Bear With Me – The Complete Collection (DLC)

Game: Bear With Me – The Complete Collection
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 8 hours (Personal time without skipping text)
Difficulty: 1/10
Missable trophies: 7 (Refer to Stage 4)
Author: Stephanie and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Bear With Me – The Complete Collection. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Episode One Trophy Walkthrough

Amber’s Room
[1] Inspect drawer to obtain Broken Magnifier.
[2] Pick up the Glasses on the Card Box.
[3] Inspect the case under your bed to open it. Once open, grab the Battery.
[4] Talk to Millie and answer with “There was this fire…“. After a bit of dialogue, answer with “OK, Millie, I’ll go ask him…“.
[5] Click on your Closet to advance to Ted’s Office.

(Note: Make a save before entering Ted’s Office. Answer his questions any way you want, but if the trophy “Laughing Stock!” doesn’t pop up later when asking Rusty “Know anything about the red man?“, then you’ll want to reload and answer Ted’s questions as follows.)

Ted’s Office
[1] Answer with “That’s none of your business…“.
[2] Answer with “You owe me rent…“.
[3] Answer with “Millie and the “Wine and Cheese of the Month Club…“.
[4] Answer with “My brother?“.
[5] Pick up the Sticky’s Glue on Ted’s desk.
[6] Combine Swiss Army Knife with Glasses to obtain Lens.
[7] Combine Broken Magnifier with Sticky’s Glue.
[8] Combine the Lens with the Broken Magnifier to make a Magnifier.
[9] Give the Magnifier to Ted.
[10] Once back in Amber’s Room, click on the door to head out to Hallway West. In order to get to Hallway East, click on the bottom screen next to Flint’s Room.

Hallway East
[1] Talk to Rusty.
[2] Ask “Know anything about the red man?” and you’ll obtain the trophy “Laughing Stock!“.
[3] Continue to ask him questions until the conversation is done. Once the conversation is done, head into the Study, which is located next to Rusty‘s right side.

[1] Interact with the Cabinet against the wall to obtain a Flashlight.
[2] Interact with Anubis Statue on desk to watch it fall.
[3] Interact with Fallen Statue, you’ll obtain a three digit number, “107“.
[4] Exit to Hallway East.

Hallway East
You’ll need to exhaust the conversation once more with Rusty then exit into Hallway East. From there, you’ll want to enter Amber’s Room and back into the Closet to be in Ted’s Office.

Ted’s Office
Once in the office, you’ll want to interact with the file cabinet behind his desk against the wall to obtain the Credentials. After being forced back into Amber’s Room, head out into the Hallway West and make your way back to Hallway East.

Hallway East
[1] Give the Credentials to Rusty, this gives you the extra Battery you need.
[2] Combine Battery x2 with Flashlight to make Working Flashlight.
[3] Exit into Hallway West and enter the Bathroom; the door all the way in the back.

The only thing to grab from here is the Duster located directly under the sink. Once you have it, exit the Bathroom and head back into Hallway East to enter the Study.

Only thing you’ll be doing in here is using the Duster in the hole in the wall, and entering into Flint’s Room via the hole in the wall.

Flint’s Room
[1] Pick up Lvl 6 Sword located in the closet.
[2] Talk to The Mugshot Brothers. After exhausting their conversation you’ll get the Parents’ Room Key.
[3] Use Swiss Army Knife on Rope that is connected to the broom.
[4] Pick up Red Cloth on the now fallen fort.
[5] Exit back into the Study via the hole in the wall, and make your way back into Hallway East.
[6] Use Parents’ Room Key on the Parents’ Room to enter.

Parents’ Room
Interact with the Camera on the small leather chair next to the armory to obtain Film Strip. Afterwards, head into the Dark Room which is through the door to your right.

Dark Room
[1] Interact with the Safe and enter 107 to obtain Developing Liquid Bottles.
[2] Pick up Duct Tape located under the Containers .
[3] Pick up Latent Image; it’s a small white square that will be right beside the Film Enlarger.
[4] Use Developing Liquid Bottle with the Containers.
[5] Use the Latent Image with Film Enlarger. You’ll then want to put the Film Strip on the Film Enlarger.
[6] Interact with Film Enlarger to obtain Latent Image.
[7] Use Latent Image with Containers, which you’ll then receive a Developed Film along with the trophy “Photo Development 101!“.

During this small segment, you take control of the “Red Man”. With control of the Red Man, you’ll want to make your way into Amber’s Room and escape via the Window (it’ll be labeled as Escape). Once you have control of Amber again, make your way out of the Dark Room and head straight back to Amber’s Room.

