Alwa’s Awakening Trophy Guide

Game: Alwa’s Awakening
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 8-10 hours
Difficulty: 6/10
Missable trophies: In a Hurry, Go Your Own Way, Got To Go Fast.
Author: Sean and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Alwa’s Awakening. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the game with all collectibles

Before you start the game, Alwa’s Awakening has been patched with an assist mode. It does not negate trophies, but it is heavily recommended. Assist mode shows all items on the map and lets you respawn at the current position you are in instead of the checkpoint. Except for ‘In a Hurry’ and ‘Go Your Own Way’, nothing in Alwa’s Awakening’s first playthrough is missable. The easiest order to do things though would be to kill the Crimson Guardian first, then the Vicious Keeper for the missable trophies. Afterwards, get the Green Block upgrade,the Bubble upgrade, the Book of Sutter, and then the Key all the way to the left, and finally, the Eye of the Beholder. After this then go for collectibles, reason being is The Eye of the Beholder activates hidden doorways and hidden platforms which will allow you access everything. Once you have 100% of items, and beat the game you’ll have all trophies but one: the Speed Run.

Stage 2 – Speedrun

Alwa’s Awakening is a tight fit, 2 hours isn’t much time at all. It requires vast knowledge of the map, manipulation of saving and quitting, very useful exploits, and quick responsiveness to the platforming to avoid the 5 deaths.


Earn all other trophies

  Got To Go Fast
Finish the game in less than 120 minutes and with less than 5 deaths

By far the hardest trophy in the game. It’s hard to guide you on this as everyone plays differently. You can rush dungeon keys, you can exploit glitches, you can use left in exploits or many other ways. I have recorded me using exploitation of abilities to reach the Bubble Power Lvl 2 and 2 bosses beaten within the first 40 minutes, leaving an easily obtainable green power up, grab the electrcity, and defeat the remaining three bosses.

Some tips include:
– After obtaining items or finishing a dungeon, quit to the menu and reload. It’ll save your items but bring you to the last checkpoint you activated.
-I heavily recommend the strafe jumping exploit, it’s easy to execute and it can skip screens worth of walking.
-Follow my video at least to get the flask ASAP, as it doubles your health points.
Cloud Save at your checkpoints, 5 deaths is easy to accumulate at trickier jumping segments.
-There are numerous videos online of different runs: Speed runs, AGDQ events, Trophy runs, and others. These all use different playstyles and approaches, watch some and find which you’re comfortable with.

  Alwa’s Awakening?
Complete the game.
The game is beaten when you enter the portal after the final boss in the Altar of Echoes. This will pop during/after the credits.

  What Lies Beneath
Find the hidden tomb.

After obtaining The Eye of the Beholder, go visit the graveyard. The graveyard is located to the far right (Highlighted in pink on the included map). When there, interact with the 4th gravestone and select yes to visit the tomb.

  In The Mouth of Madness
Find the book of Sutter.

The book of Sutter is hidden in the Underground Chamber (You’ll need at least the first Green Gem upgrade to attempt this, you could also come after the bubble upgrade 2 as that’s a mandatory upgrade that makes everything easier). Refer to ‘As Cool As Bell’ for a map.

  Go Your Own Way
Defeat Crimson Guardian before any other bosses.

The Crimson Guardian should be the 3rd boss in the game. Using exploitative jumps and secret passageways it’s easy to back track once you obtain the green gem and bubble avoiding the first 2 bosses. Make sure to pick up as much blue orbs on the way as you can as they power you up. You should be able to fight him with the 3rd blue orb upgrade if you were diligent in collecting (Starts the battle against Crimson Guardian with half health). Making this battle considerably easier. He is found in the brick tower you passed at the beginning near right before the town.

  As Cool as Bell
Find all the items

Alwa’s Awakening does not have many items to collect, and next to impossible to miss with assist mode on as it highlights all items on your map.
(Note: I didn’t include story related items)

Useless Rock
4 Tablet Pieces
Copper Coin
Book of Sutter

I have highlighted all the spots in pink where these are. The order you should go for them is Copper Coin in the first dungeon (Amber Sacellum), Flask in the second dungeon (Shrine of Sea Monk), Book of Sutter in the Underground Chamber (You’ll need at least the first Green Gem upgrade to attempt this, you could do the Bubble upgrade too), Useless Rock in Darkmoon Village, and 4 Tablet Pieces (You’ll need the Eye of the Beholder for these and I put them in Red on the map).

