Balthazar's Dream Trophy Guide

Game: Balthazar’s Dream
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 2 – 4 hours
Difficulty: 4/10
Missable trophies: None
Author: Peter and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Balthazar’s Dream. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the game with 200 or less deaths.

Complete the game with 200 or less deaths is the hardest trophy in the game. Use Cloud or USB saves at the end of the chapters or as you feel necessary. There are 10 chapters to the story. There are many platforming levels that require quickness and timing to avoid obstacles and perform jumps (and other actions).

Stage 2 – Clean up any remaining trophies.

If you did not die 200 or more times, then play by only dying until the trophy is earned. If you missed a specific trophy related to the quantity of times that you need to do something, then play through the game and focus on those when you first encounter them. For example, if you did not have enough ticks removed from your dog, as soon as you find them replay this area repeatedly over and over to earn the trophy.


 All trophies
All trophies

Unlock all other trophies.  

 Finally got him!
Defeat the Mailman.

Toward the end of the game after returning to Earth, you will encounter the Mailman. To defeat the Mailman, you will shoot Bones at him while avoiding him and the mail that he throws. There are white/red power-ups that drop from the sky that increase your rate of fire. His Health Bar will show his health depletion as you continuously hit him.

 Master dog navigator
Complete the first level.

Finish chapter one to earn this trophy.

 Expert dog navigator!
Complete the 25% of game.

You will earn this naturally as you progress through the game.

 Crazy dog
Complete the 75% of game.

You will earn this naturally as you progress through the game.

 Advanced dog navigator!
Complete the game with fewer than 200 deaths.

Finish the game with less than 200 deaths. It’s recommended to make a Cloud or USB save every chapter or when you feel necessary. If you die too many times, reload the save data and replay. Repeat this process throughout the entire game.

 Easter Dog!
Find the > Easter Egg (hint: level one!).

In Chapter 1, there is an area where there are tables that lead up to an upper level after being able to use a ball. After going up the tables, go to the left and up the platforms. See the picture below.

 The hero we need!
Complete the game.

Finish all ten chapters of the game to earn this trophy.

 No more EVIL!
Defeat the Evil Presence.

The final boss battle is against the Evil Presence.

There are multiple ways to defeat this boss.
1) On the middle platform is a Horn to call in the support animals to stampede the Evil Presence if it is on the ground.
2) In the top far left has a Frisbee that you can bring to Dustin. Dustin will throw it to clear any Slime (blue spiders) and to hit the Evil Presence no matter its location.
3) In the top far right there is a Communication Device to get help from the Dog in Space. He will shoot down missiles from space to hit the Evil Presence on the top middle platform.

The strategy is to watch the indicator direction for where the Evil Presence is located and then use the closest available method to do damage to it.

 Immortal dog
Complete the 50% of game.

You will earn this naturally as you progress through the game.

 Catzilla slayer!
Defeat Linux the Fat Cat.

Near the end of Chapter 1, you will fight Linux the Fat Cat. You will be able to throw Balls at Linux to damage him. He only has 3 Fur Balls for Health as shown in the top right of the screen.

Earn the badge of a true springdog! Jump 300 times to unlock!

As you play through the game, you will earn this trophy naturally for jumping 300 times or more.

 Spacebork Klingon
Use your deadly bone to destroy 250 space objects.

When in space, you will be able to shoot your Deadly Bone to hit and destroy space objects. There are thousands of space objects to destroy, so you will quickly destroy 250 space objects as you make your way through space back to Earth.

Tip: You can hold X down to have a continuous firing of your Deadly Bone. You can pick up power-ups to increase your rate of fire. Also, remember to use the Save Balloons for Quick Saves.

 Space bork!
Get to space!

Eventually you will make it to the space shuttle and be able to blast off to outer space. As soon as you arrive in space, you will earn this trophy.

 Unwavering resolve
Nothing can stop you! Die 250 times to unlock!

After dying 250 times or more, you will earn this trophy. It is recommended to earn this on your second playthrough as having Balthazar die is a quick process to accomplish.

 Get high!
Inhale 25 psychodelic fumes!

There are tiny white mushrooms that will release psychedelic fumes from them. When this happens the following occurs:
A) The mushroom pops open, red fumes fill the area, and the screen will be distorted for a few seconds.
B) Balthazar’s direction for movement (Left and Right) will be reversed during this temporary screen distortion.

Do this 25 times to earn this trophy.

Tip: If you do not move while next to a mushroom that has released the fumes and caused this temporary distortion, you can then pass by it without causing more to be released. This may be useful to prevent too many deaths of Balthazar. However, there are sections where you will have to continue to move to progress the story.

 Territorial Canine
Mark 50 hydrants or tree trunks!

You need to interact with at least 50 hydrants or tree trunks (total is combined). When you interact with them, they will be a Quick Save location. It’s highly recommended to always use them. You will see a bone above it after you interact with it and a positive message!

 Lost? Found!
Navigate the forest maze.

When you are in the forest, there will be a part that you will come to that you must navigate through to get to the end of the forest maze. You enter through a door in a tree and come out in a different area. There is a MAP that you will need to pick up and use. On the MAP you need to end up on the far right top location. Use the pictures below to help find your way through the forest maze.

Use the ball to eliminate 50 cats.

 You can pick up a ball and then use it to eliminate the small black cats in the game. Eliminate at least 50 cats.

 Use your instincts!
Get scared 50 times.

Balthazar will become more scared when:
A) He goes up vines.
B) Uses hanging ropes.
C) Bounces on large mushrooms.
D) He is near a creature that gives off a fear wave.

There is a Fearless Bar is at the top center of the screen. He will begin to lose his fearlessness as he does any of the four items mentioned above. If this Fearless Bar is depleted, Balthazar becomes scared and he will:
-Drop off vines or hanging ropes.
– Bounce extra high on the large mushrooms.
-Run quickly away from enemies.
– Yelp.

Having Balthazar is useful to help make navigating the platforming easier and possible as otherwise you will not be able to progress in the game.

Do this 50 times for the trophy.

 Shake it!
Shake off 25 ticks.

Ticks are introduced during the forest levels. They are tiny orange dots that attach to Balthazar. If 3 are attached to Balthazar at one time, he automatically dies. To remove a tick, jump and hit other objects to help knock them out. You can also avoid them by running and jumping. For this trophy however, you will need to have a cumulative amount of 25 or more ticks shaken off of Balthazar. See picture below.

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