Destroy all Humans! Trophy Guide

Game: Destroy all Humans!
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 15 – 18 hours
Difficulty: 4/10
Missable trophies: None (Mission/Area Select)
Author: Pete

Welcome to the trophy guide for Destroy all Humans!. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play through Missions 1 – 22.

Play through the Missions 1 – 21 while earning as much DNA as possible to spend on upgrades as they become available. DNA can be harvested from humans by taking their brain stems or by finding the hidden Furon Probes that are scattered throughout all the levels. After completing a mission, if you did not get 100%, you can choose to replay it as anytime from the in-game menu. Completing the optional mission objectives will earn you the 100% in a Mission and the most possible DNA available. When you have upgraded your weapons, abilities, and flying saucer quite a bit, then play the final Mission 22.

Suggested Unlock Order for Trophies
Goin’ to Seed
Fly, My Pretties
Brain Drain
A Pox on Your Gear
And a Pox on Your Saucer Too
Return of the Clone II – Reloaded
Swift Harvest
When Two Humans Collide
Rockwell Death Knell
Covert Thoughts
Rejected for Probing
No Time to Waste
Man’s Inhumanity to Man
Reduce, Abuse, Recycle
Harvest Season
Simply Repulsive
Grade A Upgrade
Area of Dissect
Invasion of the Body Swappers
Hot to Trot
Union Busting
Capitol Punishment
Unilateral Disarmament
Gas-Guzzler Guzzler
Righteous Rampage
As Is Tradition
Do Feed the Sharks
Hop the Hoop
The Mandatory Option
For the Glory of the Furon Empire!
Down to the Challenge
Champion of Abduction
Furon Faster Race
The Art of Armageddon
Jerk of All Trades
Ace of Space
Furon Perfection
Mission 1: Abduction
– Throw a cow into water
– Kill farmer’s wife by carrying a chicken and hitting and killing her with it
Mission 2: Miss Rockwell
– As Mayor, escort “Miss Rockwell” back to the mothership
– Destroy buildings at the fair with the Abducto Beam
Mission 3: Citizen Crypto
– Kill a scientist using an explosive cow
– Scan humans at the gathering
Mission 4: Alien Pool Party
– drown party goers
– destroy police cars
Mission 5: Televisions of Doom
– destroy the car using explosives
– drown Sleepy Earnest in the ocean
– don’t touch the ground (while bending the TV roof antennas)
Mission 6: Aliens Stole My Brain Stem
– use the anal probe on humans
Mission 7: This Island Suburbia
– destroy army assets
Mission 8: Teenage Zombies from Outer Space
– kill a cop with an agent
– kill an agent with a cop
Mission 9: South by Southwest
– destroy a car using a human
– kill agents with ion detonator
– destroy a building with a Majestic agent
Mission 10: Foreign Correspondent

– get all hints from the Crackpot
– reach Bert Whither undetected
– kill several soldiers using explosives
Mission 11: Suburb of the Damned
– kill soldiers using explosive barrels
– kill soldiers using rockets
– kill soldiers using grenades
Mission 12: Whatever Happened to Crypto 136?
– extract some human brains
– kill a bunch of humans
Mission 13: The Mutant Menace
– reach the lab without being detected
– trash the lab
– destroy buildings using Sonic Boom
Mission 13.5: The Wrong Stuff
– drop a crate onto a scientist
– lure a scientist into a minefield
– cause a BBQ incident
Mission 14: Duck and Cover
– kill soldiers using cows
– kill soldiers using rocks
– kill soldiers using landmines
– kill soldiers using rockets
Spoiler title
– destroy a gun turret
– destroy a SAM launcher
– destroy military defense structures
Mission 16: Furon Down!
– take on a human disguise
– drown Majestic agents
Mission 17: Mr. Crypto Goes to Capitol City
– reach the octagon undetected
– kill soldiers using explosives
Mission 18: Armquist vs. The Furons
– sabotage Majestic listening posts
– collect ammo spawning during the fight
Mission 19: The Lone Gunman
– don’t alert police
– drown soldiers
– kill the President with an explosion
Mission 20: The Furon Filibuster
– collect Senatorial craniums
– kill Senators using explosions
Mission 21: Shocking Developments
– electrocute scientists with Telsa Coils
– kill Tesla Coil inventors
Mission 22: Attack of the 50-Foot President
– hit the weak spot on Robo-Prez’ chest
– shoot Silohouette out of the air

Stage 2 – Challenges and Miscellaneous Trophies.

