Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Trophy Guide

Game: Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 50-75 Hours or more (Skill/Luck dependant)
Difficulty: 9/10
Missable trophies: N/A
Author: Nameless600

Welcome to the trophy guide for Fall Guys. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Although almost all PlayStation players have heard of this game, it is important to give context around this guide and how difficult it is to complete the platinum. Fall Guys was released in early August 2020 and became an overnight phenomenon. Over 14 million people have played a least one round (known as episodes) of this game on PS4 alone, with millions more on PC. With that being said, as of 24-AUG-2020 only about 850 people have the platinum.

This is mainly due to one specific trophy known as Infallible. This trophy requires you to win 5 episodes in a row. This trophy alone will keep 99% of people that touch this game from the platinum. The reason it is so difficult (9/10) is due to the randomness of levels, team based matches, and level of skill involved to win episodes.

As of 24-AUG-2020, the game is rapidly evolving, the developers are putting out patches on the weekly to balance game-play, add levels, and help curve cheating/glitches/abuses. With that in mind, the hints that will be given throughout the guide could change. As well, game modes may be added or removed at will. Following this guide will not guarantee you the platinum either, but instead should help you better understand the game, the mini-games within it and the remaining trophies outside of the episode winning trophies.

Stage 1 – Play & Learn .

In the first step, it is important to just play several episodes and learn about each level and how they play. As well, due to the physics of this game, you need to understand how your character (and the other characters around you) will act when you jump, land, get hit, run, grab, etc.

Here are a list of the mini-games and the best strategies for each (as much strategy as there can be). It is important to note that certain mini-games only appear at certain times throughout play, this is due to number of player requirements (or lack of requirements) for each level. For this reason, the games will be broken down into four sections. Those being beginning rounds, team matches, middle rounds, and finales.

Beginning Rounds

Door Dash – This game sees you running down a path with several doors along the way. Some doors will crack and allow you through while others are made of brick and will stop you. The best strategy for this game is to let others figure out which gates are the correct ones. Follow behind a group and let them do the dirty work. Doing this will almost always qualify you.
Gate Crash – This game has you running down a path that has several gates that rise and fall based off of a pattern. The easiest way to win this is to learn the patterns of each set of gates. It is also super key to think ahead a few steps. This means if a gate is just coming down and you are a few feet away, it will likely be fully back up by the time you reach it. As long as you do this you should be fine.
Hit Parade – As the name suggests, this game is all about running past things that will attempt to hit you. The key to this one is simple, just keep moving. Don’t worry too much about timing, as most “hazards” in this game will not slow you down enough to ruin your run. If you do need to avoid an obvious trap, do a quick small circle and the trap should be past you by the time you are facing forward again.
Dizzy Heights – Dizzy Heights is about 80% turn tables that move you in one direction. There is a small falling ball section at the end, but it is easily managed. The key on this one is to not fight against the direction the turn tables are going. Even if you miss your chance to jump off onto the next table, the amount of time it takes to make a full circle is significantly less than the time it takes to fight against the “current”. This one is usually the most competitive so it is important to master this one quick.
The Whirlygig – Whirlygig is the fan favorite. It is all about jumping over or through obstacles that are meant to knock you off the platform or push you back. For this game, it is important to take your time, people struggle A LOT with this game in general, so as long as you can consistently make it over the jumps you’ll be completely fine.
Note – Do not try to go through the last fast moving fan, take the left path as it always has significantly less people and “collateral” damage (other players flying off).
See Saw – See Saw is by far the toughest “beginner” map available. It involves running through a series of teeter totter like platforms. Unfortunately there is no great strategy as each game will play slightly different. The only advice is to always try to land on your feet when jumping onto the next platform, and never attempt to jump up a sideways platform only walk. The “Fall Guys” are surprisingly good climbers and unless it is nearly 100% vertical you will not automatically fall off. Similar to Whirlygig, people struggle a lot with this game, so if you are patient and play smart you shouldn’t have a problem.

Team Matches

Note – Team matches are by far the least “liked” due to the randomness, therefore these strategies can only help so much, you could easily still lose if the remainder of your team struggles or the other teams have superior players. As of the week of 24-AUG-2020 the episode CANNOT include back to back team matches and teams MUST be even. In general, there only tends to be one team match per episode, usually in the 3rd or 4th “round” spot.

