reward. Use the highest level weapons along with any Apps and Skills that you like. See the pictures below.

 The Mana Press
Obtain The Mana Press.

When you defeat the first Boss Battle in Joblin, you will earn The Mana Press as a reward. Use the highest level weapons along with any Apps and Skills that you like. See the pictures below.