Amber’s Room
[1] Pick up Small Nail which is directly behind Amber.
[2] Pick up the Wooden Board which is holding up the window.
[3] Exit back into Hallway West.

Hallway West
[1] Use Small Nail on Glass Case.
[2] Pick up the Hook Thingy from the clock.
[3] Combine Hook Thingy with Wooden Board to make Flimsy Attic Hook.
[4] Combine Duct Tape with Flimsy Attic Hook to make Attic Hook.
[5] Use Attic Hook on Attic Door, it’s located on the ceiling.

[1] Pick up Candle, it’s located on the right side of the room next to the cord running up the beam.
[2] Talk with Brian and exhaust the conversation with him.
[3] During the cutscene you’ll obtain the Clearance paper (will appear in your inventory).
[4] Exit Amber’s Room and make your way back to the Study.

Use the Attic Hook on the Key hanging on the left book shelf, and then exit into Flint’s Room via the hole in the wall.

Flint’s Room
[1] Use Clearance on The Mugshot Brothers.
[2] Answer them any way you see fit. After a bit of dialogue, you’ll go back to Amber to retrieve Creators Tool.
[3] Use Creators Tool on The Mugshot Brothers, give them any answer once more. Once back to Amber, you’ll have the Signed Clearance in your inventory
[4] Exit to Hallway East and make your way back to the Attic

[1] Combine Swiss Army Knife with Candle to make a Stamp.
[2] Use Office Desk Key on Roll Top Desk.
[3] Pick up Vial of Ink from the now opened desk.
[4] Combine Stamp with Vial of Ink to make Wet Stamp.
[5] Combine Wet Stamp with Signed Clearance to obtain Legit Clearance. After seeing Level Up appear above Amber’s head you’ll receive the “Forging Documents Is Hard Work!” trophy.
[6] Use Legit Clearance on Brian.
[7] Exit to Paper City South. Before the cut-scene the trophy “Excelsior!” will pop.

Stage 2 – Episode Two Trophy Walkthrough.

Shell’s Bay Diner (Inside & Outside)
[1] Exhaust the conversation with Betty.
[2] Pick up the Popcorn that is on the bar next to the dirty dish.
[3] Pick up the Empty Mug on the bar, sitting next to the loaf of bread.
[4] Head outside to be in the front of the diner.
[5] Talk to Clark, he is the shady looking guy in the raincoat (you will also get a Pamphlet from him that will appear in your inventory).
[6] Head south of the diner sign to enter the Bridge.

Bridge (Including Control Room)
[1] Pick up the Oil Can that is resting on top of the power cabinet.
[2] Enter the Bridge Control Room.
[3] Interact with the Control Panel and push the Button Thingy to obtain “DeeDee Don’t Touch The Button!” trophy.
[4] Under the Control Panel, pick up the Specific Magnet (it will look like a horseshoe).
[5] Interact with the Coat on the wall to obtain Coins.
[6] Interact with the Briefcase behind the chair to obtain a Screwdriver.
[7] Exit the Bridge Control Room and make your way back to Shell’s Bay Diner.

Shell’s Bay Diner (Inside & Outside)
[1] Use Coins on Jukebox.
[2] Inspect the Shaft on the floor next to sleeping Pete.
[3] Head back outside and talk to Clark, who will ask for a cup of coffee.
[4] Use Screwdriver on Car to obtain Fuse.
[5] Head back inside to talk to Betty. When asked who the coffee is for, say “It’s for Clark…” to receive Coffee Pot.
[6] Combine Empty Mug with Coffee Pot to make Spiked Coffee
[7] Head back outside and use Spiked Coffee on Clark.
[8] After the small dialogue, pick up the Fishing Rod and head back inside.
[9] Once inside combine Swiss Army Knife with Fishing Rod to make a Fishing Line an Fish Skeleton.
[10] Combine Fishing Line with Magnet to make MCD 3000.
[11] Use MCD 3000 on the Shaft next to sleeping Pete to grab the Control Keys.
[12] Head outside and make your way back to the Bridge Control Room.

Bridge Control Room
The only thing you’ll be doing in here is interacting with the Control Panel, and once inside it, open your inventory to use the Fuse on the Missing Fuse section. After placing the Fuse in its spot, use the Control Keys on Key Hole. This will lower the Bridge and give you access to Container Terminal.

