Desperados 3 Trophy Guide

Game: Desperados 3
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 40 + hours (skill dependent)
Difficulty: 7/10
Missable trophies: None (use chapter select)
Trophies: 1 , 5 , 9 , 22
Author: Pete and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Desperados 3. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play through the Story of the Game.

You can play the game on any of the 4 difficulties (Beginner, Normal, Hard, or Desperado).

Sheriff’s Badges
There are Sheriff’s Badges (Challenges) that you will need to complete to earn the platinum trophy. It is recommended to play on Beginner or Normal so that you become familiar with each Mission Map and their objectives. After completing a Mission, you are able to replay it at any time, on any difficulty, and play it differently to earn the 8 Sheriff’s Badges in the Mission.

There are 16 Missions (Missions 1 and 7 do not have any associated Sheriff’s Badges to earn) which makes 112 total Challenges to complete. However, you only need to earn 90 Sheriff’s Badges to earn the platinum trophy. Therefore, you can plan which challenges that you want to achieve that fit your play style and abilities. Play through all 16 Missions and the five Baron’s Challenges.

Stage 2 – Trophy Cleanup and Sheriff’s Badges.

You can replay any of your Manual Saves or replay any Mission with the Challenges in mind that you are trying to earn the Sheriff’s Badges for. See the “Sheriff’s Badge” trophy description for these lists. For other trophies that require a certain number of kills or actions, you can replay any Mission(s) and instantly use the Quicksave to replay a farming location. These exploitative farming locations are noted in the associated trophy descriptions below.


Earn all trophies.

Unlock all other trophies. Congratulations on earning your new shiny platinum! Way to go, partner!

 Sheriff’s Badge
Earn 90 badges.

Sheriff’s Badges are earned by successfully completing Challenges in all Mission except for Missions 1 and 7 as they do not have any. Therefore, there are 112 Challenges, but only 90 need to be completed. Below are each Mission’s list of Challenges, these will not be known before attempting a Mission. At the end of a Mission you will be shown a screen of the Mission list of Challenges and you can see the ones you have earned. You will need to replay Missions to earn the Sheriff’s Badges that you decide you want to earn. Once you have earned a Sheriff’s Badge once, you will not need to earn it again if you replay a Mission.  


 They Wear Red Bandanas
Kill 75 Long Coats.

Long Coats are enemies that have 3 Health Points, compared to the normal 1 Health Point for all other enemies. Many of your characters’ skills and weapons will not work on killing them. The only ones that will injury the Long Coats are: McCoy’s sniper gun, Kate’s pistol, Cooper’s revolvers. Hector can stealth kill a Long Coat and Isabelle can take control of a Long Coat that is injured with her Mind Control ability. Long Coats can also be killed from environmental kills and fires. It is possible to farm a location where you feel is a good spot, however you will probably earn this naturally through normal gameplay and from attempting to earn the Sheriff’s Badges.

 Chicken Dinner
Kill all 3 golden chickens.

There are 3 golden chickens to kill in the game. See the pictures below for the locations. Use McCoy’s snipe gun to target and kill these golden chickens. If you press L3, all chickens will have a green outline shown.

There are 3 golden chickens that are located in:
1. Mission 2: Along the train on a cliff above.
2. Mission 9: On a rock behind the small boat that Cooper was found on.
3. Mission 16: On a ledge near the end of the valley after the cannon.

 Most Entertaining
Complete 5 of the Baron’s Challenges.

As you progress through the Missions, you will unlock all 5 of the Baron’s Challenges. You can choose to complete them at any time, even after the main story is completed. Each of these will explain the requirements for being successful at completing them, and they can all be done on any difficulty including Beginner difficulty.

Baron’s Challenges are:
1. One Woman Army:

The Baron has Isabelle (playing on Mission 2 map) kill all 42 of the guards without raising an alarm. She has all of her weapons and skills available.

