Bear With Me Trophy Guide

Game: Bear With Me
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 3 – 4 hours (Personal time without skipping text)
Difficulty: 1/10
Missable trophies: 17 (Refer to Stage 2)
Author: Stephanie and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Bear With Me. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Trophy Walkthrough.

Projector Room
[1] Inspect the toolbox next to the three legged table to require a Wrench.
[2] Grab the two White Sheets, one hanging from the shelf and the one on the boxes in the bottom left corner. Once you have both, open the inventory, and combine both sheets to make a Sheet Rope.
(Note: Before using the Sheet Rope on the window, make sure to inspect all three bundles of Film Reels to earn the “Cinemaniac!” trophy.)
[3] Inspect the second shelf of reels to locate a Thick Film Reel.
[4] Use the Wrench on the Projector base, and then click on the Projector to move it. After moving the Projector, use the Wrench again to keep the Projector in place.
[5] Click on the Projector handle in order to turn it off.
[6] Use the Thick Film Reel on the reel handles and click on the loose end which is located on the ground.
[7] Click on the Projector handle to turn back on the Projector.
[7.1] Refer to “Cinemaniac!” note.
[8] Use the Sheet Rope on the window.

Outside the Theater
[1] Pick up the Club Flyer that is located on the ground beside Ted.
[2] Pick up the pile of Screws and Bolts on the ground.
[3] Take the Stanchion (the rope and poles) on the left side of the ticket booth.
[4] Leave the current area by clicking the bottom of the screen (Paper City).

Paper Daily Newsroom
(Note: The Newsclippings aren’t needed to progress the story, but they are needed for the “Newsclippings, Newsclippings Everywhere” trophy.)

[1] Interact with the 6 Newsclippings on the beam next to Blabbermouth.
[2] Head left and interact with 2 Newsclippings under the lightswitch near the exit.
[3] Grab the last Newsclipping next to the “Accounting Room” to obtain the “Newsclippings, Newsclippings Everywhere!” trophy. After obtaining the trophy, head through the Accounting Room.

Accounting Room
[1] Inspect the file cabinet to retrieve a Noose.
[2] Inspect the Diploma hanging on the wall.
[3] Inspect the Pencil Sharpener.
[4] Exit the newsroom, and after a cutscene, proceed to leave the area by going through the door next to Accounting labeled Paper Daily. Once out in the map, click on the new red outlined area called Dredge River Bank.

Dredge River Bank [Upper & Lower Banks]
(Note: In front of the box near the hole in the ground, there is a can of paint. Pick up the can of paint and use it on the plank resting against the wall to the left to obtain the “Need a Friend” trophy. The second trophy that can be missed, is that once obtaining the Walking Cane from Tailor Eeks, use it on him to get a small dialogue followed by the “Stick To The Cheese!” trophy.)

[1] Pick up the Shovel in the dirt.
[2] Interact with the hole in the ground next to the pile of dirt, and place the Stanchion in the hole.
[3]Use the Shovel on the pile of dirt to fill in the hole that you placed the Stanchion in.
[3.1] Refer to “Need a Friend?” note.
[4] After the small cutscene, use the Noose on the buried Stanchion to create a way down to the lower bank.
[5] Under the branch where the Camembert Cheese is, will be Robbie’s Arm. Make sure to pick it up.
[6] Pick up the Bucket.
[7] Interact with the Hook to attach it to Robbie’s Legs in the river mud.
[8] Use the Bucket on the Old Tire to reach the end of the rope.
[9] Attach the Can of Paint to the end of the rope.
[10] Retrieve Robbie’s Legs once they are pulled out of the river mud.
[11] Head right and pick up Robbie’s Finger sticking out of the ground near the river mud.
[12] Head back to the upper bank.
[13] Talk to Tailor Eeks to retrieve his Walking Cane.
[13.1] Refer to “Stick To The Cheese!” note.
[14] Head back down to the Lower Bank to use the Walking Cane on the Camembert Cheese.
[15] Once you head back to the Upper Banks and return the Cheese and Walking Cane to Eeks, take the Plank resting against the wall and head down to the Lower Banks once more.
[16] Head towards Robbie’s Body in the water and use the Plank on Tiny Island.
[17] Interact with Robbie’s Head and Torso.
[18] Exit to Paper City and head to Fixy’s Used Car Shop.