Container Terminal
[1] Use Popcorn on the No Seagulls Sign on the ground.
[2] Exhaust the conversation with CBG. After you are done, you’ll receive a Voodoo Charm.
[3] After all the dialogue pick up the Feather that was left by the Seagulls on the sign.
[4] Press L1 or click on the tiny circle in the top right next to your inventory to exit to the main map. Once out in the map, click on Tigren’s Lair (it’s the top red highlighted area).

Tigren’s Lair
After some dialogue, you will be in Tigren’s Lair. There isn’t much to do at the moment except pick up the Chalk that will be on the ground next to the Lumber. Next, grab the Ritual Note that is hanging against the Garage Door. Once you grab those two things head back out to the main map and head to Steel Mill now, which is located in the upper right corner Paper City Hotel.

Steel Mill (Outside & Inside)
[1] Talk to Stevie and “bribe” him with the Pamphlet
[2] Pick up the Pipe on the ground, once you do, head on inside the mill.
[3] Pick up the Wrench in the debris against the left wall
[4] Head back outside and combine Pipe with Wrench to make a Crank
[5] Use Oil Can on the Cog. After it’s been oiled, use the Crank on the Cog.
[6] Interact with the Cog to see a little animation of the Bucket being lowered then head back inside
[7] Interact with the Bucket to receive Matches

During this segment you’ll be in control of Red Man. Click on CBG to advance the story. Once you have regained control of Amber again, you’ll be standing in front of the Mayor’s Mansion.

Mayor’s Mansion (Including Office)
[1] Try to exit the screen via the right side, which will be labeled ???. After a little cutscene it will reward you with “Ooops! Missed A Spot!” trophy.
[2] Interact with the Intercom an answer with “Ted and Amber!
[3] Head into Mayor’s Mansion
[4] Pick up the Stickers that are on top of the Cabinet to the right.
[5] Talk to Mr. Herbert and then head to Mayor’s Office.
[6] Answer with “Don’t tell him Brian let you in…“.
[7] Exit to the main map and head to Westpaw Casino.

Westpaw Casino (Outside)
Talk to The Tim, and after the conversation head into the Back Alley. Its entrance is located to the left under the Bar Club sign.

Back Alley (Including Crooked Room)
[1] Use the Chalk on the Empty Boxes against the wall on the right side.
[2] Use the Mayor’s Stickers on the Marked Boxes in front of the truck.
[3] Interact with the Empty Boxes to gain access to the Crooked Room.
[4] Interact with the Nuts on the table to grab a few, then proceed to the left to enter the Main Floor.

Main Floor (Inside The Casino)
[1] Pick up the Banana on the table against the wall.
[2] Talk to Doris to receive Tigren’s Locket.
[3] Head all the way to the left and use the Coin on the Slot Machine.
[4] Use the Token on Doris to receive Ice Cream.
[5] Combine Swiss Army Knife with Banana to make Peeled Banana.
[6] Combine Peeled Banana with Ice Cream to make Banana Cream.
[7] Combine Nuts with Banana Cream to make Banana Split.
[8] Exit to the Elevator Lobby, which is located next to Doris.

Elevator Lobby
Use the Banana Split on Grodd. After he passes out, interact with the Elevator Button to head on up to King’s Lounge.

King’s Lounge
There nothing much to do here except for some dialogue. Answer King with “Don’t tell him about The Mugshots…” when you are given the option “Shoot At King“.

Boiler Room (Including Control Room)
[1] Interact with the Plant on top of the Boiler to obtain “Oh Snap!” trophy.
[2] Pick up the Rag snuggled between the two boxes.
[3] Use Rag on Small Vent; it’s the small circle located on the boiler.
[4] Enter the Control Room via the hole in the door
[5] Exhaust the conversation with the Log Machine. During the trivia you don’t have to worry about getting every answer correct. But if you want to, they are as follows: “1“, “Left“, “38“, “CBG“, “140“,”Howard“, “Your Mom“.
[6] Pick up the Plant on the table next to the Rubik Cube.
[7] Interact with the Inventory Box on the Security Monitor table to get all your items back.
[8] Head back into the Boiler Room and use the Swiss Army Knife on the Locker to receive a Handle.
[9] Go back into the Control Room to use the Handle on Secret Door; located on the floor next to the elevator.
[10] Exit to the Back Alley and make your way back to Tigren’s Lair via the main map.

(Note: Make a save before you start placing pieces on the Ritual Altar.)

