Agent A: A puzzle in disguise Trophy Guide

Game: Agent A: A puzzle in disguise
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 4 hours
Difficulty: 1/10
Missable trophies: Speedy Spy, Sashimi Buzz-Cut, A Parting Gift, Gasbag with Günther, Talk time with Trevor, Glorious Shoe Phone, Bird Buffet, Spy-der Web, STAR 69, Cat Door Courier, Catch and Release, Bad Hair Day, Wuka Wuka, Boing Boing Boing, Target Practice, Glissando Glide, Finger Plunge
Author: Stephanie and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Agent A: A puzzle in disguise. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play the game normally while collecting all missable trophies.

Stage 2 – Speedrun & Platinum.

During this stage, if you have followed the guide, you will only be focusing on finishing all five chapters in 120 minutes. This means you are free to ignore every extra step that lead you to a missable trophy and solely focus on the main objectives in each chapter. The completed puzzles that had no screenshots for them is because the puzzles change during each playthrough. One major example is all codes you obtain for each clearance on the big blueprint, along with the Spy Buy phone number and account number on the receipt. As soon as you climb the ladder at the end of Chapter 5 the trophy for Speedy Spy and the platinum will pop when the cutscene with the chief starts up.


 Spy Master
Unlock all other trophies to become Spy Master.

Congrats! You caught the evil thief Ruby… or did you blow her up? Doesn’t matter, enjoy your platinum.

 Secrets Await
Access the hidden pool door

Story Related
To gain access to the hidden pool door, you first need to blow it up with the C4 Explosive and cellphone, which you have to call from the phone in the study.

 The Final Blow
Sabotage Ruby’s submarine.

Story Related
In Chapter 5, after you finally find Ruby’s submarine behind the waterfall. You have to use a Wrench and Valve to sabotage her submarine.

 Radar Rebel
Broadcast warning message to Agent B

Story Related
This will be the last trophy you obtain in Chapter 4, since you have to use the Portable hard drive on both the computer in Ruby’s hideout and the screen on the shed outside.

 Save the day…!?
Hit the briefcase kill switch.

Story Related
You need to have collected and placed all four power cells into the empty slots in the briefcase that is connected to the locks. Once you are able to press the “kill switch” the trophy will pop.

 Speedy Spy
Complete Agent A in less than 120 minutes.

Complete all five chapters in 120 minutes or less. Very doable if you are doing this alone without aiming for the other missable trophies.

 The Electrician
Disarm the electric pool.

Story Related
You need use the hacking device on the fingerprint scanner that is hidden behind the painting on the wall in the same room where you disarmed the house alarm. Once inside the hidden safe there will be a big red button, push it to drain the water in the pool.

 Sashimi Buzz-Cut
Collect the fish bones a second time.

When you are able to catch a fish in Chapter 5, head back into the vent with one in your inventory. From here, you’ll want to use the fish on the giant fan, which will skin the fish and throw the bones onto the bridge. Pick up the fish bones and the trophy will pop.

 Very Very Shh-neaky
Sneak into Ruby’s hideout.

Story Related
After getting Clearance 4 access, you can now open the vault door on floor -1. Upon entering the trophy will pop.

 Recon Expert
Uncover Ruby’s mission.

Story Related
After gaining access to Ruby’s hideout, head up the stairs to interact with her desk. As the screen pops up, click the first email and the trophy will pop.

 The Extraction
Download Ruby’s mission.

Story Related
After ordering the portable hard drive from Spy Buy, make your way back to Ruby’s hideout. When you use the hard drive on the screen, click download and the trophy will pop.

 Cat Burglar
Disable the house alarm system.

Story Related
The house alarm system is the panel right next to the glass door in the room you spotted Ruby in. To open the panel you need to have the Screwdriver and Diamond in your inventory. Upon using the screwdriver to open the panel and the diamond to interfere with the laser beam, the trophy will pop.

 Super Sleuth
Find Ruby’s submarine.

Story Related
After solving the puzzle that requires the two Golden star discs, a hidden passage will be revealed behind the waterfall. Upon entering the passage, the trophy will pop.

 A Parting Gift
Give your new ally their favourite delicacy, prepared to perfection.

If you have gotten the trophies for “Sashimi Buzz-Cut” and “Cat Door Courier” play until you have to climb the ladder located in hidden passage behind the waterfall. After the cutscene with the chief, use the Fish bone in your inventory on the kitty.

 Gasbag with Günther
Complete all conversations with Günther.

Talk with Gunther upon the first time seeing him up close at his nest when you have to knock down the fishing net. But before you head to the next step, make sure you talk to him until the dialogue repeats. When you start feeding him fish, make sure you always talk to him after feeding. Upon feeding him the fifth time when he gets the hiccups, make sure to talk to him to have the trophy pop.