Fall Ball (8-20 Player) – Fall Ball=Soccer. You are basically playing the Fall Guys version of Rocket League soccer. It is best to play around with the “positions” and figure out what you are best at, whether that be offense, defense, or mid field.
Egg Scramble (18-30 Players) – Egg Scramble is a bit chaotic. Three teams are vying for eggs similar to the classic board game Hungry Hungry Hippos. It is best to jump straight for the golden eggs as they are worth 5 each. As long as your team is not in last place after the initial mass grab, you will want to play defense, and play it hard. Bump into people, grab people, block people, whatever it takes to keep the eggs. If your team does end up in last, attempt to steal regular eggs from whoever is in second place. Players are less likely to stop you if you are just taking a regular egg, and each egg counts.
Hoarders (18-30 Players) – This game is all about keeping Giant balls (eight available) in your section. There is no major strategy although its similar to Fall Ball as you’ll want to figure out what you are best at and stick to it. If you ever have 4 or more balls, it is best to stop what you are doing and play defense. This is simply due to the numbers game of how many balls are available.
Team Tail Tag (20-40 Players) – Arguably the least liked game by the community. It is also the only game that has four teams. Your goal is to get a tail as quick as possible and hold onto it. Try to corner people in order to grab the tail or find a large group of people with tails. After you have the tail it is best to stay in a large group of people with tails as well. This is because it is less likely you’ll be grabbed or chased if someone without a tail approaches. As well, if they do steal your tail, you will have several other people to grab tails from.
Jinxed (36-40 Players) – If you ever played a version of “zombie tag” as a kid, that is what jinxed is. Basically, you are trying not to be touched by the opposing team players that have pink hearts around them. Unfortunately, due to how many people are in this game, there is no major strategy. Similar to Fall Ball and Hoarders, figure out if you are best at grabbing people or hiding and play that way. This is by far the most random in terms of whether you win or lose due to how many people are in it.
Rock N’ Roll (12-18 Players) – Rock N’ Roll is exactly what it sounds like, you are tasked with rolling a ball (rock) through a series of obstacle course and then roll it down a hill. Despite what you may see other players doing, it is best to stay with the ball and keep pushing, do not abandon the ball to attempt to “block” another teams ball unless you are HIGHLY likely to lose without doing so. In order to really move the ball you will need at least 3-4 people pushing. This means if too many people abandon ship to go play defense, you’ll likely lose.
Hoopsie Daisy (20-30 Players) – This game is very fun to play but a little chaotic depending on how many players there are. Your team will need to jump through hoops in order to gain points. It is best to pick a “spot” (i.e. a few hoop spawns) and stick to it, this will allow you to be the first to grab about 7-10 hoops over the match which will make a major contribution to your team (most games end up with a score of about 40 to 50 to 60).

