Creepy Road Trophy Guide

Game: Creepy Road
Peripherals: – none
Time to 100%: 2 – 6 hours
Difficulty: 4/10
Missable trophies: A Nice Flight, COWABUNGA!, 3 Dying related trophies, Annihilator, Plumber’s Heaven
Author: Pete

Welcome to the trophy guide for Creepy Road. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play through all chapters of the game once.

Go through the chapters shooting as many enemies as possible. If you die you will restart at a checkpoint. There are trophies associated with dying lots of times and there is also one associated with not dying. You either the Dpad or the LS to aim (cardinal directions NESW only). Most trophies or all will be done during this playthrough.

Stage 2 – Clean up any missing trophies by using chapter select in the load menu.

If you did not die enough times simply load up any chapter to farm these trophies. If you died during Chapter 8: In the Sky simply reload the game and start at this chapter, note that the rocket wants to drift downward so press up on the Dpad or LS every so often to keep this from happening. If you did not get enough kills you can reload any chapter with lots of enemies. For Plumber’s Heaven and COWABUNGA! refer to the trophy descriptions below.


  Who’s your daddy now?
Get all the trophies.

Unlock all other trophies.

Who’s your daddy now? trophy

  Rest in Peace
Die 300 or more times.

Get killed 300 or more times in the game.

Rest in Peace Trophy

  It’s not that simple…
Discover the big mystery of a small animal

Defeat the koala bear in Chapter 9: The Factory. See video below.

  The best of us fall
Deal with your childhood’s idol.

Defeat Willy the Superman in Chapter 7: The Mall. See the video below.

  Seems like that’s for real…
Take part in circus show finale.

Defeat Insane Strong Man in Chapter 3: The Fair. See the video below.

Find ninja reptile lair.

In Chapter 5: The Sewerage follow the path to the right then down one level and go all the way to the left. Use the rocket launcher to blow a hole in the brick wall to the left. See video below.

  Plumber’s heaven
Find an entrance to the secret location.

Found in chapter 2: The Farm the little outhouse near the church. Destroy the outhouse to expose the green pipe and go down into it. See video below.

I didn’t expect this from ya!
Visit a place where ones usually don’t come back from.

In Chapter 11: The Hell defeat satan to earn the trophy. See video below.

  A nice flight
Complete the flying location without dying.

Get through Chapter 8: In the Sky without dying. You can lost health, but if you die you can replay the level from the load menu, chapter select. See video below.

Kill 5000 or more enemies.

Kill 5000 or more enemies in one or more playthroughs or by loading up chapters through chapter select to replay.

Annilator Trophy

  Luckier another life
Die 150 or more times.

Die 150 or more times. If you don’t earn this in one playthrough you can replay chapters with chapter select in the load menu or start a new playthrough.

Luckier another life Trophy

Bully menace
Kill 1500 or more enemies.

Kill 1500 or more enemies in one or more playthroughs or by loading up chapters through chapter select to replay.

Bully Menace Trophy

  Watch your step!
Step on a mine 10 or more times.

If you are near the beginning or a checkpoint and there are mines close by you can use the mine to kill and replay this area 10 or more times. See video below.

  Fast shooter
Kill 500 or more enemies.

Kill 500 or more enemies in one or more playthroughs or by loading up chapters through chapter select to replay.

Fast Shooter Trophy

  Bad place for swimming
Die 5 or more times in the poison goo.

Jump or stand in the green poison goo and die 5 or more times to earn this trophy. The video below shows in Chapter 5: The Sewerage where you can quickly replay this 5 or more times at the beginning of the chapter.

  What is your parking malfunction?!
Explode 20 or more vehicles

Destroy 20 or more vehicles. You can replay a checkpoint or use a chapter with lots of vehicles like Chapter 6: The Town. Use the video below and you can repeat this checkpoint.

  Quick bite
Eat 100 or more hamburgers.

Pass through a hamburger to restore your health. Do this 100 or more times. Will probably come naturally through playing the game.

Quick bite Trophy

  Someone’s not tryin’ hard!
Die 50 or more times

Get killed 50 or more times in the game.

Someone’s not tryin’ hard! Trophy