2. Hazards of the Trade

The Baron has Kate, Isabelle, and Cooper (playing on Mission 5 map) kill 4 targets using spectacular means, like crushing boulders, blazing fires, etc. No other violence is allowed. You have limited tools – Kate has her potion to stun; Isabelle has her healing ability, connect ability, and cat to distract guards; and Cooper his coin to toss for distractions.

3. The Devil is in the Details

The Baron has Hector, Isabelle, Cooper, and McCoy with all of their weapons and skills (playing on Mission 12 map). You will solve 3 murders by investigating the clues and following them to the murder who you assassinate.

4. Contact!

The Baron has Hector use an engine of destruction (Gatling gun on a cart that conceals it inside) to kill 130 of the 135 guards. He moves the engine of destruction along the track and switches tracks to find more enemies to kill. When Hector starts shooting enemies, some will not move into his Gatling guns range, so pause for a few seconds and then after the enemies are in his reach start to fire the gun again. After killing many guards in a section, pause for a few seconds to make sure there are no more coming by looking on the mini map on screen. Then more to the next section where you get spotted, open fire again and repeat this process by going into all sections of the map. You can press right on the Dpad to check how many of the 135 guards you have eliminated at any time. Hector can take damage (how much damage he can take depends on the difficulty you play on), make sure to Quicksave and if he dies you can quickly reload your last Quicksave to continue from there.

5. For a Few Bullets More

The Baron has Hector, McCoy, Kate, and Cooper (playing on Mission 14 map) kill all 80 guards on the map. McCoy has all his gear, Hector has everything except Bianca, Kate has all her gear, and Cooper has everything except for his knife. Make sure that you Quicksave often, use ammo wisely to maximize the number of guards that you kill. Plan routes to have your characters team up to coordinate kills and to get to locations where the ammo crates are located. If one character dies then you will restart where your last Quicksave location was at.

 Veteran Bounty Hunter
Kill 31 hidden Mimimi devs.

There are 31 enemies in the game that are named after the Mimimi developers. When you look at the Map in a Mission, you can press Left on the Dpad and move the question mark over the enemies to reveal their names. The hidden Mimimi developers will have unique names and not common names, like Thug, Long Coat, Gunwoman, or Guard. Use the pictures below for the location of each one.

If you were to kill all enemies in every Mission, you would automatically earn this trophy. However, you can enter a Mission and kill only the one or ones that you need to and immediately exit the Mission.

In the pictures below, the Mimimi developers are located in:
D1, D2 – Mission 2.
D3, D4 – Mission 3.
D5, D6 – Mission 4.
D7, D8 – Mission 5.
D9, D10 – Mission 6.
D11 – Mission 7.
D12, D13, D14 – Mission 8.
D15, D16 – Mission 9.
D17, D18, D19 – Mission 10.
D20, D21 – Mission 11.
D22, D23 – Mission 12.
D24, D25 – Mission 13.
D26, D27 – Mission 14.
D28, D29 – Mission 15.
D30, D31 – Mission 16.

Finish a mission on “Desperado” difficulty.

Desperado difficulty is the hardest difficulty in the game. There will be:
– More enemies in a Mission
– Hyper aware enemies that will spot you almost immediately in their viewcones
– Less health for your characters that you control
– Limited ammo in a Mission
– Limited supplies for your characters
– No pausing time
– Showdown mode without time pausing

The first Mission you can achieve this on is Mission 2. Take your time focusing on killing the necessary enemies and targets only, use Quicksave frequently, timing/planning/Showdown mode is essential to getting the Mission objectives completed on this level of difficulty.
(Note: Showdown mode does not pause time, it only allows coordination of synchronized actions to be executed together or individually.

 Power Nap
Interrupt an important healing procedure.

During Mission 14, at the beginning Hector will need to kill and carry an enemy back to the start of the mission. At the start of the mission where Isabelle is taking care of Cooper, throw the dead enemy onto Isabelle to earn this trophy.