Fixy’s Used Car Shop
[1] Inspect both cars on screen (these will be needed for “Gearhead!” trophy).
[2] Pick up the Crowbar between the two cars.
[3] Leave the current area by clicking the top left section to enter the Junkyard.

Note: Upon inspecting the three broken cars, you’ll have obtained the “Gearhead!” trophy as long as you inspected the other two back at Fixy’s Used Car Shop. Another trophy that could be missed is one called “I’m More Of A Dog Person…”. Upon heading toward Furryosa, you will see that it is swatting a pair of Glass Eye Covers, interact with those 4 times and the trophy will pop. The last missing trophy is “Patient One!“, which deals with the Giant Magnet hanging in the air. Interact with it a few times and the trophy will pop.

[1] Pick up the Cables that are on top of two oil cans.
[2] Pick up the Broken Starter Capacitor that is on the ground under the broken car on the crushing machine
[3] Head toward the left, and on the ground above Furryosa [a rather large house cat with a robotic arm], will be a Rubber Hose to pick up.
[4] Use the Crowbar that you picked up at Fixy’s on the Empty Canister. Make sure to pick up the canister.
[5] Combine Rubber Hose with Empty Canister to create a Prepared Canister.
[6] Use Prepared Canister on Fuel Tank (the car in front of the one labeled 130).
[7] Refer to “Gearhead!“, “I’m More Of A Dog Person…”, and “Patient One!” notes before heading back towards Fixy’s Used Car Shop to go back to the Paper Daily Newsroom.

Paper Daily Newsroom
[1] Interact with O.C.Ds Board.
[2] While O.C.D is distracted with their board, place the Broken Starter Capacitor in the emergency section under the first aid kit on the wall between the doors.
[3] Interact with O.C.D’s Board a total of 4 more times to have “Poking The Chameleon!” trophy pop.

Accounting Room
[1] Use Robbie’s Finger on the Pencil Sharpener.
[2] Pick up the M.H.A.T that was revealed to be hidden behind the Diploma on the wall.
[3] Use Robbie’s Finger on the Pencil Sharpener once more to move the Diploma back in place, and you’ll earn yourself the nice “Secret Keeper” trophy. This is missable if you don’t use the finger on the Pencil Sharpener before leaving.
[4] Exit Paper Daily completely and head back to Fixy’s Used Car Shop.

Fixy’s Used Car Shop
[1] Give the Full Canister to Fixy.

Fixy’s Repair Shop
[1] Pick up the Can of Oil that is setting on top of the Workbench.
[2] Pick up the set of Cables resting on the small toll box next to the flight of stairs.
[3] Exit the shop and head back to the Junkyard.

[1] Head left and use Furryosa’s Oil Can to fix its creaking leg.
[2] Pick up the Glass Eye Covers.
[3] Now head back to Fixy’s and enter the Repair Shop once more.

Fixy’s Repair Shop
Once you return, start placing all of Robbie‘s pieces onto the Robot Assembly which is located right next to the Workbench. Next will be the Cables, Eye Glass Covers, Emergency Starter Capacitor, and the M.H.A.T. After the small cutscene you will be heading out to Paper City and venturing to the new place called “Jungle Jazz Bar“.

Jungle Jazz Bar
[1] Use the Club Flyer on Harold and Barry.
[2] Exit the area and head to Illumiarium Factory.

Illumiarium Factory
[1] Before interacting with the stack of papers on the desk, interact with Bulby on the table a total of 4 times to obtain the “Bulbtastic!” trophy.
[2] Inspect the Paper Trail [stack of papers] on the top of the desk.
[3] Once the cutscene is over you are forced outside of the office, head toward Robot Union next. Just sit back and enjoy the small cutscenes that follow suit.