Middle Rounds

Perfect Match (Survival) – Likely the easiest of all the games available in Fall Guys. It is also the only completely “logic” game currently available. You will need to be standing on the fruit that appears on the screen three times. After standing on the matching fruit all the spots will reset and progressively get harder. Try to memorize as many spots as you can, if you aren’t sure or you can’t remember follow a large group of people to a spot. 98 times out of 100 you’ll be fine if you follow the group.
Block Party (Survival) – Block Party is arguably the most toxic of all of the games. People will mess with you so be warned. Blocks/platforms will come at you and you must avoid them. It is best to stand further back and away from as many people as possible. This is because when all 20-30 people jump at the same time (or run to one side) you can easily bump into other people and it will cause you to fall over and then be pushed off. Play smart and keep your head up and you’ll master this one in no time.
Tail Tag (Survival) – Normal Tail Tag is the middle ground between team tail tag and royal fumble. It is a solo round with several tails in play. End up with a tail when the time runs out and you’ll move on. The strategy is similar to team tail tag, try to trap people when you don’t have the tail and stick to the high ground when you do. This game is fairly rare so you are unlikely to see it much.
Tip Toe (Race) – Finding the correct path is the name of them. Similar to Door Dash, you don’t need to be the hero. Stay in the group and let other people figure out the correct path. Note – The tiles that are incorrect will shake occasionally, so keep an eye out for these.
Roll Out (Survival) – This game mode looks very tricky but it actually fairly simple. This is only because people tend to get eliminated quickly so most rounds of Roll Out you’ll only need to survive for about 30 seconds. Main strategy is to keep moving from one section to the next and NEVER jump. Move all the way to the left, then back to the right. Repeat until the game ends.
Jump Club (Survival) – Jump club is played like this. Two bars going at different speeds will go around in a circle and you will need to jump over (and duck under) the respective bars. The key is to try to jump over the low bar when its about halfway in between the high bar (if you think about a clock, the high bar would be 12 and 6, you will want to try to jump over the low bar while it is at 3 and 9 or visa versa). You will want to run away from the low bar until it is near these positions.
Fruit Chute (Race) – Fruit Chute is a wild ride. You will be running up a platform that is pushing you in the opposite direction. While this is happening fruits and occasional logs will be shot at you which will knock you over and push you back. Two things are key, one stay on your feet and moving up as much as possible (only move to the side to avoid incoming fruits) and stay to either the far left or far right side. This will avoid most fruits and avoid all of the logs. Do this and you should be fine.
Slime Climb (Race/Survival) – Easily the most difficult game currently available. Generally speaking, only about 10 to 20% of people will even make it to the top. Technically speaking, it is a race, but as long as you survive you are HIGHLY likely to qualify. You are tasked with running up a series of rows with various traps. While this is going on, slime will slowly “climb” from the floor. if you touch the slime, you will be eliminated. You will want to follow these steps for the sections –
1. Take the first section slow, run in between the moving block that push you off, don’t try to do it all in one.
2. Avoid the balls by hugging the right wall. For the moving blocks, you will want to wait until they are uneven, DO NOT try if they are moving at the same time, you will not have enough time to make it past the second jump. Jump as early as possible onto the first one and move, don’t hesitate as you have BARELY enough time to survive.
3. Hug the wall again and keep your movement stick pointed northeast. You can stop for a moment if need be to let the “sticks” move out of your way, when you do this, just run into the wall until you can move again.
4. For the “bars” walk onto the middle of the first one, you do not need to jump. for the second bar, try to jump as close to the middle as possible and keep moving. If there are other people with you, let them go first, the more people on the bars the more likely you are to bump into each other. Section 2 and this section are where 60-70% of people fail.
5. Run in a diagonal pattern past the circling mallets. Due to how the slime works you’ll want to keep moving forward as much as possible, don’t try to go side to side very much.
6. Similar to section one. Take it slow, run in between each of the moving blocks.
7. If you have made it this far, you very likely can slow down. Take your time and go in between the remaining obstacles. don’t rush this section unless you need to.
8. (100% Optional) Traditionally you should stop and wait for the next person to make it up to you, waving/”cheering” on the next person in line. This obviously does not apply if you are in first or you are the last person to survive.


Note – The finales are by far the most skill based as only one person can win. You’ll likely fail these several times, but practice will make perfect. Promise.

Royal Fumble (8 or less Players) – Royal Fumble is the rarest of the finales. It is a solo, low player, version of team tail tag. If the timer ends and you have the tail you win. Try not to keep the tail the entire time unless you start with it, let about 30 seconds go and just watch the patterns of the players. Figure out the best way to get the tail and keep it. After you have the tail, try to get on as many platforms as possible. This is due to the fact that if you get trapped, you can always jump off and potentially avoid getting stuck. This won’t always work, but if you get trapped on the ground there isn’t much you can do.
Hex-A-Gone (6-20 Players) – Hex-A-Gone is easily the most skill based game currently available. Each time you step on a “Hexagon” it will disappear from the game. This means the longer people survive, the less spots they have to run. During the start of the game you will want to try to cut off/get people to fall further down. Once you have a platform (or “section” of the platform for yourself) slow significantly down, you will want to jump on each hexagon instead of running over it. This will allow you to stay on each hexagon longer, and therefore each level longer and gives more time for the other players to fall & be eliminated. Lastly, try to think a little bit ahead while you are jumping from hexagon to hexagon. When you run out of spots to jump (which eventually you will) you will want to find another spot to fall down onto and be able to repeat the process. If for some reason (usually bad luck) you end up on the bottom row early, try to carve out a section for you to slow down and jump, while leaving a bit hole for other players to fall into.
Fall Mountain (6-20 Players) – Fall Mountain is a race to the top. This game is unfortunately easiest to lose. Falling behind about 1-2 seconds can make the difference between a win and a loss. Try your best to avoid all balls at the beginning then hug the left (or right) wall past the first circle mallet. Cut diagonally after the three jumps and hug the opposite wall past the second circle mallet. At this point, its all up to what place you are in and if the other players miss the grab for the crown.
Jump Showdown (10-20 Players) – Same match as Jump Club however the platform slowly fall. There is no major strategy here however you should work on your jump timing and stay away from people as much as possible. There is a serious extent of randomness as the platforms that fall are random, you could be stuck on an island with no where to go.