There are 6 locations with 4 challenges in each area.

Challenge Tips
~ Hold down the dash button (circle) for the entire race while using the jet pack (x button) and adjusting the camera with the RS.
~ When there are longer sections of flying to collect the DNA coming out of the Furon Probe that you are chasing, make sure to do intermittent bursts of the jet pack and the LS will control the momentum forwards and vertically. Therefore, you must follow the Furon Probe’s trail as closely as possible to obtain enough of the DNA samples and the bonus DNA to win the race. This is especially important for Area 42, Union Town, and Capitol City races.

~ Destroy specific people or animals in certain ways.
~ Pay close attention to the optional information to score bonus DNA as these will make the challenge easier to achieve within the given time frame.

~ Collect specific requested items for analysis by throwing them into the Abducto Beam moving over the map.
~ Stay close to the Abducto Beam and quickly pick up and drop or toss them into the Abducto Beam.

~ Drain the marked targets as quickly as possible and to score higher.
~ Check the mini map on screen frequently to see the direction for the next targeted vehicle.
If you have not completed 100% for all Missions, you will need to achieve this by replaying them.

If you have not completed the specific criteria trophies please see them below for more details under their respective trophy name with a full description.


 Furon Perfection
Obtain all trophies

Unlock all other trophies. Congratulations on earning your new shiny platinum!

 Ace of Space
Ace all challenges!

There are 24 challenges across the 6 maps with 4 in each. The challenges are: Race, Rampage, Abduction, and Armageddon.

~ Race involves collecting the DNA from a Furon Probe while you are chasing it as quickly as possible.

~ Rampage involves destroying specific people or animals in certain ways. At the start of a Rampage there is a list of what gives bonus DNA and you need to focus on completing these to earn the best possible score.

~ Armageddon involves draining the marked targets as quickly as possible with your flying saucer.

~ Abduction involves collecting specific items for analysis.
Specially for abduction challenges focus on:
Turnipseed Farm: alive cows (more DNA), dead cows (less DNA).
Santa Modesta: BBQs, chairs, umbrellas, surf boards, vehicles (give most DNA), beach inflatables, mailboxes, children wagons.
Rockwell: dead humans.
Area 42: target ammunition crates, steel barrels, UFO boxes, army vehicles, soldiers, barriers (the larger an item, the more DNA).
Union Town: alive union workers (more DNA), dead union workers (less DNA).
Capitol City: dead Majestic agents (more DNA), alive Majestic agents (less DNA).

See ‘Challenge Tips’ under Stage 2 and the 4 individual trophies below for Acing (getting 3 stars) in any of these 4 types of challenges.

 The Mandatory Option
Complete all optional mission objectives! (Use the Holopoxdeck if you have to.)

Every mission has between 2 – 4 optional mission objectives in order to achieve 100% in them. If you do not attain 100% you can choose at any time to replay a mission. On the mothership select Archive > Holopoxdeck and choose a mission. Also, you do not need to get all of the optional mission objectives in one playthrough as long as you do them at less once and complete the mission. See Stage 1 for more details on each mission.

 For the Glory of the Furon Empire!
Destroy humanity’s last hope and initiate the subjugation of the species

During the second part of Mission 22, you will battle against Silohouette. She has 3 health bars and you will want to have Crypto’s abilities and weapons upgraded quite a bit. During the battles, you will avoid her bullets while weakening her to the point that you can repeatedly hit her with your weapons (especially the Disintegrator Ray). If she is hovering and shooting pink bullets (nasal crossfire) at you, try to dodge and dash these. Get close to her and shoot at her to put her in a weak state on the ground. Always take cover in the radiation free barriers that are behind cargo containers during the fights as these will weaken or kill Crypto. There is ammunition on the right and left cranes and back corners of this area. Destroy the power generators that she is using during the second and third phase of the battle. Wear her down over the three phases while destroying any of the other enemies that will spawn to try to defeat you. Tip: Change your weapon selection on the fly during the battle by pressing L1 and then using the RS to select a different weapon.

