Gem Smashers Trophy Guide

Game: Gem Smashers
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 5-6 hours
Difficulty: 1/10
Missable trophies: None
Author: Knoef_NL

Welcome to the trophy guide for Gem Smashers. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the story

You will need to complete the game with one character. You can pick “BAM”, “BOM” and “BAU”.

Each character has its own benefits:
BAM: Yellow, Slow, can destroy stones in one hit (3 power, 1 speed)
BOM: Blue, very fast (1 power, 3 speed)
BAU: A bit of BAM & BOM (2 Power & 2 Speed)

It’s recommended to pick BAM for your full playthrough. While playing, keep an eye out for the following trophies:

– 10x Combo Master: Smash 10 gems in a row
– Bonus Master: Collect 10 bonuses in a single level
– Carrot King: Pickup 25 carrots from underneath breakable blocks
– Gold digger: Find the crown bonus
– Survivor: Don’t lose any lives for 3 levels
– That was quick: Clear a level in 20 seconds or less
– Inverse champion: Destroy 5 gems with inverted controls.

Stage 2 – Clean up

For the trophy “The same but different” you will need to complete the 3 starting area’s with each character, so:
With BAM, clear: Green Hill, Poseidonia & Egg Island
With BOM, Clear: Green Hill, Poseidonia & Egg Island
With BAU, Clear: Green Hill, Poseidonia & Egg Island

You will already have done so with BAM in stage 1.


 Gem Smashers Lover
Obtained all trophies!

 10x Combo Master
Smash 10 or more gems in a row.

For this trophy you will need to destroy 10 gems in a row, without destroying a rock. It’s easiest to do this on Egg Island, Area 2 (First level).

It’s very common to spawn a detonator in this level, that will destroy all blocks of a single color. Make sure to do so, and this trophy will pop.

If the detonator doesn’t spawn, simply restart the level.

 Gem Smasher master
Smash 200 gems.

You will need to smash a total of 200 gems. This will be easy achievable during your first playthrough.

 Rocks destroyer
Destroy 100 rocks.

Destroy a total of 100 rocks. BAM will be able to destroy them in a single hit, making this trophy easy achievable on your first run.

 Gem Smasher Extraordinaire
Complete the single player story mode and save the world.

You will need to complete all areas, up to the final boss located in “The Wreck” (Volcano area).

When the boss is defeated, this trophy will pop.

 Bonus Master
Collect 10 or more bonuses in a single level.

A bonus is an item that can be picked up when opening a chest or destroying a rock. The bonus levels are packed with these bonuses, so make sure to play those!

 Carrot King
Pickup 25 carrots found underneath breakable blocks.

Carrots can be found in all levels (random drops) so make sure you keep an eye out for them.

 The same but different
Clear the respective starting zone using each character.

you will need to complete the 3 starting area’s with each character, so:
With BAM, clear: Green Hill, Poseidonia & Egg Island
With BOM, Clear: Green Hill, Poseidonia & Egg Island
With BAU, Clear: Green Hill, Poseidonia & Egg Island

 Color changer
Change color 200 times.

Simply change your color 200 times by interacting with the paint blocks. Available colors are Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple.

 5x Combo Master
Smash 5 gems in a row.

Refer to “10x Combo Master” for more information on this trophy.

 Gold digger
Find the crown bonus in the treasure chest.

The golden crown is dropped from chest at random To make it appear, it’s best to play the bonus level(s) a few times. Make sure to pick it up for this trophy to pop.

 Stay away from Bonuses
Try not to collect bonuses in a level.

Earned when you defeat the first boss.

Don’t lose any life for 3 levels.

Simply complete any 3 levels in a row without losing a life. This can be easy farmed in the bonus levels, as these have little to none hazards.

 No speed up needed
Don’t use the speed up against a boss.

Earned upon winning against the second boss.

 Flawless Victory!
Defeat a boss without losing a single life!

The easiest boss to achieve this trophy is against the tornado/cloud. Refer to the video below for instructions.

 Your first gem
Smash the first gem.

Simply smash any gem. Gems are the colored rocks (yellow, red, blue, etc)

 That was quick
Clear a level in 20 seconds or less.

This trophy can be earned in many levels, and will most likely be earned during your first playthrough.

In case you won’t earn it, replay the bonus level in Green Hill, as shown in the video below.

 Inverse champion
Destroy 5 gems with inverted controls

To invert your controls, you will need to hit the button with the green arrow on it. These are spawned at random in levels. When controls are inverted, destroy 5 gems in total. You can do this over multiple levels.

(In my experience, more than 5 gems were needed before this trophy popped.)

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