Stage 2 – Win & Collect

After learning all the different game modes, and how to qualify or win these modes, you’ll want to keep practicing until you are able to win on a somewhat consistent basis (approximately one out of ten). Once you are able to win, you will want to keep an eye out of the rotating store for any legendary cosmetic items. You will need one of each for the trophy Head Turner. The one exception is the face color, so ignore those. If you have been playing the game since approximately 12-AUG-2020 you will have a legendary top and bottom (a cactus) in your inventory for free. In this case, you will only need about 5 crowns in order to obtain this trophy (3-4 wins depending on level), if not, you’ll need about 10-15 wins. Once you are at this point, you are ready for Stage 3.

Stage 3 – Master & Plat

At this point, you are a Fall Guy master. You should know the game modes inside and out, all the tricks on how to win and making it to the finale 95% of the time (not including losing via team matches). Now with a little bit of luck you should be able to obtain the Infallible trophy, which will likely be your last trophy. If need be, keep playing until you are level 40 (you gain experience every level no matter how poorly you do) or keep winning to the 20 wins needed. Unfortunately due to the randomness of this game and the luck around team based games you could be stuck at this step for 5 hours or for 500 hours. See Infallible trophy for a few extra tips and current “exploits” available. If you are able to obtain Infallible the rest of the trophies will be easy to finish up as needed.

 Ultimate Fall Guy
Acquire all other trophies

Congratz! You are the master Fall Guy!

 Head Turner
Equip a legendary Body Colour, Pattern, Upper and Lower Costume Piece

Much as the description states, you’ll need to have a legendary cosmetic item in every slot outside of the face slot.

Cosmetic items are randomly generated on a rotating schedule. There are normally two sets of cosmetic items available, one that refreshes every 12 hours and one that refreshes every 3 days. The set that refreshes every 3 days tends to have more legendary items but are a little more expensive.

Legendary items can only be purchased with Crowns. You will gain 3 crowns through play (level 5, 20, and 32), the rest will need to be obtained by winning. They CANNOT be purchased through micro transactions.

On average the slots cost the following –
Body Colour – 3 crowns
Pattern – 2 crowns
Upper – 5 crowns
Lower – 5 crowns

If you had played at least one episode before 8/12, you will have a legendary upper and lower in the form of a cactus costume.

Lastly, if you are going for the platinum you will have enough crowns by the time you obtain Golden Guy which is for winning 20 episodes (so long as you are smart with spending your crowns).

By obtaining this trophy, you will also obtain Snowflake, Bargin Bucket, Catwalk Model & Mad Trendy.

Image of the Cactus Suit provided below.

 Star of the Show
Reach lvl 40 fame during a season

Experience towards levels are obtained simply by playing, no matter what you will gain at least a few experience points per episode you play. The better you do, the more experience you will get.

As of 24-AUG-2020 there has only been one season. Season two is about to be announced but no date or timeframe is given. As well, due to there only being one season so far, no one is fully aware of what will happen to levels at the end of the season.

If you are going for the platinum this will likely come naturally. If this is your last trophy, simply keep playing and you’ll get level 40 even if you AFK each episode (not advised).

