AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected Trophy Guide

Game: AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 4 hours
Difficulty: 2
Missable trophies: –
Author: Knoef_NL

Welcome to the trophy guide for AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the game

Welcome to the AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected trophy guide. You will find yourself in a journey to find your parents, who are kidnapped by aliens. While completing the story, you will die a few times. Dying in this game is good as you will level up and make more progress towards your skill set.


Team Building
Have 4 playable characters at the same time.

This one is really easy when done at the end of the game.
Start by going to the forest and pick up the friendship cube. Make the Wizard your friend. Now go to the shopkeeper and buy a second friendship cube. Make the Tree or the Employee your third friend.

Make your way into the second world by defeating the boss. You can either pick the Artic or the Beach. Find the 4th friendship cube and make your 4th friend in the second world.

Don’t let any of your friends die while attempting this.

Richer than Midas
You have 999 coins .

Coins can be found shattered throughout the levels. You will also get them for killing monsters and opening chests. During the arctic-level, you will get 500 coins from the old dude in front of the entrance.

Don’t spend too many coins until 999 is reached.

Ping Pong King
Defeat the final boss

The requirements to enter the boss-fight are that all friends have joined your party at least once. The requirements for this can be found at “Squad Almighty!”. When this is achieved you can battle the final boss. You will have a Ping Pong battle against each other. the first one at 11 points will win.

A Ribbeting Friendship
Agree to let the frog live with you.

This trophy can be achieved while in the house. Walk out of your room and head left. You will see a bathroom to your left, make your way in and walk towards the toilet. A frog will talk to you, select the option to let him stay with you.

A Word To The Wise
Talk to the cat 3 times.

The cat can be found in the house but requires a few stars to open the door. When in your own room, head left and walk straight ahead until you encounter the last door. You will see a cat with some skulls on a bed. Make sure you talk to him, you will be able to speak to him again when you die and start a new journey.

A Prince Among Men
Tip the shopkeeper.

The tip jar can be found at the left of the shopkeeper. Walk towards it and tip 10 gold. This trophy will pop shortly afterwards.

Tip jar to the left

Savvy Shopper
Buy 2 items from the shop during the same game.

The shopkeeper can be found at any level. You can find her by looking for the “$” icon on the map. You will need to buy 2 things in the same game. This requires 75 gold, you will be able to buy the Burgers and some Fireworks.

Breaking In
Open the factory gate for the first time.

This trophy is linked to story progress and is required to progress through the story. When you arrive in The Forest, you will need to clear out 3 areas in order to open the gate. Do this for the first time and this trophy will pop.

Recruiting friends will help to achieve this. I strongly advise to recruit the Wizard or the Tree, as they are very strong.

Eagle Eye
Find a secret passage in a dungeon

The secret passage can be found when you open the gate in the Beach or Artic level. You will find yourself in a dungeon, with a lot of enemies. When roaming around you will spot a typical weak-wall that looks like it can be destroyed. Throw firework at it and it should collapse and open up. Make your way inside and the trophy should pop.

Sticking Around
Unlock the guard and strong blow abilities.

Each time you die you will gain experience for the progress made. Level 1 will award you with the Charged move(strong blow) and level 4 will award you with the Guard move. Just keep playing and this trophy will unlock automatically.

Expand Your Horizon
Unlock the desert access grid.

This trophy is earned after the boss in The Forest is defeated. This should happen automatically when playing the story.

The More The Merrier
Recruit 3 characters.

Recruit 3 out of 8 characters and this trophy will pop. See “Squad Almighty!” for more details.

Family Time
Find your parents

Your parents can be found just before the last boss fight against the ping pong master. To reach this point, you will need to: Complete the forest/desert level and complete the artic/beach level and beat both boss fights.

Squad Almighty!
Recruit all playable characters.

There are a total of 8 playable characters that can be found. These are:

1. Tree
2. Wizard
3. Employee

3. Employee
4. Cowboy (Pay 500 gold)
5. Bat

6. Skeleton
7. Ice-Popsicle

8. Robot

You can recruit them by picking up a friendship cube and selecting the right dialogue. It is highly advised to earn 999 coins before going for this trophy. The cowboy will cost you 500 coins, so it’s better to save this one for later on.

Do Or Die!
Start a fifth game after dying.

Die 4 times and this trophy will pop after you start your 5th game.

Never Give Up!
Start a fifteenth game after dying

Die 14 times and this trophy will pop after you start your 15th game.

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