Effie Trophy Guide

Game: Effie
Peripherals: none
Time to 100%: 5 – 10 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: Collector, Galand “the Powerful”, Experienced, The Three Towers, Maximus “the Gladiator”, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Ghostbusters, A Walk to Remember, Tomb raider, The Librarian, The Searcher, Taster of stories, Private eye Galand, Speed Lover.
Author: Pete

Welcome to the trophy guide for Effie. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play the entire game.

Play through the chapters of the game while collecting all the collectibles and upgrading Galand’s powers by collecting as many rune stones, smashing vase, crates, and barrels, defeating enemies, and opening Experience chests to earn XP. Tips: You can run pass quite a few enemies if you want to if you have upgrade Galand’s power six times. When you get into the Red Plains of Oblena area and you are facing the Windmills City is direction is North in this guide. Use compass directions (north, east, south, and west) as their is no map in this game. This important as you need the correct positions to orient yourself to find all the relic locations in this guide. There is no chapter select in this game and once you leave a major area or complete chapters you cannot renter some areas.

Stage 2 – Replay the game.

If you missed any of the “missable” trophies above you will have to replay the game to unlock these trophies.


  Effie, a fantasy adventure
Get all the trophies of Effie.

Unlock by earning all other trophies.

Effie, a fantasy adventure Trophy

  The end of an adventure
Defeat Melira at the Temple of Oblena.

When you enter the Temple of Oblena you will not be able to exit back to the Red Plain’s of Oblena. You will come to a large room and encounter Melira for the final time. She will transform into a huge version of herself and there will be 3 rounds to deliver damage to her with 3 separate challenges to overcome. You need to use all the skills and moves that you have earned and learned prior in the game. The objective is to get to the 3 floor switches and activate them to start the next part of the battle. Defeat enemies, avoid Melira’s attacks, avoid obstacles and ran to activate the next floor switch. After the 9 parts to the battle you will have defeated her to earn this trophy. Note: after every 3 floor switches you hit her causing her to loose health and if you die during this battle you will respawn at this checkpoint and you do not have to do the entire battle over again.

The end of an adventure Trophy

Find all relics.

Refer to these trophies to find all 18 of the Relics:
– Tomb raider (1 relic)
– The Three Tower (1 relic)
– 2 Fast 2 Furious (1 relic)
– Ghostbusters (1 relic)
– A walk to remember (1 relic)
– Maximus “the Gladiator” (1 relic)
– The Librarian (2 relics)
– Taster of stories (2 relics)
– Private eye Galand (6 relics)
– The Searcher (2 relics)

Each of those trophies have specific requirements or areas that you explore to earn a certain trophy.

  The best companion ever
Get all Runestone skills.

Story related and you will earn after visiting and completing the three main cities: Windmills City, The Vineyeards, and Woodborn.

The best companion ever Trophy

  Galand “the Powerful”
Upgrade Galand’s power 6 times.

Upgrade Galand’s powers 6 times by collecting as many rune stones, smashing vases, crates, and barrels, defeating enemies, and opening Experience chests to earn XP. You have an XP meter in the top left corner of your screen and this is filled as you earn XP.

Galand “the Powerful” Trophy

Open 20 Experience Chests.

Open the silver and blue chests to earn XP from these Experience Chests. These are hidden throughout the game in a lot of locations and you should be able to easily get this if you are exploring areas thoroughly. After opening 20 if you have not earned Galand “the Powerful” then continue to open Experience Chests as this will help to get that trophy more quickly.

Experienced Trophy

  A sweet victory
Defeat Melira at The Vineyards.

In The Vineyards, after getting to the battle with Melira you need to use jumps and dashes to go to the left around the large room avoiding her attacks and using the lever switches on the platforms. After a lever switch is activated there will be new items spawned for you to move on to get to the next lever switch while you continue missing her attacks. Eventually there will be larger platforms appear with enemies attacking you while you avoid Melira’s attacks and continue using the lever switches. Eventually you defeat her and the trophy is yours.

A Sweet Victory Trophy

  Songs will be sung
Defeat Melira at Woodborn.

In Woodborn, you will enter a room with a large machine that needs power. You must complete the two left and the two right rooms before you can use this machine. After completing the 4 rooms you will have turned on the power to reveal a pattern of items that you must light up. Follow the yellow cables to determine which lever switch controls the correct one you are looking for. After the correct order is done you open up access to the sawmill and you will have to battle Melira. To defeat her you must jump and dash to get to the platforms in the middle with lever switches on them. Activate all the lever switches and you defeat her.

Songs will be sung Trophy

  Protector of cities
Defeat Melira at Windmills City.

After activating all the windmills in Windmills City you will battle Melira, defeat her by killing all the spawning enemies.

Protector of the cities Trophy

  A small victory
Defeat Melira at the Temple of the Elder Protectors.

After exiting the Temple of the Elder Protectors you will battle Melira, defeat the spawning enemies to earn this trophy.

A Small Victory Trophy

  Private eye Galand
Find all relics in the Red Plains of Oblena.

