1 year of Knoef Trophy Guides

Hey guys! It’s ya boy Knoef here. Thanks for joining our little 1-year anniversary blog!

Where it all started
What a blast it has been! It all started a year ago, with a couple of guides that I’ve written on PSNProfiles.com. I realized soon that I needed more freedom than they could offer, and decided that a very own platform was needed to do so! I remember quite well that I bought the domain and hosting platform, and spent the whole weekend designing the site.

The First Game & Guide
The first game we ever got for “free” was Squishies for the PlayStation VR from our friends at Brainseed Factory. And then, a couple months later, we received a signed physical copy of the game. You can check out the Squishies trophy guide here.

Normal copy (L) & Signed copy (R) of Squishies

At first, it was hard to get in contact with developers and publishers, but hard work is always rewarded. Shortly after, we received shout outs on twitter and were able to contact more publishers.

Long-lasting relations
We long to engage with publishers and keep working with them for a longer period. We want to deliver quality, and get to know them inside out to do so. A good relationship helps in writing guides. You get keys early, you are on their short list, and we can always contact them with questions! Good examples of publishers like these are: Sometimes You, Ratalaika Games, Lightwood Games, Chubby Pixel & PQUBE (Just to name a few!). We always send out letters to publishers and developers once we finish the first trophy guide for their game. After one year, there is (only) one studio who actually replied with a letter back! I wanted to make use of this opportunity to thank them once more for their time and effort to send one back. I still have it to this very day. It’s a letter from Trebuchet (Canada), who made the game Prison Boss VR.

The lovely letter!

The Team
Of course, nothing is done alone. A massive shout-out to our present and past crew-members: Colin (ex), Sean, Pete, Matthew, Stephanie and our lovely proofreader Mario. Their love for games and writing guides is unmatched, and is very much appreciated.

The Hunters
Writing guides without somebody reading them is useless! That’s why we love having you around, to support us! The chats and feedback on twitter has been great for us. It gives us so much energy! We can promise you one thing: We won’t stop anytime soon!

A very special Patron
A special shout-out to our most precious hunter, CJ, who is our Patron!
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Most viewed Guides
For the nerd who digs statistics (I do dig them), here are our top 10 most viewed guides. Did you use any of them?!

1) Horizon Chase Turbo – 11.700 views

2) Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales – 11.400 views

3) Astro Bot: Rescue Mission – 8.000 views

4) Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom – 8.000 views
5) AI: The Somnium Files Trophy Guide – 6.500 views
6) World End Syndrome – 5.300 views
7) Conan Exiles – 5.300 views
8) Overcooked! 2 – Surf ‘N’ Turf – 4.800 views
9) Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story – 4.700 views
10) Blood & Truth – 4.500 views

The Massive Giveaway
So, we are 1 year, we should giveaway some treats right?! That’s right!
During the day and night we will post giveaways on our twitter page.
We will have one main tweet which will be linked here once everything is up and running. Nested in that main tweet, you can find all the giveaways.
We will also link all the giveaways here once they are live.

Here is a list of all the games we will be giving away:

1) Demetrios
2) Xenon

3) Cave Digger

Chubby Pixel
4) Woodle

Blowfish Studios
5) War tech & Whipseey

6) Cat quest 2
7) Root Letter: Last Answer,
8) AeternoBlade II
9) Kill La Kill – IF

East Asia Soft
10) Ghost 1.0
11) War Theatre
12) Super Box Land Demake
13) Mekabolt
14) One Night Stand
15) Distraint
16) Work Sudoku
17) Fast Striker
18) Sword & Fairy 6

Sometimes You
19) A winters daydream

Bolverk Games
20) Dick Wilde 2

Carbon Studios
21) Wizards VR

Ratalaika Games
22) Sagebrush
23) Gravity Duck
24) Legend of the Skyfish
25) Scheming Through the Zombie apocalypse the beginning,
26) Super Box land Demake
27) Deep space rush