Cargo Run Voyage (Merchant) Guide

The Cargo Run is a mission type (voyage) that can be done for the Merchant Alliance. You are able to buy this mission type from the Senior Trader at all outposts, including the Devil’s Roar. The Devil’s Roar missions will be covered on a separate guide, however.

The goal of the voyage is the deliver a bunch of crates to a random island, keeping the crates in mint condition.

Ship: Sloop / Galleon.
Crew: Accordingly to ship size.
Resources: Little to none required.
Alliance & Emissary: Merchant.
Key items: None.
Key Treasures: Crate of Plants, Crate of Rum, Crate of Silk

Preparing your voyage
Merchant Voyages require little to no resources (cannonballs, planks & food) to complete. They are passive voyages that require no hostile interactions with the environment. It is important to raise the emissary flag before you set sail. At level 5, you will get a 150% boost on everything you sell to the Merchant.

Setting up the Route
As soon as the Voyage is active, you will get your first orders
You need to do the following steps in order:
1. Find the right person at the outpost. It’s most likely at the outpost you are already at.
2. Collect all the cargo
3. Get the cargo onto your ship

There are a total of 3 cargo types for you to collect:
1. Bottles of Rum
Bottles can break. You can’t jump, fall or harpoon them! Impacts such as cannon fire will also break them. Handle them with care.
2. Crates of Silk
Need to be kept dry. Don’t drop them in the ocean or keep them in the rain.
3. Crates of Plants
Need some water from time to time. It is best to keep a layer of water in the bottom deck.

If cargo gets damaged, it will be worth less gold when you turn it in. The name of the cargo will change when it is damaged.

Setting Sail & Parking
The location you need to head to can be found on the cargo itself. It will contain a place, date, and time. It’s important to get the cargo to that place before the time expires!

When you have reached the destination, park your ship so that you can jump onto land with the crates of silk. Look for the NPC where you can sell your cargo, before bringing it onto the island.

Reading the clock
An important aspect of this Voyage is getting the loot on time to its destination. If you are only doing this quest, without any stops in between, you should have plenty of time to deliver the cargo. In case you are making stops, keep an eye on the clock.

24 minutes real time represent 24 hours in-game. The clock also shows a number above the “VI” (6) mark. This is the current day/date.

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