In the Red Plains of Oblena there are these six that are not associated with another action you must do to earn a trophy.

The first relic is south of Windmills City on top of an enemy area made of small wooden structures.

The second relic is in a small forest south of Windmills City and you face the Temple of the Elder Protectors. Go in the forest to see a Relic Treasure chest at the top of the wooden structures with enemies on it.

The third relic is in a small forest north of Windmills City and south of The Vineyards.

The fourth relic is south of the Temple of Oblena and north of The Vineyards. There is a wooden framed structure that has the Relic Treasure chest in it.

The fifth relic is in a swamp south of the Temple of Oblena and east of Woodborn. There is a Relic Treasure chest in the skeleton structure.

The sixth relic is near the Fire Hammer Coliseum area. Follow the stream to an enemy camp with a Relic Treasure chest on the dock.

  Taster of stories
Find all relics in The Vineyards.

North of Windmills City in The Vineyards. Enter this area and go straight to enter the large building. There are two relics to collect in this area.

The first Relic is before going down the elevator shown in the first picture. Go to the room to the right and around to behind a large barrel to find a lever switch. Activate it and then go back to the room with the elevator and to the left a secret door opened and the relic is in a Relic Treasure chest.

The second relic is after the area with all the platform circles floating down the purple liquid. You will come to a room with three lever switches. Activate the middle one to show the amount shown in the picture. Go through and defeat the enemy. Continue to go forward and you see a lever switch to open a door and the Relic Treasure chest is around the corner to the right.

  The Searcher
Find all relics in Woodborn.

North of Windmills City and west of The Vineyards in Woodborn. There are 2 relics in this city.

The first is after getting the new skill and defeating the enemies go to the right and through a small archway on this corner building to open the first Relic Treasure chest.

The second relic is in the fourth area where you have to turn on the power. When you see the dinosaur shown in the picture below go to the right and then straight to a building with a saw blade above the door. Go to the left and find this Relic Treasure chest.

  The Librarian
Find all relics in Windmills Town.

There are two relics to find in Windmills City.

One relic is found after coming to the area where the cranks are you go to the door with the animal skull on it, turn left to go pass the trees and around the white building.

The other relic is found when going through the tunnel area with railway track. Go to the left down a pipe that green liquid is coming out of it and then up the stairs, across the room, and down the stairs. Smash the crates to reveal the Relic Treasure chest.

  Tomb raider
Find all relics in the Temple of the Elder Protectors.

Story related. In the Temple of the Elder Protectors you wil eventually enter this tall stone archway and the Relic treasure chest is in front of you to open up.

  A walk to remember
Complete the Fisher Fish area.

North of the Temple of the Elder Protectors and south of Windmills City is the Fisher Fish area. Go to the top of the tower and open the Relic treasure chest.

Complete the Quiet Rock area.

North of Windmills City and to the south of the Vineyards is Quiet Rock. At Quiet Rock you need to use a lever switch to open up the gate to be able to open the Relic treasure chest.

  2 Fast 2 Furious
Complete the Quick Imp area.

In the Red Plains of Oblena to the east of the Windmill City and north of the Three Towers is a wooden stadium area, complete the race challenge where you go along a pathway with green markers, use speed boosters, and upon finishing the challenge you earn the trophy. Also, there is a Relic you can now access so enter the door that is now open in the Quick Imp area and go up the stairs to the other end to open a Relic Treasure chest.

  Maximus “the Gladiator”
Complete the Fire Hammer Coliseum area.

The Fire Hammer Coliseum is northwest of Windmills City and in a large forest of red trees. After defeating all waves of enemies you will earn this trophy. Also, you now have access to a Relic by opening the Relic Treasure chest.

  The Three Tower
Complete the Harmony Obelisks area.

At the Three Towers make your way up the towers by jumping and dashing across platforms. You can run past most enemies if you do not want to fight them. Make your way to the tallest tower and open the Relic treasure chest.

  More than a companion
Get Runestone.

Story related when you are given the shield.

More than a companion Trophy

  Beware, I can ram you!
Get the Dash skill.

Upon entering Windmills City go to the left and then follow path through an archway into the area shown below in the picture, and go up to the statue to receive the Dash skill.

Beware, I can ram you! Trophy

  Round… and round… and round I go!
Get the Boomerang skill.

Upon entering Woodborn approach the statue shown below to receive the Boomerang skill.

Round… and round… and round I go! Trophy

  Was that an earthquake?
Get the Earthquake skill.

Upon entering the Vineyards, through the area where you cannot surf, approach the statue to receive the Earthquake skill.

Was that an earthquake? Trophy

  Speed lover
Reach the maximum speed surfing.

In the Red Plains of Oblena drive on your shield by holding the R2 trigger and then passing through many of the speed boosters which have a yellowish glowing circle at the bottom and a tall bolt sticking straight up into the sky.

Speed lover Trophy

Upgrade Galand’s power for the first time.

Collect rune stones, smash vases and crates, defeat enemies, and open Experience chests to increase your XP bar in the top left corner of the screen. Completely fill it the first time to level up.

Vigorous Trophy

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