 Hop the Hoop
Display Furonic aeronautic prowess by soaring through giant human pastry without soiling your feet

In Santa Modesta, find Tasty Pete’s Donut Shop and jump through the large donut on the roof.

 Righteous Rampage
Ace a Rampage challenge with a three-star rating

There are 6 Rampage challenges, one per map, where you will destroy people or animals in specific ways to earn a high score. Follow the optional challenge objectives and quickly complete them to get the best possible score. See ‘Challenge Tips’ under Stage 2.

Shown below is the Area 42 Rampage challenge – if you run out of explosives, throw tanks at other tanks to quickly increase your score.

  Do Feed the Sharks
Demonstrate Furon free spirit near a warning sign placed by the human authorities

In Santa Modesta along the shoreline that is near the beach/sand area, there is a lifeguard tower with two warning signs about not feeding the sharks. Use your PK ability to choose a human and launch them into the ocean water to earn this trophy. See the pictures below.

 Unilateral Disarmament
Destroy a certain irritating simian warlord once and for all

During Mission 18, you will be battling this robot as Crypto just outside of where the armed forces meeting was held. It is recommended to upgrade Crypto’s abilities and weapons to make this easier to complete. There are 3 different phases for this battle as this robot has 3 health bars. As soon as one health bar is depleted (noted with the lightning bolts), the robot will change up their attacks slightly. Continue to avoid the robot’s attacks, fire your weapons and switch between your weapons on the fly. To switch weapons press L1 and use the RS to select a weapon with ammo. As other enemies spawn in the area, destroy them as quickly as possible so that you can focus on the robot only. Continue the battle until you have successfully defeated the robot to earn this trophy.

Destroy the pathetic human attempt at a robot overlord

During the first part of Mission 22, you will battle the Robo Prez robot (overlord boss) that has 3 health bars. The battle occurs with 3 phases that changes as you cause the robot to loose one of its health bars. The battle will happen in 3 relatively close locations in Capitol City. Clear the floating bombs first. Then target the red zone on the robot’s chest. Fire any weapons you like, however, after the robot fires off a series of small rockets, use a fully upgraded Sonic Boom (the Bada Boom upgrade) to redirect them to hit its red zone.

 Champion of Abduction
Ace an Abduction challenge with a three-star rating

There are 6 Abduction challenges, one per map, where you will need to PK different items requested into the Abduction beam (blue) that is moving through the map. General tips are to stay as close as possible to the beam, quickly target the indicated items while using PK quickly to pick up and then put the item back down while in the Abduction beam, pay attention to the optional method or items as these will give you bonus DNA to increase your score more quickly. Pox will tell you if you are or are not collecting items that count towards the score for this challenge.

See Challenge Tips under Stage 2.

Shown below is the Abduction Challenge in Rockwell – kill humans and throw them into the moving Abducto Beam. You can go ahead of the Abducto Beam and throw humans against the circus tent to kill them. The Abducto Beam pathway never changes. The Abducto Beam will eventually pass over the thrown dead humans and take them to count in your score.

 Furon Faster Race
Ace a Race challenge with a three-star rating

There are 6 Race challenges, one per map, where you will have to use Crypto’s jet pack and the dash ability (fully upgrade S.K.A.T.E. to Zerofriction) to complete the race. To go faster make sure to hold circle down the entire race and follow the Furon Probe’s pathway as closely as possible. This will ensure that you collect the DNA samples and the bonus DNA in order to earn a 3 star rating. See Challenge Tips under Stage 2.

Shown below is the Race Challenge in Capitol City – Collect all DNA, use Jet pack intermittently to bounce like in the air, always use the dash, and readjust the camera to see the path of the Furon Probe.