 Seasoned Bounty Hunter
Kill 15 of the hidden Mimimi devs.

See the “Veteran Bounty Hunter” trophy description for all the pictures of the Mimimi developers that you need to kill.

 Lost and Found
Return the money to the bank.

In Mission 8, have Hector knock out Rosie (Sheriff’s wife) and pick up the money she drops. Next, clear all the enemies inside the bank so that you can rescue McCoy. Throw the money on the floor in the room where you found McCoy inside the bank.  

 Watch Out Below!
Kill 50 guards using the environment.

Throughout all the Missions and Baron’s Challenges there are items that are strategically positioned for environment accidents (kills) to occur. If you press L1, you will see these items and bushes outlined in gold, whereas the enemies are outlined in red. Some examples of these items are:
– Boulders
– Streamer wheels
– Rolling logs
– Support beams/Walls for structures
– Statues
– Oil puddle traps that are flammable
– Hoisted planks you can release
– Firing cannons

When activating these environmental accidents, they will take a few seconds to occur. These will all look like accidental deaths when the other enemies investigate if you are not spotted, and will not raise the alarms for more enemies to come to the area. (Note: Use of Cooper’s coin toss to make a bull spear and kill an enemy directly in front of it may/may not count towards this trophy.)

 Maneater Shrub
Hide 750 bodies.

After killing enemies, you can carry and drop them in the bushes, making them disappear. Since Kate can knock out enemies, make sure to have another character kill them and put them down in the shrubs. There are hundreds of enemies to kill in the game and there are shrubs located extensively within all Missions.

 Someone Call the Undertaker
Kill 1,000 guards.

You will need to kill 1000 guards (enemies). By the end of the story, if you have not earned this trophy, you can choose either any Missions or Baron’s Challenges continuing killing more guards.


 Lindberg and Hutch
Decide the outcome of a duel.

During Mission 1, you will need to get onto a roof to pass the large number of guards. Once you distract the guards and get on the roof, you will notice that there is a drunk guard that is challenging another guard to a duel. Wait until they start to talk and then toss a coin to distract who you want to lose the duel. It does not matter who you choose to win/lose the duel.

 The Picnic
Enjoy some cupcakes during a picnic.

In Mission 2, after you meet McCoy and learn how to use his Medical Bag distraction/poison stunting technique, there is a narrow walkway down to a picnic area. Take both McCoy and Cooper down to the picnic area and have McCoy toss his Medical Bag onto the picnic blanket. There will be a cutscene and then you will earn this trophy.

 Sorry Dad!
Knock out your father.

During Mission 1, after your father has you toss a coin at a horse to knock out an enemy and your father kills the other enemy, he will go towards the knocked out enemy. While your father is behind the horse picking up the enemy, toss a coin so that the horse knocks out your father. See the picture below.

Kill 200 guards using Cooper’s double shot.

Cooper has the ability to kill guards with his two guns at the same time. Use Showdown mode to target the enemies your Cooper to kill or injury in the case of a Long Coat. It has to be a double shot and not two quick guns firing without Showdown mode. A good location to farm this trophy is at the beginning of Mission 6 or Mission 16 at the first part of either Mission. Use Showdown mode, set up Cooper’s double shot and make a Quicksave, then execute the action to perform the double shot kills. Pause and load the Quicksave and repeat until you earn this trophy.

 Follow Me Darling
Make guards follow Kate for 1,000 meters total.

Kate has the ability Mind Control to lure guards (male guards – not Ponchos, Long Coats, or Gunwomen) when she has the disguise in use. After she gets the guards attention and lures them, the guards viewcones will turn purple and hearts will appear above their heads. You will then be able to walk any path including through fence gates. This is a great way to lure guards away from a location and have another character assassinate them. The guards will only follow Kate so far before returning to their posts. This trophy will come naturally as you use Kate’s disguise ability to lure guards into following her.

(Note: Kate can distract Ponchos, but they will NOT follow her and the small groups of guards that are patrolling together after an alarm can be distracted at once. )

 Puppet Master
Mind control 25 guards with Isabelle.

