Beyond Blue Trophy Guide

Game: Beyond Blue
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 6 – 10 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: None.
Trophies: 1 4 20 6
Author: Pete & Sean

Welcome to the trophy guide for Beyond Blue. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Scan everything while completing all dives.

Beyond Blue will have you going on 8 Dives. During each dive it’s highly recommended to scan all the possible fish that you can before starting the tasks in each dive. Your map will display gray dots to indicate fish that you need to scan. After you scan the fish, the gray dot on your map will disappear and this fish will have a white dot on them permanently. These white dots mean that you have scanned the fish and they carry over even if you return later on. Next start the task(s) for the dive, there may be new gray dots that appear on your map. Scan all of these fish before finishing the task(s) objectives as you never know which missions will send you back to the sub. Back on your sub you will be able to interact with the Music Player, Tablet with the Ocean Insight videos, Scan Model Viewer, the Helm, and a few miscellaneous others that aren’t needed. Repeat this method with all of the dives.

~Do not save games while doing objectives. Loading during objectives can cause missions to disappear and leave you unable to progress.
~It is highly recommended to play a dive fully to ensure that your number of scans will coincide with the information noted in each table below. The safest place to save (and to end a gaming session) is when you are back on the sub and have interacted with all necessary items including the helm. This way the next time you play it will be ready for you to dive into the next level.
~Reloading a save during a dive has the potential to reload a fish as “unscanned” and result in extra results i.e. 2/1 Giant Squid, 4/2 Octopus, etc. So when reading the tables below, or looking at the included pictures, your numbers may vary from the wrongly reported fractions.
~Swim around with your Scanner on, remember to turn it back on after going through a cave opening, or doing the tasks in a given dive.
~Dive 6 does not have a map and it is nighttime, so you will need to swim around until you have scanned everything. Do not fret, it is essentially one long tunnel and 95% of the fish are grouped at the very end. If the Vents trophy for scanning has not popped before scanning the whale, then you missed scanning something, likely a Thermal Vent.
~Dives 1, 2, and 7 are all the Atoll dive area.
~Warning: The Octopus found and scanned earlier in Atoll may still have a gray dot that appears on your Map.

Stage 2 – Trophy Cleanup.

After completing all 8 dives, you will unlock Dive Selection that allows you to return to any of the dive locations during the time of day that they occurred. Check your Scan Model Viewer on your Sub to see if you missed scanning any fish. You can then return to that area and check the map (gray dots) to see where the fish are located. As soon as you scan all of the fish that you need in a particular dive area, you can return to your sub. Besides the scanning all fish trophy, every other miscellaneous trophy can be earned on your submarine.


 Master of the Sea
Earn all other Trophies

Unlock all other trophies. Congratulations on your new shiny platinum!

 A New Beginning
Complete the game

After finishing Dive 8, you will earn this trophy. You will eventually return to the Sub and have access to Dive Selection.

 Scan All the Things
Scan everything in the game.

As you follow lists of scans for the 8 dives under their respective trophy descriptions, you will have scanned all the items needed for this trophy.

 It’s Only a Model
Unlock all of the models in the Scan Model Viewer

After scanning each type of the 47 different fish at least once you will earn this trophy.

 Binge Mode
Watched all of the Ocean Insight videos

After you complete dives and use the Helm to chat with the other scientists and her sister, you will unlock Ocean Insight videos. They will not all be available until after Dive 8 is completed. On the Sub, the tablet where you can watch the videos is on the counter near her dive suit. Watch all of the Ocean Insight videos. Alternatively, you can press the options button and there’ll be a tab for Insight Videos. You must watch the entire set of short videos, you can fast-forward them though.

 You Guys Made Me Ink!
Scan all of the octopuses in the game

For this trophy you’ll only need 1 Scan, not all, of each type of Octopus:
Octopus: Dives 1, 2, 4, and 7.
Seven-Arm Octopus: Dive 6.

