A Short Hike Trophy Guide

Game: A Short Hike
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 2-3 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1, 11, 1 , 0

Author: The Trophy Platypus, edited by BloodDragooner
Welcome to the trophy guide for A Short Hike. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Reach the top of the mountain

Welcome to the trophy guide for A Short Hike, an open world adventure game by indie game designer Adam Robinson-Yu. The main aim of the game is to reach the top of the mountain to gain signal for your phone. To do that, you will need to collect Golden Feathers to improve your stamina. You will need around 8, but 10 will make it easier for you to climb up the mountain. You will need to collect all 20 Golden Feathers, as well as 2 Silver Feathers for the “Feathers Forever” trophy. Additionally you will have to trade all species of fish, win three races, get a rally of 30 in Beach-Stick-Ball, beat the boat challenge in under 45 seconds, return to the hut, eat a piece of toast, put out 4 campfires and help a fellow mountain climber. For more details on how to complete these actions refer to the trophy descriptions below.

A very helpful tool for playing this game and for writing this guide was an online interactive map created by Adam Robinson-Yu it can be found by using this link.

Vacation Maximized
Collect every other trophy.

We gonna ring-rang-a-dong for a holiday
(Put your arms in the air, let me hear you say)
We gonna ring-rang-a-dong for a holiday

Hawk Peak
Make it to the top of the mountain.

This is the main aim of the game. You will need to collect Golden Feathers to reach the Summit, as they will increase your stamina in climbing and flying. Depending on the path you take, you could reach the top with less feathers but ten will make the journey to the top comfortable.

The End
Take a nice long nap.

After reaching the Summit, return to the hut you started at and speak with your auntie. Afterwards interact with the hut and select go to sleep. This will end the game (You will be able to continue).

Feather Finder
Collect 10 golden feathers.

Please refer to the “Feathers Forever” trophy for more details.

Feathers Forever
Find every feather.

In total there are 20 Golden Feathers and 2 Silver Feathers. Feathers can be found loose, in chests, bought and are awarded for completing quests.

1 Complete the boat challenge in under 2 minutes.
2 Play a game of Beach-stick-ball and get ten hits.
3 In a chest on the North Cliff.
4 On the side of Meteor Lake Cliff.
5 Buy from Tough Bird for 100 coins.
6 Buy from Tough Bird for 100 coins.
7 Buy from Tough Bird for 100 coins.
8 Buy from Tough Bird for 100 coins.
9 In a chest on top of the Stone Tower.
10 In a chest by the Outlook.
11 On the side of Outlook Cliff.
12 Buried Feather (You need the shovel from the frog on the beach).
13 In a chest on top of the Lighthouse.
14 Aunt May will give you this feather after reaching the summit for the first time when you speak to her.
15 On a rock between some trees.
16 On top of a small rock formation near the Visitor Center.
17 Buy from Visitor Ranger at the Visitor Center for 40 Coins.
18 Buy from Visitor Ranger at the Visitor Center for 40 Coins.
19 You must find the artist in 6 different locations afterwards he will reward you with a golden feather at this location.
20 Pick up a toy shovel and take it to the frog on the beach to swap for a real shovel, return to the frog two more times and he will build a sand city and the golden feather will be there.

Silver Feather 1: A character by the caravans will give you a quest to find his missing watch. After buying all of the Gold Feathers from the Tough Bird at the cliff face, offer to buy the watch for 400 coins, return the watch to the character by the two caravans and they will award you the Silver Feather.
Silver Feather 2: At the very top of the secret island to the southwest.

The Fish Are Biting Today
Trade every species of fish from the journal.

To get the fishing rod, head over to Meteor Lake and speak with the character fishing there. You will now be able to fish and will need to fish in rivers, ponds, waterfalls and the ocean water and rivers to gain all the fish. In total there are 15 fish to find and you will need to trade them with the captain on the boat to the East of the island. There are more types and variations, but these are the ones you need to trade. Additionally, some fish may appear in more than one type of water location. Please refer to the interactive map here for more details on locations.

Albino Brook Trout
Brook Trout
Common Carp
Spotted Brook Trout
Rainbow Trout

White Perch

Pumpkinseed Fish
Yellow Perch
Northern Pike

Cold Ponds
White Bass

Parkour Master
Beat each parkour race once.

There are 3 Parkour Races to complete. you will have a limit to the number of feathers you can use during the races.
The locations are:

Race 1 Hawk Peak (southeast of the island).
Race 2 Lighthouse (east of the island).
Race 3 Old Building (north of the island).

Not A Scratch
Complete the boating challenge in under 45 seconds.

You can rent a boat for 100 coins, after renting it, speak with the child laying on the beach and tell him you have rented the boat, he will now tell you about the challenge. The first time you attempt the challenge you will go over a ramp which will damage the boat and you will have to go back to the place you rented the boat from. You will now be able to take on the real challenge. Hold X to accelerate and go through the checkpoints. It is advised to release X on the bends and let your momentum carry you through. Avoid hitting anything as you will get a 10 second penalty.

Green Thumb
Water every sprout.

There are 27 sprouts to water in total. Before watering the sprouts, you will need to pick up a bucket, there are many of them around the island. When using the bucket, head to any body of water and it will fill up, now make your way to the sprout and press Circle to water it. It will produce a flower that you can bounce on. It is worth mentioning that when the water is filled you will lose the ability to climb or gain altitude when flying, but you can still jump and glide.


Eat a piece of toast.

At the Visitor Center there’s a sign that’ll tell you about the island’s specialty of strawberries on toast which is served at 17:00. Change your console’s clock to 17:00 and return to speak with the guy and he will give you the toast but say there’s no strawberries left. Go into your inventory and eat the toast to unlock the trophy.

Only You Can Prevent Campfires
Put out 4 campfires.

After picking up a bucket (there are multiple to be found across the island). Head to any body of water to fill it, then go to any campfire and press O to douse the flames. Walk away so the campfire is no longer on screen and it’ll be re-ignited. Repeat the process for a total of 4 times to unlock the trophy.

Remember This Day Forever
Get the commemorative hat.

On the beach by in the north of the island you will play a game of Beach-stick-ball. Get a rally of over 30 points and the character you are playing with will give you his hat.

Photo Friends
Get your photo taken.

Near the top of the peak you will come across a character who informs you he needs to borrow 6 feathers to reach the summit. Agree to lend him the feathers and make your way to the top. At the top the character will join you. Speak to them and they’ll suggest taking your photo. To do this trophy, you will need at least 12-14 feathers as you also need to reach the Summit yourself.

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