Guide Writer Wanted

We at Knoef Trophy Guides are looking for a new guide writer! Right now, we got a team of 7 who all love writing guides as a hobby. In our free time, we pick the games we love and play them. Alongside that, we write down how to earn all trophies so that we can help the players out there. When it comes to writing guides, we are looking for:

– Decent in English. The guide should only contain minor errors which will be cleaned up by our proofreader Mario.
– Few hours (at least 10) a week to spend on gaming & writing guides
– Interests in playing Indie Games, as that is our main focus.
– An eye for details & creativity, which should help in writing guides.

As a return, we have the following benefits to offer:
– We request the games you would love to cover. No need to buy them yourself
– Able to experience the gaming industry
– Make your dream hobby come true
– Office 365, so that you have access to outlook & word
– A Knoef email address.
– One Drive storage

Being a guide writer isn’t a paid position, as mentioned before we all do this as our hobby. Our website is ad-free and we generate no income. The website is paid for by contributions and the remaining is paid for by the Owner, Mick.

If you are interested in the position, please send over an e-mail to PR<at> and include:

– Your real name
– Age
– Native language(s) & language(s) you can write in
– What you do for a living
– Your motivation to apply
– How much time you could spend each week
– Your favorite gaming genres
– The platforms you own. (Xbox can be fine too!)

As a bonus:
– Include a picture of you
– Tell us if you like bananas