 Because We Scan: Coastal Region
Scan everything in the Coastal Region

You’ll visit the Coastal Region during Dive 8.

Coastal Region (Dive 8)

Marine SpeciesNumber of Scans
Sperm Whale19/19
Sperm Whale – Juvenile03/03
Leatherback Turtle – Baby11/11
Blackwedged Butterflyfish04/04
Titan Triggerfish08/08
Blue-green Damselfish08/08

 Because We Scan: Vents
Scan everything in the Vents Region

You’ll visit the Vents Region during Dive 6.
Note: Though they do not show up in your Science Log, the Hydrothermal vents count towards this trophy! So if you have all of the ones below, you’re missing a Hydrothermal Vent.

Vents Region (Dive 6)

Marine SpeciesNumber of Scans
Spider Crab37/37
Splitfin Flashlightfish15/15
Sleeper Shark12/12
Seven-Arm Octopus01/01

 Because We Scan: Brine Pool
Scan everything in the Brine Pool Region

You’ll visit the Brine Pool during Dive 5.

Brine Pool (Dive 5)

Marine SpeciesNumber of Scans
Barreleye Fish15/15
Atlantic Footballfish10/10
Comb Jelly43/43
Atolla Jellyfish10/10
Giant Squid02/01

 Because We Scan: Seamount
Scan everything in the Seamount Region

You’ll visit the Seamount Region during Dive 4.

Seamount Region (Dive 4)

Marine SpeciesNumber of Scans
Leatherback Turtle02/02
Leatherback Turtle – Baby06/11
Spider Crab24/37
Ocean Sunfish21/21
John Dory06/06
Orange Roughy08/08
Silver Chimaera13/13
Splitfin Flashlightfish05/15
Moon Jellyfish27/27
Comb Jelly27/43
Dana Octopus Squid14/14
Scalloped Hammerhead Shark18/18
Swell Shark08/08

 Because We Scan: Open Ocean
Scan everything in the Open Ocean Region

You’ll visit the Open Ocean during Dive 3.

Open Ocean (Dive 3)

Marine SpeciesNumber of Scans
Chilean Devil Ray18/18
Sperm Whale12/19
Bottlenose Dolphin31/36
Leatherback Turtle01/02
Spotted Sardinella12/12
Ocean Sunfish14/21
Moon Jellyfish17/27
Whale Shark03/04
Scalloped Hammerhead Shark12/18

 Because We Scan: Atoll
Scan everything in all dives to the Atoll Region

You’ll visit Atoll across 3 Dives; Dive 1, 2, and 7.

Atoll Day & Sunset (Dives 1 & 2)

Marine Species# of Scans
Chilean Devil Ray10/18
Sperm Whale10/19
Sperm Whale – Juvenile02/03
Humpback Whale05/10
Bottlenose Dolphin20/36
Northern Pacific Seastar09/05
Giant Clam04/04
Royal Angelfish15/15
Mailed Butterflyfish05/05
Quoy’s Parrotfish07/07
Tricolor Parrotfish07/07
Clown Triggerfish17/17
Titan Triggerfish06/08
White Spotted Pufferfish13/13
Blue-green Damselfish06/08
Splendid Alfonsino06/06
Great Barracuda07/07
Whale Shark02/04
Whitetip Reef Shark27/27

Atoll – Night (Dive 7)

Marine SpeciesNumber of Scans
Sperm Whale18/19
Humpback Whale10/10
Bottlenose Dolphin36/36
Whale Shark04/04

 Keep Clam and Carry On
Unlock the Giant Clam in the Scan Model Viewer

The Giant Clam has 4 scan-able subjects and is found in the Atoll Region. The Atoll Region is made up of Dives 1, 2, and 7, though you can get this as early as the first 1st dive.

Unlock everything for the Ocean Sunfish

The Ocean Sunfish has a total of 21 scans, and is found during Dives 3 and 4. You will need to scan all the Ocean Sunfish in those 2 regions for this trophy. Dive 3 has 14 scans, and Dive 4 has 7 scans.