The map highlighting all the needed items (marked red)

  In a Hurry
Defeat Vicious Keeper in less than 10 seconds

Vicious Keeper is weak to electricity. Pair that knowledge with the fact of it being your 2nd boss (You’ll have a lot of blue orbs by now) he’ll start the battle with 1/2 health and die from 1 electric bolt.

  Missing Pieces
Find all the pieces of the broken tablet.

There are 4 tablet pieces to find, all of which require The Eye of the Beholder. Refer to the trophies ‘What Lies Beneath’, and ‘As Cool As Bell’ to find these locations.

  Serious Collector
Gather all the blue orbs.

I have included my map with all blue orbs marked in green (tiny green for single, large green for the cluster orbs). Since 95% of orbs in this game are all in plain sight, with using a green block or bubbles are easily obtainable too, I have only included the tricky ones to get.

Amethyst Passage
20, 05 – Bubble up from map below.
Stone Cellar
26, 13 – Bubble up to the ladder from 2 screens below.
29,16 – Bubble up from map below.
27,16 – Bubble up from map below.
Sacellum Depths
12,18 – Hidden passage to the right of blue orbs.
15,17 – There’s 2 here. 1st is a drop from a room above near the base of the ladder. 2nd is right one map and in the hdiden passage in the indented ceiling.
16,16 – Hidden behind a door
Amber Sacellum
15,11 – Hidden area (top left secret passage in 16,11)
12,12 – Bubble up to the ladder
08,13 – Hidden wall from top platform
Void Tower
08,08 – The map above has a walk through wall into a fake spike trap.
Shrine of the Seak Monk
28,09 – Walk through wall to the right of save point.

I forgot the coordinates but the dungeon with The Beholder , at the save point use a green block onto the water at the left. Jump into the wall below the spike and you’ll fall into the secret passage.

Should mention, the Fat Green Orb barely to the upper left of the double save points in the bottom right is behind a locker door. Don’t waste a key, you care float over the door through a ceiling passage.

There are hidden doors behind waterfalls that sometimes contain items / pathways you need. Always spam the up button to try and enter doors behind waterfalls. If I recall correctly, there’s only really 2. One with a gem for the Blue Bubble upgrade and one with a Blue Orb.

The map showing all the blue orbs (marked green)

  Just Like Dana
Discover the potential of the magic staff.

You can’t progress in the game without picking this up. Automatic Progression.

  Vicious Keeper
Defeat Vicious Keeper.

Refer to ‘In A Hurry’ trophy.

  Sea Monk
Defeat Sea Monk.

The Sea Monk is the boss of the 2nd dungeon, but it should be your 3rd fought if you’re going for the plat. With the blue orbs you collect and your long range lightning, it’ll die before it even makes it across the bridge.

  Crimson Guardian
Defeat the Crimson Guardian.

Refer to ‘Go Your Own Way’ trophy.

  The Beholder
Defeat The Beholder.

The Beholder is the first fight that will pose a threat. I died a bunch due to the bats. figuring out a strategy wasn’t too difficult, unfortunately I didn’t get it recorded. but the screenshot will aid you. Ignore the top platform entirely! Put the green gem where I have it, stand on top of the green gem and use your lightning to the right which will kill both bats at once, then staff whip the bat on the left. Drop down JUST to the right of the green gem. It gets trickier here because timing is fast paced. He will fire his first projectile (From the bottom statue, we’re ignoring the top altogether) jump over it and land on the square in the water, wait until he fires his second projectile and then jump over it landing on the rightmost platform and launch a bolt into his eye. Make your way back onto the green gem, rinse and repeat.

Beholder Boss Room

  A Helping Hand
Rescue someone who needs your help.

In the game’s dungeon “Shrine of Sea Monk” there is an interactive door (Map 33,11) that you can enter. Inside there is a trapped person, break the diamond in the bottom left and talk to him.

This door though requires a bit of a detour (Obtain the 2nd wand power first before the detour) that I have labeled below. From the crudely drawn green square, follow the pink arrow around to the right.