 The Art of Armageddon
Ace an Armageddon challenge with a three-star rating

There are 6 Armageddon challenges, one per map, and you will need to focus on targeting the vehicles that are highlighted on the map. Use the mini map on screen to see where to fly your saucer to reach the next one. Also, use L2 to focus under the flying saucer while pressing square repeatedly to destroy the vehicle. Do this fast enough to earn 3 stars for this challenge. See Challenge Tips under Stage 2.

Shown below is the Armageddon Challenge fore Santa Modesta – Destroy the marked target vehicles and any buildings along the way if you want.

 Jerk of All Trades
Obtain at least a two-star rating for each challenge type

After completing missions, challenges will begin to unlock in previously visited areas. You can choose to play them whenever you want. However, it is recommended to upgrade Crypto and the flying saucer in order to make the challenges easier and achievable. Earn a minimum of 2 stars in each of the four types of challenges. See ‘Ace of Space’ trophy description and ‘Challenge Tips’ under Stage 2.

 Grade A Upgrade
Fully upgrade one of the branches of a weapon or ability

While you are on the flying saucer after a mission, you are in the in-game menu where you can select upgrades to either Crypto or the flying saucer. Each of the upgrades have 3 levels to fully upgrade a weapon or ability. Spend your earned DNA on any one of these to fully upgrade a certain weapon or ability.

 Capitol Punishment
Invade Capitol City

The first time that you enter Capitol City during Mission 17 you will earn this trophy.  

 Man’s Inhumanity to Man
Destroy multiple humans with a human-made explosive

In any map where there explosive boxes or barrels, set them off to kill many humans at once. Below a radioactive cow is thrown into the explosive box to set off multiple explosions and many humans died.

Invade Santa Modesta

The first time that you enter Santa Modesta during Mission 4 you will earn this trophy.  

 Rockwell Death Knell
Invade Rockwell

The first time that you enter Rockwell during Mission 2 you will earn this trophy.  

 Fly, My Pretties
Throw a human into the air and juggle them

After learning the PK (psychokinesis), you will be able to pick up humans by pressing and holding R1 and then releasing R1 to throw the human upwards. After throwing it up, you will need to catch it again by pressing and holding R1.  

Set something on fire, then use it to destroy a hapless human

In a map (Turnipseed Farm or Rockwell) that has hay bales, you can set them on fire by shooting one with your Disintegrator Ray weapon, pick up the lite hay bale, and throw it at a human. The hay bales will be around the farm barns and fair in these maps. See the picture below.

 As Is Tradition
Abduct a cow with your saucer

Use your flying saucer to pick up a cow with your Abducto beam. You can hold L2 to see directly below your flying saucer, then press and hold R1 to pick up the cow in the Abducto beam.

 Area of Dissect
Invade Area 42

The first time that you enter Area 42 during Mission 12 you will earn this trophy.  

Guzzler Abduct and drain a vehicle to replenish your saucer’s shields

When your saucer’s shields have decreased due to damage, you can target a vehicle, (Abducto beam it up if you’re under attack), and rapidly press the triangle button to earn some energy for you saucer’s shields. This is especially important during later missions where you fight against enemies with higher health bars.

 When Two Humans Collide
Use PK to destroy a human with another human

Use your PK ability to pick up a human (hold R1) and then aim and throw the human (release R1) into another.  

 No Time to Waste
Destroy a human with a weapon and another with a psi ability at the same time

Use your PK ability to pick up a human (hold R1), do a Brain Stem extract, and use a weapon to kill another at the same time. For example, holding a human with your PK ability, rapidly press triangle to extract its Brain Stem while you stun and kill another human with your Zap-O-Matic. See pictures below.


 A Pox on Your Gear
Upgrade Crypto at Pox’s Lab in the mothership

While on the mothership select Pox’s Lab > select an upgrade for Crypto’s abilities and weapons. The first time you spend your earned DNA on an upgrade for Crypto, you will earn this trophy.

A Pox on Your Gear Trophy.