Outside The Factory
[1] Place the Screws and Bolts in the Dog Bowl.
[2] Pick up the Rubber Ball that is dropped from one of the guard dogs on the floor next to the keep out sign.
[3] Head right to the Guard House.
[4] Use the Rubber Ball on the V6 Robo-Dog.
[5] Pick up the Car Keys on the wall next to the asleep guard.
[6] Once the small cutscene is done, head to Paper City and return to Fixy’s Used Car Shop to enter the Repair Shop. Talk to Fixy to obtain a Screwdriver which you’ll use in a car that will take you inside of Illumiarium Factory.
[7] Use the Screwdriver on the car.
[8] Head into Illumiarium Factory.

Illumiarium Factory
[1] Head all the way to the left and interact with the Power Switch.
[2] Interact with the Console.
(Make a save just in case you screw up for the next step to get the trophy without having to start over.)
[3] From top to bottom: – x5 / + x2 / – / + x2 / – .
[4] Once you click the start button, the trophy “I Don’t Make Mitsakes!” should pop after the small sequences. If it doesn’t, reload the save you made at step two.
[5] After requiring the Relay automatically, make sure to grab the Rubber Band that is hanging on the side of the box.
[6] Use the Rubber Band on the broken railing and watch that teddy fly.

Skinner’s Office
[1] Interact with the Trash Can [Evidence 1/3].
[2] Interact with the Pieces of a Document on top of the desk [Evidence 2/3].
[3] Interact with the Document Pieces on the floor in front of the desk [Evidence 3/3].
[4] Pick up the Scotch Tape on the floor in front of the desk.
[5] Combine the Scotch Tape with Pieces of a Document, this will force you into a piece together puzzle.
[6]Once you are finished piecing back together the evidence, interact with the Phone on the desk.
[7] After all the cutscenes, head to Fixy’s Used Car Shop and enter the Repair Shop.

Repair Shop
[1] Use Ratchet Relay on the Robot Assembly.
(Make a save just in case you screw up for the next step to get the trophy without having to start over. Even placing down the wires will null you out of the trophy, so do it right the first time.)
[2] Panel 1: Circle Shape Jack, Plug Jack, Three White Lines Jack (A31), White Circle Jack (B40), “Not YellowColor Connector
Panel 2: T Shape Jack, Three White Lines Jack (A31), Two White Lines Jack (C76), Empty Circle Jack (D12), “BlueColor Connector
Panel 3: Internet Plug Jack, Three White Lines Jack (A31), White Circle Jack (B40), White Line Jack (E27), “Obvious OneColor Connector
Panel 4: T Shape Jack, Circle Shape Jack, White Circle Jack (B40), Two White Lines Jack (C76), “RedColor Connector
If you did the connecting right without placing down a cable, the trophy “Connecting The Accountant!” will pop up at the beginning of the following cutscene. If not, reload the last save and repeat the steps.
[3] After the cutscene, leave Fixy’s and head straight to Jungle Jazz Bar.