Tigren’s Lair (Including Inside)
[1] Interact with the Ritual Altar and place the following items in the right section. After placing Tigren’s Locket in its rightful spot, the trophy “The Fifth Element!” will pop when the secret door opens.
Fire Element = Matches.
Air Element = Feather.
Earth Element = Plant.
Water Element = Fish Skeleton.
Love Element = Tigren’s Locket.
[2] Head into Tigren’s Lair – Inside through the secret door you just opened.
[3] Talk to Tigren herself and exhaust the conversation.
[4] Exit to the main map and head to Westpaw Casino; sit back and just watch the cutscene

Stage 3 – Episode Three Trophy Walkthrough

Tigren’s Lair
[1] Interact with the Door Panel to reveal Door Mechanism
(Note: Make a save here since the next part will null the trophy “It’s Not Gonna Rain!”)
[2] Pick up the Umbrella an use it on the Painting against the wall, take note of what your arrow symbol is on the wall where the painting once was
(Note: Reload the save before you had picked up the Umbrella)
[3] Interact with the Door Mechanism to enter a small mini-game. Which you’ll click;
SoutheastWestEastWhatever Your Arrow WasNorth
[4] When the door opens the trophy “It’s Not Gonna Rain!” will pop up as long you didn’t pick up the Umbrella
[5] After the cut-scenes you’ll be on the main map, click on Tigren’s Lair to enter
[6] Pick up the Matches on the ground next to the flipped Altar
[7] Enter the inside of Tigren’s Lair
[8] Pick up the Candle slightly in front of the cheese
[9] Pick up the Glass Slide against the wall under the window
[10] Exit into the Back Room

Back Room
[1] Pick up Laterna Magicka, which will be next to the voodoo incense.
[2] Pick up the Glass Slide under the table.
[3] Pick up Glass Slide on the broken shelf.
[4] Combine Glass Slide (all three of them) with Laterna Magicka.
[5] Combine Candle with Laterna Magicka.
[6] Combine Matches with Laterna Magicka.
[7] Use the now working Laterna Magicka on the Table.
[8] Exit to the main map and head to Westpaw Casino.

Westpaw Casino (Crime Scene)
[1] Talk to the PCPD Officers and answer with “Bye“.
[2] Talk to Blabbermouth
[3] Talk with the PCPD Officers again, but this time answer with “I work over at the Paper City General.“, then answer with “Bye“.
[4] Talk to Blabbermouth again.
[5] Talk to the PCPD Officers again and answer with “Cardboard Ville“.

After all the cutscenes, you’ll appear at the Pier with control of Amber again. You need to pick up the Boat Hook behind her on the rocks and the Sailing Rope, which will located on the rock wall. Once you gather those two, head to the Backside of the Seaside Mansion.

Backside (Including Pier)
[1] Pick up the Bucket next to the big statue.
[2] Pick up Zen Rocks.
[3] Combine Hook with Sailors Rope to make Hooked Rope.
[4] Combine Zen Rocks with Bucket to make Filled Bucket.
[5] Use Hooked Rope on Wine Cellar Entrance.
[6] Interact with the Rope on the ground to connect it with the Hooked Rope.
[7] Use Filled Bucket on Well, then interact with it to push it.
[8] Enter the now open Wine Cellar Entrance.
[9] After the cutscene you’ll be in control of Ted.
[10] Talk to Sharky, and after a bit of dialogue, give him the Carrot Juice (Ted carries this in his inventory).
[11] Once you arrive at the Pier enter the Backside.
[12] Interact with the Broken Vase to obtain Earth Key.
[13] Head back out into the Pier an enter Main Entrance.

Seaside Mansion (Living Room)
[1] Pick up the Fireplace Tongs.
[2] Interact with the Fireplace to notice a Loose Brick.
[3] Interact with the Loose Brick to pick up a Key.
[4] Head all the way to the right to use the Fireplace Tongs on the Fish Bowl to obtain another Key.
[5] Exit into the Study (which is to the right of the screen).

[1] Interact with the Zeppelin to knock it off the small table.
[2] Pick up the Air Key that appeared on the floor.
[3] Interact with King’s Portrait. This will cause a few Books on the right to pop out, interact with them in this order:
Middle Row2nd Book|| Middle Row1st Book || Top Row || Bottom Row
[4] Enter the Secret Voodoo Room.