 Track Star
Get first place in a racing round 20 times

To obtain this trophy you’ll need to come in first on 20 of the race rounds in each episode (cumulative). As you become better at the games, you’ll end in the top 5-10 almost every time but you’ll want to do a few things if you are struggling to grab that number 1 spot.

Door Dash – Be the hero on the last gate, try to be the person to guess the right door and dive when you do. If correct, you’ll end up far ahead of the group. With a little luck you’ll easily take first.
Gate Crash – Memorize the patterns as much as possible, make sure to stick the final jump if at all possible.
Hit Parade – Make sure to be the first through the closing gate midway through the course. Play dangerously during the swinging ball section and hug the wall on the final climb.
See Saw – Least likely to take first. If you start in the first row or can make a breakaway right at the start you will easily take first due to the nature of how this map works, otherwise its unlikely to happen.
Dizzy Heights – Make sure not to get hit by any balls in either section, if you can avoid them while staying in the leading few spots you have the chance of winning.
The Whirlygig – Go for the gold and dive through the last fast fan. If you can make it, and you were in the leading few spots it is highly likely you”ll take first.

Technically speaking, you can still obtain first in fruit chute and slime climb, but these are not optimal if you are focused specifically on this trophy.

It is important to note that even with these helpful hints you may still not take first.

You will be given a medal when the round ends that states “1st Place!” If this happens, it will count towards the trophy.

Win 5 Episodes in a row

This is going to be extremely tough to obtain but is doable. Make sure to read through the beginning walk through on helpful hints on each game and when you should start to really focus on this trophy over all others.

As of 24-AUG-2020 there is currently an exploit that allows you to save some headache making the trophy a bit easier on you.

In short, the game does not register that you have lost a game until the “eliminated” or “round over” has popped up on screen. Therefore, if you are able to close out of the game before these screens appear your streak will still be alive.

Obviously for some rounds this will not be possible. The perfect example of this is Fall Mountain in which you may lose by a few seconds. Hexagon is another example as your character will fall to the bottom by the time the game closes.

However, on most team games and a few others you will have an idea of whether you are going to win or not. If you feel at any point there is a high chance of you losing, go ahead and quit out.

When you come back in, if your experience and Kudos (currency) have gone up, your streak was lost.

People on the internet go back and forth over whether this exploit still works but the current consensuses is it is still working for NA but has been patched for EU players.

Outside of the exploit there isn’t much more to say, you’ll need to work hard and have some pretty decent luck, but if you keep trying you’ll get it!

 Veteran Status
Qualify from 500 rounds

500 rounds is a surprisingly large amount. You will very likely hit this on your way to level 40 OR on your way to Infallible.

At minimum you will need to play 125 episodes (found rounds you can “qualify” for each (2-5)). However some episodes are only four rounds and the likely hood of you making it to the finale every round is pretty slim to none.

More realistically it will take between 200-250 episodes in order to obtain this trophy.

 Fall Guy Fashionista
Unlock 50 cosmetic items from the store

Cosmetic items can be purchased from the fourth tab on the home screen. As mentioned in Head Turner the items for sale change over time and only about 10 are available at any time.

Some can be purchased through crowns, most however can be purchased through Kudos which are gained after every match fairly generously.

If you can’t wait, this, along with one other trophy (along with Shopping Spree) that can be bought through the use of micro transactions.

 Shopping Spree
Unlock 10 cosmetic items from the store

See Fall Guy Fashionista for more info on this trophy. 

 Mad Trendy
Equip a rare of legendary Body Colour, Pattern, Upper and Lower Costume piece

See Head Turner for more info on this trophy.

 Catwalk Model
Equip your first legendary customization item

See Head Turner for more info on this trophy.

 Household Name
Reach lvl 25 fame during a season

See Star of the Show for more info on this trophy.

 Quite Dashing
Get first place in a racing round 5 times

See Track Star for more info on this trophy.

 Golden Guy
Win 20 Episodes

Winning Episodes will sound near impossible at first but once you get the hang of the games and the strategies invovled you’ll start winning more and more.

Episodes tend to last five rounds, with a few lasting four and even fewer lasting three. Technically speaking matches can last only two rounds, but its highly unlikely to even happen.