Isabelle has the ability to use Mind Control on guards, even Long Coats as long as they are injured and in a stunned state. Isabelle’s Mind Control allows you to have guards get keys and open locks, have them do environmental kills under her control, and to kill another enemy or have the one under her Mind Control killed. If the enemy under her Mind Control is not killed, they will be knocked out after their attempt or success of targeting or killing another enemy.

 Damn Good Marksman
Snipe 50 guards with McCoy.

Use McCoy’s snipe gun to kill 50 guards. It is best to target the guards that are on the highest vantage points, guards that are hard to get otherwise, blocking large areas, and/or to attract guards to a particular location. You can even snipe a lantern a guard is carrying to kill them and others in an oil trap puddle area.

 Good Girl
Kill 75 guards with Bianca.

Hector has a trap weapon (nicknamed Bianca) that he can setup and then use his Whistle skill to get the attention of a nearby guard. Long Coats will not get caught in Bianca, and they will disable it. Once a guard is killed with Bianca, Hector needs to walk over the dead enemy to collect it. You can also pick up the dead enemy and Hector will automatically pick up Bianca.

 Need a Dentist?
Find a patient for the dentist.

During the Mission 8, there is a person in a back alleyway that is complaining about their teeth. You will need to knock them out and carry them to the Dentist across the town. The Dentist has a horse and wagon that he is standing by. Do not attempt to take the patient to the Dentist until you have an enemy cleared pathway to the Dentist’s location. When you get to the Dentist with the patient, make a Quicksave before putting the patient into the back of the wagon. Next, put the patient in the wagon to earn this trophy. You can then reload this Quicksave and kill the Dentist, as they are one of the Mimimi developers that you need to kill in the game for the “Veteran Bounty Hunter” trophy.

 Yakety Sax
Make someone follow your footprints for 25 meters.

There are Missions that have mud in them. The muddiest is Mission 8. When a character walks through the mud, they will make footprints that will fade away after a few seconds. However, if a guard notices these footprints they will investigate them if they are in their solid green viewcone and if the footprints last long enough, even in their dashed green viewcones.

Kill 10 small animals in one mission.

In Mission 10, have Kate obtain the disguise and use it so that she can access enemy territory. There are 15 small rats located throughout this Map.
(Note: There are also small crabs near the docks that may/may not count towards this trophy.) Use the pictures below to locate these rats and use Kate in disguise to squish them into blood splats. The first 7 rats (one crab) are accessible at any time during the mission. The last 8 rats are only available after finishing finding the letters. There will be a cut scene and then the next area of the Map will be accessible. Kate can go freely into this newly opened area to kill all of these rats. Be aware that there is a Long Coat in the final area of the mission that could spot her. However, if you die and reload a Quicksave and you have previously killed a rat, it will count towards this trophy as at least 10 must be killed during this one mission.

Kill 6 guards at once using only a single skill.

Hector has a shotgun that he can use that has a narrow red cone of targeting. Any highlighted in a red outline enemies in this targeting cone will be killed except for Long Coats who will lose 1 Health Point and be stunned. Have a group of 6 or more guards in this targeting cone and kill them with you shot. A good location to earn this trophy is at the end of Mission 5, where all the guards are together directly in front of the Farmhouse. There are other locations in the game where this is possible, especially if you set off the alarms so that lots of enemies come to a particular area to investigate. Hector and other characters do not need to survive to earn this trophy when you attempt it.

 Gunslinger’s Creed
Jump from a tower into a cart of hay.

In Mission 14, there is a tower that has a guard on top of it. Go up the long ladder, defeat the enemy and then jump down into the cart of hay.

Kill 5 guards at once with dynamite.