Secret Voodoo Room
(Note: After the cutscene, make a save in case you mess up the next step)
[1] Interact with Reef King to obtain Love Key.
[2] Interact with Vault Handle an place the Keys in their right Locks (match the symbols).
[3] Interact with the Keys in this order:
14232314312 4 (if you do this correctly the first time “The Mechanist!” trophy will pop)
[4] Use Love Key on Heart Shaped Lock
[5] Pick up the Evidence Suitcase on the left bottom shelf
[6] Pick up Sharky’s Sins Suitcase on the right middle shelf
[7] Exit the Study and head back to the Pier (inside the mansion it’ll be labeled as Seaside Entrance).

Use Sharky’s Sins Suitcase on Sharky himself. After the cutscenes, you’ll want to exit to the main map and head straight to the Police Station.

Police Station (Including Interrogation Room)
[1] Enter the Police Station and talk to Betty.
(Note: Make a save in case you mess up the next step)
[2] Enter the Interrogation Room, the door to the right.
[3] Answer with “He got you!“.
[4] Answer with “Oh snap!“.
[5] Answer with “Get me a peppermint soy-latte.” which gives you the “You Got Served, Lawrence!” trophy.
[6] Exit to the Front Desk an leave the station to head to the Police Station – Outside.

Police Station – Outside
Just talk to Blabbermouth & Brian to receive the Evidence Room Key. Head back inside the Police Station an use the Evidence Room Key in the Evidence Room, the last door on the left.

Evidence Room
[1] Interact with the Hat on the very top top shelf to unlock the “Drinkindor!” trophy
[2] Pick up the Utility Belt slightly under the Knight Armor
[3] After the cutscene you’ll be on the main map, enter Paper City Tunnel

Paper City Tunnel
Enter the tunnel which will be labeled as Flint’s Room. Once inside, interact with the Mugshot Brothers. At the beginning of the next cutscene, you’ll unlock “True Colors!” trophy.

(Note: Congrats, you have 100% the Complete Collection. But there is still more to the story, so continue below to wrap up everything.)

Main Map
Click on Skyscraper and listen to the dialogue.

[1] Pick up the Newspapers on the floor.
[2] Interact with the Unconscious Cops to receive Walkie Talkie x2.
[3] Head to the right.
[4] When the Bad Cop has his back to you, use Newspapers on Canal, the hole in the ground. The Bad Cop will try to get on your back again, drop a Walkie Talkie in the Canal.
[5] Interact with the Construction Elevator.
[6] After the cutscene click on Paper City Sign.

Paper City Sign
[1] Use Swiss Army Knife with Fence, the hole behind the big A.
[2] Enter the Endless Forest (Solution: ForwardLeft – RightForwardLeft).
[3] Enter Building .
[4] Interact with the Elevator to enter it, a cut-scene will start when you enter.

Hospital Room
[1] Pick up Vial on right table.
[2] Pick up Needle on lower shelf of right table.
[3] Pick up Syringe on left table.
[4] Combine Swiss Army Knife with Vial to have an Open Vial.
[5] Combine Syringe with Needle to make Empty Injection.
[6] Combine Empty Injection with Open Vial to have Injection.
[7] Use Injection on Doctors.
[8] Enter the Door that appears after Amber Doll is injected.

Red Room
[1] Talk to Other Me.
[2] Pick up Keys.
[3] Use the Keys on the three Toys to the right on a board.
[4] After picking your three Toys head back to the Trade Mechanism.
[5] Use all three Toys on Trade Mechanism.
[6] Interact with ???.
[7] Head left and enter the Elevator.

Customer Service Center
[1] Answer with “I don’t know…“.
[2] Enter Rooms in the following order below and make sure to always talk to the Other Me.
Middle Right Room – Answer – “I can’t remember…” – Exit Middle Right Room, enter Bottom Right Room.
Bottom Right Room – Answer – “15D?” – Exit Bottom Right Room, enter Bottom Left Room.
Bottom Left Room – Answer – “He had the cutest cat named Dinah.” – Answer “Mr. Morgan?“, then answer “I don’t know.“- Exit Bottom Left Room, enter Middle Right Room.
Middle Right Room – Answer – “Cinnamon!” – Exit Middle Right Room, enter Top Right Room.
Top Right Room – Answer – “Umm…She passed away. – Exit Top Right Room, enter Middle Left Room.
Middle Left Room – Answer -“The Long Gone Day?” – Exit Middle Left Room, enter Top Left Room.
Top Left Room – Answer – “He had a bit of a drinking problem…” – Exit Top Left Room.
Main Hall – [3] Talk to the Other Me, then enter the Elevator in the back.

