Fifty Words by POWGI Trophy Guide

Game: Fifty Words by POWGI
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 1 hour
Difficulty: 1/10
Missable trophies: None (chapter select)
Author: Pete and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Fifty Words by POWGI. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Follow the screenshots below to earn all the trophies.

Tips: All letters will always be used in a puzzle and once a letter(s) is used it goes from dark black to a lighter gray colour.

X button to select/enter.
Left Stick to highlight letters in a puzzle.
Triangle button to zoom out and review a puzzle once it is completed.
Square button to see the word list.
Options button brings up a menu while in a puzzle. You can change settings, like having a custom palette.

Follow the order below by completing these puzzles while doing certain actions.

1. Happy and You Know It:
a) Press Triangle button to zoom out and hold this for 5 seconds. You earn the “The Whole Picture” trophy.
b) Highlight any word backwards. You earn the “Roll Over” trophy.
c) Do not use a word list, look at the picture of the highlighted words in the completed puzzle, if needed. “There’s a Word List?” trophy.
d) Finish your first puzzle. “Pup and Running” trophy.
e) Review a completed puzzle by pressing the triangle button. “My Masterpiece” trophy.

2. Money Money Money:
a) Press Options, and in the menu, choose Custom Palette and choose only 1 color.
b) Highlight only the diagonal words first. Earning you the “Sniffing Around” trophy.
c) With only one word left, press the Square button to see the Word List. Each puzzle has 50 words, so take a look at the word list at 49 words completed. This will earn you the “There’s a Word List!” trophy.
d) Complete the puzzle. This will earn you the “Thrifty Words” and “Chromophobia” trophies.

3. Ends with X:
a) In the menu, choose Custom Palette and choose a total of ten colors.
b) Highlight all words backwards. “Sdrow Ytfif” trophy. All words end on an “X”, making it easy to select words backward.
c) Change the 10 colors to any custom ones you want by moving the slider amount of Red, Green, and Blue for any of the colors and complete the puzzle. This will pop the “Chromomania“, “Not That Complex“, and “Chromophilia” trophies. Make sure each color has a number in it, going from 1 to 10. Click on a color to assign a number to it!
d) After completing the puzzle, reset it. This will earn you the “I Have a Better Idea” trophy.
e) Solve this puzzle again in less than 3 minutes, earning you the “Chasing Your Tail” trophy.

Ends with X – Highlitghting backwards video

4. Got the Blues?
a) Complete it for the “Fifty Shades of Blue” trophy.

5. Tee Time.
a) Complete it for the “Fore Words” trophy.

6. Feathered Friends.
Complete it for the “Fifty Birds” trophy.

7. Double-O Heaven.
Complete it for the “Groovy!” trophy.

8. Too Many Cooks.
Complete it for the “Crispy Words” trophy.

9. The next sets of trophies require you to find certain words in each puzzle and it is NOT necessary to complete the entire puzzle. You can exit a puzzle and go to the next indicated as it will automatically save all highlighted word(s). All other trophies will be earned.

You need to find the following words, each 3 times:
These can be found in the following levels:

Eagle(2), Eagle (3) and baby(3) have already been earned in previous levels.

I Scream!Drizzle(1), Cherry(1), Mint(1)
Rainy Day Drip(1), Boots(1), Drizzle(2)
Read All About ItEagle(1), Mercury(1)
Sea of GreenMint(2), Paris(1)
Shake It!Zombie(1)
Not Out of WoodsCherry(2)
Spice Up Your Food Mint(3)
Fruity! Cherry(3)
Wherefore Art Thou? Paris(2)
Something to Wear Boots(2)
Plumb the Depths Drip(3)
By the Gods! Mercury(2)
Happy Camper Boots(3)
The Young Ones Baby(1)
Working Capital Paris(3)
It’s in the Stars Mercury(3)
It’s a Small World Baby(2)
Movie Night Zombie(2)
Whatever the Weather Drizzle(3)
Costume Party Zombie(3)


 Nifty Words
Collect all the trophies.

Unlock all other trophies.

 Sdorw Ytfif
Complete a puzzle while only highlighting words backwards.

 Sniffing Around
Find all the diagonal words in a puzzle first.

 Chasing your Tale
Solve a puzzle in less than 3 minutes.

 There’s a Word list?
Complete a puzzle without looking at the world list.

 There’s a Word list!
Check the word list with only one word left to find.

Complete a puzzle using only one color.

Complete a puzzle using 10 different colors.

Edit the palette and choose 10 new colors.

 Fifty Shades of Blue
Complete “Got the Blues”.

 Fore Words
Complete “Tee Time”.

 Not that Complex
Complete “Ends with X”.

 Crispy Words
Complete “Too many Cooks”.

 Fifty Birds
Complete “Feathered Friends”

 Thrifty Words
Complete “Money Money Money”.

Complete “Double-O Heaven”.

 Baby Steps
Find BABY 3 times.

Found in The Young Ones, It’s a Small World, and Got the Blues?.

 Fill your Boots
Find BOOTS 3 times.

Found in Something to Wear, Happy Camper, and Rainy Day.

 Cherry Picking
Find CHERRY 3 times.

Found in Fruity!, Not Out of the Woods, and I Scream!

 Drip Drip Drip
Find DRIP 3 times.

Found in Rainy Day, Plumb the Depths, and Hospitalized.

 Fo’ Drizzle
Find DRIZZLE 3 times.

Found in Whatever the Weather, I Scream!, and Rainy Day.

 Eagle Eyed
Find EAGLE 3 times.

Found in Read All About It, Tee Time, and Feathered Friends.

 Don’t stop me now
Find MERCURY 3 times.

Found in It’s In the Stars, Read All About It, and By the Gods!

 Just a Mint
Find MINT 3 times.

Found in Spice Up Your Food, I Scream!, and Sea of Green.

 We’ll Always Have Paris
Find PARIS 3 times.

Found in Working Capital, Wherefore Art Thou?, and Sea of Green.

Find ZOMBIE 3 times.

Found in Costume Party, Shake It!, and Movie Night.

 Roll Over
Highlight a word backwards.

 The Whole Picture
Zoom out for 5 seconds.

 I have a better idea
Reset a completed puzzle.

 My Masterpiece
Review a completed puzzle.

 Pup and Running
Complete your first puzzle.

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