Draugen Trophy Guide

Game: Draugen
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 4 – 6 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: The Conversationalist, The Artist, Life is but a dream
Author: Pete and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Draugen. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play through the game slowly to make sure all conversations are initiated.

In Draugen, you will be able to walk around the given areas in Graavik while discovering the mysteries that involve all the characters. While playing this game it is strongly recommended to press R1 button constantly. Also, when a character is talking, examining an item, and/or thinking out loud to stop, wait, and then proceed, as the conversational text will repeat. There are certain specific locations noted in ‘The Conversationalist” trophy description that you need to be aware of that may prevent you from obtaining this trophy. Also, make sure to complete the 9 sketches in this playthrough.

– Press R1 button nearly every few seconds in this game to make sure that you do not miss any conversations. The game will only prompt you to press R1 a few times in the game.
– You play as Edward, who sees imaginary characters.
– Alice, Lissie, and Elizabeth are all the same imaginary character in the game. The names are used interchangeably throughout the game.
– There is also an angel that appears, who is another character in Edward’s imagination.

Stage 2 – Replay a full playthrough until you earn the needed trophies.

If you missed any trophies, then you will have to play another full playthrough of the game until you earn the needed trophies. Refer to the trophy descriptions below for any missing trophies.


 Life is but a dream
Row, row, row your boat.

On Day 6, you will leave to go home on the boat. You will earn the ‘Goodbye to all the things’ trophy. The credits will roll. After the credits finish rolling, boat paddling sounds will be heard. Stay and listen to the boat paddling sounds for 35 minutes. After you “row” the boat for 35 minutes and it gets to the dock, the trophy should then pop.
Warning: If your PS4 controller is on power save mode to turn off after less than 45 minutes, this trophy could take longer, as the game will go to the pause menu when the controller is off, so tap the Left or Right Stick slightly to keep the controller on.

 Goodbye to all the things
The end.

On Day 6, you will leave on your boat with Alice. This trophy will be automatically earned.  

 To Ruth, from Edward
Good night, little girl.

After obtaining the final doll head piece, you will have the complete Doll for Ruth. On Day 6, when you can move around inside the farmhouse, do NOT do anything with the doll until after talking to Alice outside. After talking to her, you can go back into the farmhouse and upstairs to Ruth’s room. When inside, you will be prompted to ‘Place Dollon her bed.  

 Piano man
Played the piano.

When you are able to go up stairs in the Farmhouse, go into the room to right as soon as you come up the stairs. In this room interact with the Piano. A song will be played.

Lissie’s getting a bit tired of you, Teddy bear.

Whenever you are not around Alice (Lissie) or the angel, you can press R1 to try to talk to them. This trophy could be earned whenever no other characters are around and they are not able to communicate back to you. Repeatedly press R1 until you earn this trophy.

 The Conversationalist
Exhausted all Lissie conversations.

Note: There are 3 save slots that you can play the game on. If you do not earn this trophy on the first playthrough, then change to Save Slot 2 by pressing Triangle, then start a New Game. During a second playthrough, you can change a few of your choices, wait as you will be aware of the possibles noted below, and select other options. The other options are when Edward is thinking out loud to solve/reason through information and/or answer Alice’s questions to the ‘what’ happened in this town.

For this trophy, you need to have almost every possible line of text said in the game in one playthrough. You do NOT need to have every choice based lines of text said in the game though, so sometimes you will have no option to ask/say/hear the other lines of text, which is fine. There are exceptions to this though as noted below. You will earn this on Day 6 when you are in the farmhouse if you have met the requirements.

To earn this trophy, it’s recommended to:
– Press R1 every few seconds while playing.
-Whenever a conversation starts, do not move. Wait to hear if the conversation has ended. Take your time and be patient!
– Interact with all the items that have a CIRCLE interaction ability. Press R1 before them, interact with them, and after interacting with them, make sure that you do not miss conversations.
-Whenever there are multiple choices and then the other choices are no longer available, that is okay to miss. However, there are a few notable spots or times in the game where this is NOT the case:
1) Inside the Fredrik Fretland & Son’s General Store,
A) When given the choices for Key Hooks or Note, pick Key Hooks first.
B) For the Note (from step A), there will be 2 sets of lines of text, so wait until all of these are done before going to the KASSA (cash register).
2) Inside the Fredrik Fretland & Son’s General Store, after opening the KASSA (cash register), interact with the Money first, and then the Key.
3) When you find the Boat that is in the boat shed near the dock, after interacting with it once, wait, as there is a second set of interactions.
4) In the Church, when you finally get inside, pull/interact with the Rope for the Bells twice.
5) After reading letters, books, photos, and paintings, make sure to press R1, as there may be conversations or Edward’s thoughts that he will say when figuring out the mysteries.

Refer to the videos below for ‘The Conversationalist’ trophy. There are 4 videos for this.
Note: This playthrough is only for the conversations, as all other trophies were previously earned.

The Conversationalist Trophy (Part 1 of 4 videos).

 The Artist
Completed all the sketches.

There are 9 locations where Edward needs to sketch drawings. On Day 2, you can start doing the sketches. You will need to obtain all of them by the time you decide to leave Graavik on Day 6 by finally getting on the boat. You can wait until Day 6 to compete all of them. Look for the interactive CIRCLE as shown in the pictures below. Sit and you will automatically sketch the scene. Once it starts to replay the cutscene, press Forward on the Left Stick to stop sketching and to stand up. You will be prompted to look at your Journal (press Up on the Dpad) to see what you have sketched, this ensures that you have collected the sketch.

You will be able to collect these Sketches in any order as along as you have access to that location. The locations are: (see the pictures below)
1. Sit on the water well near the Farmhouse.
2. Sit on the rock near the 4 boulder stones, between the Farmhouse and Waterwheel.
3. Sit on the rock near the Waterwheel.
4. Sit on the bench over looking the Creek.
5. Sit on the box on the Dock.
6. Sit on the rock wall over looking the small Village houses.
7. Inside the Cemetery Fence (Church area) on the rock wall near the sign.
8. Sit on the chair, in the room upstairs with the piano inside the Farmhouse.
9. Sit on the rock along the shore near the boat shed with a ladder on its side.

Edward is born anew.

You will earn this trophy after completing Day 5. This trophy will come naturally through story progression.  

 “I am not alone”
Everything changes, again.

You will earn this trophy after completing Day 4. This trophy will come naturally through story progression.

 Everything changes
…and we’re definitely not alone.

You will earn this trophy after completing Day 3. This trophy will come naturally through story progression.

 Home alone
They’re not coming back, are they?

 You will earn this trophy after completing Day 2. This trophy will come naturally through story progression.

 Blue skies in Norway
Good morning, Edward!

You will earn this trophy after completing Day 1. This trophy will come naturally through story progression.

 “Knock, knock”
Entered the Fretland farmhouse.

You will earn this trophy as soon as you enter the Farmhouse for the first time.  

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