(Note: Make a save here, since there will be two endings; one requiring the Lvl 6 Sword and the other with the Red Cloth)

Ashworth Apartment
Not much to do here except to enter Flint’s Room, an watch the cut-scene. Once you gain control again click on Amber herself. This will lead you to interacting with the Red Man, here you can chose either the Sword (square button) or the Red Cloth (x button). After viewing the ending, reload the save and use the other item to get the other ending.

Stage 4 – Missable trophies

A list of all missable trophies in the order they appear in the game. For a more in-depth way of getting them, please refer to either the full walkthrough above or their corresponding sections.

Episode 1
Laughing Stock!

Episode 2
DeeDee Don’t Touch The Button!
Ooops! Missed A Spot!
Oh Snap!

Episode 3
It’s Not Gonna Rain!
The Mechanist!
You Got Served, Lawrence!


 Photo Development 101!
You’ve developed Red’s photo!

Story Related Trophy (can’t be missed)
After gaining access to the Dark Room that is located in your Parents’ Room, you just have to develop the film strip you had obtained from your father’s camera.

 Forging Documents Is Hard Work!
Got the clearance to the city!

Story Related Trophy (can’t be missed)
In order to be able to leave the house and enter Paper City, you need to be a tad “bad” and create a foraged Clearance paper to leave.

 Laughing Stock!
You have made Ted a laughing stock!

When talking to Rusty in the Hallway East section of the house, ask him “Know anything about the red man?” The trophy should pop up after a bit of dialogue. You will know it’s coming when Amber does a little giggle. If it doesn’t pop up, either restart the episode, or load a save before you entered Ted’s Office to follow the answers in the walkthrough portion.

You have finished episode 1!

Story Related Trophy (can’t be missed)
After giving Brian the “Legit Clearance” papers you’ll be allowed to leave the house. Once you exit into Paper City South, the trophy will pop before the cutscene starts.

 DeeDee Don’t Touch The Button!
You’ve touched the button! Now suffer the consequences… OR NOT!

In Episode 2, you’ll gain access to the Bridge Control Room. Interact with the Control Panel and click on the bottom left button.

I mean, who doesn’t wish to push the big button.

 Ooops! Missed A Spot!
You’ve discovered an unfinished scene – it’s called “Modern Art”!

Before you interact with the Intercom in front of the Mayor’s Mansion. Click on the right side of the screen to see a section labeled “???”. Enter there for a funny little cutscene.

 Oh Snap!
You’ve touched the plant! All fingers intact!

When Ted is locked up in the Boiler Room, there will be a plant on top of the Boiler. Make sure to interact with the cute looking thing.

Aren’t you supposed to be attacking a Plumber?

 The Fifth Element!
You’ve combined all the elements!

To gain access to where you’ll finally meet Tigren herself you have to place five items on the Ritual Altar. Each section represents an Element, and you must place the item that goes with said Element.

What the Altar should look like.

 It’s Not Gonna Rain!
Who needs an umbrella anyway!

At the start of Episode 3 you will be in Tigren’s Lair. In order to advance you will have to solve the Door Mechanism, you’ll need to knock a painting off a wall to know a step. To knock over the painting you will need to use the Umbrella, so it’s best to make a save before picking up the Umbrella. Once you knock over the painting and know what direction your arrow is, reload the save and don’t pick up the Umbrella again. Once you step out of the room the trophy will pop.

 The Mechanist!
The mechanist cracks any vault mechanism open in 12 or less actions!

The vault in King’s Mansion that requires a set of 5 keys total. The four locks on the right side are linked to symbols. Just match the symbols with the four keys, and turn them in the correct order. Once the heart shape lock opens, the trophy will pop. If it doesn’t, then reload the save before you did this.

Correct Solution: 1 – 4 – 2 – 3 – 2 – 3– 1 – 4 – 3 – 1 – – 4 

 You Got Served, Lawrence!
Insult on injury I tell you that!

In the Interrogation Room you’ll pretend to be a bad cop to question CBG. Answer as follows when prompted and the trophy will be yours; “He got you!” – “Oh Snap!” – “Get me a peppermint soy-latte.

Hmm, difficult. VERY difficult. Plenty of thirst, I see!

In the Evidence Room at the very top shelf in front of Ted, you will see a Hat. Interact with the Hat in question to receive the trophy.

I wonder if this one talks too…

 True Colors!
See the real colors of Flint’s Room!

Story Related Trophy (can’t be missed)
Entering Flint’s Room through the Paper City Tunnel, you’ll notice the Mugshot Brothers are in color along with a bit of the background. When color starts to fully return to the room, Ted will head out, following with the trophy.

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