Jungle Jazz Bar
[1] Enter the Bar and head all the way to the right until you see Harold & Barry.
(Save the game here.)
[2] Talk to Harold & Barry.
[3] Wait for Lily to sing her song fully once. After the long piano solo, she will start to sing again. During that part, pull the lever to obtain “The Three Yeses!” trophy. (this can take around 4 minutes so be prepared to wait.)
(Reload the last save you just made.)
[4] Talk to Harold & Barry.
[5] Pull the lever on the wall once you have full control of your character again to watch Lily fall down the trap door. The”Simon Cowell Style!” trophy will pop when she falls out of sight.
[6] Pick up the Broken Spotlight on the stage.
[7] Talk to Harold & Barry again.
[8] Interact with the bar to start up another small mini-game.
[9] Click on the highball glass and click on every liquor bottle above Harold & Barry. Once they are mixed together click on the shaker to mix the drink. The ” The TedTM!” trophy will unlock shortly after saying that it’s his drink.
[10] To the right of the screen will be six recipes. Follow all the recipes and make sure that Southside Fizz is the last drink you make. Once you’ve made all six drinks, you’ll receive “Cocktail Master!” after your character steps out from behind the bar.
[11] Talking to Harold & Barry will give you a Quarter.
[12] The two of them will start asking you questions. In order to obtain the trophy “I Wasn’t Really Paying Attention“, make sure that you select all the wrong answers before selecting the right answer. All three correct answers are as follows: Q1: The Fresh, Q2: His Tombstone, and Q3: Feet.
[13] Use the Quarter on the Phone Booth outside of Jungle Jazz Bar. After the cutscene, head to the Lighthouse.

Lighthouse [Outside & Inside]
[1] Upon entering the area, you’ll receive the trophy “Overzealous!“.
[2] Click on the bottom of the lighthouse to enter the ground floor.
[3] Interact with the first aid kit on the wall to have Bandages.
[4] Use the Crowbar on the Illumiarium Crate.
[5] Once you’ve obtained the Light Bulb from the crate, head outside and then go to Fixy’s Used Car Shop to enter the Repair Shop.

Fixy’s Repair Shop
[1] Combine Light Bulb with Broken Spotlight.
[2] Combine Bandage with Working Spotlight.
[3] Use the Bandaged Spotlight on Robbie himself and sit back for the cutscenes. By the end of it all you should obtain the”Lost Robots No More!” trophy along with that shiny new platinum “True Detective!.

Stage 2 – Missable trophies.

A list of all missable trophies in the order they appear in the game. For a more in-depth way of getting them, please refer to either the full walkthrough above or their corresponding sections.

Newsclippings, Newsclippings Everywhere!
Need A Friend?
Stick To The Cheese!
I’m More Of A Dog Person…
Patient One!
Poking The Chameleon!
Secret Keeper!
I Don’t Make Mitsakes!
Connecting The Accountant!
The Three Yeses!
Simon Cowell Style!
The TedTM!
Cocktail Master!
I Wasn’t Really Paying Attention


 True Detective!
You’ve collected all of the achievements and then some!


 Poking The Chameleon!
Everybody has limits, rearranging the board isn’t the dream job.

Continue to click on O.C.D’s board in the Newsroom, and after a few times, she will get irritated to the point where she no longer rearranges her board after Ted keeps taking a piece of paper off it.

O.C.D’s board being highlighted.

 Newsclippings, Newsclippings Everywhere!
Look at all those headlines!

There are 9 Newsclippings within the Newsroom that need to be clicked on to obtain the trophy. Upon first entering the newsroom, there are six of them on the beam left of Blabbermouth. After reading all six, head left of O.C.D to find the remaining clippings; two are under the Light Switch, while the other is on the wall next to the Accounting door.

 Secret Keeper!
Not leaving secrets right in the open is a good trait.

Once you have obtained Robbie’s Finger, you can go to the Accounting Room back in Paper Daily and use it on the Pencil Sharpener. You have to do it twice, once is to retrieve the M.H.A.T hidden behind the Diploma, while the second time moves the Diploma back in place to hide the hole in the wall.

 Patient One!
I knew it’s not gonna swing forever…

Within the Junkyard, you will see a Giant Magnet in the air. Interact with it a few times and shortly after it will stop swinging.

The Giant Magnet being highlighted.

Ooops, looks like we poked him too much.

On Skinner’s desk in Illuminarium Factory, there is a mascot named Bulby. Interact with him 4 times to obtain the trophy.

Bulby being highlighted.

 Cocktail Master!
I think you’ve had enough… sir!

Once you are behind the bar at the Jungle Jazz Bar, you are instructed to make Harold & Barry a drink. You will have to make all six drinks listed on the menu to obtain the trophy so leave the one called “Southside Fizz” last, as that is the drink they want.