 Talk time with Trevor
Complete all conversations with Trevor.

You start the progress of this trophy at the beginning of Chapter 3. On the first screenyou will see two holes on the right wall at the bottom. Interact with the mouse that continues to appear until the dialogue repeats itself. Upon changing the room via the red lever, you will see two more holes, but on both walls this time. Once again, interact with Trevor until the dialogue repeats. Make sure to talk to him even after he gives you the small key. At the start of Chapter 4 you’ll discover that Trevor survived the destruction of the previous room, so make sure to once again talk to him to have the dialogue repeat. After getting the Cheesy baguette from the next room and giving it to him, he will give you a small key. Upon talking to him again the trophy will pop.

 Glorious Shoe Phone
The old phone in the shoe trick eh!? Find a shoe phone.

At the beginning of Chapter 5 head back to the study in Ruby’s house and call the number for Spy Buy. When promoted press 2 following your account number. Afterwards head out to the letterbox and open the package in there. Upon interacting with the shoe, the trophy will pop.

 Bird Buffet
Give Günther (the crazy Norwegian bird) hiccups.

This can be achieved at the same time as “Gasbag with Gunther“. Reason being is because both trophies require you to feed Gunther 5 fishes directly to cause him to start hiccuping.

 Open Sesame
Open a stone doorway.

Story Related
In order to obtain this trophy, you have to open the doorway across the wooden bridge in the pond section of the house. To do so, you must first drain the water in the pond and press the red button slightly under the bridge. After pushing the right buttons on the keypad, the door will open.

 Spy-der Web
Find every spider web in Agent A.

There are a total of 6 spiderwebs in the gam,e but they only start appearing at the beginning of chapter 4, as two of them will be near your starting point. The other four will be accessible once chapter 5 starts and you progress through. Down below is the location of all six. Once you interact with all six, the trophy will pop.

 STAR 69
Investigate Ruby’s phone call records.

Interact with the phone on the table in the study room. After zooming in on the keypad and clicking on the volume key, enter *69 to hear who the last person Ruby called was.

 Cat Door Courier
Deliver a surprise to Onyx and you’ll have an ally for life.

During Chapter 5, you can catch a fish using the Fishing net connected to the speedboat. Use one of the fishes you catch on the kitty pattern flap on floor -1 against the left wall.

 Catch and Release
Release your latest catch… HINT: not Ruby though.

During the many times that you are catching fish in Chapter 5, use the fish on the water to toss it back in.

 Bad Hair Day
Give Agent A an ‘electrifying’ hairdo.

Interact with the fence you come across when you take the front path outside. Don’t let go off the fence until Agent A says “Zzzzt…That’s enough z-z-zap for one d-d-day!

 Wuka Wuka
Show us your DJ skills, scratch a record for 10 seconds.

In the study where you obtain the screwdriver will be a gramophone. After placing the record on it and dislodging the screwdriver, hold down the record and slide your analog stick left and right for 10 seconds.

 Boing, Boing, Boing
Make a ‘Boing’ sound 10 times quickly.

When outside, take the path to the right where you will see an odd looking antenna on top of a box next to the orange leaf tree. Click on the antenna quickly ten times for the trophy to pop.

The box with the odd looking antenna to click

 Target Practice
Shoot the gun range target 100 times.

During chapter 5, you will be required to use the Gun on floor 0 in the room to the right to open the Rusty box. After you obtain the Machete from the box, continue to fire the gun until one of the bullets finally hits the target in the back.

Infiltrate Ruby’s secret lair.

Story Related
This trophy will pop as soon as you enter Ruby’s secret lair. To do so ,you need to grab the Golden Key under the potted plant and use it on the locked box under the flickering light. After entering the button combination (2-3-5-6) the door will open.

 Glissando Glide
Look up glissando in a dictionary, you’ll know what to do Agent… HINT: start from the marked key.

In the same room where you spotted Ruby, head up the flight of stairs to enter a room with a Piano in the middle of it. Interact with the Piano to zoom in on the keys, and after doing so, you’ll want to click and hold down on the marked key, then quickly slide your cursor all the way to the right in one swift movement. Doing it correctly will give you the trophy.

 Target Acquired
Locate Ruby La Rouge.

Story Related
After entering Ruby’s house, head into the room directly in front of you to enter a cutscene with Ruby herself. After the cutscene, the trophy will pop.

 Finger Plunge
Overflow the sink a second time.

After plunging the key from the sink and turning the water back on. Head back to the bathroom, and with the sink running, click and hold the bottom hole of the sink until it fills back up again.