About the Trophy Guides

About the Trophy Guides

Welcome to Knoef’s Trophy Guides! We provide as much information as humanly possible in our guides, for all the Trophy hunters around the world. Our goal is simple, provide awesome guides for trophy hunters, and applaud developers who make hunting their trophies a challenge.

When writing a trophy guide we always try to make things as clear as possible. For this, we use videos, images, tables, gifs and text. These things are all tools to acomplish one goal, making a great guide

The trophy guide itself

A trophy guide has always the same formatting. We start with an overview of the game. The game name, peripherals, time to 100%, difficulty and miss-able trophies are things we include here.

Second, we add a few stages, describing on what a player needs to do on a high level.

The third part are the trophies. Each trophy has their own section within the guide and comes with their image, type, name, description and explanation on how to complete them. We always try to include any relevant information on how to obtain that beloved trophy.

A trophy guide can be viewed by pressing the button below.

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Youtube Videos

Videos are one of the greatest tools that can be used when writing a trophy guide. They tend to illustrate very good on how to perform certain tasks within a game. When making a video, we always use raw video material. We aim to provide you with short, to the point videos. Knoef Trophy Guides has a YouTube channel, but this is merely a tool to help you achieve those trophies.


When we feel like a video is too much, and an image just doesn’t cut it, we use a GIF. We used the GIF below to explain how an item was made within the game Prison Boss VR.

Are you convinced that we will deliver a great guide for your game? Don’t hesitate and contact us! We would love to write one about your game.

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