If you are the winner you’ll see “Round Over” at the end instead of “Eliminated” and your “Fall Guy” will appear on screen proclaiming you the winner.

These do not need to be cumulative.

Check Infallible and the beginning walkthrough for more information on how to win matches.

 One giant leap
Qualify from 100 rounds

See Veteran Status for more info on this trophy.

Equip your first cosmetic item

See Head Turner for more info on this trophy.


 Bargain Bucket
Equip an uncommon or better Body Colour, Pattern, Upper and Lower Costume piece

See Head Turner for more info on this trophy.

 One to Watch
Reach lvl 10 fame during a season

See Star of the Show for more info on this trophy.

 Flawless Victory
Qualify from a round without falling over even once.

Falling over is very common throughout this game. If you jump slightly wrong, get bumped, land funny or even just tilt to far to one side you are likely to fall off balance. Falling isn’t a big deal and you’ll recover in a few seconds.

However, for this trophy you’ll need to go through an entire round without ever hitting your side even once.

This will likely come naturally when playing rounds like Perfect Match, Fruit Chute or one of the many Tail Tags.

If you are struggling with this trophy, it is easiest to obtain this on Perfect Match, simply never jump and try to stay away from people as much as possible (meaning go for less obvious spots instead of following the larger group). As long as you don’t lose or get knocked over by someone else this trophy will unlock.

 Ahead of the Pack
Get first place in a racing round

See Track Star for more info on this trophy.

Win your first Episode

See Golden Guy for more info on this trophy.

 Top Tier
Win 7 Episodes

See Golden Guy for more info on this trophy.

 One small trip
Qualify from you first round

Nice work! You’ll unlock this after your first round that you qualify in. This trophy will unlock first before anything else.

See Veteran Status & the walkthrough for more info on rounds.

 Show Off
Win an Episode with a custom Punchline equipped

Punchlines are the ending cutscene that plays when you win an episode.

Although they do appear ocassionally in the store they are fairly rare. It is more likely that you will get your first custom punchline when you reach level 40. At level 40 you will be given one automatically. Just win a match once you are level 40 (making sure to equip the punchline) and this trophy will unlock.

 Squad Goals
Win an Episode as part of a party of 3 or more players

Although it isn’t specifically stated it seems like the max party is four people. This could be changed further down the road.

Simply win an with 3 or more people in your party and the trophy should unlock.

Obviously the more people the better as if you can all make it to the finale it is more people that can either throw the match or block other people from winning.

See Infallible and the beginning walkthrough for more hints on how to win an episode.

 Down to the Wire
Qualify after a round goes to overtime

This is only obtained during a team match.

This will very likely happen naturally over the course of play.

This is most common on Team Tail Tag, Horders, & Fall ball, although it can technically happen on almost all team matches.

You will have little control over this as there will likely be 20+ people controlling/shaping the score of the game. You will have the most control in Team Tail Tag. If you see you are only up by one and you have a tail, let someone steal it which will drop you and another team to a tie. If so, the game will go into overtime. Win in overtime and the trophy will unlock.

 Face First
Qualify from a racing round despite falling over more than 10 times

This will very likely happen naturally over the course of play.

If you are having trouble obtaining this trophy, try to obtain it on The Whirlygig or Egg Scramble.

Whirlygig has many traps that will knock you over. It is also very challenging for most people so you will have a decent amount of time to focus on it. Just get hit by every trap and make sure to pay attention to how many people have qualified.

In Egg Scramble you wil want to ignore objectives and instead keep getting hit by the circle mallets near anyones base. You will have more than enough time to get hit the 11 times needed.

 Low Baller
Qualify from a team game with a score of 1

Although all team matches can technically reach a score of 1-X (or 1-X-X/1-X-X-X respectively) there are only a few games where it is possible to have this score and still win.

This will likely happen on Fall Ball, but can technically be obtained on Hoarders & Team Tail Tag.

When playing Fall Ball, try to focus on scoring the first goal then playing defense. If you have a low player count match (4 or 5 players per team), if you and another player back off from offense and focus exclusively on blocking any shots that come in you’ll likely end with a low scoring game.