 The TedTM!
The best cocktail!

During the same time as “Master Cocktail!”, this is a drink that you can create, one that is personally Ted’s favorite. You want to use the highball glass and throw in one of every liquor above Harold & Garry’s head. Once you click the Shaker it will make the drink. Don’t add anything else to the drink but the four liquors up top.

Cocktails being highlighted.

 Simon Cowell Style!
I’d say… no!!!

Pull the Lever on the wall when you gain control of your character in the Jungle Jazz Bar when Lily is on stage. When she falls through the trap door under her, the trophy will pop.

The Lever you need to pull in the stage of Jungle Jazz Bar.

 The Three Yeses!
You are going to the finals!

Similar to the “Simon Cowell Style!” trophy, the lever will be located in the same location. Though instead of pulling the lever right away to watch Lily fall, allow her to sing one full loop of her song before you pull it. This will take roughly about 4 minutes after you gain control of your character, so don’t pull until that 4 minute mark.

 Stick To The Cheese!
Stick ’em up, poet!

Upon retrieving the walking cane from Tailor Eeks in the Dredge River Bank, make sure to open your inventory an use the cane on Eeks himself. After a bit of dialogue the trophy will pop.

Two Thumbs Up!

Within the first area click on the bundles of Film Reels. There are three total in the area that are located on the three leg table and the shelves in the right corner. Upon inspecting the last bundle you’ll be rewarded with the trophy.

The Film Reels you need.

I CAN’T WAIT to get the bad guys!

Upon entering the Lighthouse section, the trophy will pop automatically.

 I Don’t Make Mitsakes!
The assembly line was always my passion.

Once you gain access to the Illumiarium Factory itself, there will be a scene where you have to use the control panel to retrieve a box full of Relays. You have to have the correct pattern the first time around, as screwing up an re-doing it won’t count; unless you reload a save. The correct combination is: – x5 / + x2 / – / + x2 / – (work from the top first)

Entering the code in the Console.

 I’m More Of A Dog Person…
Cats are mean.

Upon entering the Junkyard and heading all the way toward the left of the screen, you will see a cat named Furryosa. On the ground in front of it will be a pair of Glass Eye Covers that it will be swatting. Interact with the covers a total of 4 times and the trophy will pop.

Furryosa looking at the Glass Eye Covers.

I just love cars… don’t you?

This trophy requires you to look at five cars in total. Two of them are when you first arrive in Fixy’s Used Car Shop, and the remaining three will be when you enter the Junkyard. The trophy will pop after you inspect the last car in the Junkyard.

 I Wasn’t Really Paying Attention!
Wait, was all that important?

After making the cocktail in Jungle Blue Jazz and getting a Quarter from Harold & Barry, you’ll be asked three questions. In order to get this trophy, the correct answer to each question must be given last, so make sure you click on every answer before giving them the correct answer.

Correct Answers: Q1: The Fresh, Q2: His Tombstone, Q3: Feet.

 Connecting The Accountant!
But don’t touch the edges!

Once you return to the Repair Shop with the Ratchet Relay, you’ll be forced into a mini-game where you must connect connectors and jacks to their correct spots. Once you pick up a cable you can’t put it back down, so make sure to put it in the right place. If by accident you placed a cable down, reload a save and do it again. The trophy will pop at the beginning of the cutscene.

Color Connectors:
Panel 1: “Not Yellow“.
Panel 2: “Blue“.
Panel 3: “Obvious One“.
Panel 4: “Red“.

The connectors in the right place.

 Need A Friend?
Woodson! I’m sorry Woodson!

In front of the box near the hole in the ground. there is a Can of Paint. Pick up the Can of Paint and use it on the Plank resting against the wall to the left to obtain the trophy.

The Plank and Can of Paint being highlighted.

 Lost Robots No More!
Veni, Vidi, Robots!

This trophy will pop before the platinum does at the very beginning of the credits.