Mission 2 and Mission 13 that have dynamite in them that you can throw and have it explode. The easier mission to get access and use the dynamite is Mission 2. After getting to the dynamite above the train tunnel and you have cleared the enemies up here make a Quicksave. Have McCoy snipe one of the two guards that are inspecting the rock debris to the train tunnel. This will set off an alarm and many guards will come to this location. If there are not enough together snipe another one. Throw dynamite at the enemies when grouped together. If you do not earn this trophy, then reload the Quicksave and try again.

In the first part of the mission, burn 5 guards at once with oil traps.

In some missions there are oil puddles where you can set a fire to kill them. You can use either a torch from a bonfire or shoot the lantern of a guard to ignite the oil trap. You can attract more guards to an oil trap by killing one or more within the oil puddle. The earliest mission you can earn this one is Mission 5. See picture below.

Kill DeVitt.

The easiest way to earn this trophy is during Mission 15. Go into the party area of the courtyard where DeVitt is. You can locate him by pressing L3 to highlight all the enemies. He is wearing a suit and is not carrying a visible weapon. After locating him, make a Quicksave, have Cooper use his knife in Showdown mode to target the killing of DeVitt. As soon as you execute this kill, you will be spotted and attacked. Next reload the Quicksave and carry on if you still need to complete this mission.

 Like Clockwork
Execute a plan with all five characters.

During Mission 9, after freeing all the captured characters, you will have control of all 5 of them. Activate Showdown mode and have all the characters do an action and then execute the actions all at once. There are other missions where you have access to all 5 characters at the same time and it is possible to achieve this trophy during those times.  

 Five Good Shots
Defeat Frank.

During Mission 16, at the very end of the mission, you will need to kill all the enemies outside the main circle of guards surrounding Cooper. After killing all of these exterior enemies within the walled area, you will need to strategically position all the 4 playable characters so that they will kill all the ring of enemies in one synchronized kill without making any of these enemies aware of their presence. Use the Showdown mode and have Hector target 4 enemies with his shotgun on the left, Isabelle to connect two enemies together and stealth kill one of them, McCoy snipe one enemy and Kate use her pistol to kill one enemy. Execute the synchronized actions. If done correctly, all the guards in the ring will be executed including Frank by Cooper.

 Package Delivered
Take care of DeVitt.

At the end of Mission 15, you will need to carry DeVitt to the wagon/horse area to the right of the mansion. All the playable characters must also get to this area to exit together and complete this mission.

 Goodbye Louisiana
Meet Frank on a boat.

At the end of Mission 12, you will confront Frank on the long boat in the harbour. Cooper will be injured during this mission and it will affect his playability during the next mission until he is healed.

 Goodbye Colorado
Blow up a bridge.

During Mission 6, you need to obtain the dynamite from either the North area building in the Quarry or in the Southeast area in the building in the Shooting Range. The Quarry building is not locked so that any of the characters can access this building, but the Shooting Range building has a locked door. Locked doors can only be opened by McCoy. Once he opens them, any character can enter the building. After obtaining the dynamite, it needs to be placed under the bridge on the scaffolding in this area. Next, you will need to shoot the dynamite. It is easiest to use McCoy’s sniping gun to blow up the dynamite and destroy the bridge.

(Note: The dynamite here could potentially be used to kill 5 or more enemies here, but it is only activated by shooting it. This dynamite cannot be thrown it to activate it.)

 Another One Bites the Dust
Kill 500 guards.

You will need to kill 500 guards to earn this trophy. You will naturally kill over this number as you complete the Missions, Sheriff’s Badges, and Baron’s Challenges.

 Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Hide 250 bodies.

You need to carry and either drop dead enemies in bushes, throw them off high cliffs in the void, or throw them into water.

 Wait, Did You Say Marshal?
Find Wayne.

During Mission 11, Wayne, the Marshal, is being held captive in one of the cages near the large steamboat. Use McCoy’s ability to unlock the cage locks and interact with the prisoners. Repeat this process on all the caged prisoners within this area (even if you find Wayne first, as there is a Sheriff’s Badge for freeing all prisoners).