 Thanks for all the Fish!
Unlock everything for the Bottlenose Dolphin

The Bottlenose Dolphin has a total of 36 scans, and is found during Dives 1, 2, 3, and 7. You will need to scan all the Dolphins in those 4 regions for this trophy.
Dives 1 and 2 have 20 scans, Dives 3 has 11 scans, and Dive 7 has 5 scans.

 Reef Shark Madness
Unlock everything for the White Tip Reef Shark

The White Tip Reef Shark has 27 scan-able subjects and is found in the Atoll Region. The Atoll Region is made up of Dives 1, 2, and 7, though you can get this as early as the first 2 dives.

 Whale, Whale, Whale…
Unlock every type of whale in the Scan Model Viewer

For this trophy you’ll only need 1 Scan, not all, of each type of Whale:
Sperm Whale: Dives 1, 2, 3, 7, and 8.
Sperm Whale – Juvenile: Dives 2 and 8.
Humpback Whale: Dives 1, 2, 3, and 7.

 My Hat is Like a Shark’s Fin
Unlock every type of shark in the Scan Model Viewer

For this trophy you’ll only need 1 Scan, not all, of each type of Shark:
Whale Shark: Dives 1, 2, 3, and 7.
Whitetip Reef Shark: Dive 1.
Scalloped Hammerhead Shark: Dives 3 and 4.
Swell Shark: Dive 4.
Sleeper Shark: Dive 6.

 You Jelly?
Unlock every type of Jelly in the Scan Model Viewer

Though Jellyfish and Comb Jelly are different phylum, this trophy only states Jelly. We’ll include Comb Jelly as they come before the Atolla Jellyfish and can’t verify if they’re needed. For this trophy you’ll only need 1 Scan, not all, of each type of Jelly:
Moon Jellyfish: Dives 3 and 4.
Comb Jelly: Dives 4 and 5.
Atolla Jellyfish: Dive 5.

 High Fidelity
Choose your own music more than 5x in the game

The music player

Choosing your own music is a feature where you can, well, change the games music. To the left of the helm will be a table with a music player you can access to change the music. There are more than 5 tracks to choose from so just go through the list playing them until this pops.

 Goodbye Old Friend
Complete Dive 8

Story Related.
Dive 8 takes place at Coastal Region. Complete all the story tasks to complete this dive.

 Sleeping Whales
Complete Dive 7

Story Related.
Dive 7 takes place at AtollNight. Complete all the story tasks to complete this dive.

 Diving Deep
Complete Dive 5

Story Related.
Dive 5 takes place at Brine Pool. Complete all the story tasks to complete this dive.

 Hope and Worry
Complete Dive 4

Story Related.
Dive 4 takes place at Seamount. Complete all the story tasks to complete this dive.

 Hot Water
Complete Dive 6

Story Related.
Dive 6 takes place at Vents. Complete all the story tasks to complete this dive. Be cautious though, Dive 6 is at night and has no map.

 One Ton Baby Girl
Complete Dive 1

Story Related.
Dive 1 takes place at AtollDay. Complete all the story tasks to complete this dive.

 A Little Insight
Watched an Ocean Insight video

Ocean Insight videos are educational videos that’ll unlock as you progress the story. Refer to Binge Mode for more details.

 Don’t Touch My Radio
Choose your own music at least once from the playlist

Choosing your own music is a feature where you can, well, change the games music. Refer to High Fidelity for further details.

 Everybody’s Gotta Eat
Complete Dive 3

Story Related.
Dive 3 takes place at the Open Ocean. Complete all the story tasks to complete this dive.

 Clicks and Echoes
Complete Dive 2

Story Related.
Dive 2 takes place at AtollSunset. Complete all the story tasks to complete this dive.

 The Ocean Is In My Blood
Start your journey

Story Related.
As soon as you create a new game you’ll watch a short prologue. This trophy will pop once you are done watching or skipping the prologue.