Of course, this could happen randomly at any time depending on how the match goes, but this can help slide the odds towards your favor.

 Big Tease
Perform an emote just before coming first in a race round

This is arguably the second trickiest trophy in the game as it requires you to win first in a qualifying race and have enough time to do an emote before that.

This can technically happen on any race with some luck, but it will likely take place on Door Dash, Fruit Chute, or The Whirlygig.

In Door Dash, try to stay near the front for the entire race. On the last gate, be a hero and try a gate no one else is. Make sure to dive through the door so you land as far front as possible.

Fruit Chute is so chaotic if you remain untouched by any fruit you could very easily be in the first by 5-10 seconds, giving you plenty of time to perform an emote.

Lastly, because people struggle so much at Whirlygig, if you can master it and not be hit by any of the traps you could be alone at the final jump, giving you enough time to emote.

You do not need to let the emote finish, you only need to have your Fall Guy start the emote. If you have sound on, he will also make a cheering noise when the emote actives.

Note – You need to be standing completely still for about a second before you can start the emote, so make sure to stop in place when you are ready to emote, you cannot do this on the run.

 Fall Bae
Share a hug with a Fall Guy

This will likely come naturally over the course of play.

By holding R2 you will stick out your arms. This is necessary for some games but can also be used to “bump” people, hold people, and hug them!

During team matches like Egg Scramble things become so chaotic that you will likely have two people hugging each other without meaning to.

If you are really struggling with this, in games like See Saw and Slime Climb it is very common to have people hang out at the finish line before the game actually finishes, just run up and start attempting to hug them, they will very likely hug back.

 Big Air
Clock up 1 hour total time falling

This will likely come naturally over the course of play.

Fall time is considered to be any time you are in the air and falling. This includes simply jumping up and down in place.

You will fly all over the place while playing some maps so you don’t need to pay much attention to it.

If for some reason you have all other trophies and still missing this one, find a game like See Saw that allows you to fall off the map. Simply run to the edge and fall. You will fall for about 2-4 seconds before respawning at the top. Rinse and Repeat. 

 Stumble Chums
Bump into other Fall Guys 1000 times in total

This will likely come naturally over the course of play.

You will bump into people all over the place in this game, so there is no need to focus on this trophy.

If for some reason you have all other trophies and still missing this one, try playing games like Egg Scramble, Block Party, Door Dash & Gate Crash where people tend to be extremely clumped up and focus on running into people. Rinse and Repeat.

 Style Points
Fall for at least 3 seconds before landing on your head.

This will likely come naturally over the course of play.

Unfortunately there is very little control over this trophy as how your character wabbles as you fall is out of your control.

If for some reason you have all other trophies and still missing this one, try to obtain it on Door Dash. With a little luck you’ll dive off the final gate and land on your head. Try to jump on top of people that get clumped up before jumping off, this will give you a little more height and likelyhood of falling on your head.

 Big Bully
Knock someone over

This will likely come naturally over the course of play. 

You have very little control over whether someone falls over or not. But due to the randomness of the physics you’ll likely bump someone over completely on accident.

If for some reason you have all other trophies and still missing this one, see Troublemaker for the place and strategy for a good place to run into people

Bump into 3 people while rolling on the ground before getting up

This will likely come naturally over the course of play.

There are plenty of times at the beginning of a round where people are bunched up and will run into each other, the trophy will likely pop during one of these times.

If for some reason you have all other trophies and still missing this one, play on The Whirlygag and let yourself be hit by the first trap. Just run right into it and stop. You will be flung around in a big circle and likely hit 10-15 people (and knock some of them over) before being able to get back up.

See the image below for which is the best spot to obtain this trophy

 Fall Throttle
Reach terminal velocity.

What speed “Terminal Velocity” is is not specified anywhere in the game. It seems to be however it can only be obtained on one specific game mode without a glitch or random physics happening.

On The Whirlygag you will be faced with a giant propellor near the end of the course. Simple dive full force into the right side of the fan and you’ll be flung off. With a little bit of luck you’ll pick up enough speed (or bump into something else that will speed you up) and the trophy will unlock.

See the image below on which fan to do it on.

Fan in the middle top section of the image.

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