 And a Pox on Your Saucer Too
Upgrade your saucer at Pox’s Lab in the mothership

While on the mothership choose Pox’s Lab > select flying saucer’s abilities and weapons. The first time you spend your earned DNA on an upgrade for the flying saucer, you will earn this trophy.

And a Pox on Your Saucer Too Trophy.

  Down to the Challenge
Revisit a missionless invasion site and complete a challenge there

After you have completed a mission, challenges for the maps will start to unlock as you progress through the missions of the game. On the mothership choose Missions > any open mission map with challenge(s) unlocked > enter the map (using the square button to explore the area). Find an unlocked challenge and earn at least one star on it. The first time you do this you will earn this trophy.

 Invasion of the Body Swappers
Try out a new look for Crypto in the mothership’s archives

While on the mothership you can select Archives > Skin Selection to change Crypto’s appearance. There are 5 skins to choose from. There are certain criteria that you need to achieve for these to individually unlock. Choose any that you have unlocked and you will automatically earn this trophy.

Invasion of the Body Swappers Trophy.

 Return of the Clone II – Reloaded
Re-visit a mission in the mothership archive’s Holopoxdeck

After you have completed a mission, you are on the mothership and select Archives > Holopoxdeck > choose any open mission to replay it. The first time you do this you will earn this trophy.

 Swift Harvest
Accelerate Brain Extract or Transmog by mashing that button like you mean it

You can press square to extract the brain stems of humans and it can be done more quickly by tapping this button repeatedly.

You can target small items like boxes and trash cans and press the square button to have them Transmog into random ammo. You can speed up the process by repeatedly pressing the button.

 Covert Thoughts
Stay covert by scanning primitive human thoughts

Use Crypto’s Holobob ability (pressing up on the Dpad) to take on the disguise of any human (other than Majestic Agents) while no one is looking at Crypto transforming. Then you can target a human and press triangle to scan their primitive human thoughts. This will also keep Crypto’s disguise from deteriorating.

 Union Busting
Invade Union Town

The first time that you enter Union Town during Mission 16 you will earn this trophy.  

 Harvest Season
Recover a Furon Probe

All maps have hidden Furon Probes scattered throughout them. It is not necessary to collect all of them. You only need to collect one for this trophy. You will earn 100 DNA for every one that you collect so it is a good way to earn DNA to buy upgrades as quickly as possible.

 Rejected for Probing
Throw something into something else with the saucer’s Abducto Beam

While flying the saucer you can use the Abducto Beam (pressing and holding R1) and then line up to something. You can throw it by pressing forward on RS and releasing R1 to toss it into something else.

Explore the more offbeat parts of the mothership

While on the mothership, select Archives > Furonigami to earn this trophy.

 Reduce, Abuse, Recycle
Transmogrify an object to replenish your ammunition

You will be able to target small items like trash cans and boxes by pressing the square button to convert them into ammunition. The ammunition that appears will be random.

 Hot to Trot
Evade a rocket by dashing

When a rocket from a soldier or SAM (surface to air missile) is fired at Crypto and is headed towards him you will see an arrowhead indicating the direction its coming from. Right before it is about to hit Crypto press circle and aim to move left or right to dash to avoid the missile hitting you.

 Goin’ to Seed
Invade Turnipseed Farm

The first time that you enter Turnipseed Farm during Mission 1 you will earn this trophy.  

 Simply Repulsive
Use your saucer’s Repulse-O-Tron to fend off homing missiles

You can use the flying saucer’s Repulse-O-Tron to destroy (or redirect them to enemies with upgraded saucer’s Repulse-O-Tron to Pulsotronic Reversal) by pressing circle when a homing missile is headed towards your saucer. When the blue arrowhead shown around your saucer being targeted turns white, press the circle button at that time.

 Brain Drain
Consume a human brain to kickstart your shield regeneration

Target a human and press square to extract a Brain Stem. After you harvest a Brain Stem from a human and Crypto’s health has decreased, collect it to earn this trophy. It will regenerate any lost health for Crypto.

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