Hello! Are you the one we are looking for? Knoef Trophy Guides is looking for a new Trophy Guide writer!
Knoef’s a team that consist out of friends covering games as their hobby.
The website is ad-free and there is monetization on content created. That means our team (including myself) doesn’t earn any money with our content created.

What are the requirements?
– Decent skills in English; The guides should be almost error-free. Don’t worry, each guide is reviewed by Mick and Mario before being published
– Couple of hours each weak to play games and write guides (> 6 hours)
– Pro-active. You know which games you’ll like to cover.
– Team player; You’ll be able to communicate with our teammates! (Pete, Patrick, Matthew, Mario, Jameson, and Mick)
– Time zone doesn’t really matter. We are located in The Netherlands, Canada, U.K, Poland, El Salvador and Germany
– A PlayStation 4/5 or an Xbox One/Series X

What do we offer?
– We requests codes for games you’ll like to cover
– A private Discord channel to communicate with the team members
– Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook)
– A website where you’ll post the guides written (WordPress)
– A unique opportunity to train your writing skills and develop some connections into the gaming industry

All guides written are exclusive to and may not be posted on any other platform during or after your membership.

Do you got what it takes? Send a e-mail to or a DM on Twitter/Discord via ‘knoef_nl’. Make sure to include:
– Full name
– Country
– Age
– Languages you are able to write in
– Free time (hours) each week
– Discord name
– Any experience writing guides (including some urls)
– Your favorite color
– Your favorite genre and game

Recruitment video
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